The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Loving Control

My dearest angel, most cherished dream,

You have no idea how lonely it’s been here without you. I wish I hadn’t been dragged to this horrible business trip but one’s wishes seldom come true, unless we’re together just the way we should be. The only thing that keeps me going is the chance of gazing at one of my favorite pictures of you, admiring every curve of your delightful body from a distance and dreaming of losing myself in you all over again...

I love everything about you... your candid smile, your golden-brown-hair but, most of all, I love your piercing eyes. I could never understand them fully, I know. I’ve yet to grasp the source of power that draws me in so completely but I feel its effects day by day, taking me one step closer to that vortex you always talk about, where body and mind meet in perfect bliss. I yearn to be able to reach that place with you without being plagued by remorse and false sensations of guilt. I long to cross that threshold that will unite us in this life and the next.

This message I’m sending you is no substitute for a letter in which you could easily discern the truthfulness of my words in the galloping, quavering letters, or even a phone call where my voice would most surely falter just by listening to your soft breathing at the other end of the line. but it’s the only way I have at the moment to say that I miss you and that next Saturday can’t come soon enough. Dream of me, my lovely princess. I know for sure I’ll dream of you.

Your passionate lover,
My one and true desire,

I too miss you like crazy and pray to the Heavens for your quick return so that I can hold you once more in my arms and guide your spirit to the brink of ecstasy.

Your feelings of devotion towards me fill me with such indescribable joy that my sole wish is to make the distance between us more bearable in any way I can. That’s why I’m sending you another picture of me in attachment. When you open it, I want you to imagine that you’re here by the marble stairs with me, your eyes slowly feasting on my legs and then beginning to climb towards my slender waist, my firm, ripe breasts, and my left hand fiddling with the necklace around my neck.

It was the first present you gave me, remember? The one that started it all. That night by the seaside was the first time you opened yourself to my hidden charms, the beautiful moment in Time that you realized we were so much more than close friends. Allow yourself to recall that fraction of a second when moonlight bathed my eyes and your love grew. You submitted yourself that very instant and i know you still do. Whenever our bodies touch, there’s so much more going on than a simple attraction... our energies intertwine and the Universe is whole once more. That’s the truth that will always keep us together. The vortex of trance is now, even when we’re apart. This joyful dream will never end.

Yours in loving control,