The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Chapter One — Tuesday Night Thrills.

Ellen grunted appreciatively with each thrust. She wanted to be a supportive girlfriend.

She was actually quite bored. Every Tuesday night she’d go over to Sean’s house and he’d ride her like a bull.

It was lucky he had the tv on. He had it turned on to disguise the sounds of their love-making from his mom. But for Ellen it was a welcome distraction; watching it.

“Oh, God! Oh, God” he groaned and then emptied into her.

She patted his ass as he collapsed on her, sweaty, puffing. They kissed.

She wasn’t thrilled about their lovemaking—now it had gone stale. She would have even welcomed him fucking her ass—just for a change—despite the last time he took her there; it had been messy.

“Oh, man” he said rolling off her. “You were great”

She turned to him and smiled weakly.

“Won’t you eat me out?” she purred.

“What? Now!” he chuckled, “With you so sloppy!”

This annoyed her and she looked back over at the tv.

“Not NOW!” she groaned… “Next time… can’t you just eat it first?”

“Er…” he thought “Yeah, sure thing babe!”

“You will?” she asked.

“I guess” he added, kind of sounding less committed.

She kissed him… even half a promise was better than nothing.

“You want to clean yourself out?” he asked “I’m just going to use the bathroom first”

She sighed. He could be so unromantic! When was the last time they’d even just cuddled… let alone talked.

Even the last time he ate her pussy she’d had to suck his dick first. She didn’t mind sucking dick but she didn’t like to have to ‘earn’ his tongue.

She watched him as he stepped over the mess on his bedroom floor. He had his own bathroom, which was handy.

He went in there and let out a tremendous fart.

She sank back on the bed with a sigh as she heard him laugh out loud at the smell he’d created.

Ellen took the opportunity to shower when he was done. She actually felt relieved to have his smell off her.

She ran the shower head over her ‘downstairs’ and she masturbated. At least she was going to get herself off this night.

Ellen’s knees almost buckled as she came. It had been a while.

She dried herself off back in the room but already Sean was engrossed in the football game that had only meant a distraction to her.

“So, you’re coming out with us this Friday?” she asked

No response.


“Huh…? Wha…?”

“This Friday?”

“Yeah! Yeah!” he said not even looking at her, “Anything for you babe!”

She went over and kissed him on the cheek and there was still no response.

Her friends told her she could do better.

Ellen dressed.

“Bye, babe”

She said.


“Yes!” he pumped his fist as the Broncs scored a touchdown.

She turned and left.

As she got to the bottom of the stairs Sean’s mom Heather caught her.

“Oh, Hi Mrs. Grant”

“I do wish you’d call me Heather” Heather smiled, “It makes me feel so old”

Ellen didn’t say anything

“Say, is everything okay with you two?” Heather asked.

“Why do you ask?”

“A mom knows when something’s up.”

“Nothing’s wrong” Ellen said perplexed.

“Okay” Heather smiled, “You know you can always talk to me… girl to girl”

“I know” Ellen said before brushing passed Heather and heading out the door.

Ellen sat for a moment in her car. She looked up to the flickering light that was Sean’s bedroom.

She wondered why Heather had asked her if there was anything wrong.

Ellen was twenty-two. She’d known the Grant family all her life. Her mom Grace, and Sean’s mom were friends since college and had always kept in touch.

Sean was thirty and still living at home. Ellen had been his girlfriend since she was fourteen. Ever since the party when she’d caught him smoking a funny cigarette. He’d let her try. She remembered giddy laughing and a promise not to tell. They ended up smoking together—for her a new experience. And when she was high he took advantage of her.

Sean had been the only guy she’d ever had sex with. Her friends were shocked when she said she had gone all the way with a man. And then over the years her friends surpassed her. With other boyfriends, a variety of lovemaking experiences. And they had variously told her to find someone else; find someone with a steady job; find someone who wasn’t a pot-head… and so on.

Sean had a brush with the law when he was younger but had been taken under the wing of a kindly uncle who let him become a long-distance truck driver in his company—on the condition he give up the weed.

Sean did—for a while and Ellen noticed it in how he’d treated her. And they enjoyed making love—not just fucking—but exploring each other, making each other aroused.

His job kept him out of town for long stretches but he always got back for his “Tuesday Night Bounce” with Ellen.

That’s what he called it too.

Now the routine was sucking the fun out of it. His inattention—he’d taken up drugs again—was ruining it. And still she stayed with him; perhaps because she couldn’t think of anything else.

Chapter Two — The heart of the city

Tuesday night was busy for Caroline. She dusted the mantlepiece quickly, but carefully. As quick anyway as her old bones would allow. Caroline was sixty-four. She’d lived in the house for more than fifty years.

She wore a maid’s uniform. It looked a little worn; but then so did Caroline. She’d had this one job since she was young.

The house was grand. It has been willed to her by the previous owner—Jacinta Trimbolli—who had also lived there for much of her life.

There was tradition there; Caroline was now part of that tradition. She worked in the house she’d been gifted, but she was not the mistress of this hearth.

Caroline looked about the large dining room with a satisfaction of having finished one job. She moved onto the next without instruction. She knew what to do. It was a routine.

The house stood in the heart of the city. It had stood there since 1710—though much renovation had over time turned it was a small wooden structure on a large open allotment into a double story brick mansion. Whilst the city evolved around it the house’s own changes were startlingly modest.

Caroline heard the front door open and close; and then the sound of two voices as they moved through the house.

“What a trippy pad!” Rebecca said as she, arm in arm was guided through to the stairs by her host Camilla.

“Isn’t it just” Camilla smiled in agreement. Camilla loved the old house.

She turned and gazed in Rebecca’s eyes. She seemed to look straight through Rebecca. The young guest shivered. They kissed. The kiss was long and passionate.

Caroline watched them discreetly from an ante-room before returning to her duties.

Camilla lead the way again, up the grand wide stairs.

“Where are we going? Rebecca asked

“To my lair” Camilla said emphasising the word lair.

“Why are we going to your lair?” Rebecca asked as they neared the top of the stairs.

“Why do you think?” Camilla asked.

“I…” Rebecca felt confused. A part of her wanted to run, even as Camilla lead her upwards.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you…?” Camilla smiled

“No…I…” it suddenly occurred to Rebecca that she was now entering a bedroom of a house that she didn’t remember walking to.

She’d met Camilla just that night. At a party. She’d been drawn to Camilla—even though she’d never desired a girl before. She suddenly remembered how Camilla’s hand had worked its way up her dress, and into her. She’d never had a woman (or a man) finger her. And it made her sigh. She creamed herself.

As she was trying to make sense of this all Camilla was undressing her.

The large bay doors leading to the verandah were open. The night air kissed Rebecca’s naked flesh. Her nipples jutted out like little bullets against the coolness. Her skin had goose-pimpled.

She felt uneasy and covered herself with her hands.

Already Camilla was undressing.

Camilla was near alabaster white; except for a tinge of pinkish colouring on her lips, and the tips of her breasts.

The only other colours she produced were black—raven-black straight hair, raven-black curly hair between her legs. Even her eyes looked black.

Camilla lead her onto the bed.

“I don’t want…” Rebecca began to say

“Shhh” Camilla smiled. Her smile actually was menacing rather than reassuring.

She lay Rebecca down on the bed and moved over her, kissing her gently all the way down to her own curly mound.

She opened Rebecca’s legs. “Please…no…”

Camilla grinned again. Her tongue rolled out of her mouth obscenely long. Rebecca thought that it could have been six or seven inches… but that made no sense.

Her mind began to swim as she felt soft hot tongue run up her slit.

Then the tongue moved into her. Deep.

“Oh, my!” Rebecca gasped, her back arching. She shivered and came.

Camilla almost giggled with the delight she was causing.

Camilla moved back up Rebecca’s body.

Now Rebecca was annoyed. She wanted the tongue to continue inside her. But also, she wanted to run away. She knew what she was doing was not right…

Camilla opened her mouth. It grew wide. It yawned open like a chasm. Her fangs! Rebecca caught a glimpse of them

Camilla pressed her mouth to Rebecca’s neck.

“Ow!” she gritted her teeth as she felt a suddenly sharp shock.

And then relief.

Her neck now burned. It burned harder than her clit ever had.

Her back arched again only this time her orgasm was deeper.

She heard Camilla sucking; she could feel it to, like she was emptying whole into Camilla’s mouth.

And as she sunk into oblivion she came again.

Chapter Three — Reflections

In the stillness of the night Caroline’s old naked body lay next to Camilla’s.

Caroline shivered a little and sensing this Camilla pulled the blanket up over her lover. They simply shared the bed that night.

In the morning she awoke and responding to her Mistress, Caroline nestled her face between Camilla’s thighs and she licked at the warm pink wet slit there.

Caroline moved with less vim and vigour than in her youth but she was as dedicated to serving her mistress as when they’d first met but she was as dedicated to her mistress without diminution.

Camilla purred as her thrall tongued her.

Still in the room—the remains of Rebecca. After Camilla had drained her prey Caroline had entered the room carrying a large heavy PVC bag.

She lay it out on the bed next to Rebecca’s corpse.

Remarkably Rebecca was already beginning to desiccate. The life having been sucked out of her.

Caroline was able to shift the now light body onto the PVC bag

She did it up, encompassing the dead woman’s remains.

Camilla was disappointed at the smell of the remains. It broke her concentration despite the attention of Caroline’s tongue. Caroline could not smell anything but Camilla senses were stronger than her mortal maid’s.

Caroline looked up. She sensed her Mistress’ annoyance.

“Mistress?” she asked—her mouth dripping snatch sauce.

“You are meant to tidy up after I feed”

“Yes, Mistress”

“What do you call that…?” she said pointing

Caroline looked and saw her mistake. “I… I’m sorry Mistress”

“Get rid of it…NOW!”

“Yes, Mistress” Caroline said.

Camilla watched the old naked woman cart the corpse bag away to the cellar.

She wasn’t angry. She was sad. She’d had a long relationship with Caroline since she made her a thrall decades ago. But now time was catching up on Caroline—as it always did to humans.

Camilla loved her companions and she knew she would lose another one soon.

Camilla had lived on the site for centuries. The property stood under the name of one woman who when approaching death would will it to another much younger woman, and so on. From one thrall to the next. Every half century or so Camilla would force another woman into her service; someone who would then be given the property title to look after.

Now Caroline was approaching the end of her life; she had more years behind her than ahead of her. Camilla decided to enthral another.

Chapter Four — Friday Night Lights

Ellen sat in the back of the car with her friend Louise.

She was depressed.

There they were going out to a club for fun and she was depressed.

Whilst Ellen was dressed modestly—Louise was dressed to kill. But that’s not what bothered her.

Up front her brother Daniel drove, with his wife Angel. Angela (or Angel) was the reason Ellen was depressed.

Since arriving at Ellen’s home with her husband Daniel Angel joined Ellen’s mother Grace in another lecture on why she should leave Sean. Everyone seemed to want to direct her life and it annoyed the shit out of her.

And as Ellen left the house, hoping to hear an end of it Angel volunteered her opinion on the matter the whole trip.

“Why not give it a rest?” Daniel had asked ten miles ago.

“She needs to learn about deadbeats!” Angel snapped at her husband; justifying her lecture.

“I think she knows” Daniel had said four miles ago only for Angel to round on him again.

The next few miles Angel continued to let Ellen know about some facts of life she’d learned

“Oh, for fucks sake!” Louise said “Do we have to put up with this shit the whole way?”

Angel closed her mouth—dumbstruck. She spun around in her seat to face the front. She sulked. Occasionally she gave her husband an nasty stare as if to say “You let them talk to your wife that way?”

Ellen secretly wanted to hug her friend.

The club was great. What wasn’t was walking for ages from the nearest available free car space. Daniel didn’t want to fork out the cost of a near-by carpark.

Ellen made her way to the bar with Louise.

Ellen ordered for both of them.

Louise turned her back to the bar as she gauged the game.

She spied a couple of good looking guys right away.

Ellen offered her her drink. “Come on” Louise purred.

Ellen didn’t want to meet new guys. That wasn’t why sh’d come this night.

“Your loss” Louise said as she made her way over to a couple of young studs. Soon she had them on either side of her, slow dancing as she ground herself against the both of them.

Ellen downed her drink… then she did the same to Louise’s.

Louise had already disappeared. Ellen panicked and looked for her. She got up at went through the crowd. She was more worried that something bad had happened to her friend.

She stumbled upon them in an alcove near the loading dock. Of all places!

Already Louise was being fucked by the two guys; front and back.

She hung off them, her feet not touching the ground.

She rode them and then saw her friend watching. It gave her an extra buzz. She motioned for Ellen to join but Ellen didn’t want to.

When she’d got them both off, and they’d cum in her holes they let her go.

They looked at Ellen smiling both; as they returned to the club; surprised that she’d been watching them.

Ellen went to her friend who was already wiping herself front and back.

“What a ride!” she laughed.

“Coming back the club?”

“Sure babe” Louise laughed “There’s plenty more men” Louise started to head back

“Aren’t you coming?”

“Nah” Ellen said “Not yet”

“Should I bring out a boy toy for you?” Louise snarled.

Ellen ignored her as Louise left.

“That was some show” Camilla said, stepping out of nowhere.

“Shit…” Ellen gasped “You frightened me”

“I didn’t mean to” Camilla said, “At least… not yet”

Ellen smiled weakly at the joke. She wasn’t sure if the thin paled woman was a little bit weird.

“So…” Camilla said, sauntering up to Ellen “You’re not going to party?”

“No” Ellen said “It’s not my style”

“You don’t like boys, then” Camilla said, closing in on her.

“Boys… ? Of course I do”

“Then why didn’t you let one of them fuck you?” she said, now almost touching Ellen

“Listen…” she said, annoyed.

“Shhh” Camilla said

Ellen stopped what she was about to say.

“I should introduce myself…” Camilla said, and offering her hand “Camilla”

“I…” Ellen said, taking her hand “I’m Ellen”

“Glad to meet you” Camilla said

“I…yeah, I’m glad to meet you” Ellen said but she wasn’t sure if she was.

“You’re so beautiful” Camilla smiled.

She leaned in on Ellen “I… I don’t do girls” she said nervously.

Suddenly Camilla grabbed her by the head and twisted her to one side. She snapped her mouth against Ellen; razor sharp fangs cutting easily through Ellen’s flesh.

“Ow” Elllen cried.

Suddenly she relaxed. Camilla grunted and slurped, sucking at her neck. Ellen felt her clit throbbing.

“Oh, my” she cried and came.

She found herself caressing Camilla. Caressing the woman assaulting her.

“Oh, oh, oh!” she began to gasp and then, just as quickly she came again.

She barely noticed the cut wrist forced into her mouth.

Chapter Five — Headaches

Ellen slept. Her mom could not stir her. It was 4pm before Ellen finally woke.

She had no idea how she got home. The last thing she remembered… what was it… it was all a blur.

Her head spun and throbbed.

She managed to get up, and went to the bathroom. She saw the two puncture marks on her neck. “What the fuck?” she gasped.

Then she felt her breast ache. Peeling off her top revealed more wounds; above her right breast.

Instinctively she reached between her legs, and her finger was bloodied… fresh wounds.

She kept touching herself there. An image of a pale face appeared in her mind. Ellen masturbated furiously, and came.

Then, she slumped to the ground crying, confused.

Grace banged on the bathroom door “Ellen?” she called

Ellen slowly got to her feel

“Ellen, honey/“

“I…. I’m coming mom” Ellen called. She opened the door.

“Oh, my, Ellen!” Grace gasped seeing the state of her daughter, “What happened?”

“I.. I think I was raped” Ellen cried, throwing herself into her mom’s arms.

“There! There!” Grace cooed, rocking her daughter.

* * *

The police came and spent a frustrated hour and a half. Ellen was clearly stressed, but she made no sense. She felt she’d been raped but every time she tried to give details it was like there was a mental block.

Finally the cops had to leave. They of course left an incident number, and a phone to a rape crisis centre but that was the best that they could; all they were trained to do.

Grace sat with her daughter on the edge of the bed, and watched as Ellen sipped at a cup of tea.

She stayed with her daughter till 11pm when Ellen instead that Grace go get some sleep.

“I’ll leave the night light on” Grace said as she kissed her daughter goodnight.

Ellen pulled the blankets up to her chin and tried a weak smile as she watched her mom leave for bed.

It was about half an hour later, unable to sleep, she heard a light rap on the window.

Camilla’s face was there, upside down at her window.

“Noooooo” Ellen cried

“Ellen” Camilla whispered

“Please, go away”

“Ellen” Camilla purred

Ellen found herself getting out of bed and walking towards the window. She moved in a languor, as if sleepwalking.

She opened the window, inviting Camilla in.

Camilla moved into the room. She wore a black ankle-length cape. But when she flung it back, she was naked underneath.

“Please don’t hurt me” Ellen begged.

“Hurt you?” Camilla laughed “I love you”


“And…,” she continued “You will love me too”

She stepped towards Ellen

Ellen backed away, and then tripped back onto the bed.

Camilla climbed onto the bed too, like a stalking cat.

Ellen parted her legs. Camilla’s tongue lolled out absently long, as if a snake tasting the air; the scent of Ellen’s sex.

She moved between Ellen’s legs and then kissed her there

Ellen bucked in pain as she was bitten. And then she relaxed and sighed as Camilla fed.

Camilla moved up Ellen’s body, biting into her own wrist and offering it to Ellen

It was like ambrosia.

Chapter Six — Heartaches.

When Grace woke early, at 6am she peed and then went to check her daughter.

There was a cold breeze flowing in from the open window. She shut the window and then noticed the empty bed.

“Ellen?” she called.

Grace turned the bedroom light on.

She saw some blood on the sheets.

Her heart raced, in panic.

* * *

Caroline stood back and watched as Camilla guided Ellen around the house. Caroline knew her time was coming to an end. But she wanted to stay alive, if only to serve Camilla longer.

“You will serve me”

“Yes, Mistress” Ellen smiled

“You love me”

“Yes, Mistress” Ellen continued to smile.

Ellen and Camilla went to the main bedroom and fucked. Caroline cried in silence as she watched. She could have joined in but she didn’t want to spoil Camilla’s night.

In the morning the lawyers called with the papers to have Caroline transfer the property over to Ellen.

And so it would continue.