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Disclaimer: The material below is for adults only; both sexual imagery and non-consensual relationships are included within. If you are for whatever reason offended by this material or are under the legal age in your area/country, kindly stop reading here and return when you are not so offended and are legally permitted to continue.

Synopsis: Four people try to scam an ancient scam artist.

Thank you to SpacegirlElle for her assistance, her ideas, her inspiration and her awesomeness.

Also thank you to Medusa Guardette SG-105/Robot GX-1 for her ideas and input.

Emma and the Ultimate Scam Artist

Part Three

“Emma? How can you still be fine? No sex is getting to me? It’s been 10 days?!”

“James, It’s just…it’s different for women. Go to sleep.” Emma said.

“Go to Sleep??? Emma, are you okay?” James said.

“Yes. Good night James” Emma said.

“Good night?” James said.

“Yes. We must do as the contract states. We can’t take the risk. Herr will know”

“Why do you say his name like that?”

“Like what James?” Emma said.

“Like that. You say it like Camilla and Lisa called him Master?”

“He is her Master? (And he is mine) I am just being respectful. He is going to give us one hundred thousand dollars each remember? That’s all that matters”

“Yes I know honey I’m just………he is strange? How old is he anyway?”

“He is very old……Herr is older than we will ever know…….Good night James” Emma said.

“Good night I love you Emma” James said.

Emma did not return the comment.

“Emma?” James said.

“Yes of course I do silly” Emma said coldly.

As the door closed Emma locked the door quietly as she had been instructed and laying down naked removed the dildo given to her and used it as she orgasmed thinking only of her Master…………

* * *

The next day James called in sick for work, so Emma used a drug her Master had given her to ensure he slept soundly all day. She was primping and getting dressed in a new shiny new black latex minidress she had been given by her Master with matching boots. No bra and no underwear. As she was brushing her hair, her still sticky phone as the screen flashed green and a message “COME OUTSIDE” she then read the second message said “OBEY”. She nodded then pivoted and went outside to see the large black limousine of her Master outside.

She got into the back where her Master Fausta Von Herr was sitting and Emma saying nothing got in sitting across from him and he shut the door and they drove off. Emma stared at him staring blankly ahead.

“Excellent my dear Emma, you look lovely as always” Fausta said.

“Thank you Master. James stayed home so I drugged him. He will be out until dark” Emma said.

“Yes till tomorrow I think, excellent! We shall stay out all night then” as Fausta Von Herr knew no one woke up from that drug he gave her in less than 12 hours.

“Yes Master” Emma said.

The two went into the club full of shiny latex, PVC and leather clad women. All of them belonged to Fausta Von Herr. In the club the two kissed and Emma serviced her Master under the table in the club, and he publically fucked her on the dance floor in front of the women he owned. Emma returned home at 300 AM and showered the cum from her pussy and mouth, and washed away the sex smell, turning the latex outfit in for cleaning. She laid down to sleep just as James woke up.

Emma got up as though she had slept all night, but the truth was very different.

Her only thoughts were of serving her Master.

* * *

Later the next morning, Emma was running errands and shopping when her phone beeped and Emma looked at the still sticky phone as the screen flashed green and a message “COME OUTSIDE” Her face went blank and she nodded as a second message said “OBEY”. She then pivoted and went outside the store to see the large black limousine with Fausta Von Herr sitting in the back.

“Get in my dear” Fausta said as he opened the car door and Emma saying nothing got in sitting across from him and he shut the door and rolled up the window. Emma stared at him staring blankly ahead. She did not disobey him. She couldn’t even if she wanted to.

“Excellent my dear you respond very quickly to my summons?”

“Yes Master”

“Excellent! Lyria drive around the block” Herr said over an intercom and the car drove on.

“So tell me my dear, update what has been going on”

“Yes Master. James and I…………. ………” as they drove around, Emma told Herr everything that had been going again in her daily report. “So is he masturbating?”

“Not that he admits Master. I will tell you if he does”

“Excellent Emma. If he does and lies he gets nothing. I am pleased with your obedience” Emma shuddered in her seat at this as she squirted in orgasm. “Good, very good, you please your Master. You desire only to serve me? To obey me?”

“Yes Master” Emma said coldly, her face still not showing any emotion, “I desire to obey you and serve you Master.”

“Shall we my Slave…………” Herr said as the car circled the block for 30 minutes now.

In the back seat Herr sat his pants now off as Emma was sucking his cock again. With each ingestion of his cum she became more his. More his property.

Afterward Herr fondled his new Slave, very pleased with her and how she was turning out. He knew the first time he saw her in his office she would serve him well. Afterward the limousine smelled of sex as Herr cum was dripping out of Emma’s wet pussy. Emma still had a blank emotionless face.

“You are amazing my dear, I am VERY pleased with you”

“Thank you Master” Emma said as she shuddered and came again at his words.

“Go home and clean yourself up my dear”

“Of course Master”

“Tomorrow we will resume”

“Yes Master I will be ready to serve and my thoughts will be only about you Master.”

“Stop here Lyria. Same time tomorrow my dear”

“Yes Master” As Emma got out and bowed to her master then walked out and the limousine drove off. Emma drove straight home with her present and showered washing all of the old man’s smell and cum out of her pussy. After all she must obey him. She must.

Emma went home and showered, masturbating in the shower as she thought only of her Master. James was not even a thought.

That night was quiet. James was having a hard time and he wondered why his girlfriend was not? Normally Emma wanted sex two or three times a day? This was not like her. She was acting funny?

* * *

The next morning as scheduled while James was at work, Emma met her Master in his limousine again as she had for over twelve days now.

“Yes Master that is everything” Emma said coldly, her face still not showing any emotion.

“Excellent now for your reward…………” Herr said as the car circled the block for 30 minutes now. In the back seat Herr sat his pants now off as Emma was sucking his cock. He came again and again she swallowed then took his cock from her mouth and mounted him in the back seat as they fucked and fucked and fucked as both Emma and Herr came over and over.

Afterward Emma, still with a blank emotionless face, went home and to get cleaned up.

But James was home, and he was upset. “Where have you been Emma? I came home and you weren’t here?” James said.

“Shopping. I’m going to take a shower” Emma said coldly remembering the sex smell.

“No! We are going to talk, you are acting funny! What are you……….” as James blocked her, her orders were clear ‘do not allow James to discover she is a Slave’ as James started to notice the distinct smell of sex, Emma pulled a small pepper spray looking device her Master had given her for such emergencies from her purse and sprayed James in the face.

James immediately passed out, falling to the floor, almost hitting his head on a counter. Not that Emma cared. Emma coldly went in and showered and masturbated to thoughts of her master as her loving husband laid on the floor unconscious. After showering she came out and dragged James to his bed and poured whisky on his face and then woke him up. “James? Jimmy? You passed out drunk again” Emma said.

“W-what? I wasn’t drinking Emma? What happened?” James said.

“Yes you were, smell yourself! You were drinking! Go shower up, I’ll get some food ready for you” Emma said.

James reluctantly believed her and showered and after dinner fell quickly asleep, still feeling effects of the spray.

In her room, Emma locked the door and climbed into bed. She pulled the dildo formed from her Master’s penis and slid it into her vagina and thought only of her Master and how pleased he would be at what she did.

* * *

The next day James went to work and Emma made sure he asked her to pick up some things at the store and she told him this, in case he came home early again.

While at Lingerie and Sex Toy store again looking at dildos and latex outfits, a sexy redhead came over and said, “I saw you with Fausta Von Herr going to his club the other day”

“No you must be mistaken? I have a boyfriend, I……….” Emma said.

“No I saw you with the old coot, are you after his money? He is rich but I have friends they went to that club and were never the same again. They act like Robots? And work for him” the redhead said.

“No you are wrong!” Emma said trying to walk away. The redhead grabbed her hand and said, “I know your husband, James, he is friends with my Mike, maybe I should tell him about this?”

“What do you want?” Emma said as she had triggered something her Master instructed “……..James mustn’t know you are mine now……………………”

“Oh a little of Fausta’s money? If you are his latest toy, then give me some of the money he showers on you, like, you spend in here for him. I know James does not like this latex and stuff” the redhead said.

Emma’s face got cold and unemotional and she said, “Very well, I’m not greedy, how is five thousand dollars?”

“Boy he must be giving you a lot……….yes for five thousand I will be quiet” the redhead said.

“Fine meet me here in an hour, I am to meet him soon. I’ll make sure I get the five thousand” Emma said.

“Okay fine. No tricks or James will find out” the redhead said.

“No tricks………..” Emma said as her phone beeped and Emma looked at the still sticky phone as the screen flashed green and a message “COME OUTSIDE” stiffened up and went out as it said “OBEY”.

The redhead shook her head and said softly, “You poor girl………….he got you too……….” as she considered maybe her blackmail was too dangerous but it was too late.

Emma went outside and got into the back of the limousine. It sped away as Emma reported to her Master and told him of the nosey redhead in the store.

Herr was sprawled out on the back seat across from Emma shaking his head, “You did well to not alert her of your service to me Slave. But we can’t have this………..she stated her friends were now members of my club?”

“Yes Master” Emma said.

“Well she will be joining them then hahahaha” as Herr sat his pants now off as Emma was sucking his cock. She sucked and they fucked and fucked and fucked as both Emma and Herr came over and over.

“Excellent!” Now to deal with this redhead………..” Fausta said.

The limousine returned Emma to the store and her master gave her a package for the nosey redhead.

She met the redhead in the store and she said, “I have the money, we need to go somewhere a little private don’t you think to pass off a large wad of money” Emma said with a funny smile on her face.

“Okay sure, I saw him, you are really with him?” the redhead said, still not giving her name.

“Yes. He is wonderful. James is a loser” Emma said, as they walked to the dressing room. Once in the dressing room Emma locked the door.

“Okay give it to me” the redhead said and Emma obliged her. She opened the large padded envelope and a wet mist/gas sprayed in her face. The redhead eyes went wide as she stopped moving except for the shudder as she came……………

Unmoving, Emma took the envelope from the redhead and said, “Master said this would work fast, he loves using it on pretty girls. Now you will come with me to his limousine, you must obey me” Emma said.

“Yes I must obey you” the redhead said dreamingly.

“Does anyone else know you are here?” Emma asked.

“No. No one” the redhead said.

“Good. Cum again for answering me” Emma said.

“Uhh-h-h-h-h………..” as she shuddered in orgasm, her eyes wide but now with a goofy smile.

The two then went out to the waiting limousine and it drove off, again circling town as Emma helped her Master by undressing the pretty new redhead. The redhead stared ahead at Fausta Von Herr as she realized she was about to join Emma and her friends.

Emma spent the entire afternoon helping her new “friend” join the ranks of many other women and serve Fausta Von Herr.

Emma was returned to the store and told by her Master, “Same time tomorrow my dear” by Fausta Von Herr.

“Yes Master” Emma said as she drove home just in time to shower before James got home.

* * *

The next day Emma was at the grocery store when her phone beeped and Emma looked at the still sticky phone as the screen flashed green and a message “COME OUTSIDE” she didn’t need the second message “OBEY” as she was already moving outside as commanded.

She nodded then pivoted and went outside the store this time the redhead, now dressed like the two women in the front of the car. The redhead was wearing an erotic parody of a chauffeur’s outfit. It was shiny red and black latex, with a jacket that highlighted her newly enhanced cleavage. Topped off with a small hats and miniskirt, wrist length gloves and thigh high stiletto heeled platform boots. Her pussy was shaved and she opened the door and said nothing.

Emma got in and the redhead got in as well and closed the door. The limo then drove on.

Emma looked at her but then waited for her Master to instruct her.

“Yes she turned out quite well didn’t she my dear?” Fausta said.

“Yes Master” Emma said.

“Tell Emma here what you think of your new life Miss E” (Louise Evans was her name, a name Emma did not know, but now she only went by Miss E as she was the 5th Chauffer Slave)

“Wonderful Master. Before I was a spoiled brat and lived a useless and pitiful life. Now I have purpose and bliss. Thank you for rescuing me” she said with a goofy smile on her now perfect face.

“You see we rescued her my dear, and I have you to thank. You will help Lisa and Camilla and I over the years acquire new girls like this” he said.

“Thank you Master” Emma said as they began having sex, he did not even want a report this time. They went straight to sex.

As they did Miss E stared blankly ahead seemingly unaware of what was going on.

“You are amazing my dear hahahahaha you even rival Camilla and Lisa”

Emma was dropped off and again went home and showered and washed away any evidence of time with her Master.

James came home and Emma was already asleep. He threw his clothes in the laundry and found some slinky shiny clothes. He looked closer at them and they smelled of sex, and he thought there was even a semen stain.

Was Emma having an affair?

To be Continued