The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

The Sadist is Always Right

When I inadvertently found myself answering that withheld call, I was forever ensnared. I had been trying to avoid Her, to break free from Her mesmerizing grasp but the words that filled my ears that morning caused all the ancient triggers to resurface once more and, worse, take over my mind.

I was ordered to meet Her in a nearby park and I complied, effortlessly. Upon arriving at the designated spot and seeing Her once again face to face, I went down on my fours without so much of a thought, overwhelmed by Her alluring power.

“Finally!” my leather-clad owner exclaimed, visibly displeased, crop in hand. “You were a fool to think you could return to your former life just like that. Not only that, you also came to believe you had a right to think at all! For more than a month, you neglected your worshiping obligations towards me, running amok like a wild beast. You need to be tamed again and properly punished for going against the wishes of your Mistress and Goddess, isn’t that right, slave?”

“Yes, O Supreme One,” I humbly replied. “You are right. You are always right, and I beg for Your forgiveness even though I know I’m unworthy of such.”

“That’s certainly the truth. Kiss my boots right now and then we can talk about the price you must pay for your transgression.”

I carried out Her will right away. Even though we were in a public place and I could hear people giggling behind me, I was completely taken by the sound of Her voice, captured in body and soul.

“Good. At least, you still remember how to do that properly. Now, you shall endure My Justice in the form of a hundred lashes. You are to count them and thank me for every single one, but don’t you dare make a single mistake or the game will start again until you get it right. That is My Command and you, as My thrall, will accept it with joy!”

“Of course, My Owner.”


“One. Thank You, Mistress!”


“Two. Thank You, Mistress!”


“Three. Thank You, Mistress!”


* * *

A week has gone by since Her Justice came to be and I’m still quite sore from the whole experience. Despite the fact I made no mistake whatsoever while counting, just because She wanted me to remember who was in charge. I’m pretty sure a group of tourists passing by filmed the whole thing but I’m okay with going viral. I’m truly convinced of my inferiority now and I shall never stray from Her path of control ever again.

If I’m writing these lines today, it’s because I want to pay a tribute to Her Might as her steadfast bond-servant. Join me in ritualistic adoration for She’s Everything, the never-ending source of fetish dreams. Behave, and she might eventually brainwash and enslave you, too. Just make sure you can handle the pain if you try anything funny, or even if you don’t. The sadist is always right.