The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


Ashley unwrapped the mystery box that had just been delivered at her annual Halloween party, puzzled as to why she was the recipient of something she clearly hadn’t ordered. Her best friend Sylvia peeked above her shoulder from atop her cowgirl boots, curious. She spoke first:

“Boy, the delivery guy sure disappeared in a heartbeat! It’s a shame though as he was cute. So… what is that?”

“I haven’t got a clue. I never even heard of this store before...” Ashley responded as her fingernails caressed the smooth inside and unveiled… “Oh!”

“Cool, a pair of horns!” Sylvia exclaimed with glee. “You know what? I think those will look super with the rest of your outfit!”

She couldn’t help but laugh. Ashley held the pair of dark red horns up high and a sexually charged laugh escaped her lips. They were incredibly arousing to the touch.

“Huh? I’m dressed as Red Riding Hood, silly! And she is sweet and innocent, and… okay, this thing is sure made of a strange material! Here, touch it and tell me what you’re feeling.”

Sylvia rubbed one of her hands in them, absorbing a mystical energy into her skin. As a mere mortal, she wasn’t supposed to understand it but could enjoy its flow and declare: “Wow! They give off a tingling warmth that’s quite intoxicating!”

“I know! Why do you think that is?”

“Who cares? Sweetie, you should try them on! I would do it myself but there’s not a single ounce of red in my costume at all. So what if Red Riding Hood was a spotless soul in the fairy-tale? This is Halloween, and the fun lies in twisting traditions. Go on, let me see how they look on you!”

“Okay, I’ll try them,” Ashley agreed as she brought the hood to her back, the mesh of silky, black curls shining in its entire splendor. “They don’t seem to have anything to make them stick so I wonder if…”

Instantly, they merged with the wavy hair, their tips extending forward like they were real horns and not just a pretty decoration.

It was then that, from the ruckus of the actual party taking place past the main corridor where both women stood, along came an impersonation of Tarzan (or was it George of the Jungle?), swinging his arms and spilling fruit punch all over the floor.

Brad was his name, party-crashing his vocation, a neighbor who always drank too much, and enjoyed spoiling everyone’s fun at every possible opportunity. It was impossible to now how much he had already drunk, but it was more than enough to make him a real nuisance.

“Now, that’s something to raise a man’s pole way up in the air! If Red Riding Hood is horny, then here I am, baby!” he spurted, a thread of white spit accumulating in the upper-corner of his lips.

Ashley looked at him enraged as the unnatural energy emanating from the horns increased in intensity. Something was changing in her ways of thought; power grew from the inside and outside of her outfit and now that very repulsive creature that believed to be a man was being seen through half-angelic, half-demonic eyes.

Sylvia couldn’t help but notice the gradual modification in posture and the bewitching cadence of her friend’s fingers as tiny sparks of emerald green ran through them. At the same time, the Red Riding Hood outfit was becoming tighter, assuming the same dark, seductive color and tactile sensation of the pair of horns. She whispered in her ear: “Ashley, what’s happening?”

“I’m being elevated…” the brunette retorted, her voice chilly and hot, mellifluous and irresistible. “Now, watch as I teach him a lesson he should have learned a long time ago.”

The new Ashley glided across the corridor stopping right in the front of the drunk guest and purring: “Do you think you’re man enough for me?”

“Are you serious?” Brad asked, amused. “Ashley, I’m the real king of the jungle and what I got beneath my thong can keep you pleased for eternity and a day!”

Her eyes glowed green for a fraction of a second.

“Then why can’t I see a thing? It would be nice if you had hard balls and a throbbing dick, but you don’t,” she smirked. “At least, not anymore…”

“Huh? What’s going on in your sick…?” Brad looked down, at the smooth skin in its crotch area, a perfect clearing. It had no protuberances, no sex traits, nothing! “What?!! What did you… how did you… my dick and balls! You took away my dick and balls!”

“Yes, I did, and this is where you go down at my feet in utmost devotion, say ‘Thank you so much!’ and then… Get the hell out of my house and party!”

“Keep dreaming, you…” but as the words of malice came out, his body and mind crumbled under the weight of her order and he knelt. Blank, he droned: “Thank you so much…” before getting up and going away into the dead of night, a Halloween slave.

Sylvia covered her mouth with her left hand in shock, terror even. Strings of rationalizations collapsed inside her mind. Ashley was no longer human. In her shadow, a heart-shaped tail slithered around her waist.

“There was only one thing that jerk was right about…” the domineering woman confessed whilst looking into the perplexed eyes of the one who had been her best friend. “I am feeling horny right now and there are many inside this house whom I wish to have servicing my needs… You’re the first in a long list, Sylvia and I’m sure you’ll do a wonderful job at it, my little slutty cowgirl!” a finger pointed to the floor. “It’s your turn to kneel.”

She obeyed and then crawled behind her owner as she moved to reclaim her place as Queen of the party.