The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

A Family in Need: A Mason DeGraves Story

by Baerd

©2018, by Baerd.

All rights reserved.


Chapter 4

Amber was back in Lord DeGraves’ office, sitting in the single chair before it. There had been a wonderful dinner, the best she had ever eaten, and the cupcakes she had been told about were, in fact, served for dessert. She passed on them, as had been suggested to her, as had Lord DeGraves. During the dinner, everyone had been relaxed and friendly, and talked with each other like friends. Several whom she had not met introduced themselves: Dr. Sanders, Dr. Cole, Julie Richards (whom folks called Nurse Julie), and Jeremy; each welcomed her and told her a bit about themselves. When all the dinner guests had finished, and there had been a number she hadn’t met yet as they had been sitting at the far end of the table, people stood and adjourned to other parts of the house, and Lord DeGraves had asked her into his office. He entered a few moments later, carrying a small bag.

“Now, Ms. DeVries, I hope you have had all of your questions answered. I am sorry I could not do that for you myself. Are you ready for me to propose the arrangement?

“I think so,” she said, the worry plain on her face.

“Did you choose to take the offer made by my grandchildren?” asked DeGraves.

“Um, no. I thought about it, but, see, I don’t have any friends, and my family, well, they’re why I don’t have any friends. My Pop was why I had to leave home. After I left, my mom died. He’s an abusive asshole drunk, pardon my language, sir. If I took what your grandchildren offered, I’d have to do everything alone. Everyone here is so friendly, and they seem to really care what I think, what I want to do! I’m very lonely, Lord DeGraves. That’s part of how I wound up with T Rad. Bethany said I wouldn’t have to stay here forever or anything, just several months during the arrangement. I want to be useful. I want to make a difference to someone. I’m really afraid of dying alone. I almost did a few times, and I got lucky. But the cops, and the hospitals, and the shelters, they help short term.... Never mind. It’s just that everyone here—they’re looking out for each other. They were even looking out for me, and they don’t even know me! Everybody seems to really care, even you. You saved me from God only knows what! And you don’t even know me.“

Lord DeGraves looked at her solemnly. “Amber, you won’t understand this, not really, but I do know you. We have never met, but... I know you. Just as I knew Mr. Jones, T Rad. I know everyone who comes to me, the good and the bad, and their history and much of their potential futures. Amber, I know what you have suffered, and I know what good you will do, the pains you will ease, the lives you will save.“


“As you said a moment ago, never mind’. I will make my offer to you now. I will give you two million dollars and a living place here at the house in exchange for living here for three months with my family, wearing only this.” He removed a headband with cat ears upon it from the bag he had brought. He handed the headband to Amber.

She took it, and looked at it for a long moment. She looked back at Lord DeGraves. “You knew. First grade. My cat costume for Halloween at school. And Bobby Franklin played with my hair, and I had a crush... and I wished... and later, when I started... I had fantasies... you knew! Didn’t you?”

Lord DeGraves nodded.

“Holy shit.... I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say that. But that’s just scary. They told me. They did. I’m really going to get into this hard and heavy, aren’t I?”

“Your deepest fantasy is very close to the surface. How heavily you indulge in it is up to you,” said DeGraves. He paused, then said, “You are an observant and very intelligent young lady. I will tell you this, because I can, and because you should know.” He paused, then said, “Ms. DeVries... Amber... most people in this world would not call me a nice man. Many would call me diabolical, even evil. Some people’s lives are ruined by accepting my deals. Things have changed here, at the house. My grandchildren have made a profound change in how things are here, now. As it used to be, I would have offered you the money under these conditions and sent you on your way, and pay you as agreed when you completed the arrangement. In that future, you would have become a fetish call-girl, you would have gotten plastic surgery on your nose and ears, whiskers tattooed on your face, and would have served a clientele of men and women with a very particular interest. I suppose you could still choose to do that, but I see a better, different future for you now, because of your association with my grandchildren.”

“What happens, now?”

“Let us not spoil it. It will come to you, and if you accept it, you will use your money for better purposes: an education, opening your own practice....”

“Really?! I get to become a vet?! I love animals!” exclaimed Amber.

“I am obviously giving far too many hints.” DeGraves sighed, “Observant and intelligent indeed! A woman who knows what she likes, and what she wants. Let me make this clear, you do not get’ to become a veterinarian, you must work hard to become one. It will not just fall in your lap. This isn’t magic. You have to work for it.“

Amber grinned at him. “Lord DeGraves, I am all in!“

DeGraves looked at her with the faintest traces of a repressed smile, and shook his head. “Call me Mason. You are going to be doing that very soon anyway.”

Amber placed the headband on her head, and smiled. She went to Mason DeGraves and threw her arms around him and put her head against his chest. “Thank you! Thank you for everything!”

DeGraves looked down at the top of her head as he slowly returned her hug. “It is my pleasure, my dear. And it will be yours,” He broke the hug, and said, a bit gruffly, “Now go on, your room is up the stairs, five doors down on the left. Our arrangement begins in five minutes, to give you time to get up there and remove your clothes. Go on, now! Shoo!”

Amber giggled and turned to go, pausing in the doorway to say “Meow!” and wink at him, then laughed and ran to the stairs.

Mason DeGraves looked at the spot where Amber had stood in the doorway, shook his head again and said, “Cats....”

* * *

Amber ran up the stairs and bounded down the hall, counting doorways. When she reached the fifth on the left, she threw open the door like a teenager, and then sprang onto the bed like a five-year-old. She tossed off her clothes, and then went to look at herself in the mirror over the empty dresser. She looked excited, not sexually excited, but more like a kid who’d been told she could have any five things in the candy store, yes, even the big chocolate assortment. She looked at the cat ears sticking up from her hair, and smiled. She winked at her image in the mirror, and said “Meow.”

A part of her felt like this was going to be the best game ever. Another part wondered if she’d jumped in a pool many, many times over her head. She cocked her head as she suddenly noticed that there were sounds coming from back down the hall. There was definitely sex happening, she realized.

She wandered down the hall, listening, and stopped at the door the sounds were coming from, and realized there were sounds coming from downstairs, too. She opened the door in front of her and looked in. “Fucking meow!” she said, then paused, examining the words she had just spoken. Had she meant to say that? She wondered if things had already started—up until now, she’d said meow’ deliberately, jokingly. Then she shrugged, and walked through the door.

She was in a large room, with a springy floor like a mattress. A fair number of people were on that floor, all engaged in sexual activities of one sort or another. On one side of the room was a long countertop running the length of the room, with a sink and a large pile of towels and washcloths next to it in the middle, an assortment of beverages and a small minifridge on one side, and a scattered bunch of sex toys on the far end. The front of it was padded, and the padding went up the other walls for about three feet. There were padded geometrical solid shapes to one side of the room, and a large clear space on the other. There was a machine of some kind with tubes and cups and things against the wall across from the door.

She saw Julie connected to the machine, cups with tubes running from her breasts to the machine, drawing milk from her sizeable upper breasts—sure enough, she had four of them—and obviously giving her orgasmic pleasure. Her pregnant mother, Beverly was under her with her face in Julie’s pussy, which must be helping. Jim was fucking his mother’s pussy, and was sucking on one of her breasts, Damn, he was bent over incredibly flexibly, and had a muscular ass and back! Bethany was sucking on Beverly’s other breast, while the woman doctor, Maggie, was below her holding Bethany’s pregnant belly in her hands and her face in Bethany’s pussy.

The sounds of sex and pleasure were pretty loud. Amber checked herself and discovered that her libido was still anaesthetized. While she could admire Jim’s butt and back muscles flexing aesthetically, like a work of art in motion, there was no inspiration to squeeze those flexing buns in her own hands. She heard the moans and groan of those around her, and knew she should at least be tempted to slip a hand down to her crotch, or that her nipples should be at least a little stiff. She found herself feeling a bit sad, like she’d been left out of a great party. She felt like a kid on the playground that all the other kids at play were ignoring.

Wow, Julie was multi-orgasmic! Amber idly wondered how she wasn’t exhausted or just unconscious from the near constant orgasms she was obviously having. She heard someone else, a woman, working her way up to an orgasm, and heard others getting close right behind her. The sounds of wet flesh hitting wet flesh, moans and groans and the occasional “Yes!” or “Fuck me!", the slurping sound of mouths sucking very wet body parts, bodies flexing and twisting, hands clutching and grabbing and pulling should be making her horny as hell!

This was just no fun. Oh, there went Beverly over the edge of an orgasm, which triggered Bethany, then Maggie, and huh, it looked like Jim was being careful not to thrust too hard or too far into Beverly, though she had her ankles locked around his waist and was grinding... oh! his cock was actually outside her pussy lips now, and she was grinding her clit on it! Amber had been worried about the baby inside Beverly for a moment, because Jim appeared to be very well hung. Damn it! She was sorry she’d drank the damn tea, now. She thought maybe there were some cupcakes left downstairs, and maybe they’d at least counteract the tea a bit.

She turned around and padded past Dr. Cole, who was busily fucking a maid, who had her face in Susan’s pussy (Susan was on the floor reclined against a padded triangle solid for support), who had a foot... wow, Terri had her daughter’s whole foot in her pussy, and she was bucking on it like it was a bronco. Terri’s husband was taking photo after photo of this with one hand, the other stroking his cock. Amber was no stranger to faking enjoying sex, but never had her body not at least responded to it. Never had her libido just stayed... off, cold, nonexistent. She was a healthy eighteen-year-old woman! This was just spooky. This was so strange, she wanted to have sex without wanting to have sex. She didn’t like it. She was going to fix this, dammit.

“Amber!” she heard her name called from behind her, and turned. The group near the pumping machine was looking satisfied and sitting cuddled together resting. Julie and Jim were taking the cups and tubes from the machine from Julie’s breasts and were hanging them up. It was Julie who had called her. Amber walked over.

“I like the ears!” said Julie. “See my bell and horns?” She jangled the cowbell around her neck, causing her breasts to jiggle madly, and grinned.

“Those are nice, too!” said Amber. “I took the deal,” she said. “No clothes and I wear this for three months. Lord DeGraves is kind of scary in a way. He knew I....” she floundered a moment as she stroked the ears, words failing her.

“Grampa Mason is good, don’t be scared. You’ll see!” proclaimed Julie.

“Um, yeah. I think I know, actually. Um, I thought maybe I’d go down and see if there were any cupcakes left. I’m kinda feeling... left out.”

“You’re jumping right in, aren’t you?” asked Jim, with a smile.

Amber smiled back, then dropped her head in embarrassment and said, “Yeah, well... yeah, and it’s bothering me that I can’t get horny when I know I should, I mean my body should be doing something, but that tea....”

Julie got a big grin on her face, then scrunched up her face in concentration a moment, then opened her eyes and said to Amber, “Suck my titties, you’ll get horny!”

Beverly touched Amber’s calf from where she was sitting on the floor and said, “We warned you about her milk... only if you’re absolutely sure....”

Amber smiled at her, “I am. Um, I’ve never done this before, I mean, actually nursed from a woman’s breast, at least not that I remember. Is there something I should...?”

“No teeth. Just suck like you would normally, and the milk will flow.” answered Beverly.

Amber found herself the center of attention, everyone watching as she approached Julie and sank to her knees. She put her lips to Julie’s left nipple, and tasted skin and a sweet milky taste. She sucked at the nipple, which was already quite erect, and was rewarded with a mouthful of sweet milk, surprisingly sweet, and with a unique taste. She discovered she’d swallowed already, and her mouth was filled again quickly. She felt flushed, and her nipples stood up as she swallowed and her mouth filled yet again, and she realized Julie was holding her head to her breast, and she swallowed again. She felt something click in the back of her brain, a feeling of rightness, of being loved, of having a mother who loved her, feeding her. She swallowed the warm milk love again. The feeling of being loved filled her belly and her being, but along with that she could feel a fire, a need, an itch, a wave of passion and excitement that had been so very missing, but now was beginning to pick her up like a rag doll caught in the waves at the beach, pulling her in and then pulling her out, with great speed and strength.

“I think that’s enough, sweetie, too much and she won’t sleep for a week, and neither will we!” she heard Beverly say. The nipple went away and she lost her balance and fell into Beverly’s lap. Beverly, an incredibly sexy woman, god she smelled good, wonder what she tastes like? Going to fucking find out! She latched onto Beverly’s clitoris, nursing it like the nipple she’d just lost.

“Oh! Wow! Okay!” she heard Beverly say. She felt Beverly adjust her head a little. Someone started running their hands up her legs, wait, that was two people’s hands! Stroking so lightly, her nerves responding like electrical pleasure flowing from their fingertips through her skin. Um, yes, higher up... into, no! Not down and away! Yes, back up between her thighs! No, don’t stop! Mmm, Beverly was squeezing her nipples! Come back up the legs, back up yes! I’m open wide for you! Come inside, inside, inside! Oh, yeah! Fingers inside and outside, two hands! A man’s hand inside, a woman’s outside, rub my clitty! Fuck yes! God, this is a wonderful pussy, so warm, so nice, smells so good, tastes so good—have I ever like the smell and taste of this before? I don’t think I really—who cares this is fucking magnificent! Yes pussy rub into my mouth, crush your clitty on my nose as I stick my tongue in as far as I can and lick lick lick! Stroke sex pleasure hands full of woman body rubbing me legs held by people rubbing and massaging and center of my pussy is oh god, clutch grab oh god, FUCK yes FUCK ME, yes, give me take me give me take me “AAAAHhhhhhhh! FUCKING MEOW! MMMRrrowww! Yes, I love you! I need you! I want you! Oh, hold me, help me, let me..........“

She came to awareness, eyes closed, with her head in someone’s lap, on her back. Her face was being stroked. She could feel people on either side of her, and they were stroking her breasts and nipples lightly. “She’s coming around,” she heard Beverly say, and realized her head was still in her lap, just facing the other way. God, she wished she could purr, really purr. She felt so happy, so good, so sexy! She’d passed out from orgasm? Fuck yes, she had! Damn, that was the best she’d ever had, ever! Jesus, she wanted a cock in her bad. She wanted someone to fuck her while her head was in Beverly’s lap and her nipples were tweaked and twiddled. Her legs were wide open, thrown wide, calling for a cock to come fill her. She was bobbing on a tide of post-orgasmic bliss but she needed more, more, more!

“Oh, please fuck me! Please dear God, fuck me, take me now!” she said, still not opening her eyes.

“Bethany, can you get a strap-on? I’m afraid if you don’t fill her pussy with that, little Miss Kitty here will jump on Jim before anyone can stop her!” she heard Beverly laugh. God, she had a beautiful voice! And she smelled so good!

She opened her eyes to see Bethany between her legs, tightening a strap at her waist, then leaning forward to tickle her pussy lips with a large dildo she was wearing. She was going to get fucked by a pregnant woman and it was hot! Hell, at this point anything was hot! Jim was beside her, with a giant erection in the air, watching as she floated in ecstacy. Was this a drug? No, she’d had ecstacy pills before and they were nothing to this! Sex and breast milk. Wow!

She saw a hand grasp Jim’s cock and stroke it, and realized that it was her hand. She licked her lips and gave him her best “come hither” look. He smiled and started to oblige. She felt the Bethany’s dick enter her pussy, slow and smooth and deep. She heard herself make a noise that was part sigh, part groan, and part begging for more. Jim’s cock was at her lips, and she took it in, too, tasting precum and pussy, the pussy she just been licking, and was nestled against right now. God, she love this! Down her throat—she was good at deep throating, almost a natural—tongue against and around shaft and then the glans as it emerged, capture the head and suck and swirl then suck it down in again, Beverly’s cock in and out and a thumb rubbing her clitty, waves in and waves out, a cycle, like the world breathing sex, moaning, moaning, oh, that was her own voice, Beverly’s hands on her breasts and nipples as Jim and Bethany fucked her at both ends,

Amber felt the first twitch, the first sensation of her orgasm like it was miles away, but getting closer, faster and faster, heard her moans get higher and faster, pressed her face, her nose into Jim’s pubes as she felt Bethany fill her so deep, so deep! She felt the flood of Jim’s semen explode into her throat, down to her stomach laced with sunshine and love, one two three four shots spreading out from her stomach and filling her body with light and lightning and pleasure again, felt Bethany thrust and hold her cock deep within her channel as her pussy grabbed it like a fist and pulled it towards her center. She was making cat noises, cat-in-heat fucking noises, and then a shriek that went from baritone to soprano into a range that only dogs could hear. She felt her body vibrate and spasm, sucked at Jim’s cock like it was Julie’s nipple or Beverly’s snatch, oh dear God, Bethany, one last thrust, please! The light-sparkled warm darkness welled up again, flowed in like the tide, and her body relaxed as it flowed out. Beverly stroked her face and cooed to her as she went down, down, into warm pleasure darkness with fireflies of ecstasy.

Amber slept for about an hour, and woke slowly to realize that the party was breaking up. She looked around and saw some folks putting on clothes, like Dr. Cole and his nurse, Julie. Dr. Sanders was still naked but looking at Bethany, like a doctor rather than like someone who was about to do anything naughty. Apparently everything was fine, as Bethany stood and they had a few last amiable words. The doctor did run her hand around Bethany’s belly a last time, then stroked Bethany’s pussy, and, as the doctor turned away, the doctor stroked her own several times. She felt happy, like a cat in a sunbeam. She caught the thought as it passed through, and smirked. All in’, indeed.

She turned her head to see Julie curled in her mother’s arms, and Jim holding both of them in his. Jim noticed Amber looking at them, and said, “Welcome back! How are you feeling?”

“Like the cat that got the cream,” she joked.

“So, cat ears? Are you going to be a catwoman?” he asked, with genuine interest.

“Kind of, I think. I used to want to be a cat... well, it’s kind of hard to explain. When I was small, I was a cat for Halloween, and there was this guy I had a crush on, and he stroked my hair and it felt so wonderful! Later on, when puberty hit, I’d fantasize about being his kitty, but it wasn’t really him... I don’t know, it’s not like it sounds, but it kinda is.“

“You’ll figure it all out,” he smiled. “Did you enjoy this evening?”

“Oh, yes! I’ve never had such wonderful experiences! I’ve never cum so hard, or felt so... so...”

“I know what you mean!” Jim smiled. “You were wonderful! You joined right in just like you’d always been here!”

“You were a good kitty!” said Julie, and Amber was surprised to feel a flash deep in her pussy, like Julie had inserted a finger and given it a delightful quick stroke. She gasped, and found her hand moving to her crotch.

“Oh, looks like we found a trigger,” grinned Jim, “kind of like good mommy’ is for other people!”

Amber watched as Julie gasped and grinned, her hand going to her own crotch, and the other squeezing a nipple. A little milk dribbled out, and Beverly said, “None of that, now, we’ve all had enough for tonight!” She caught the washcloth that Bethany had tossed to her, and mopped up her daughter’s milk, lest someone get even a drop accidentally.

“I can’t believe how good I feel! Happy, content, like... Oh, I don’t know. The world is right.“

“I see,” said Jim, smiling but serious. “Welcome home, then.”

“I... haven’t had a real home in a long, long time,” Amber said. A tear welled up in her eye, and then streams of tears began flowing down her face. “I’m so happy right now! I wish I could explain how much....”

Once again, it was Beverly who scooted over and hugged her with her plastic arms. They were cool but her torso and breasts were warm and comforting. “It’s okay. We’re glad you are here.”

Julie said, “Mommy always wanted a pet kitty.”

Beverly laughed, gently. “Julie, baby, Amber is a very special young lady in her own right, she’s not a pet!”

Amber smiled, but thought to herself, A pet kitty. I’d like to be Beverly’s pet kitty! I’d curl up on her bed with her and purr and purr, and make her purr.... She gave a small cough, then said, “So does this happen every night?” She pretended not to notice Julie’s knowing grin.

Jim replied, “No, just every other week or so. Too much of a good thing, you know.”

“I’m kinda glad to hear that,” said Amber. “Should I expect some kind of crash later?” She looked at the confusion on the group’s faces and said, “Like drugs, you know, first the high, then the crash...?”

“Oh, no,” said Beverly, “No, no drugs or anything! We wouldn’t do that to our babies, first and foremost! And no, we don’t do things like that. We don’t want them or need them. We are happy with each other.”

“Oh! I didn’t mean... well, this actually feels and has felt better than any drug I’ve ever taken. This was like E squared! But I didn’t think that you’d... anyway, what I meant was, once it ends, do you feel bad, or unhappy, or throw up, or anything?”

“Only if Jimmy makes you a mommy!” laughed Julie.

Amber looked at her, realizing that that had been a deeper thought than a 5-year-old would have, then smiled. “I don’t think I’m ready for that, yet!“


Amber realized that she was still being hugged and supported by Beverly, and it still felt wonderful. She gave a little squeeze-hug back. “Thank you. For everything. Lord DeGraves said you had changed things here, that I’d have wound up a fetish call-girl with tattoos and plastic surgery and stuff, and now, I have a chance to be a vet, my dream job! He said you three have made that possible. I don’t know what you did, but thank you!”

Jim and Beverly looked at each other in confusion, then looked at Julie, who had been looking directly at Amber with an interesting smile on her face, like she knew a deep secret. Julie looked at Jim and smiled and laughed, and pushed his shoulder like a young girl would do to her big brother. Jim and Beverly exchanged glances again and shook their heads.

Amber tried to stand up, wobbling as she did. Beverly stood next to her, supporting her by her shoulder, and said, “Let’s get you to bed.”

They worked their way slowly towards the door, with Jim, Bethany and Julie following behind. Beverly had to grab Amber to keep her from falling as her legs gave way.

“I’m so sorry! My legs are just so rubbery!” cried Amber, flushing with embarrassment.

“That’s okay, dear! We’ve all felt like that after having some of Julie’s milk! Some of us have just had to sleep right where we were, too weak to move!” Beverly assured her.

Amber saw a fully dressed maid with a baby in her arms. She went to Julie and passed Jamie over to her, and the two smiled and cooed over her, then Julie took her into a room.

Jim took Amber’s other side, and they worked their way down the hall. “Here, dear,” she said as they reached a door. “Let’s get her in here and laid down on the bed, Jim.”

Amber suddenly realized that they weren’t in her room. They got her to the bed, and she laid down.

“I’ll look after her tonight,” said Beverly, “why don’t you sleep with Bethany tonight? You and she didn’t get enough together-time tonight.”

“ Kay, Mom! See you tomorrow!” said Jim, kissing his mother.

“Good night, Beverly, sleep well!” said Bethany, giving Beverly a deep kiss and a nipple tweak.

“Oh, you! Sleep well, loves!” said Beverly as they left the room.

“Do you need anything else? Some water, or the bathroom?” Beverly asked Amber.

“No, I’m fine,” Amber told her, looking down.

“All right, now, I’m a mother. I can recognize a teenager telling a fib! Really, it’s no problem! What do you need?”

“Um, I’m okay. I think I’m just tired, and a bit overwhelmed. The world has been stood on its head. I was a hooker this morning, with a pimp who sold me to someone he thought was buying me for a snuff film, but who was really buying my freedom and offering my dreams, but with conditions that I should feel like are utterly weird but I really feel happy about because they’re my deep fantasies and have had the best sex ever, not that that was a high bar to make...” Amber took a deep breath, having used all of it with that sentence. “I’m just afraid I’ll wake up tomorrow and it all will have been a dream!“

Beverly laughed and lowered herself, back down, on the bed next to her. “That’s okay, dear! It will all work out fine! You’ll find your place here, fit it with us all, and discover who you really are, deep down, and that’s a wonderful and good person.” She reached over and stroked the cat-ears, and sighed. “I’m sure it will be interesting!” she laughed again.

“I figured out why the ears,” Amber said. “It all goes back to when I was a little kid....”

Amber told Beverly a fuller version of the story she had tried to tell the others, earlier. Beverly shared her story, told her of her childhood, her husband, having her kids, the accident, the arrangement, and the changes in their lives since, and their decision to support those whom DeGraves helped, at least those who deserved it.

Amber had tears in her eyes as Beverly finished, and hugged Beverly tightly. “He told me what would have happened before....”

“And that’s why! It is good to make a difference when we can,” said Beverly, feeling Amber’s teardrops on her breast. “I think there’s something about being a mother,” she said, “you want to make the world better for your children.”

Amber hugged her again, then lay down, facing her.

“Well, we should get some sleep,” Beverly said, turning out the light next to the bed. She lay down herself, thinking of everything that the two had said. She felt Amber curl up beside her, and smiled in the darkness. It was not long before both were asleep.

* * *

The next morning, Amber woke curled up next to Beverly. She realized they were both naked, then remember she’d be spending months that way. She was warm, and comfortable under the covers, smelling the scent of her person. Wait, what? She pushed the thought aside and cuddled closer, and realized that her face was against Beverly’s breast. Before she moved, she gave the side of it a little kiss, then sat up.

“Good morning, sleepyhead!” Beverly said to her.

“Ohmigod! I thought you were still asleep!” Amber blushed.

“I don’t mind, dear, I don’t mind at all! Would you like some milk, little Kitty?”

The flash in Amber’s pussy was immediate, and she felt her nipples and clit stiffen, and her pussy tingle and warm. “Uh, sure! I, uh...”

“Come here, dear,” laughed Beverly as she pulled Amber’s head toward her nearest breast. Amber found the nipple at her lips, and she began to suckle. After a moment, warm, sweet milk flowed into her mouth, and she swallowed and sucked more as she heard Beverly moan in pleasure, and felt Beverly’s hand shift to her pussy to stroke it. Amber moved Beverly’s had out of the way and began stroking it herself, slipping a finger into the older woman’s slickening channel. Beverly moved her hand to Amber’s pussy, which was already excited, to stroke it and then dip her finger into it. Beverly’s other hand went to knead Amber’s breast and nipple as she nursed, and they lay side by side and gently masturbated each other. When the first breast went dry, Amber got on her knees, leaned over, and suckled the other one. This was obviously a major erogenous zone for Beverly, because she came with a cry just as the other breast emptied. She never stopped fingering Amber, though.

After a moment, Beverly recovered enough to ask, “Was that a good breakfast, little Kitty?” and stepped up the pressure as her words pushed Amber’s hot button, and she climaxed in turn. She shook a moment in gentle spasm, then relaxed as the waves of pleasure receded.

She moved up and kissed Beverly, and said, “Yes, thank you! That was a delicious dish of cream for this kitty!” She cocked an eyebrow as a small wavelet of pleasure washed through her again. “Wow, this is really going to be a thing, isn’t it? My thing.”

“It looks like it!” grinned Beverly.

“You guys weren’t kidding. I mean, I didn’t think you were, but still... you just can’t understand from the outside, can you?” asked Amber.

“Not really, no,”

“I wasn’t into women before. I mean, I’d been with them, as part of the job. Now, it’s like I can’t get enough of you!” remarked Amber.

“Of me?” asked Beverly, an eyebrow arched.

“Um, I... you... yes... I mean, I had a great time last night with Bethany and Julie, and Jim....”

Beverly sighed, “I can never tell if it’s Julie’s fault, or if she just knows things. Mommy always wanted a pet kitty.’ Oh, sorry dear, didn’t actually mean to trigger you, there! I was just wondering if she is still doing things to her milk, or if it’s just that she sees things. Sometimes I wonder if she’s like Mason that way. Don’t worry dear, we’ll make sure you don’t imprint too hard on me! Not that I mind...” Beverly smiled gently at Amber, and stroked the cat ears, then a nipple. “A little Jeremy, a little Bethany, a little Jorge, a little Susan... we’ll make sure you don’t get locked on me, alone!“

“Um, okay, I guess.” said Amber, a bit disappointed.

“Oh, now, dear, please don’t thing I don’t want you, it’s just that I can’t be the only one that turns you on! That might be... dangerous. You are very vulnerable to imprinting right now, either fixating on things or broadening up. Like with Sherry, she needed to have sex with more than just Terri and Susan, and to get out of the stables, otherwise she might have gotten too limited.“

Oh! I see! Holy shit, I’ve got to be careful about things, don’t I?” exclaimed Amber.

“Yes, dear, you do. We’ll help! And Julie was right, I have always wanted to have a pet kitty!” said Beverly with a smile.

“Oh! Mmmm.... You did that on purpose!”

“Yes, dear, I did indeed! Now, help me get up! I have got to pee! I’ve got a baby on my bladder!“

* * *

The two ladies walked down the stairs to breakfast, where they were greeted by Jim and Bethany, and a grinning Julie holding Jamie. As Amber greeted Julie, her grin widened and eyes twinkled, but she just wished Amber a good morning.

Amber greeted Jim and Bethany as well, and Jim asked, “Feeling recovered this morning?”

“|I can stand up without help, at least,” smiled Amber, “but I’m still discovering what it’s like on this side of the looking glass!”

Jim nodded and smiled, and Bethany told her, “You need to think about everything you do in the next three months! The more times you do something, or the more times you do it with a certain person, the more likely it is that you’ll imprint on it, or them. For instance, you might want to spend some time with Jeremy, Jorge, Phillip, or even Jim, as long as you’re careful. Too much time with just the women and you can find yourself a lesbian, if you weren’t before.”

“Beverly said something about that, earlier. The tea seems to have worn off, I noticed.” said Amber.

“It is pretty strong stuff, but Julie’s milk overpowers it almost immediately. Unless you drink some more, you’re on your own.” confirmed Bethany.

“I think I’d like to be on my own,” said Amber. “My experience with sex has been, uh, professional, I guess you’d say. It wasn’t much for pleasure, although with T Rad at first it was, but that was all a lie. Last night was the first time anyone ever pleasured me, I mean, made sure I was enjoying it. It seems like everyone here cares about each other like that, and that is so cool! Right now, I’m not out-of-control horny or anything yet, but I’d like to discover this new world. Like, I was thinking of going down to visit Sherry when Jeremy goes to see her. I don’t know who Phillip is, and I only saw Jorge the once when T Rad was here. I’d like to talk to you two, too! I want to get to know people. I’d like to try to make friends. I haven’t really had friends in a long time, not since grade school.“

Jim smiled broadly, “Now that we can definitely help with!” He took Bethany’s hand and squeezed it, and Bethany leaned over to kiss him, then turned to Amber and agreed.

“Yes, we’re happy to do that! How about after breakfast we start with Jorge?”

“Okay! Susan said he was the gardener here yesterday.”

“He sure is,” said Susan as she and her family entered the dining room and took seats around the table. “He grows all the flowers and herbs that Trish uses, and makes the grounds look so great. All that work keeps him built like a Greek god!”

“He can make even the most delicate plants grow and flourish,” said Trish as she brought in a steaming silver pitcher of coffee and began pouring. “And I am a demanding taskmaster when it comes to plants for my cooking and my experiments! Man has two green thumbs and eight green fingers! And a lovely strong tan cock!” she winked at Amber.

Amber blushed, then said, “Hi! I’m Amber. You must be Trish! Your cooking is wonderful!”

“Thank you, dear! I learned a lot from my mother, rest her soul, and I got some from Julia Child after she got back from France. Now she was a fun lady! A real pioneer feminist, though you don’t hear many of those stories, and she doesn’t get near enough credit,” said Trish, filling the last cups. She focused on Amber, “I think you’re the first person that ever said they didn’t like what my tea does!“

“You heard about that? Oh, it was delicious! I guess I just didn’t want to be left out of things. I mean, everyone was enjoying themselves so much, and I felt kind of all alone. Your tea definitely works, I can tell you that!”

“Of course it works! All my teas and concoctions do!” said Trish, with a wink. “Now, excuse me while I go back and make sure that breakfast isn’t burning!” She turned and walked through the swinging door into the kitchen calling, “And it better not be!” The smells that emerged from the kitchen as the door flapped closed were mouth-watering.

All her teas and concoctions’?” asked Amber.

“Oh, yes, she’s created a lot of different things for Mason over the years,” said Bethany. “Mason found Trish in New Orleans, and she brought some very special expertise with her. The tea you got was to slow down your libido, other teas amplify it in different ways, some make people more suggestible, there are teas to stimulate lactation, increase virility, stabilize emotional balance, increase fertility, one that stimulates hair growth, one that will make your hair fall out, one that increases penis size, several for weight loss or gain, and so on. She’s got a PhD and postdoctoral work in Biochemistry as well as some other advanced degrees.”

“Oh, my goodness! And she’s a cook here, with all that?”

“Much more than a cook! She is a chef! But I understand what you meant—there are certain advantages to working for Mason. For one, he helped her acquire those degrees during a time when women, let alone black women, were not allowed to do so. She has been with Mason a very long time, as well, much longer than I have.”

“Um, how long could that be? She looks like she’s in her early twenties!” asked Amber.

“Let’s just say that you aren’t the only person that Mason has paid money to free.” said Bethany.

“You mean....”

“It has been a very long time since some of us have been your age, dear,” said Bethany.

“You look maybe... twenty!” exclaimed Amber.

“Thank you,” replied Bethany, as more of the remainder of the staff arrived and took seats around the table, wishing everyone a good morning as they did so. Lord DeGraves entered the dining room to greetings, which he returned graciously. Moments later, two maids brought out steaming platters and set them all on the table, then sat down themselves. Trish was the last to emerge, carrying a loaf of steaming bread and a complicated-looking baked egg dish that smelled amazing.

“Thank you, Trish, for another wonderful breakfast!” said DeGraves, nodding to Trish as she sat down at the foot of the table. “Before we begin, I would like to introduce Amber. She is the newest member of our household. I’m sure you can all introduce yourselves later. For now, let’s eat before this marvelous meal begins to get cold!”

It was indeed, a delicious meal, and the diner’s conversation and banter was light and friendly. Amber listened quietly smiling and chatting as she was addressed, but spending the rest of the time wondering exactly how far down the rabbit hole went.

* * *

After breakfast, Beverly and Amber followed Jorge through a rear door to a massive garden, where plants of all sorts, most of which Amber had never seen before, grew in great abundance. Jorge said, “Welcome to my home, my true home, where I serve the Goddess of the Earth in all her glory. Here is where our food is grown, where the Lady gives to us that which nourishes us in body and spirit!“

He held up a handful of dark, rich earth and presented it to Amber, “This is the womb of the Lady. Smell its richness, her fertility. Feel its substance, its texture. Feel its moisture, not too damp, not too dry, the balance within which we all must live. This place, the land, is sacred.”

Amber said, mildly shocked, “Your accent... I thought, with the name Jorge....”

“I’m Welsh! And you couldn’t pronounce my last name. My mother thought the name Jorge was romantic-sounding.”

“I apologize! I hadn’t heard you speak before, and no one mentioned...”

“I actually like the look people get the first time they hear me speak! Don’t concern yourself!”

“What you said, about the Earth and Goddess... that sounded religious. Do you worship the Earth?”

“It is, and I do indeed! I come from Wales, but by way of California! I discovered the Goddess and Her Consort, the God, in Bakersfield. My religion celebrates fertility and life, and honors death and the changes of the seasons. All that is comes from sex between the Goddess and God, Her fertility and His death and rebirth. This is the harvest, the time of the death of the God, when the Goddess begins to mourn, but when his seeds are scattered in her womb to be reborn next year.”

“Um, okay, that’s interesting. I’ve never heard anything like that, but I kinda grew up on the street, and all I ever heard was the folks at the mission,” said Amber.

“They are fine folk, and do good work for many in need,” replied Jorge. “Though they might not approve of my beliefs.”

“Speaking of beliefs, and the practice of them, “interjected Beverly, “We wanted to ask you if you’d help out Amber, here, on occasion. As you heard earlier, she’s new here, and we don’t want her getting too fixated, sexually.”

“Ah, and so you want me to show her how the fields grow, from time to time?” laughed Jorge, “I’d be happy to, if she’d like!”

Amber smiled, and said, “Oh, I’d like! I’d like a lot!”

Beverly reached over to the zipper on Jorge’s jumpsuit and pulled it down in one quick motion. “Why don’t you see her through the barley, right now?” She drew the sides off of his shoulders, and the jumpsuit fell to his feet, leaving a very tanned, muscular, naked man standing before Amber. Amber gawked.

“His Gods did bless him, didn’t they?” Beverly asked Amber, lightly teasing one of Jorge’s nipples, then chest. His penis bagan to engorge, as did the sparkle in his eyes.

Amber sank to her knees before him, and lightly stroked his hardening cock. She looked up at his face and gave him a wicked grin. She leaned forward, and kissed its tip, then its head, then took about half its length in her mouth, moistening it with her saliva. She then sucked and slid it down her throat, surprising Jorge at the speed.

“Ahm,” he said, and placed his hands on her shoulders. She bobbed her head, working on his cock for a few minutes. As she did, they became aware that Beverly had sunk down, skirt off and ass on the earth, and opening her top to rub her breast and tweak a nipple. The other hand had found her clit, and was tracing it softly and slowly, watching them.

Jorge gently pushed Amber back, and knelt before her himself. He gently laid her back upon the earth between the furrows, and kissed her deeply. Her nipples stiffened as she felt this man’s muscular torso gently touching hers, his cock just barely touching her pussy. Jorge then slid down, kissing first one nipple and then the other, thoroughly and with lovely suction and tongue, then he traced that tongue down past her navel, down and around her sex. She found that her body had sunk a bit into the soft earth, like she was on a soft bed, Her thighs were wide, and she drew them up and out, fully exposing her sex.

Amber heard Jorge speaking low, almost under his breath, and he kissed her clit lightly every few indistinguishable words. She flung her arms wide to either side, feeling her fingers dig into the cool soil. She felt a passionate heat building in her womb, and her clit was standing proud and erect and demanding attention, but its need was dwarfed by the need within her womanhood. She cried, “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me now!”

Jorge obliged, his hard cock thrusting deep within her. She cried out in joy, and tears slid from her eyes down either side of her head to the ground, and her feet sank into the earth as she thrust back up Jorge’s cock. She smelled sex and soil as their bodies rocked in a beat, a soft and then slam, like a heartbeat that felt so right. She was so wet, and the grip of her pussy muscles so tight! She felt Jorge’s hands on her shoulders, yet her shoulders felt inches deep in the soft earth, her head thrown back, and sounds like a cat fucking in heat coming from her throat.

Her fingers dug deeper into the soft soil, her toes digging deep as well. The heartbeat rhythm went on for a long, pleasurable time, then she felt the beginning of the orgasm in her body, like arcing electricity. She heard Beverly crying out in an orgasm. She felt her pussy grab Jorge’s cock like it was damn well going to make him come in her, and she felt his last, deep thrust as he growled his seed deep into her womb. Her feet were out of the soil, locked around his back as her hips ground into his. She felt the length of his body against hers, their sweat mixing as their bodies slid and twitched against each other.

She moaned and panted, feeling like she’d sunk deep into the pillow-soft soil. She felt Jorge lift himself from her, and she felt the soft breeze caress her skin as it dried the sweat from her breasts and stomach. She groaned in disappointment as she felt Jorge’s cock slip from her pussy, and felt her pussy twitch and ripple, wanting to call that wonderful fullness back into her.

She realized that her mouth was dry from panting, and was about to rise to sit when she became aware of Beverly kneeling down next to her. Beverly kissed her, then offered a nipple to her lips. Amber latched on and suckled, the sacred warm sweet mommy milk soothing her throat, which was apparently sore from her cries. She pulled her hands from the soil and held the breast that nursed her. She heard Beverly’s sounds of pleasure, and the scent of Beverly’s passion came to her nostrils. She licked and kissed the nipple as its milk ran out, making the caresses of her lips communicate her love and thanks.

She rose, with Jorge’s help, to stand and begin to brush the soil from her back, butt, and arms. She then saw Jorge kneel, and Beverly offer him the other nipple, from which he reverently suckled. As she watched, she suddenly realized that it was reverence, that for Jorge, this was less about sexiness than the sacred. In fact, everything that they had just done was sacred to him, and Beverly’s milk was almost like communion, of a sort. She felt the soil beneath her feet, and the breeze on her body and in her hair, and saw it ripple through the grain in which they were surrounded, and it all felt... sacred. Like God had revealed a mystery to her and was pleased that she recognized it.

She heard Beverly moan and hum as another orgasm flowed through her, and she placed the fingers that had just been in her pussy on Jorge’s head as if in benediction. Jorge kissed Beverly’s lips, then each nipple, then knelt again and kissed Beverly’s very pregnant womb. He then looked up at her and said, “Thank you, Mother,” and Beverly smiled at him.

Jorge turned to Amber, with the same look of reverence upon his face, kissed her in the same pattern, and also said to her, “Thank you, Mother.” Amber went to him, and kissed him on the lips, tasting Beverly’s milk on them. She said to Jorge, “Thank you!... I can’t even begin to say what....” She shrugged and shook her head, and made a sweeping gesture around herself wordlessly.

Jorge smiled gently and said, “I know.”

Amber said, “I am definitely going to be back!”

Jorge smiled again and said, “I am very glad!” He stooped and picked Beverly’s skirt and handed it to her, then picked up his own work jumpsuit, stepped into it and zipped it up. Amber realized he hadn’t been wearing work boots, just his work jumpsuit as he worked in the fields. He looked at the sun’s position in the sky, and said, “I have to get back to work. Please come down to see me whenever you’d like! It doesn’t have to be just for sex!” He grinned.

Beverly took Amber by the shoulder and then stopped, and brushed more dirt from her backside, grinning. “I think we should get you upstairs and into a shower. You’re taking half the field in with you!”

As they walked, Amber looked at Beverly, “That’s really his religion, isn’t it? Why did he call me Mother’?” I mean, I understand why he said that to you, but....“

“Well, for him, all women are part of the Mother, like all men are part of the Father. Female and male, Earth and Sun, the world is full of sex and fertility and that is sacred to him,” answered Beverly.

“What about Heaven and the Judgement and all that?” asked Amber.

“I don’t really know. I don’t think he believes in all that, but you’d have to ask him.”

“Hmm. I dunno. That was... some experience! But I’m not sure I want to change religions or anything!”

Beverly laughed, “Oh, he wouldn’t ask you to do that! If you ask what he believes, he’ll tell you. You don’t have to believe as he does to have sex with him, or even to be his friend. He accepts you as you are, for who you are, just like everyone else here.”

Amber walked a few more paces, and said, “This is a strange place, but I’m starting to appreciate just how special it is. How special everyone here is. And Lord DeGraves, Mason, says it’s because of you and Jim and Julie.”

“Especially Julie, I think,” said Beverly, “She has somehow brought love to the rest of us. Even Mason.”

They entered the house through the back, and as they began to climb the stairs, Amber asked, “Do you think Mason will let me wear a velvet choker as a collar?” Beverly’s laugh floated down the stairs behind them.

* * *

After their shower, Beverly had to meet with Maggie, the doctor, for her check-up, and Amber tagged along. She was surprised that they went to the sex bedroom, then had the mystery solved for her when Beverly dropped her robe and lay back on one of the padded geometrical objects and assumed the same position that she would have in the doctor’s exam chair. She giggled, remembering that the doctor had been in that same position at one point the night before. Dr. Cole had been examining her pussy with a stiff cock. Maggie looked at her and grinned, and said, “It’s multi-use!”

Amber saw that Dr. Sanders was naked under her white lab coat, then remembered that Maggie had a thing about pregnant women, and a vision of Maggie with her hands on Bethany’s belly while her face was in Bethany’s pussy the night before danced through her mind. She grinned at the doctor and said, “I see that!”

Maggie had turned on the ultrasound machine, and was squirting gel on Beverly’s stomach as Jim and Bethany walked in with Julie. “Almost the whole family’s here! Where’s Susan?” asked Beverly.

“She’s in the shower. She’ll be in in a second.” said Jim. “She, Terri, and Noelle are going to be on the cover of Pump Mothers next issue. William just finished the shoot.“

“I’m here, I’m here!” called Susan as she walked in, wearing some very improbably high stillettos.

“I’m impressed that you can walk at all in those,” said Maggie. “You know those are doing terrible things to your feet, hips and back! You should only wear those during sex!”

“I know, I know, but they’re brand new and I love them! I’m about 9/10s of the way to an orgasm just walking in them! I want to get Jim to supply that last tenth after the exam!” laughed Susan.

Jim was looking at Susan’s feet, and looked like he was having sympathy pains as he shuffled his feet and flexed them behind his legs. He saw Amber looking and shrugged, and said, “Whatever makes her happy....” and smiled. Bethany poked him, and he stood still, but still grinning.

Maggie ran the transducer through the gel and across Beverly’s belly. “Oh, he’s looking good, looking good! Hmmm, you know, it is usually too early to tell, but his penis is looking large for his developmental stage.” She realized everyone was looking at her. “Oh, not abnormally large! He’s just fine! No worries there! And of course as he grows and matures....” She glanced at Jim, then said to Beverly, “You didn’t have an ultrasound of Jim at this stage, did you? Yeah, no, I know, we didn’t do that then, but I kinda wish we had a shot of Jim then to compare. I bet he’s inherited his daddy’s... nevermind, sorry, unprofessional of me.”

Maggie continued the exam, and pronounced Beverly and baby fit, with the delivery date a month away. She was cleaning off the gel and shutting down the machine as a thought struck Amber, and she turned to Bethany, “Bethany, I was wondering. Yesterday, when T Rad was here, he asked Lord DeGraves if you were available. He thought you were sex walking. Now, he was right about that, you are incredibly beautiful and sexy, but I know T Rad, and your pregnancy should have turned him off. Do you have any idea why it didn’t?“

Bethany smiled at her, and asked, “You were there. Did you notice I was almost eight months pregnant?” Maggie stopped winding up the cord and looked over, interested.

“Looking back on it, I think I remember you as pregnant, but I don’t remember thinking about it at the time. I was looking down a lot, but I remember your outfit being scandalously sexy and short, how gorgeous your face was, that you had great breasts and I wished I had breasts like them, I remember your ass moving on top of your killer legs, and how great you looked, but not once did I think, Damn, she is so pregnant!’ I’d have thought you looked fucking fantastic pregnant, but pregnant’ wasn’t in there. How come?“

“Mason. He can do things, like make people not notice things, fixate on things, forget things, remember things, and so on. He likes to make people fixate on his nose, sometimes, if they’re lying to him and he’s going to make their lives more interesting as a punishment. They’ll stare at his nose and he’ll talk to them, ask them things and they’ll answer, and he’ll give them suggestions, like hypnosis. He can’t stand liars.”

“Oh. I’ll remember that.”

“I told you before you met him to always tell him the truth. I think Jim told you that too, a bit later.”

“Yeah, you did. He... can be kinda ruthless, can’t he?”

“Oh, yes. Old school ruthless. Always be truthful with him, even if it’s humiliating or painful. His version of a spanking for telling a fib uses your conscience, and it has a long delay.”

“Grampa Mason isn’t mean,” said Julie, suddenly, “unless people are bad. You’re not bad, Amber.”

“Oh, no, I know, I mean, I haven’t been a saint or anything, maybe not really even a good person, but after what he’s done, and what he’s doing for me, I don’t think he’s mean to me, and all of you are so good and nice! I guess I just....” Amber trailed off.

“Are figuring things out,” said Jim. “Mason DeGraves is very, very complicated. Don’t worry, though, you’ll figure it out. Mason knows what you’ve done, good and bad, and why. Just always be honest with him.“

“Um, okay.”

“Jim, honey? I really need a favor, if you’re up for it.” asked Beverly.

“Anything, Mom! What do you need?”

“I need you to fuck me, but carefully, okay? Since Maggie’s here she can supervise and make sure no harm comes to the baby.”

“You are in a good position like that, Beverly, but Jim, you don’t want to thrust all the way in with that cock of yours. Don’t want to give your son a black eye!”

Beverly said, “I’ve got an idea. Amber, you come over here. Jim, come on over and get between my legs. Amber honey, can you get him hard for me?”

“I can suck on him for a minute or two, but he seems to be rising to the occasion!” said Amber.

“Maggie, why don’t you come over here, and when things get going you can sit on my face and hold my belly and make sure Jim doesn’t go to far in. Julie, you and Bethany and Susan can play. Oh, I’ve got it! Bethany on that side of me, Susan on this side of me, one for each hand. Julie, I think Amber is going to need some stimulation while she works. I want my little kitty to protect my pussy, and she’ll need her pussy licked, okay?”

“M’Kay!” Julie agreed, happily. Amber felt her pussy dampen and twitch at Beverly’s words.

Amber kissed and licked the head of Jim’s cock, then took it down her throat for a few strokes. “Damn, she is good at that!” Jim exclaimed.

Amber came off of it with a pop, and then scooted over behind Beverly’s spread legs. Jim brought his cock to the entrance of his mother’s pussy, and pushed in an inch or so, then he pulled out.

“Amber, get mom wetter. Get your hands slick with her juices,” said Jim. He looked at the crowd surrounding his mother, and said, “This is going to be very close, and very interesting! Glad we all love each other!”

Amber had kissed and licked and slid her fingers into Beverly’s pussy, which had gotten significantly wetter. Jim moved in again, and slid a third of his cock inside her, and Amber closed a fist around it with her small hand. Jim began to slowly stroke in and out, and Amber suddenly felt Julie between her legs, nosing and licking at the lips of her pussy.

Maggie mounted Beverly’s face, placing her hands on Beverly’s bulging belly. She moaned with happiness. Beverly brought her arms up on either side of Maggie’s legs, and Susan and Bethany lowered themselves onto them, embracing each other for balance, and kissing each other because they liked it. Each used one hand to reach between and tweak and roll the other’s nipples. Jim’s strokes were slow and rhythmic, and Amber’s fist prevented his full length from going too far in.

Susan and Bethany were grinding their clits, pussies filled with Beverly’s fingers, into Maggie’s hips. Amber, feeling Jim sliding through her fist, smelling Beverly’s pussy so close, and feeling Julie’s lips and tongue playing with her clit, felt slightly drunk. This was the hottest thing she’d ever done! It was definitely the most complicated position she’d ever seen, let alone participated in. She felt Maggie’s face come down on the back of the hand gripping Jim’s cock, and Maggie’s lips and tongue begin to work on Beverly’s clit, one of her hands now holding her weight off of Beverly’s body, the other hand and arm cupping her belly.

The group began to move in sync, sucks and licks and pinches and tweaks happening on each in-stroke and each out-stroke. It felt like it was all one big body, moving and breathing and feeling so fucking good. Each person focused on what they were doing, and what they were feeling, and the pleasure was wonderful. The feeling of all the warm bodies pressed together, slightly sweaty, pulsing together in that steadily increasing rhythm was fantastic. It was almost like all the bodies moving together blurred the lines between who was who. Someone was moaning, someone was cooing, someone was making very excited almost animal sounds, and they all got louder and higher as the rhythm increased. Orgasm floated just out of reach, but getting closer and closer with each pulse. A female voice cried, Oh, God! So close! So close!” and the vibrations of that cry was felt by each and all—oh, it was Beverly’s voice.

Amber felt Jim give a final thrust, and felt his penis pulsing as he fired stream after stream of cum into his mother’s pussy. At the same time, several voices cried out in release, and the whole group went rigid as they all shared in a single orgasm, pulsing and quivering together in a sweaty body of ecstacy. Beverly, who had taken her lips from Maggie’s pussy, cried, “Yes, oh, yes! You came for Mommy! Good Jimmy! Good Kitty! Oh....”

Amber felt Jim’s cock spasm again in her hand, and felt her own pussy throb with pleasure at Beverly’s words. The pressure of Jim’s cock pressing against her fist had returned with the throbbing, and he made an “Aahhhh” sound as he appeared to try to come again. There was a space of about four breaths, then Bethany and Susan relaxed and lowered themselves to the floor, and Julie’s tongue, which had been deep inside Amber’s pussy, withdrew and Julie scooted away. Jim pulled out, and Amber stood, realizing that her body was in an odd, now-uncomfortable crouch. She stood and helped Maggie to rise, keeping her weight carefully off of Beverly. Beverly had an exhausted but blissfully contented look on her face.

“Oh, my! That, my loves, was wonderful! God, I needed that fucking, Jim!” breathed a happy Beverly. She ran her hands, coated with Susan and Bethany’s juices, down her body, around her belly, and held her pussy, now leaking Jim’s seed. “Mmmmm, thank you all!”

Amber would have thought that people, having cum and feeling slimy and sticky and sweaty, would run for the showers. They didn’t. Instead, she saw people draw close and begin to lick and suck each other clean. She thought a minute, then turned to Julie. “You didn’t get to come! Lay back and let me fix that!”

Julie grinned and leaned back, her back against a padded triangle and spread her legs. Amber kissed her, tasting herself on Julie’s lips, then licked her face, making Julie laugh in delight. Then she scooted down between Julie’s legs, and began to repay her for the orgasm Julie had helped give her moments earlier.

“I thought you’d like being Mommy’s kitty!” said Julie, and Amber’s pussy spasmed again, and she playfully nipped around Julie’s clit, just hard enough to make her squirm in delight, then giving it good suction with tongue. Julie cooed and laughed and pulled Amber’s face into her pussy. Amber shook with laughter, which Julie thought was not a bad thing at all. Then Amber reached up and tweaked both of Julie’s upper nipples, and Julie cried “Wow!” and began grinding on Amber’s face in a serious orgasm, which continued for several minutes, as Amber kept tweaking and licking and laughing.

The rest of the group put on their clothes and stood, talking Maggie was saying “That was a good idea with Amber and Jim, there, Beverly. From this point on you do need to be more careful having sex, and some positions are just a bad idea all together. Listen to your body, it will tell you when something isn’t right. And as your delivery gets closer, having sex can actually facilitate going into labor, not that I expect that you’ll stop! I’ll be here a lot more in the next couple of months, until all three of you deliver, so when you feel things starting, let someone know and I’ll come right away.”

Amber and Julie rejoined the group as she finished saying this, and Maggie looked at Amber and said, “I expect you’ll probably be the one to come running to get me. I’ve got a temporary bedroom on the third floor. Just run upstairs and sing out, and I’ll hear and come right away, okay?”

“Okay,” Amber replied. She then looked at Beverly, and then Bethany, and said, “I was wondering if it would be okay if I wore a black velvet choker?”

Bethany smiled, and said, “I’ll check with Mason, but I expect it will be okay. But let me check first!”

“Thank you, Bethany! I appreciate it! I just feel like I should wear one, and....’

“I understand. I’ll check, and let you know at dinner, if Mason doesn’t himself.” said Bethany.

Beverly held out a hand to Amber, and said, “Let’s go get a shower! We both need one!”

As they were leaving the room, Amber heard Bethany say, “I love those cat ears on her!” and then Jim, “She is a cute little thing in them, isn’t she?” Amber put a bit of exaggerated sway in her hips as a response, and heard them all chuckle as she a Beverly walked out the door. She thought to herself, I really have changed a lot already! I can’t believe how relaxed about all this I am!

* * *

Bethany, Jim, and Susan watched as the two left the room, smiling and chuckling at the mocking sway Amber had put in her cute, pert ass at their comments. Julie walked up, shrugging into the robe that she usually wore. “Mommy needed her. She was feeling lonely.”

“Lonely?” asked Jim, wondering how his mother could feel lonely with all the people and sex in the house, much of which she participated in.

“Uh-huh. Mommy needs to be a different kind of mommy, not just to a baby.”

“You mean, she needs a teenager?” asked Jim.

“Kinda.” answered Julie.

“Well, Jim,” said Bethany, “you have grown and matured a great deal, not just in the last year, but even before that. You two had to grow up fast to take care of her.” She turned to Julie, “Do you mean she missed your later teenage developmental years, and needs someone who is going through that?”

“Yep!” Julie smiled, touching her nose.

“Oh,” said Jim, “I think I see.” Then he said, “But that’s not exactly a mother/daughter relationship they’ve got going, there.”

“Kinda. She’s not really her mommy,” said Julie. “And Mommy has needs, too. And she needs a friend.“

All three looked at Julie a moment. Then Jim nodded, with an “Mm-hmm.” that almost sounded like an “ah-hah.”

“I’m glad they’re getting on so well together,” said Jim. “I wonder if she’s going to wind up step-sister or pet?”

Julie gave a wink, but, coming from Julie, it was a five-year-old’s exaggerated wink. It was hard to tell whether she meant that as a sassy reply, or just a confirmation wink. There were times Jim wished he had his old sister back. Susan laughed at Julie’s response, and Jim smiled and opened his arms to the three of them to bring them into a hug.

“Our family does seem to keep growing,” he said. He thought privately, At least it’s not another baby! Besides, Amber is kind of fun, and Mom seems happier.

Maggie walked over, having put all her equipment away. “It is amazing what happens here.”

Bethany looked at her, “It’s more amazing now. It used to be just all sex.“

Maggie looked at Bethany and smiled in response. Susan leaned over and kissed Bethany briefly. Jim gave a little double squeeze to the hug he was giving her.

Julie was wearing her mysterious grin again. She turned away before they noticed and went to get her daughter, Jamie, from the nursery.

* * *

An hour later, Jim looked into his mother’s bedroom, and found Amber curled up next to his mother. Both were napping peacefully. He thought he heard a low sound coming from Amber, and he slipped inside the room and cocked an ear. She was making a sound almost like a purr, a low rumble in her throat. He shook his head in wonder, then slipped back out quietly.

He went downstairs and down another hall to the new nursery. He found Julie in her robe, sitting in a rocking chair, rocking little Jamie. She was singing a soft lullaby to the sleeping infant as she rocked. Julie looked so happy it was almost heartbreaking, a classic mother and child scene. He looked at Jamie’s little sleeping face, and felt a tear come to his eye. He was happy here, and in his own way, as happy as Julie was.

He thought about his mother with Amber, and how she had taken Amber under her wing, not just into her bed. He recognized what Julie had seen, his mother’s need. Needs, really, not just helping the young lady grow up, but also another emotional need, one that hadn’t been fulfilled since their father had died. Amber, he though, was perfect for that—not a replacement for her husband, not her child, different enough, and yet.... And he wondered if his mother had actually wanted a cat, a pet, before, and here, of course, that simple desire became more complicated and sexual. He decided that was a wager he’d be willing to put money on, if it came to it.

He looked at Julie, not just with love, but wondering how she had changed the equation with Mason DeGraves. He wondered if those changes extended beyond the family, or the household, and those who were brought into it. He considered the pimp, with revulsion, and what Bethany had said about him. He thought he should keep an eye on the newspapers to see if a story popped up about him. He wondered at the other people who came to DeGraves, answering his ads for needs of their own. Were they finding love at the end of their arrangements, or regret, shame, and sorrow? He would try to pay more attention, and ask Bethany to share what she could without breaking confidences.

He thought about DeGraves himself. He seemed quite happy, in a restrained, old-school male kind of non-expressive way, that he had actual family here now. Jim wondered exactly how long it had been since Mason had a family with whom he could talk. What had his father and mother been like? There was nothing that Bethany had been able to find about them. The best she had found in her years with him was an old painting of him as a young man, and he had looked a lot like Jim.

Jim had discovered within himself a love for the old man, like for a grandfather. And like a grandfather, there was a feeling of distant closeness, a feeling of love behind a facade of reserve, of trust, of respect, and of a little flavor of fear. He did not want to disappoint Mason, not for fear of what he might do, but because of what it might mean about himself. He wanted to make Mason proud of him, and he wasn’t sure how.

He thought about Bethany, and how it should feel weird that he knew that she still had sex with Mason, but somehow, it didn’t. If anything, he was the interloper in their relationship, the new kid in town, and their relationship went back for decades. Of course, somehow, jealousy was completely unknown in this house. He supposed that was something that got excised when they had asked Mason to help them live with the changes that had happened just a year ago. He thought that it was a good thing that jealousy was gone, it allowed room for love and acceptance. He wondered if jealousy was a perverted form of love, a love contaminated by possessiveness.

He felt Julie’s smile from across the room, and turned to look at her, rocking in her rocking chair and holding their baby. It occurred to him that it might not have been Mason’s doing at all. Could it have been Julie’s? It was something to consider. Mason certainly credited her with making changes that he had not, possibly could not. He walked over to the rocking chair and bent down to kiss Julie, a long, loving, passionate kiss, and then stroked his daughter’s head gently. He smiled down at them both, basking in the love.

* * *

Maggie sat talking with Susan and Bethany downstairs at the dining room table.

“So, I’m really trying to understand. What exactly is it about this place that makes people change like that? I mean, I’ve always had a thing for pregnancy, I’ve always thought that a pregnant woman’s body is so... erotic, so special, and beautiful in a way that is just awe-inspiring. So, working here and hanging out with you all is right in my ballpark. What makes it special to me isn’t really more special than a maternity ward, except there’s more sexual freedom and nudity, without that nudity being exhibitionistic, if that makes sense.“

Maggie turned to Susan, “So, you made a deal with Lord DeGraves and had to wear high heels and underwear and couldn’t have sex unless your father took pictures. How did you get from there to wearing heels like those things that you shouldn’t take a single step in?“

Susan looked at her shoes, and blushed. “It’s really hard to explain....“

Bethany said, “Let me see if I can help, Susan. I’m going to tell a story that probably didn’t happen at all the way I tell it, because the only one who knows is Mason and he literally can’t communicate it. Let’s say, a long time ago in a far away country, a man discovered a way to summon a creature from another realm of existence. The man did it, and discovered too late that there was a consequence to doing that, that he had to be a channel for spirits or creatures or entities that inspire and feed on lust. If he didn’t do this, very bad things would happen, we don’t know what, but they’re terrible. When he does do this, those creatures hitch onto the people he deals with, and they cause people to act out their deep desires, or kinks. They feed on the lust that inspires, then are happy and go away for a while, but then they get hungry again and the cycle starts again.”

“What, like demons?” asked Maggie, disbelief written in her tone and face.

“I guess so, something like that. Remember, this is a story, not reality. We don’t know the reality, just its effects. This is just a way to explain it. It’s probably completely wrong. But the important part is, that when Mason makes a deal, or arrangement, or whatever, people’s deep lusty desires come out. Lots of people repress sexual desires for people of the same sex. Lots of people repress sexual desires for their own family members, especially mothers. People have repressed sexual desires that they channel into socially acceptable forms. Susan worked at a shoe store, and Terri had some high heels she liked, and Bill liked taking pictures. I bet Bill liked taking erotic pictures, but wouldn’t let himself for fear of being considered a pervert. I bet Terri thought she looked and felt sexy in high heels. Susan, did you like shoes at all before?”

“Um, I remember I used to play dress-up when I was a kid, and I’d wear Mom’s shoes and makeup and stuff. It was great fun! When I worked at the shoe store, I used to remember that, at least when I first started.” said Susan.

She continued, “When we came to Lord DeGraves, we were really focused on the money, which we really needed. But as time passed, we got horny. We got so horny we just had to do something, and we were already wearing the heels, and the underwear, and Dad had his camera, and we masturbated. And the orgasm was really powerful. And we got horny again, and we’d already done it, so we just did it again. And we got to where we masturbated each other while Dad took pictures.” Susan was breathing heavily, and her hands were busy below the table.

“And Dad showed us the pictures, and they were hot. And we got more adventurous, and did more things to each other, and looked at the pictures, which were even more exciting... Oh, God! Oh! Mmmm! Ah! Yes, good... oh... whew! Sorry!” panted Susan.

“Can you go on?” asked Maggie.

“Yeah, so, anyway, we got really lost in it all. We felt too good to stop. Then the arrangement was over and we discovered we couldn’t stop. It was like there wasn’t another way... no other outlet... we couldn’t even cum when we masturbated by ourselves, or not wearing sexy shoes. It was like the pleasure just wasn’t there. So we went back to what we’d been doing before, but felt bad about it, judged. We’d lost friends, felt alone. We felt like we couldn’t fit in until we came here. It wasn’t until we came here and Jim got me pregnant that I could find pleasure any other way—now I can get off with Jim and Bethany without shoes and pictures. Mom still can’t.“

“So, do you think you were given permission to do something you wanted to do anyway?” asked Maggie.

Susan pondered, “I don’t think so. I mean, I think, deep down, some of those desires were there, but not like they’ve become. Like, I can’t even imagine I ever had a thing about being photographed having sex. I was pretty deeply insecure. I was never comfortable taking off my clothes in front of anyone. I mean, I could do a bathing suit, or underwear, but I’d still feel less than comfortable. I don’t think I ever had my picture taken at a swimming pool or the beach in just a bikini. I didn’t wear bikinis. I don’t think my childhood game of dress up wearing Mom’s shoes’ was sexual. I don’t think when I did it that I was old enough to have sexual feelings. It was just a fun game, pretending to be grown up, not sexy.“

Maggie said, “And the shoes themselves? I mean, you weren’t wearing those when this started, right?“

“Oh, no! We started with, like inch-high heels, shoes that you see women wearing every day. We just got really ‘into’ the shoes as time went on. The sexier the shoes, the more we liked, no, loved them. We got obsessed with them, how they made our feet and legs look, how hot we looked in them. We got into vintage, like Mom has a pair of Skyscrapers and a pair of Walter Steigers from the 50’s, and some others, but pre-1970’s the shoes were mostly too low in the heel or too chunky for our tastes. These days, there are fantastic shoes! Manolo Blahnik, Louis Vuitton....“

The other two watched as Susan obviously gave her pussy a workout under the table, but with an absurdly high heeled shoe-clad foot perched on the table. When she came, her eyes practically rolled back in her head.

Maggie cleared her throat as Susan recovered, “Well, I just don’t know if there’s a scientific explanation for it. The intensity with which people that Lord DeGraves has dealt feel their lusts are definitely outliers... I mean, I’m no Virginia Johnson, so I’m not sure even where to begin trying to measure or predict....“

Bethany grinned, “Well, predicting effects is something that you get better at with experience, although there are often surprises. I think Julie is our biggest surprise yet. She definitely even surprised Mason. And Jim’s balls have Dr. Cole stunned and mystified! My eggs were over eighty years old, and I hadn’t had a period in decades, and now....” she gestured at her baby bulge.

Maggie shook her head. “I want science to explain all this, I really do. I think it will require a most improbable paradigm shift to our current theories to manage.“

Susan looked at her, confused. Maggie translated, “Scientific theory will have to change completely to explain all this.”

“Ah! I see,” Susan said. She looked at Maggie with curiosity, “So, you’re not noticing any difference in your own, ah, desires?”

“Well,” said Maggie, “Um, I’ve noticed that I am much more sexual, but I’m able to indulge my kinky side more here. I can’t honestly say whether it’s convergence, or deindividuation, or submergence, contagion and suggestion, or all of that working together.

Susan cleared her throat and cocked her head, “In English, please?”

Maggie answered, “Those are different theories in social psychology. Convergence is like-minded people coming together as a group and because everyone in the group thinks the same way, they take things farther than they usually would in normal society. Deindividuation is group unity and arousal keeping people from feeling guilty or bad about what they’re doing, like being part of a mob. Submergence, contagion and suggestion are kind of the same thing, you join a group, start to think and feel like the group, and suggestion’ is coming up with ideas that are common to everyone in the group. So, we’re all a bunch of lusty people with kinks and it becomes okay that we indulge those lusts and kinks because everyone else feels them, and we come up with more ideas to indulge those because we all have a common set of feelings. And as all this goes on, the more normal it seems to us.”

“That makes sense for you, but doesn’t explain why Mom and I developed a shoe thing.”

“Well, that’s what I meant. Science or psychology doesn’t have a good explanation for it all yet, especially Julie and Jim’s changes! I don’t know. I certainly can’t explain it. Yet. Maybe ever. But I am going to enjoy it while I try!“

Susan and Bethany laughed at Maggie’s admission, and after a moment, Maggie joined in. Bethany told Maggie, “You know, you and Peter are so much alike! You each try so hard to explain things, and wind up chasing your tails.”

Maggie agreed, then said, “I kind of wish he would chase my tail!” The three laughed again, and Bethany said, “Well....” and arched her eyebrow. Maggie blushed.

* * *

At the end of the family dinner that night, Lord DeGraves stood, and announced, “Today I received an unusual request. I was told that Amber had asked to add an item of apparel to what she is allowed to wear during her contract. I have given this request its due consideration, and made my decision.”

He paused, and drew out a small ornate box, wrapped with a bow of golden ribbon. He gave the box to Beverly, who took it and stood by Amber.

“I have decided to allow her to add this to her wardrobe for the duration of her contract,” he said, then nodded to Beverly, who presented the box to Amber.

Amber took it, and and asked, “Should I open it now?”

DeGraves nodded and smiled. Amber pulled the ribbon and opened the box, and gasped. She reached in, and pulled out a choker, made from calfskin leather, with black velvet on the outside, and a circular amber stone set in the center of the band. She said, “It’s beautiful!” She held it and admired the color of the stone in the light. She turned to Beverly and said, “Would you put it on me?”

“Certainly!” replied Beverly, and took the choker and stepped behind Amber, gently wrapping the collar around her neck, and closing the smooth clasp. Amber reached up to touch it, and her eyes flew wide.

“Oh, my!” she exclaimed, “Oh my goodness!”

Those at the table watched as her nipples hardened to points, and saw her stomach and pelvic muscles flutter and work. The scent of her arousal became distinct, and moisture appeared on her nether lips, which began to swell. Her hips began to twitch, and her gasps grew in volume and speed.

Amber’s face blossomed in a wide smile, and a tear trickled down from an eye as she reached an orgasm, without anyone touching her, not even herself. “Oh, thank you! Thank you! I’m so happy!” She turned and hugged Beverly, and then ran around the table to hug Lord DeGraves, who hugged her back with a smile. “It’s so lovely! She kissed his cheek, and turned and ran back to Beverly, leaving DeGraves looking surprised but pleased.

Amber threw her arms around Beverly, tucked her forehead into Beverly’s neck and rubbed, and everyone there could clearly hear the loud purr that came from her throat.