The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Fairmaiden Under Mind Control

March 2006
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About the superheroine Fairmaiden, who is always putting criminals behind bars, ends up as an obedient slave to one of her enemies, a crime boss.


Raccoon City. A large city. Crime rate was pretty high and it kept on getting lower and lower, thanks to criminals being put behind bars. The cause: Raccoon City’s champion superheroine.

Fairmaiden flew above the city buildings. Thanks to her, many criminals really are behind bars, cursing the name Fairmaiden, for their ordeal in prisons, especially male criminals, who were afraid to take showers, whenever a bar of soap falls down.

Fairmaiden was a sexy superheroine. She had short Blonde hair, wears a white lycra, a pink cape, with yellow boots and gloves to go with it. She was a descendant of the Greek Goddess Athena and she made it her goal to fight evil, whenever she sees it. She had closed down many drug operations, illegal brothels, arm trades and even police corruption. She was over 6 foot, with breasts that were 40D in size and her bosom had a cut off, that met in the end.

While flying above the building, she was starting to wonder if there was still a reason for her to fight crime. As she could stare straight at the sun, the rays and brightness of the sun, had no effect on her, being of Goddess-descent.

But day time and night time were separate. When nightfall comes, she has to come out again. There was an old saying. When things are too quite, something’s going on.

* * *

It was night time. The city looked so beautiful. So quite, except for the noise from the traffic jam. All of a sudden, Fairmaiden felt funny. She sensed a great power. She had never sensed a power this strong before. It meant one thing, that there must be Gods at work, Greek Gods or foreign gods.

Fairmaiden followed the aura, of where she sensed it. She flew, tracking it down with her super sense. Her trail led her to an old abandoned warehouse, not far from some docks but also far from the main part of the city. There were lights inside.

Fairmaiden broke through the closed window. She thought that she must be up against a threat. Once inside the warehouse, she could see who was behind all this. Down below her, were the local mafia, who must have gone on, into hiding.

Fairmaiden landed on the warehouse ground. “What’s going on here?”, demanded Fairmaiden. She could see two men, and a woman. The woman was the sister of Rupert Thorne, Amelia Thorne. She recognized them instantly. Fairmaiden noticed that she held something in her hand: an Egyptian style necklace, that was BIG and had inscriptions on it.

Fairmaiden wasn’t sure if Amelia was into some criminal activities. “Well well well. If it isn’t our local superheroine”, chuckled Amelia. The two guys she was with, had guns. Fairmaiden had nothing to fear from bullets, since she was invincible and had super strength. Fairmaiden asked Amelia, “What is that you are holding?”, asked Fairmaiden, thinking that Amelia was up to no good.

Amelia held the Egyptian amulet before Fairmaiden’s eyes, saying, “Something that I purchased.” Fairmaiden wanted to ask Amelia, if she was up to something but the Amulet was affecting her mind. “Stay there, Fairmaiden”, suggested Amelia. Fairmaiden wanted to move and protect but her mind was in another world, a dream world. This amulet had strange powers, and even over a goddess.

While Fairmaiden was mystically paralyzed and under the power of the HOLDER OF THE AMULET, Amelia walked towards Fairmaiden, saying, “I did my homework and have connections here and there.”

Amelia put the necklace around Fairmaiden’s neck. Amelia smiled and her two goons chuckled. “I have you to thank, as for why I am in charge now. Too bad most of my brother’s men are behind bars”, said Amelia. Amelia was making the amulet hang out well around her captive’s neck. “You were this city’s greatest champion, Fairmaiden. But now that this amulet is around your neck, you must obey the person who places this on your neck.”

While Amelia was cold and walking around her new SLAVE, her two thugs were laughing. The first thug tells the second thug, “It is so funny. She is a goddess and now is under the power of us mere mortals”. The second thug replies, “How do you think them Greek Gods were defeated.”

Amelia looked at her two men. She smiled. “You know what this means, boys. We can be in business. And better yet. There is no one to stand in our way”. Amelia looked back at the blank faced Fairmaiden. “Not as long as we have her.”

* * *

A week had passed. Criminal activities still happen in secret. Amelia managed to have more men working for her now, since the absence of Fairmaiden had made them brave enough to listen to her words.

Many women from Eastern Europe were brought over and forced to work in brothels owned by Amelia’s mafia syndicate. Even the drug and arms trade was back and was profiting Amelia a lot.

But as for Fairmaiden, what was happening to her.

Baxter Building

It was a building owned by a company, but the head of this company…was Amelia Thorne. Since it was night time, she was having dinner with many other criminal syndicate leaders.

They were all inside the dining room, with Amelia sat at the head of the table. The men whom she was having dinner with, with leaders of much smaller crime syndicates. Certain sums of their profits, went to Amelia. She was as ruthless as her brother, Rupert, but she now also had another back up and right now, they were dining on it.

Fairmaiden lied naked on the table. She was like those women who worked in Japanese sushi restaurants, the type that let men ate food off their naked bodies. Fairmaiden lied still and Amelia and the other men used chop sticks to eat sushi and sashimi off Fairmaiden’s body. The only thing she had on, was the amulet around her neck. Amelia told them that she decided to put ornaments and decorations on her favourite acquired new slave.

The criminal leaders chuckled to themselves. The great and all powerful Fairmaiden, now being dined on. They have nothing to fear now. Amelia picked a sushi off the right breast of Fairmaiden. Fairmaiden just stared at the ceiling.

“So as you can see, I have tamed the mighty Fairmaiden and now, here she lies, serving my every need and does everything I tell her to”, Amelia saying to the leaders, in a cold and ruthless tone. Amelia address Fairmaiden, “Isn’t that right, slave”. Fairmaiden answered robotically, “I am Fairmaiden, once superheroine and now personal slave to Amelia Thorne”.

The leaders laughed, watching what has become of the former superheroine. They kept on taking food off her body. After the food was cleaned off her body, Fairmaiden had her new lackey leaders swear allegiance to her. In return for their loyalty, they would all get a treat.

On another side of the building, was a large room. In the middle of it, was a pole. Fairmaiden danced sexily for them and all around her, were the leaders of the other syndicates, drinking, smoking and taking drugs. They were enjoying their form of entertainment.

The Sicilian mafia boss said, “Look at this bitch dance for us”. The Russian and Yakuza Boss were discussing, about starting a new white slave trade, and what they had in mind, defeated Russian and Japanese superheroines. The bitch heroines of Moscow and Tokyo would earn them loads of $$$$.

After Fairmaiden danced for them, she had to give each leader a blow job. She had also down a good job drinking all their criminal cum. As she have a blowjob, demeaning comments were being made and the crime boss who was getting his cock sucked, always had his hand on her short Blonde head, keeping her down and reminding her of her place.

But after the blow job, the crime syndicate leaders still wanted more. while Fairmaiden lied on the floor, her back to it, many of the leaders shamelessly started going down on her, all at once. The Yakuza boss had his head buried on her crotch. The Sicilian Mafia leader was sucking on her toe (his fetish). The Russian Mafia Boss was sucking on one nipple and the Jamaican Mafia Boss was sucking on the other nipple. They sucked hard and deep. Fairmaiden was having the sensual feeling of a mortal woman, as she had been ordered to, by Amelia Thorne, sitting in the background and smoking away.Criminal Boss Peter Lane was kissing Fairmaiden on the lips. He always wanted to.

After the men sucked, licked, kissed and fondled her sexy and sweaty body, the men got tired. Fairmaiden was exhausted and felt USED, ABUSED and RAPED. She wanted to cry, but that was only 10% of her mind, that was still aware of all the things her new mistress was putting her through.

The criminal syndicate leaders finally left, by twelve o’ clock midnight. As for slave Fairmaiden, she was in the Jacuzzi mistress with her new mistress, Amelia. Amelia was smoking and her back rested on one end of the Jacuzzi. On the other end, was Fairmaiden. She was staring at Amelia.

“Come closer dear”, ordered Amelia. Fairmaiden answered, “Yes mistress.” Fairmaiden moved closer. On the side of the Jacuzzi, was a small wooden table. On it, was a bottle. Amelia looked at Fairmaiden’s new necklace and then was fondling it, “That looks good on you”. Fairmaiden was just staring at her zombie-like.

Amelia then grabbed the wine bottle and she then poured some over Fairmaiden’s breasts. Amelia smiled at Fairmaiden and then started lapping her tongue away, on the nipples. Lesbian fun was good for Amelia. Her lips were touching the reddish liquid. It tasted good and Amelia then was licking and kissing at the wine-covered Goddess nipples.

After that, Amelia had a sense of evil feeling. Amelia could be nice and caressing one moment but in the next, her more brutal side took over. She picked up her cigarette on the wooden table and then she remembered. Fairmaiden’s powers still work, but that Amelia could ask Fairmaiden to be mortal one moment and superpowerful the next.

Amelia stared at those round pink nipples. She smiled WICKEDLY. She put the burnt end of her cigarette on Fairmaiden’s right breast’s nipple. Amelia had one command for now, “I WANT YOU TO BE LIKE A WOMAN”. Fairmaiden’s powers would comply with Fairmaiden shifting herself, and under Amelia’s instructions.

The moment the cigarette touched Fairmaiden’s right nipple, she screamed and cried, tears flowing down.


Amelia laughed cruelly. She laughed watching another woman get hurt. After she BLACKENED Fairmaiden’s mortalized right nipple, she then did it on the left nipple.


“Now, lie your back down on the other end”, roughly ordered Amelia. Fairmaiden rested her back, against the other end of the Jacuzzi. Fairmaiden was crying and moaning in pain. She had two black nipples now. Amelia laughed. She had hurt the very superheroine, who seemed untouchable to the rest. Amelia succeeded, where all criminals had failed. She had not only enslaved Fairmaiden, but had also used her to get other criminals to come under her wing and also inflict GBH (grievous bodily harm) on Fairmaiden.

Amelia went back for the bottle and she poured some more on the BLACKENED NIPPLES. The moment the wine splashed on Fairmaiden’s nipples, she screamed again.


After half an hour, the crying Fairmaiden just rested her back and she cried in pain. “Ok Fairmaiden, become your Goddess self again”, ordered Amelia. Within a second, Fairmaiden’s nipples came back to normal and her face no longer cried but was that of a zombie’s.

“What fun we shall have”, said Amelia, as she fondles her slaves’ breasts and nipples.