The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Fallen Angela

by Cassie the Friendly Succubus, copyright © 2019

Chapter 2

When Angela woke up on the next day, she felt something weird. A restlessness she could not explain, which made it hard for her to concentrate on any plans of revenge. Even weirder, she seemed to remember having a wet dream—something she had not had since she had had her first period. Sex was a mean to an end for her, and nothing more. It must have been all that sex talk from that slut getting to her head, she thought. Determined to hatch a plan before arriving to school, Angela decided to take a long, cold shower again. Clearly the two from last night were not enough. When she got out, she looked at herself in the mirror and felt strangely disappointed at what she saw. She was still gorgeous but such a traditional, common-place way. CW shows and model agencies where rife with girls looking just like her. She knew she was better than most of these bitches, so why was she content to look like them? Now, that Rachel, she had a look that said: “I’m one-of-a-kind.” Maybe she should think like her. Wait, what the fuck? Another one of those strange thoughts. Angela shook her head. She didn’t know what the hell was going on with her mind, so she ignored it. She had a revenge to focus on. She got dressed and went downstairs.

By the time she finished first period, Angela was finding it even harder to concentrate on anything, especially her revenge plans. By the end of second period, she wasn’t much better, but she now knew what the problem was. She was horny. Really horny. She had done her best to ignore it all morning, but it wasn’t working. She needed release. Unfortunately, she knew she couldn’t do anything while at school. She could not risk the chances of getting caught. She would have to wait until her date with Jason this week-end. Then she remembered that she had canceled that date. It felt like the right thing to do at the time. Jason had screwed up big time, and he needed to be punished. Now, however, Angela was starting to regret her decision. Maybe she should tell him that she had changed her mind. No, that would make her appear weak. And besides, that date was 4 days away, and her panties were already damp. She could not wait till then. Maybe she could seduce Ray instead? That would not lessen the risk of getting caught, however.

As she was standing there at her locker, lost in thought, she felt someone come up next to her: “Hey Angel! How’re you hanging?” Angela almost jumped in surprise. Nobody ever talked to her like that. When she looked up to see who this impertinent little snot was, she did a double take. “What the hell are you doing here?” she asked Rachel.

“Ah, don’t get your panties in a knot, Goldilocks,” replied Rachel. “I just came here to help you.”

Angela couldn’t believe her ears—was this some kind of trap? She looked around her, and only then did Angela realize that she had once again eschewed her usual goon squad and walked to her locker alone. How the hell could she have been so careless and distracted? Oh well, she could always find an excuse to give to her cheer squad later. For the moment, this mistake was a blessing in disguise, because it meant there was nobody else around and that Angela did not risk much springing that trap just to see what this slut was capable of.

“And what, pray tell, do you think you can help me with?“

“Well, I know you have this little princess image to keep up, right, so I figured you would never publicly take me on my offer from yesterday. So here, take this instead.” As she said that, Rachel fished into her pockets and handed Angela a pocket address book bound in black leather. “I put the number of a few of my favorites studs in here—only discreet ones, of course. And I put my number as well, just in case you’re feeling hungry for carpet-munching more than dick-gobbling.”

Angela blinked a couple of times, confused. What Rachel had just said was so outrageous, the blonde cheerleader had no idea what to say at first. Then, the initial shock passed and Angela felt in control again. “What the hell are you talking about, you crazy bitch?” Angela said with condescension. “Didn’t you listen yesterday? Me and Jason are exclusive and we’re waiting for marriage.”

Rachel once again flashed a knowing smile: “Yeah, yeah. Look, I’m not an idiot. I sat next to you this morning—I could smell how wet you were from my seat. You’re horny, Angel, and you’ll need to find release soon. We both know Jason won’t cut it. Don’t worry though; if you’re still too chicken to try it with a real stud, I put the address of the best sex shop in town in there as well.”

Angela was furious—the gall of this bitch! The bizarre little black book she could get over, but Angela Chambers is not a coward! But she knew better than to show anger. Rather, she started laughing: “Oh My God! You’re not only trash, you’re delusional trash! Go away, nutcase, before I get you expelled. And never call me Angel again!”

Rachel smirked: “As you wish, Goldilocks. You can thank me later”. Then she dropped the book on the floor and left.

Angela was stunned. Was she so obviously horny? She is supposed to be in control at all time—she could not let herself slip like that. And did Rachel’s eyes just briefly flash red just now? She must have imagined that, right? Angela slammed her locker closed and started for her next class before stopping after only a few steps. She stared at the little black book on the floor and suddenly felt a sudden warmth between her legs. She couldn’t leave it there, someone could get the wrong idea. She could throw it in the nearest trash bin but — wouldn’t that be a waste? She bent down, picked the book and, half-thinking, slipped it into her handbag. Then she forgot about it and left, not noticing Rachel spying on her from the other end of the hallway, a satisfied smile on her face.

Angela spent the rest of the day making sure she always had two members of her cheer squad with her, as usual. She easily fed them a line about being worried about an exam to explain her morning’s faux pas, but she knew she could not make them believe that same line too many times. She spent the rest of day alternating between her usual classes and school activities but could not focus on any single one of them. Her horniness did not subside during the day—on the contrary, it seemed to increase with every new hour. Finally, the bell rang, and Angela got into her car, the only place apart from her bedroom where she could be alone and, thanks to the tinted windows, have some privacy. As soon as she got into the car, she removed her drenched panties and plunged two fingers into her dripping love nest. She moaned as soon has she felt the penetration. After a day of pent-up arousal, any touching felt good—as good as anything she had ever done with Jason. Angela touched herself like that for five minutes, but she could not get herself any closer to climax than Jason ever did. She clearly needed more. That’s when she remembered the trashy bitch’s “gift.” She half-heartedly stopped her ministration, wiped her fingers with a Kleenex, reached in her handbag for the book, and flipped through it. Only the first two pages had anything written on them. The rest was there for her to fill, she guessed. Not that she intended to, of course. The first two pages contained, as promised, the phone numbers and addresses of four men, none of which Angela knew, as well as Rachel’s phone number. The chance of Angela calling any of those where zilch, of course—especially that last one. She was not going to give this bitch the satisfaction of seeing her crawling on her knees begging to be fucked, even though she had to admit those dark lips looked fucking inviting…wait, what the hell? Another definitely bizarre thought—what was going on with her today? She really needed that release.

Angela shook her head to clean the cobwebs in her head, then her eyes stopped on what she was looking for—the address of Casanova’s, a local sex shop. It turned out to be in a small mall on the other side of town, which was perfect for Angela since it meant the chances of her being recognized were minimal. She drove out of the school’s parking lot and onto the streets, heading toward Casanova’s with a determined look in her eyes.

Angela parked at the small mall around half an hour later. She located her goal on the map posted near the entrance and, after a short, brisk walk, entered the lush confines of Casanova’s.

As befits its aristocratic name, the store’s décor was plush and luxurious, all red velvet, purple satin and gold embroidery. It looked like an old-fashioned boudoir and Angela had to admit, she really liked it. It felt like a place a queen like her belonged in. She browsed the aisles, full of dildos, vibrators, and other objects whose purpose she could not imagine. Wanting to get to business as quickly as possible, she quickly selected a handful of large (but not the largest) dildos, one bullet vibrator, and even a small butt plug. She wasn’t sure why she had grabbed that last one since she had no intention of using it, but the blue gemstone at the end of it just captivated her somehow. She brought her purchases to the counter and only then lifted her eyes to look at the cashier… which is when her heart sank, and her stomach turned. She knew the young man in front of her, and from his shocked look, he had recognized her as well. Shit!

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t Angela Chambers,” said the handsome college-aged young man. “What the hell is my sister’s ruthless cheer captain doing here?” he asked with a roguish smile.

“Hey Andrew. Funny seeing you here” said a nervous Angela. Andrew was the older brother of Shirley, one of the junior cheerleaders. She had seen him before as he picked up Shirley after a practice. Angela’s brain went for a spin the moment she saw him. On the one hand, him being there meant Shirley would undoubtedly know about Angela’s little excursion, which means Angela would have blackmail material on her. On the other hand, she was really horny, and he was really hot. He had clear blue eyes overlooking a perfectly trimmed five o’clock shadow. With his loose white shirt and tight dark pants, he looked like he had stepped out of the cover of a very steamy romance novel. Angela thus figured she had nothing to lose by trying to seduce him, so he kept his mouth shut. She loosened a few buttons on her jacket and loosened the collar of her blouse. “Look, Andrew. I’ll be straight with you—I don’t want anybody to know I’m here. Especially not Shirley. Do you think we can come to an, hmm, arrangement?” she said, pouting and flashing him doe eyes in order to accentuate her meaning.

“Tempting offer, but you’re not really my type. I like my women with a little more edge to them.” Angela’s eyes widened in shock. Did this hot stud just…reject her? This had never happened to her before. What the hell was wrong with this guy?

Then what he said dawned on her. Nothing was wrong with him. It was her. She was right this morning: her look was too bland. Luckily for Angela, Andrew spoke again, preventing her from having a panic attack. “Although…” he started, visibly happy with the reaction he caused in Angela, “I do admit that those lips of yours look inviting. Pity you went with such a drab lipstick, but I can let that slide. So that’s the deal. You game?”

Angela blinked in confusion. “What do you mean, what’s the—” then comprehension dawned on her—“oh. You want me to blow you.” Andrew nodded, waiting for an answer. This was not a position Angela ever thought she’d be in, but she saw no other options. And besides, she was horny and he was hot, so why not? “Fine, I’ll do it. I’ll suck your cock.”

Andrew let out a surprised laugh at her choice of words and intimated her to follow him in the back room with a gesture. Once there, Andrew turned toward Angela, who stood upright in front of him, obviously unsure of what to do. “You’ve never done this before have you, Angel?”

“No” she responded, quivering with both apprehension and excitement. “And don’t call me Angel”

“No problem, dear. Just relax and follow my lead, okay? You’re smart, you’ll figure it out quickly” said Andrew. He laid his hands on her shoulder and pushed downward slightly. It took a few seconds, but Angela caught his meaning and kneeled in front of him until her face was right in front of his crotch. She unzipped his pants and pulled them down along with his trouser to reveal an already half-hard meat stick. Andrew’s cock wasn’t that much longer than Jason’s, but it was much thicker.

Unconsciously, Angela licked her lips before tentatively kissing the tip. Seeing the man shiver at that, she kissed it again, more vigorously this time, and then started licking his length in earnest. Angela always thought blowjob were vulgar and disgusting before, be she couldn’t help slobbering all over Andrew’s delicious manhood, slowly licking it from head to scrotum. Maybe she should have blown Jason when he asked after all. And lord knows he had asked—multiple times, in fact. Try as she might though, at this moment Angela could not remember why she kept on refusing.

Andrew didn’t give her the time to try and remember though, because he soon grabbed Angela’s head tightly and push her face down on his cock gently but firmly, jamming his prick down her throat inch by delicious inch. Angela figured Andrew got tired of her slow rhythm. As the man’s cock started invading her throat and she started choking on it, Angela tried to protest, but Andrew ignored her muffled groans and push her head deeper, until she could feel his balls on her chin. Angela soon stopped resisting, losing her strength as her vision started to blacken. Then, Andrew jammed her head up as suddenly as he had jammed it down.

“What the fuck was that?” said Angela, her breath ragged. She looked up at Andrew with what she hoped was a killer glare, but she was too hot and bothered for Andrew to take such a look seriously. Angela then realized that while he was forcing her to deep-throat him, she had plunged her hand in her panties and was furiously fingering herself.

“Oh sorry, your highness. I just thought that, since you’re the queen of your high school and all, you would give blowjobs like a queen” said Andrew, his shit-eating grin never leaving his face. “I guess I was mistaken. Oh well, an average blowjob is still a blowjob, so I guess you can continue what you were—” Angela interrupted him by diving back on his cock with righteous indignation. Angela Chambers had a fairly thick skin for insults, but if there is one thing she could not stand, it was being called average. If she was going to be a slut and blow guys she barely knew, then she would do it right. She started sucking Andrew vigorously, going up and down his dick with the speed and strength of an industrial vacuum. When she felt his cock twitch, she swallowed him whole once again. This time, however, she set her own pace, which allowed her to appreciate the euphoric feeling of choking on delicious man meat. Then, has her nose touched his pubis, Andrew exploded, filling her throat with cum. Angela was shocked at how delicious it was. So delicious, in fact, that it triggered her first orgasm in a long while. So that was the blast her teammates were boasting about when they thought she wasn’t around to hear them.

Angela let go of Andrew’s cock and made a show of swallowing his load. The man smile had turned from roguish to genuinely impressed. “Well, that was one hell of a finish. And I can see you thought so as well. Never would have pegged you for such a slut, cumming from giving head. But hey, you did good Angel. Still need to work on that deepthroating technique though” Andrew said. His tone wasn’t mean though. He wasn’t mocking here, he was genuinely trying to help her improve.

This confused Angela—she was not used to such kindness from people. Which might be why she did not protest his use of the hated nickname and why she immediately blurted out a sultry “Well, now I know who to call for practice.” She then realized what she had just said, and quickly moved things along before she started blushing from embarrassment. “Anyway, we had a deal. Can I count on you to keep it?”

“Of course, Angel,” said Andrew. “You deserve it.” Andrew rezipped his pants and walked Angela back to the front of the store, where he rang her purchases through. “Here you go, girl. Have fun,” he said while handing her the bag full of toys. “Oh and, if you end up being serious about that practice, my number is on receipt.” Angela could not help but smile fondly at that thought as she walked out.

Once out of the store, the fire in her pussy finally subsided, and Angela could think more clearly. What the hell had she just done? What she had to do, of course, as always. But still, she couldn’t shake the feeling that she had missed something, that she didn’t have to blow Andrew. Not that she regretted doing it, even though part of her kept screaming she should. Nobody else had seen her and she had had a blast. Didn’t she deserve some fun too, after all she sacrificed everyday for her family’s status and aspirations? As her inner monologue was continuing, something caught her eye and she stopped in front of a make-up store. Two recent memories came bubbling back to the surface: the dissatisfaction she felt with her look that morning and a comment Andrew had made about her lipstick. As she entered the store and started browsing the lipstick section, she could not help but think he was right. Looking at herself in one of the store’s many mirrors, she had to admit her light pink gloss was quite generic. She knew for a fact that at least four of her cheerleaders wore the same one. She was the captain, she needed to stand out from the pack. The thought of Rachel’s black lipstick flashed into her head, but she’d be damned if she was going to copy that bitch. She had to admit it was unique though. Maybe something dark could work, Angela thought, but not black. After a few minutes of browsing, she found exactly what she needed and walked out of the store with a glossy dark purple lipstick that was sure to turn the heads of all the boys tomorrow. And maybe of some of the girls.

When Angela came home, she found the house empty. She then remembered to check her voicemail. As she suspected, her dad had called to say he was going to work late, and her mom had some social event to attend. She was going to be alone for most of the evening, which suited Angela perfectly. That orgasm had temporarily tempered her carnal desires, but she could now feel them steadily coming back. It’s as if she wanted more where that first one came from. She locked herself in her room and jilled herself lazily while doing her homework. Then, once that was done, Angela made sure to transcribe Andrew’s phone number in her brand new little black book, undressed from head to toes, and stuck the vibrator in her dripping box while shoving one of the dildos in her throat, taking to heart Andrew’s advice. She was only planning to give herself one more orgasm, but she lost herself in the pleasure and lost track of time.

It’s only after a sizeable number of orgasms, as she drifted to sleep, that she realized that she could have simply threatened to kick Shirley off the cheer squad to get Andrew to keep his mouth shut. Sleep overcame her before she could fully understand what that meant.