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Evilena : Random Acts of Domination

Part One—I’m a Celebrity , Get Me a Drink


Synopsis : Two Out of Work Female Wrestlers, a Cage, and a Rigorous Challenge for Evilena

It was celebrity night at the club.

It was one of the regular promotions at this popular dance joint and really DID draw crowds. If ANY celebrity was in town the management would pay them to show up , mingle, and generally attract a crowd. Seems like no matter WHO the celebrity was, they drew their own cadre of loyal, star struck, fans. Some of the more cooperative entertainers would tend bar occasionally, and some would do a short act on stage. But mostly it was a chance to get drunk, get laid and make a few bucks for second level celebs when they were in town. Instead of PAYING for a night out, the got PAID for a night out .

This particular night, among the second bananas from cancelled television shows, musicians from wannabe or has been bands, and stars of old TV commercials were two recently fired lady wrestlers. Pro wrestlers were TV celebrities too, and many had die hard fans that would show up any where they appeared. But, these two WERE really sexy ! They had just been fired about a month before so both were a bit of embarrassed by being there, but with their income stream stopped, they were both willing to take the cash, and it felt good being adored by a crowd, after all the fan mail suddenly stopped, because they had been let go .

Gail Choi was a short, big breasted Korean-Canadian grappler with jet black hair and a sexy, fit body. She was known as a heel, a bad girl , who punished her opponants with various painful submission holds and punishing martial arts chops.She had even been the federation’s women’s champ for a while.

Her friend Lydia was a full lipped , sexy , long haired , hispanic beauty who had been known as a face, a good gal. She was known as a powerful puncher and had gotten her job as a wrestler through a reality show compitition a couple of years ago.

They both recently had their contracts cancelled when their employer decided to " head another direction, creatively " . But both were athletic, attractive, fit and well muscled, and because of that turned out to be very popular with the young crowd in the night club.

The two lady luchadores circulated freely around the bar , knowing they were the only female “stars” in a mostly female crowd , gathered to see the evening’s male celebs.

But that ALSO meant they had the pick of all the bi girls in the house , and both seemed to be taking advantage of the situation. These groupies were there to hook up with a star, and it didn’t matter if it was a man or a woman .

Gail spotted a tall , attractive blond sitting at a corner table and sat down. " God you are gorgeous,” the star struck groupie used as her opening line. The Asian wrestler’s eyes glowed with an absolutely predatory light as she, instead of answering , stroked the woman’s cheek with her fingernails and erotically thrust her finger into the blond’s mouth.

The girl giggled , then groaned , as she ran her tongue around the Korean’s finger and then licked it as if it were a cock until the digit was withdrawn, with an audible ,wet, pop.

Gail moved closer and entwined her hand in the woman’s long blond hair and pulled it, forcing the groupie’s head back, then covered her mouth with her own, sticking her tongue where the finger had been with similar , electric results.

The blond moaned, softly.

As the Asian beauty broke the kiss, she licked the ear of the girl who was already flushed with erotic excitement.

“ Buy me a drink, sweet thing”, she commanded, as she signaled a passing waitress.

The smitten blond fumbled with her wallet and handed the waitress a twenty and said, “Two shots of Stoly—in frozen glasses.”

Just then Gail’s friend , and fellow celeb-for-a-night , Lydia sat down at the table with HER conquest du jour, a sultry hispanic girl, with smoldering eyes and a beautiful face. Lydia patted her affectionatly on the ass as she was sitting down.

“ What’s up Gail ? This is my new best friend Adoncia,” she laughed.

“Looks like the same thing that is up with you, Sweetie . This is ... uh ... what IS your name, Hon ?”

“Brandi,” the blond replied, " Brandi is my name ... if it matters.”

“Actually, it probably doesn’t hon, what say the four of us leave here, and go to this little appartment I’ve rented a couple of blocks from here. It’s quiet and I’ve got some great toys and a big steel cage there... you two girls can play slaves and Lydia and I can play dominatrix, we’ve even got some costumes.”

Brandi and Adoncia looked at each other and smiled laciviously then both nodded in approval. “But first I’ve got to get my bag from the hat check room, " Adoncia said, and got up to retrieve her purse with Brandi in tow. They giggled as they walked , excitedly talking about their upcoming sexy evening out with the two beautiful celebrities.

As Gail and Lydia sat at the table waiting for the evenings entertainment to return a number of club goers, both male and female briefly stopped by to either say hi or ask for an autograph and both grapplers complied.

When over a half hour had gone by, Lydia turned to Kim and inquired , “Should we go looking for those bimbos ? Maybe they got lost in the ladies room. " They both laughed and pushed back from their table to begin their search.

As they walked around the club they noticed a big crowd gathered around a beautiful blond woman and THEIR dates for the night. They were PISSED. The two sluts had only been gone 30 minutes and already they had hooked up with another woman. Those two bimbos belonged to them ! They had ALREADY staked their claim for the night .

The two athletes pushed their way through the crowd to see why such a large circle of clubbers had gathered around the trio.

Evilena was seated at a table with Adoncia and Brandi seated across from her and had a large red crystal pendant suspended from a gold chain dangling from her hand and was swinging it slowly in front of the women who sat wide eyed, and silent watching the stone, at the small table. As Gail and Lydia pushed closer they could hear the blond speaking to their “dates” .

“ My dear little pets , you know you MUST gaze into the beautiful red crystal. Then you need to relax and clear your mind. I want you to keep staring at the crystal as it swings back and forth and spins in the light. Gaze into the light. As you stare into the deep, red hypnotic crystal you feel all self awareness—all ego slipping away. It feels SO wonderful to let go, to give up your own need to control, give up your own desire to be in charge. You are entering a helpless state of submission where I will make every decision for you. All responsibility is taken from your shoulders and you have only one purpose , and that purpose is to obey Mistress Evilena. To serve Mistress Evilena. To do JUST as she says... to surrender yourself to your Mistress. To surrender .... surrender ......surrender”

Everyone could see the two women were staring vacantly at the crystal as their expressions became more and more blank.

“ That’s it girls .... just keep looking deep into my crystal and relax. We are alone, ... there is only the sound of my voice... all other sounds are so distant and so far away... there is only me, Evilena, none of the other people here have any meaning to you .... you can see no one but me ... and nothing but my crystal ... and you can only hear my soft, hypnotic voice as you drift deeper and deeper under my spell.... deeper and deeeper ... so deep under my control....I control the crystal .... and I control you .....surrender to me .....”

The two lovely women sat, glassy eyed and stared into the crystal. Their expressions totally blank. It was clear to the surrounding crowd that they were completely under Evilena’s control.

Gail asked one of the people gathered around the table what was going on.

“ These two girls were listening to that gorgeous blond talking about hypnosis and both of them told her they COULDN’T be hypnotized but LOOK ! I don’t know WHAT is going to happen now,” someone replied,” but it sure looks like they CAN be hypnotized ! ”

Evilena gestured with graceful hand movements and both women obediently closed their eyes, now completely under the mesmerizing spell of the beautiful blond hypnotist.

The crowd murmered, stunned by the skill Evilena had shown bringing the two under her sway so quickly.

“Stand up girls,” she instructed in a sultry , silken , irresistible voice.

The two entranced women complied.

“Tell me who is your Mistress.You must tell me who controls you. ”

“You are Goddess Evilena, you control us.” the hypnotized duo replied in PuffyAmiYumi unison.

Evilena extended her hand toward the two. " Kiss my hand.” She commanded.

The hypno slaves again replied in concert, " Yes Mistress Evilena” and bowed, kissing her fingers adoringly.

The two wrestlers turned toward each other and anger clouded their faces.

“First,” grimaced Gail, " Vince fires us . Then we are humiliated by being greeters here at this lame ass club to make a few bucks , THEN this bitch steals our dates. Hypnosis , my ass, these two sluts ditched us for this blond and I’m not taking any more shit today ! ”

Lydia ‘s eyes burned with anger as she glared at Evilena.

“Let’s show this cunt NOBODY horns in on OUR dates, Gail,” she spat out, in angry tones, quickly moving menacingly toward the hypnotist.

But neither knew that Evilena was a highly experienced martial artist ,so they attacked her as if she were some kind of stupid TV wrestling opponant.They expected her to turn and run, in fear.

However, with a deft move, a graceful turn and a deadly series of kicks, Evilena quickly left the two well muscled attackers slumped , semi concious, on the floor, at her feet.

The crowd cheered for Evilena, amazed at her speedy martial domination of the two professional athletes.

With a wry smile on her face the hypnotic goddess gave each of the two hypnotized girls a kiss on the cheek and whispered a few words into thier ears and then snapped her fingers.

Immediately the two woke up, looked around with wide , fearful eyes, and rapidly ran out of the club, into the night.

Evilena gathered up her belongings and ,as the two defeated wrestlers recovered their senses. Confidently , the lovely hypnotist made the rounds of the club saying good by to friends . Then she too, headed for the front exit.

As Evilena walked down the street toward her car , parked under a street light, she didn’t notice that Gail and Lydia had stealthily followed her, and just as she stopped to open the door of her car, Lydia struck her in the back of the head with a leather blackjack. Evilena fell to her knees, then a cloth, soaked in chloroform was placed over the blond’s nose and mouth.

With a moan, Evilena slumped to the ground by the side of her car, unconcious.

Had she been awake she would have felt the two muscular women lift her into the trunk of their car, and take her to their nearby apartment and then handcuff her, spread eagled to a large , strong wooden bed, after they had stripped her of her clothing

Each of her hands was secured to one of the bed posts and her feet manicled to the foot of the bed, spread wide apart.

Lydia smiled at Gail and said,” I’ll go out an get a bottle of vodka so we can have a little refreshment while we show this cunt that she should not have crossed us. Wait here baby . I’ll be back soon .”

With that, the Latina luchadore left the apartment while Gail dressed herself in a leather catsuit, which she deemed a suitable costume for the domination of their helpless captive. This WOULD be fun.

Choi looked over at the delectible blond as she started to stir, groaning as her mind struggled back to conciousness.

She picked up two of her “toys”, a large dildo and a cat o nine tails and walked toward her captive.

“Now, " she said, to no one in particular, " we go to school.”

The sensual Asian gently let the tails on the leather whip drag erotically across the bare skin of the shackled prisoner, sensuously lingering on her voluptuous breasts, her taut belly and between her legs.

Evilena groaned as her eyes fluttered open. Pain shot through her head centering at the spot where she had been hit with the leather sap.

She quickly looked around the room ,then up at the black clad Asian dominatrix standing over her. She recognized that she was one of the women from the club.

The sexy blond tried to move her legs and immediately realized she was shackled to the bed.

Evilena KNEW she was in trouble.

—to be continued