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Fallen Angela

Chapter 3


I’m sorry this chapter took so long. I’ve been swamped with work—tempting mortals is a lot of paperwork, surprisingly. I’m still committed to finishing this story, I just cannot promise how long it will take me. As always, any feedback is welcome. You can send it at . Happy Reading!

Angela was looking at herself in the mirror. Apart from her unusually flushed cheeks—the result of the vigorous work out she had given her pussy during her morning shower—her face was the same as ever. For some reason, that realization depressed Angela this morning. Everything about her face seemed calculated with utmost precision to fit the traditional vision of youthful beauty. Some of it was natural: her bright blue eyes, her well defined cheekbones, her full-but-not puffy lips. Some of it wasn’t: her nose had been redone at an early age to give it a perfect curvature, she had used electrolysis to perfectly and permanently pluck her eyebrows (among other things), and her natural hair color was slightly darker and way less tonally rich. And then there was her make-up, always the same: light but lady-like, enough to enhance her features but not enough to be flashy or, worse, slutty. Even her earrings, two little golden crosses, were discrete and refined. Her angelic visage was everything Angela had been told a young woman’s visage should be: smooth, healthy, demure, perfect. In other words: generic, bland, boring.

Her appearance had never bothered her before, but today it did. She was Angela Chambers! She was the undisputed queen of Valley High! Every day, the eyes of hundreds of adoring students were turned towards her. Shouldn’t she at least give them something interesting to look at? Something they could not find elsewhere, and especially not in the dozens of cheerleaders that hung around her?

That’s when her eyes fell onto the tube of glossy purple lipstick she had bought the day before. Her eyes darted back and forth between it and her already made-up face until she made up her mind. She whipped out the make-up remover and cleaned her face thoroughly. Today, Angela was going to give them something new to look at. That way, maybe they’ll stop staring at Rachel—not that Angela herself planned to stop doing that. Her eyes drifted for a moment, then refocused. Another stray thought, forgotten as suddenly as it emerged. Angela then reached for her make-up bag and pulled out tubes and containers from the very bottom: darker, bolder make-up she pretty much used only at Halloween.

Once she was done applying the make-up, Angela looked at herself in the mirror. Her blue eyes looked brighter than ever thanks to the sparkly dark grey eyeshadow that now surrounded them and the heavy mascara that made her lashes seem curvier and thicker. Looking at her lashes now, Angela only wished she could make them longer—she would have to look into fake ones sometimes. Her foundation and blush weren’t much different, but she had made sure to highlight her cheekbones a little more, giving her face a fiercer appearance. Finally, her dark purple lips looked even better than she had hoped for. Though they’d look even better if they were slightly puffier. She’d have to get her hands on her mother’s surgeon’s number. Or maybe that of Rachel’s surgeon—those gorgeous dark lips of her could not be natural, could they?

A glance at the clock shook her from her reverie. If she wanted to be at school on time, she had to hurry. She was halfway into putting on the ensemble she had planned for the day—frilly yellow shirt, pinkish-white sweater, long white skirt, and a matching yellow headband—when she realized that her new make-up totally clashed with those clothes. She had to change, and quick. Like her make-up, she was hungry for something new, but she did not have much in her wardrobe that was not proper and expensive. Still, she was a master fashionista, and whipped out a new ensemble quickly. She kept the skirt but replaced the yellow top with a long-sleeved black top. The top had a conservative neckline, but a criss-cross section that revealed most of her back, which was sure to attract a few eyes. She switched her low white heels for slightly taller black ones which she usually kept for parties, ditched the headband and tied her hair into a tight ponytail. She looked at herself once more and the middle and had to smile—now that was a look worthy of a queen.

At least that is what Angela thought until she laid her eyes on Rachel’s look for the day. Next to her six inches firetruck-red pumps, Angela’s 3 inches heels didn’t look that much better than her usual 1-inchers. Rachel’s skirt was also white but didn’t go further than mid-thigh and had holes strategically slashed on each side, which allowed everyone to see the strings of her black lace thong. Her matching tube top had similar slashes along the middle; they were obscenely stretched thanks to Rachel’s sizeable sweater puppies. Next to that cleavage, Angela looked positively flat-chested. To top off the look, she had traded her usual black leather jacket for a red one that matched her heels. There was no other word for it, she looked like a queen. A slutty queen, but a queen nonetheless. The shocked but approving compliments she had just gotten from her squadmates had put a smile on Angela’s face, but that smile turned into a scowl the moment she laid eyes on Rachel. It certainly didn’t help that her pussy decided to wake up at that very moment as well, promising to once again give her a hard time during first period.

Unlike the previous day, however, Angela had no intention of toughing it out until she got home. She was going to take care of her horniness as often as she needed. She knew the school by heart and knew of all the places where she could be alone and undisturbed for a few minutes. Like, for example, the women’s bathroom on the ground floor, next to shop class. Almost no girls took shop class, so that bathroom was almost always deserted. Besides, she could probably blackmail any girl who did take shop class easily—they tended to be outcasts anyway. Or lesbians, which at Valley High was pretty much synonymous. Luckily, there were neither outcasts nor lesbians when Angela entered the bathroom immediately after first period. She was so horny by then that she ditched her entourage without a second thought. She’d lie and make up an excuse later—she was good at lying.

As soon as she was in the bathroom, she locked herself in a stall, pulled down her skirt and jammed two fingers inside of her. The shock of being suddenly filled almost drove her to an orgasm right there and then. Unfortunately, after a few minutes of hard work, Angela was right on the edge but didn’t seem to be able to go further. The bell sounded the end of the break. Angela angrily picked herself back up and headed back to class, her horniness only heightened by her masturbation session. She needed something bigger than her fingers, she realized. Something real. She needed a man to fuck her. She briefly thought of ditching class to get to Andrew’s store, but that was too risky. She was horny, not completely mental. Jason would have to do. Maybe today was the day he finally made himself worthy of the title of boyfriend.

At lunchtime, Angela headed towards the gym, where morning practice was just about to end for Jason. This time, she made sure to let her teammates know where she was going—dutiful girlfriend was always a good look in her social circle. She posted herself outside of the men’s changing room and waited. After a moment, the door opened, and all the guys in the team got out, except for Jason. Angela was puzzled, but fortunately one of the boys recognized her.

“Hey Angela” said Ray as he approached her. “Switching up the look I see?”

“Even the best need to try something new every now and then.” Her response what way more seductively than it should have been, thanks to the burning fire in her pussy. Where the hell was Jason?!

“Well, consider that trial run a success, girl, because you look gorgeous” responded Ray with an appreciative smile.

“Careful, my boyfriend will be jealous,” Angela said. “Talking ’bout my boyfriend, you know where he is?”

“Yeah, he’s with the coach. He was quite distracted on the court today for some reason. Kept glancing at this girl in the bleachers—the punk one, what’s her name…”

“Rachel,” growled Angela, sudden anger in her voice.

“Right, that girl. Anyway, Jason couldn’t focus, and he made a bunch of mistakes, so Coach is tearing him a new one. He’ll be in there for a while. The whole hour, most likely.”

Fuck, thought Angela. She was dripping wet right now and she couldn’t wait until the afternoon. She would have to make do with her fingers. She had no other choice. Unless… she started looking at Ray up and down and once more realized how much better looking he was than Jason. He smelled better too. Angela didn’t know what body gel he used, but it was much better than that AXE crap the rest of the team used. Maybe he could help? She knew she shouldn’t, but she had no other choice. She needed a good fuck, and he was the only one around who could help her.

“Hey, are you alright?” asked Ray with concern when he saw her trembling with need.

Angela beamed her most seductive smile at him. “Not really. See, I have a big problem on my hands and was looking for Jason to help, but he is occupied and it. just. can’t. wait” she said, moving closer to Ray with each of her last four words until her breasts touched his own well-chiseled chest. “Care to help me, big boy?” she whispered in his ears.

Ray was no dummy, and he looked at Angela with a dubious smile. “This is a trap, right? Jason’s pissed at me for being named star player of the last game and you’re there to make me pay for it?”

Angela vaguely remembered Jason whining about that during one of their date, but she couldn’t give a rat’s ass about football, especially not now. “There’s no trap, dear. I need a man right now, and you’re the only one around. But if you need proof…” she said breathlessly before taking his hand and guiding it under her skirt.

“Wow, you’re serious?” Ray laughed nervously, feeling how soaked her panties were. “And here I was, actually believing in your Little Miss Perfect act. Turn out you’re just a slut, like every other cheerleader.”

Angela’s eyes flared with fury at that, and she slapped Ray, only to sloppily kiss him right after. “I’m not like every other cheerleader. I’m better. Much better. That’s why I’m the captain.”

“Prove it,” fired back Ray before returning her kiss.

“Follow me, big boy,” said Angela, leading her lover towards the ground floor.

Once they reached the secluded bathroom, the couple wasted no time and resumed making out. Angela was kissing Ray more hungrily than she ever had kissed anyone before. Her purple lips only stopped devouring his a brief instant so that they could both take off their shirt. She caressed his muscled torso with her hand while he reached for her breast. She stopped her ministrations for a moment, look at him in the eye and winked seductively as she unclasped her bra. Ray took her breasts in his big strong hands and started groping them, making Angela shiver in both excitement and anticipation.

“I love these tits. They look…delicious” he said, taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking on it.

“Ah… I can see that, big boy. Wouldn’t you like them more if they were—ah!—bigger though?” responded Angela in between two moans, not knowing where the question came from but surprisingly interested in hearing his answer.

“Oh yeah. Big fake tits fit for only the queen of all sluts. You should totally get those babes.”

“I’ll think—oh my god that feels good—about it” panted the topless blonde. She let him play with her breasts a little more, throwing her head back to moan, which Jay took as an invitation to kiss her neck. “Sooo good” Angela purred, meaning every single word of it. She had never felt this good with Jason. Either she had suddenly gotten hyper-sensitive over night, or Jason was an even worse lover than she had thought. After a few blissful minutes, she straightened back her head. “Thank you, big boy, but now it’s time for me to taste you.” She kneeled down gently and unbuckled Ray’s pants, fishing out his manhood. It was about the same size as Jason or Andrew, which was more than perfect for Angela. She licked it languorously, making sure to coat every inch of it in saliva to ease what she knew was coming next. Once she was satisfied, she pulled back and looked up at Ray with the naughtiest smile the young man had ever seen. “I think you’re ready now. Come on babe, don’t make me wait.”

Ray was puzzled for a second, but quickly caught Angela’s drift when she opened her mouth hungrily. Ray took a step closer and plunged his dick into her waiting mouth. She closed her lips around him and started sucking. He let her get used to him first, and then tentatively reached out to grab her head.

“Go on,” groaned Angela around the cock in her mouth. Somehow, despite her resistance the day before, it just felt right to give control over to Ray. After all, as Andrew had said, she had to learn to give blowjob like a queen, and who better to know what a man wants than himself?

Ray was most happy to oblige. He grabbed onto her head tightly and started guiding her up and down his length, quickening his pace every few seconds. He then pushed it down her throat in one straight gesture, her nose once again touching her lover’s belly. Angela moaned as she savored every inch of Ray’s meat, the flavor only intensified by the rising sensation of choking she felt. After a few seconds, Ray let go of her head, and she pulled out slowly.

“Wow. That was amazing,” said Ray. “You look so dirty right now, Angela. A true slut queen.”

“Mhmmm. Thank you, baby. We need to do something about that hard rod of yours now, though, do we?” said Angela while she rose to her feet, leaving her skirt and panties on the floor. She approached Ray and was about to push him into a stall when he stopped her.

“No, not like this. I want you to see how dirty you are. Bend over the sink” said Ray with sudden confidence. Angela’s eyes widened in surprise, and she was about to protest, but something in Ray’s firm-yet-gentle tone made her knees weak and her pussy hotter than she had ever thought possible.

She did as he asked, bending over one of the sinks, looking straight at her own reflection. With her dark make-up, her tight ponytail and her pure nakedness, she did look sluttier than usual, but something was still missing. Ray was a gentleman, but the truth is that she wasn’t quite a queen yet. Now was not the time to dwell on that, however. She had needs to tend to. Finally. “Doggystyle, eh?” she asked, looking at him through the mirror. “You wanna make me your bitch, don’t you, big boy? Lucky for you, that’s just what I neeeeaaahhh!” Ray chose that moment to penetrate her, transforming her last word into a scream of pure bliss.

“You voice sounds so much better when you scream. Voice of an angel, trully” said Ray playfully.

“Then make me scream, babe. Make your slutty little angel scream!” She urged him on, pushing him to fuck her harder and harder. With every thrust, she felt walls falling in her brain, walls that revealed part of herself she had never dared recognize. Parts of her that wanted to live according to her own desires, not others’, to be a queen on her own terms, to carve her own kingdom. Looking at herself moaning and bucking, she suddenly realized how bare her back was. If she was going to be in this position on the regular—and right now she sure hoped she was—she should give her lovers something to look at. She had noticed a tattoo parlor at the mall yesterday—maybe she should check it out later? Lost in her thoughts, she barely registered when Ray grabbed her ponytail and pulled it back firmly. Her body, however, did, and she was taken completely by surprised by when the first thundering wave of pleasure crashed into her brain, short-circuiting her every nerve and rendering her unable to do anything else but moan and ask for more. A few minutes—and a few orgasms—later, Angela heard Ray scream: “Oh god, girl, I’m close!”

Angela quickly straightened herself up, forcing Ray to pull out. She turned around and, licking her lips, kneeled and took Ray’s pulsating manhood into her mouth once again. A few seconds later, the young man shot load after load into her. As the delicious liquid touched her tongue, Angela felt one last orgasm before the fire in her pussy finally died down. Once Ray was well and truly spent, she sucked lovingly on his dick for a few more seconds, then let him go with a contented sigh. “That was amazing, big boy,” she purred.

“You were pretty awesome yourself, Angela,” panted an exhausted Ray. “You know Jason called you frigid once? He was full of shit, as usual.”

“Well, if Jason was half as good as you are, babe, maybe I’d be less “frigid,” as he put it,” she replied as condescendingly as she could. Jason would be lucky to even kiss her again after today. As they both got dressed again, her smile quickly came back as a strange idea came into her head, and she spoke before her conscious mind had the time to think it over: “And it’s Angel to you from now on, baby. Only when we’re alone, though.”

“Really? That’s so cool, Angel. It’s a fitting name too, since you brought me to heaven. One of the best fucks of my life.”

Only one of the best? Angela knew she should have given Ray the dressing down of his life for that insult, but she felt too good right now for that. Instead, she looked him in the eyes, licked her lips and said: “Next time, I’m aiming for the best.”

“I can’t wait, Angel. We should be going now, though, lunchtime is almost over. I’ll go first, so nobody will see us together and rat us out to Jason” Ray said prudently.

“Jason is not in a position to complain, trust me on that. But you’re right, I do have a reputation to maintain. Go ahead, baby” she replied as Ray started to leave. He was about to open the door when Angela suddenly remembered something. “Wait,” she called out. Ray stopped and turned around as she fished out her little black book and a pen from her bag. “Write your number in there, big boy, so we can go somewhere more intimate next time.” Ray smiled knowingly and did as she asked. As he gave her back the book, he passionately kissed her one last time and then left, for real this time.

Angela put the book back into her bag, readjusted her bra straps, and was ready to head out the door when she froze in her track. There, in the corner behind the door, half-hidden in shadows, stood a grinning Rachel, as darkly beautiful as ever. How long had she been there?

“Well, well, well, Goldilocks. Seems like I wasn’t that delusional after all.”