The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive


She used yellow on me and the sun rose in the middle of the night, its radiant warmth taking me by surprise. It felt so good to bathe in the luminous refractions whilst listening to her chromatic whispers almost without thinking.

She used green on me and I felt grass beneath my feet. I found myself barefoot and ticklish as the leafy blades played between my toes. At one point, the suggestion of a breeze made the world flutter. I sat down, and Peace joined me for a picnic.

She used red on me and a volcano erupted from within. Almost instantaneously, the scorching heat started to melt my brain, lava pouring from my ears and nose. Thoughts were incinerated for Her amusement, synapses fried in less than a heartbeat and, even though I was burning, everything made perfect sense.

She used blue on me and a tidal wave came crashing down. The cold water cleansed the vestigial traits of my memories, and I allowed myself to float on the ebb and flow of a submissive ocean, realizing, perhaps far too late, that the current was unstoppable, the drowning imminent.

Now, she’s using black on me and all I can see is the abyss. I keep falling and falling into the darkness that knows no end. The perfect glutton, it engulfs everything so easily… I already lost control of my arms and legs to it… Soon, I’ll lose my voice, too.

I shudder to think what will happen when we finally reach white.