The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Lesson Number One

Barry struggled against the chains that bound him to the metal chair, to no avail. In fact, the more he tried to fight, the tighter they seemed to get, causing great strain on his wrists and ankles.

“Debra, stop! This is not what I had in mind when I said I wanted to be your slave.”

She stopped fiddling with her paraphernalia of kinky toys and looked down at him with a smirk.

“What did you have in mind then?”

“I don’t know… something fun, I guess. This isn’t fun!” and he shuddered when he saw the jumbo-sized dildo she was holding in her left hand.

Debra smirked again and sat down on his lap. Her latex-clad curves insinuated against his manhood with meticulous care, a relentless tease too strong to be ignored.

“Well, you see… that was your problem from the start. Slavery isn’t meant to be fun. It’s all about obedience, the recognition of one’s natural inferiority towards a superior being. I’m merely giving you what you asked for… you should be thankful!"

“Debra, please…”

“Oh, you’ll please, don’t worry. There’s so much to learn and I’m quite the strict teacher. However, before that, let’s make sure you’re a bit more… cooperative."

She left the sentence hanging in the air like the sword of Damocles and rose to her feet. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he realized that the proverbial blade was about to hit him hard. He closed his eyes.

They were still closed when he felt a sharp needle pierce his neck and a cold, metal-like liquid invade his bloodstream. The drug spread quickly, triggering burst after burst of dreamy euphoria, and he soon got lost in the mazes of his own mind, a series of interconnected, spiraling hallways with no beginning or end.

After wandering around, confused, for a very long time, he finally saw something different: a small room with a very inviting bed at the center.

As he laid down to rest, a translucent image of Debra appeared between his legs, her ghostly hands wrapped around his shaft. Another reflection knelt by the bed, whispering soft, enticing words about the importance of giving up control and, the two combined, effortlessly, milked his cock and mind.

* * *

In the real world, sitting on a velvet throne a few feet away from him, Debra grinned as she saw him cum. Lesson number one had clearly been a successful one, but there was still a long way to go before his total capitulation to her whims.

One thing was for sure: she was going to enjoy every single moment.