The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Emilia’s Exorcism

Part 5


so... um...

I know you said our bargain was done and all...

but I kinda have a question about the spell?

is that still cool?


I can’t promise I’ll have answers for you, dear


but go ahead.

great! thanks

So... the way you made the spell sound originally

It sounded like I’d go into anyone who happened

to be you-know-whatting at the time?

I’ve used it a bunch of times now, though

And so far I just keep possessing the same woman



Her name’s Katya

I thought she was a hooker, at first?

But I’ve only seen her ask someone to pay her, like, once.

sooo... I guess she’s more just kind of a slut?

She just really seems to like fucking.

Like, a lot.


I see.

All sorts of different people, too

men, women, young, old—she doesn’t give af.


She certainly sounds prolific.

Trust me, you have no idea.

But I keep leaping into her over and over

And no one else

And I’ve been wondering why that is?


Have you ever had a bad experience with her?

Oh, fuck no. The sex is amazing.

I mean, the sex she has is amazing

You know what I mean.

I’ve just been wondering why.


Well, I can think of three possibilities...


One, it could just be a coincidence.


Your schedules just happening to be in sync,


something along those lines.


Two, I suppose it is possible for the spell


to develop ‘favorites,’ in its own way.


If a connection seemed particularly successful


Or if this Katya is particularly easy to enter.

Pun not intended?


Hee. Indeed, dearie.


And three, it could be you.


Is it possible that you might feel some kind of kinship


or connection with this woman?

... I mean, maybe? I don’t know.

I don’t really know much about her tbh

other than that she really likes to fuck.

And she doesn’t seem to own a lot of clothes

(maybe she’s homeless?)


Well, are you really looking for anything else


at the moment?

... not really, I guess?

I just thought it was weird.


Well, if you’re bored, I can take another look at


the spell.


Add in a thing or two


Try and force it to vary things up more.

... you know, that’s okay.

why fix it if it ain’t broke, right?

can I maybe come back to you later, though?

I mean if I change my mind?


Certainly, dearie. You know where to find me.

awesome. thank you SO much.

well... if you’ll excuse me...

I guess I’ve got a date with katya, huh?

* * *

Out behind some random club on the riverside—who knew which one, there seemed to be a million of them—a swole Asian dude in a wifebeater and camo jeans stepped through the back exit with a cigarette in his mouth. He looked down and paused. “Hey, you all right?”

“Mpf.” Katya held up a finger. She pulled the dildo out of her mouth, feeling a little discouraged. Fuck. She could’ve sworn she’d had this down the other day with Kenneth. She’d been sitting by the club’s back wall for an hour, trying to find the trick again with little success.

Swole Dude blinked. “... what are you doing?”

“Practicing. Why?” Katya smiled impishly and got up on her knees in front of him. She unzipped her leather jacket, giving him a view straight down her bikini top. “You wanna help?”

* * *

Emilia was a little vague on when exactly she’d bought the butt plug. It definitely happened at some point the weekend after one of Katya’s various hookups started playing with her ass in flagrante, causing her to go off like a rocket. But those few days were such a mess of lust, self-pleasuring, and dips in the bath within her mind that she only possessed of a vague recollection of rushing out to purchase the toy at a discrete little shop she knew of over on Arkham’s north side.

Regardless of when it happened, she’d since found her orgasms reaching an entirely new level. Something about the weight of the plug excited her, made her feel... well... Katya-ish. She had it in nearly all the time when she was at home. She’d even found herself wearing it to work once or twice. By then, she was sneaking off for a ‘self-care break’ on a roughly daily basis, usually in one of the secluded handicapped bathrooms on the third or fourth floor. The plug proved just as effective there as in her apartment, if not more so.

To the point, in fact, that one time, a moan escaped her lips as she was fingering her cunt while simultaneously fucking her own ass with the plug.

Shit. She immediately froze. Had someone had heard her? Someone must’ve heard her, right? She cleaned herself up and pulled her panties back on, readjusting her skirt. She flushed the toilet, counted to ten, then casually walked out of the bathroom. There were a handful of students working in the area. None of them seemed to pay her any mind. No one reacted to or returned her furtive glances as she left the room and headed back towards her desk. Seemed that either they’d ignored the whole thing or she’d somehow lucked out. Oh, thank God, she thought, her heart pounding. That was close. That was too fucking close.

Unfortunately, though, the experience turned her on so much that she had little choice but to stop by the second floor restrooms and risk the same thing happening all over again.

* * *

The day had started simply enough. Nellie had invited her over to her place up by Innsmouth, with the promise of showing Katya some pole-dancing moves, maybe even teach her how to twerk. Sounded useful enough. (She guessed they were friends now? The dancer seemed really happy about her fucking Kenneth. “He’s a real sweet guy, but his life’s really went to shit after the divorce. I’ve been worried. He’s even a doctor, you know that? Spends all day taking care of people, then’s got no one to take care of him...") Anyway, Nellie’s boyfriend Joe had come home and walked in on them practicing, and, well...

... things had sort of evolved from there.

Blindfolded, her wrists handcuffed behind her back, she bounced happily up and down Joe’s cock as she straddled him on top of the couple’s waterbed. Oh, fuck yeah. Nellie had good taste. She could feel him rubbing against all the right spots inside her cunt, his strong hands holding onto her hips...

“Pause,” Nellie said. Joe pulled Katya’s waist down on him, halting her motion. She felt the dancer grab her tits from behind. “How is she, puppy?”

“Nice and tight, mistress,” Joe answered.

So it turned out that Nellie had a pretty heavy domme thing going on outside of work—her way of coping with having to be so servile and submissive while on the clock, she’d said. Joe didn’t seem to mind. Neither did Katya, for that matter. Nellie had made a big production out of the foreplay—forbidding Joe to touch himself or cum, then cuffing Katya and stripping her down right in front of him. After that, she’d rubbed oil all over every inch of the slut’s skin, her hands unhesitatingly venturing into the most secret of places, as the collared man sat on his hands and whimpered...

“And how about you, sweetie?” Nellie pulled at Katya’s breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples between her fingers. “You having fun?”

Katya responded with a throaty half-growl-half-moan. Riding on top like this always seemed to reduce her brain to mush.

“Good, good. Well... how about we try something new here?” She felt the dancer release her chest. “Roll over, puppy.”

Joe rolled onto his side, bringing Katya with him, his cock still inside of her. He picked up her uppermost leg beneath the knee and held it up for her. Unable to see a thing through the blindfold, she heard something liquid spurt out somewhere in the darkness behind her. “Now hold still, sweetie,” the dancer murmured. Katya couldn’t help but laugh. What was Nellie up to now?...

Then she felt the tip of the heavily-lubed strap-on push between her cheeks and into her asshole.

She shrieked, more out of a surprise than anything. Joe held her in place as Nellie slowly worked the artificial cock into the slut’s ass, all the way up to the base, the dancer’s body pressing up against her back.

“Okay, puppy.” Nellie wrapped her arms around Katya’s lower chest. “Let’s go.”

They both started moving inside of her.

Oh FUCK! Oh fuck fuck fuck so full so full so FUCKING full! She screamed and moaned and babbled, her mind collapsing into a shamble of lust and pleasure as the couple assaulted her holes. So good so fucking good so warm wedged between their bodies Nellie’s tits pressed against her back piercings digging into her skin teeth playfully biting her ear—Joe’s cock thrusting in and out of her pussy she can feel him and the strap-on rub against each other through her insides as someone fingers her clit—her body shaking like a leaf can’t stop can’t move she feels so helpless and used and slutty and sexy and amazing, oh FUCK she’s gonna cum she can feel it any second now she’s gonna cum so hard harder than she ever has before in her entire fucking life and she’s so ready for it she wants it so bad do it ruin her fuck her oh shit fuck fuck fuck yes yes YES—

* * *

—YES. Emilia came hard again, her hips grinding against the vibrator, the weight of the butt plug deep inside her ass. It felt like such a shallow imitation of what Katya had experienced, but all the same... she’d lost track of how many times she’d orgasmed to the memory of being double-penetrated. Sandwiched helplessly between the hot young couple’s bodies as they had their way with her, reduced to their begging mewling little plaything within a matter of seconds... the barest thought of the event and Emilia’s pussy was drenched...

Huffing and panting, she flipped onto her back and collapsed, a sweaty quivering mess. She stared up at the ceiling above her bed, thoughts slowly trickling back into her blank mind. Legs felt so sore... damp spot beneath one of her legs. She supposed she’d have to change the sheets again. Should probably order a pizza soon too... she was really hungry. Had she forgotten to eat breakfast again?...

She wondered what Katya was thinking, wherever she was. What was she planning next? What could possibly even hope to compare to that last experience?...

* * *

She unzipped her jacket all the way down as she strode into Heathcliff’s again. Only to stop short when someone barked at her, “Shove off, kid! We’re closed!”

“Yeah?” She tilted her head. The room did look pretty empty. The only ones there were six men sitting at a round table towards the center, including the bartender and Kenneth (who flashed her a quick smile.) No sign of any of the girls, but all the lights were still on. “Doesn’t look closed.“

“It’s closed if I say it’s closed,” the man who’d yelled at her growled. He was a fat, ugly little shrimp in maybe his mid-fifties, chomping a lit cigar beneath a greasy, long-since-receded hairline.

“Katya, this is Mike Hindley,” Kenneth said. “He owns the Heathcliff.”

“Who are you supposed to be, anyway?” Hindley looked her up and down, eyes narrowed. Some rich kid she’d blown in a club the other day had insisted on throwing some money at her, so she’d traded in her heels for a pair of thigh-high leather boots that more or less complemented her jacket. “New streetwalker on the block? Piss off. I run a clean business here. Last thing I need is the law breathin’ down my neck.”

Katya shrugged. “Sometimes.” She swaggered down to the table and pulled out a chair for herself, uninvited. “Just consider me part of the local color.”

“Yeah, well, go color someplace else. We’re playing poker here.” Despite his words, she noticed Hindley’s eyes kept drifting down to her chest.

“C’mon, Mike,” Kenneth said. “We can deal her in for a round or two, can’t we?” One or two of the other players murmured assent.

“Hey, we agreed, didn’t we? Three hundred minimum buy-in!” Hindley stabbed his cigar into the ash tray. “So unless working girl happens to have that kind of scratch, you boys better be ready to pay her way in.”

She glanced down at the table and saw a few watches and bits of jewelry mixed amid the cash. “You’ll accept equivalent value, though, right?”

“Like what?”

“Hmmmm.” She leaned forward ever-so-slightly. “How about... me.”

Hindley bit straight through his own cigar.

* * *

It took her a full three hands before she finally managed to lose. Damned if any of these dumbasses could bluff worth shit. She didn’t doubt she could have cleaned out the entire table—if it’d been money she was after, anyway...

She spent the rest of the game enjoying free drinks and getting passed from lap to lap, letting the men finger her or fondle her exposed tits as they pleased. (She’d put her bikini top down on the table to represent her being part of the pot.) That kept her entertained for the hours it took for Mr. Hindley to finally win it all.

She had to admit the fat asshole wouldn’t have been her first choice... but hey, a bet was a bet. Hindley, for his part, said that his wife likely wouldn’t much care for him bringing his winnings home. So he had Katya strip down and took her right there on top of the bar, with the other men either jerking themselves off or taking pictures for later.

To her surprise, as old and out-of-shape as he looked, fuck all if the greasy little bastard didn’t know exactly what he was doing. He got her off a full three times—three!—before he finally finished in her ass as she begged and pleaded for his cum. Who would’ve guessed, she thought as she lay sprawled out on the bar, her head spinning from the post-coital rush, various fluids leaking from her well-used holes. Little man could fuck like a damn machine. Cock wasn’t anything to sneeze at, either. Definitely noting that for future reference...

After she recovered some, she felt a little guilty about how worked up the rest of the guys were. So she let them pay her for blowjobs. She got her final orgasm of the night from playing with herself as she sucked off Kenneth, naked and slutty and unashamed beneath the strip club lights, the taste of five different men (not to mention her own juices) blending together on her tongue...