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An Exercise in Mind Control

Lisa was a little annoyed by Helen’s fidgeting. “What’s the matter?”

“It keeps riding up my vag” Helen said as she pulled the lycra material pushing up between her legs.

Lisa looked around the room to make sure no one else was watching. None of the other women seemed as easily flustered as Lisa was. Lisa always tried to do things ‘right’ and ‘proper’.

Lisa was nineteen. Her friend Helen was the same age. They were at College together; roommates. Helen loved ‘boys’ but Lisa was going to wait until she was married—and that would be to someone independently well-off. She had it all planned.

The University’s sports facilities were excellent. They’d been attending various exercise classes for over a year… since first arriving. It was one of the few things Lisa had in common with her roommate. Lisa would have described Helen as “common”.

Lisa didn’t work. Her daddy paid for her college tuition. Helen ‘worked’ (as she put it). Every weekend she visited “Ted” her sugar-daddy. Not all the time was spent on her back. Ted of course loved to fuck her but he also enjoyed her company.

Lisa of course did not approve. For her it was the same as whoring. And ‘talk’ …. she couldn’t understand what a sixty-four year old Tech Wiz would want to talk to a bubble-headed pop-orientated mind as Helen’s.

“It keeps riding up” Helen said as she adjusted herself again. Lisa was frustrated and highly embarrassed by her friend.

The group—all young students—all in their stretch-fabric getup.

The door to the room opened and a man walked in carrying a boom-box. All eyes turned to him.

He was in shorts and T-shirt. He was bearded. He walked to the middle and put his boom box down “Okay, ladies…,” he began “My name is Barry”

This wasn’t right. “Ah.. excuse me…” Lisa said stepping forward


“This is a all-ladies exercise group”

“You’re all ladies, aren’t you?” he smiled. Lisa got more angry at his dismissive humour.

“We pay good money to have an all girls-group…”

“It’s all a matter of safety… this is our safe space” said Pru—a Women’s Studies lesbian, complete with crew-cut hair

“That’s right” said Pru’s girlfriend Jasmyn. Jasmine (as it used to be spelled before she learned about the patriarchy) was normally quiet as a mouse—which matched her tiny frame. But she stayed close behind her girl.

“Look…” Barry began

“What happened to Leonora?” stepped forward another woman, Miranda. Miranda was Hispanic, from souther nCalifornia. She had bright olive eyes.

Barry now ignored them as he squatted down, back to them, playing around with his machine.

“Well?” Pro demanded.

“This is not right” Lisa said turning to Helen

“He’s kinda cute” Helen said

Lisa was shocked… she shouldn’t have been by now… but Helen’s man hungry snatch talking—that still shocked her.

Barry stood up as the ‘music’ began. It sounded like metal grating on metal. The women were all visibly shaken by the sound. It grated on their nerves.

Lisa noticed woman after woman began to stand still. Then she herself was fixed to the spot.

She looked down at her feet She moved her legs but her feet were planted firm. And then she felt her back stiffen. She was scared. She couldn’t turn her head now. Her eyes darted about. All the others were standing to attention.

The noise was louder. But as she listened to it it became less grating.

Helen was the first to move. She took off her clothes.

Lisa was compelled to do the same.

She looked at Barry. He was saying something to her and it seemed like she could not hear him above the noise but she found herself stepping forward. All the women were in their spots for their class. It was like his voice was in her head.

Now music began. Lisa got onto all fours as the others did. It was like she was now doing her regular exercise class… only she remembered she was stark naked.

She lifted her left leg and shot it out in time with the music. She heard “1… 2… 3… 4… 5” it was Barry, “And now the right…”

She continued with her right leg. Her mind was confused. It was normal to be there doing exercises. It was not normal to be doing it naked.

She looked at the others, all naked, all following the instructions Barry gave them. She was able to turn her head and Helen did to. For a moment they looked at each other. Helen was smiling.

“Eyes front” Barry said. Lisa’s head stiffened and she could only look ahead…. at the snatch of the woman in front of her, locked in the same position.

“Okay, now up!” he said. Lisa sprung to her feet. She and the others started to do star-jumps, then jogging, some more stretching…. they all followed his commands.

She could see off to her side Pru now back on all fours. Barry was naked, behind her, fucking her.

Pru made no sounds or sign of emotion as Barry fucked here there doggy-style. He rutted her like an animal and then groaned with delight, obviously coming inside her.

And when he pulled out of her her vagina hung open. Then Lisa saw his massive cock. No wonder Prue was open- she thought. Semen dribbled from Pru’s cunt and down her leg.

Barry got up and moved to Angela, the woman in front of Lisa. He bent her over and then pushed his still hard cock up into her. “Owwww” she cried as she was suddenly stretched open. She had been to that moment a virgin.

Lisa was no virgin—she’d done it once. With a teacher. Typical of her it had been an intellectual crush… but this was different. When Barry moved behind her she wanted him in her. Her mind raced… a part of her knew it was not normal, but another part of her wanted to be there, naked, exposed, his sex-toy.

The music beat on. She felt him kneading her buttocks. He pressed his cock forward, to her asshole. She knew it would be painful, but she did not try and get away. He began to push into her anus. At the last minute he pulled away and pressed against her vagina. It hurt as she opened up to him; stretched.

She didn’t feel any pleasure from it; only a desire that he use her hole. And he did. He fucked her in a rhythm to the time of the music

That music; pulsating out. She had it running through her mind. If it were for the pain in her vagina the music might be the only thing she would feel.

And then she felt him come in her. A part of her was glad that he had found satisfaction in her.

He left her, she felt herself open, dripping come. He went to another woman and fucked her.

A part of her mind realised also that no man should be able to come so much. There was something … fascinating … yes, she was fascinated by him. Not just wanting him to want her… it was such a strange thing to be running through her mind.

She found herself on her feet with all the other girls now doing other exercises.

The music stopped. Lucy walked over to a towel and wiped the swear from her brow, smiling. Helen did the same. She felt good—as she did after an intense work-out.

Helen wiped her face in her towel. And then they went tot he clumps of clothing and went to the showers.

Lisa saw Pru. Pro was smiling. Lisa was drawn into the cubicle and Pro didn’t seem to mind.

Lisa turned to see Helen watching also smiling.

Did none of this seem wrong? A part of her mind thought. And then she felt Pru’s hands on her. She turned and they kissed. They fucked there in the warm water… Helen joined them

They fingered each other. Miranda watched, and openly masturbated. Lisa felt exhilarated when she caught Miranda watching them.

Now it seemed normal.

A couple of women stepped into the area and were visibly shocked to see them. Miranda turned around as she continued to finger herself “Join us” she smiled.

One of the women screeched something obscene at them before they left. Miranda shrugged her shoulders and turned to resume watching.

* * *

The days passed. Helen and Lisa now were lovers. They fucked all the time

Jasmyn and Pru turned up at their dorm three days later. They made a foursome.

And then the day came when they were back at the Sport’s Centre.

Each girl stood there, shuffling nervous. They knew what had happened to them but it was good. There were two exceptions

‘Barry’ returned to the class.

Lisa couldn’t help but break into a smile. She noticed the other girls were happy too.

“I see we have some new faces” Barry smiled as he saw two new girls.

“This isn’t what I came for…” one of the women growled.

“Let us begin” Barry said as he set his boom-box down

“Come, Angie” the woman said to her friend, “Let’s go”

The two women began to head to the door… and then the music started

Lisa and the others were already undressing.

Barry smiled as he approached the two new girls and soon they were naked too.

The End