The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

One Step at a Time

Andrew had had many therapists throughout the years but none as attractive as Dr. Carruthers. Aged thirty-two, she was a slender black beauty with big marble gray eyes and a smile almost as powerful as a gorgon’s gaze. Whenever she opened her luscious lips to say something, he stopped whatever he was doing to focus immediately on her. He had never missed a session in almost four months, and no request coming from her felt strange or unearned. That included changing the venue of their latest appointment to her apartment where she waited for him, dressed in green latex from head to toe. The moment he saw the skin-tight dress transforming her body into an irresistible delicacy, the young banker choked on his words before finally acknowledging how amazing she looked.

“You’re too kind. Please, come inside, and take a seat.”

He gladly complied. Her living-room was not that different from the office where he often relaxed after an extenuating workday. Ever since the beginning of their professional relationship, Dr. Carruthers had helped him overcome his stage freight as well as latent feelings of inadequacy towards other people. She had also unearthed a secret he had never spoken about to anyone else, a truth she was eager to explore.

“Thank you for coming on such short notice. I called you here, today, because I wanted to try a different therapeutic approach in order to understand your fetish about dominant women and the need of losing control to them. I even dressed up for the occasion, see?”

“Hmmm...” He nodded, thinking how great it would be if she did it more often. The maple he sat on was almost the same color as the rubber sheen blessing his gaze, a comfortable seat that made him feel safe and warm. He almost did not hear her next words.

“After our last session, I started thinking hard about the root of your fixation, and I think I finally figured it out. My theory is that you have had these fantasies for quite some time, but that their true significance was instilled in your mind by someone else.

“Yes, I think that someone that meant a lot to you at some point, hypnotized you on multiple occasions and heightened the submissiveness you already hid within. In those dream-like states of trance, triggers were placed in your mind that still remain today, and that is why you cannot function properly in a social environment any more without feeling those desires overwhelm you.”

It was possible, he supposed. Both his mother and sister loved their shiny necklaces and earrings almost as much as they loved having him pay their bills, and there was also Vanessa, the ex-girlfriend who dreamed of being a famous actress despite having the expressiveness of a concrete floor. He remembered something about spiral contacts once, but had it not been just a crazy dream?

Dr. Carruthers noticed his eyelids slowly fluttering as the swirl of memories pulling him in. “How am I doing so far? I pressed all the right buttons, did I not? I think I did. That is why I want to put you under once more so that we can explore the very nature of those triggers, learn how they came to be, and how we can find a way to safely remove them so that everything goes back to normal...

Andrew quietly averted his gaze, unquestionable embarrassment flourishing in his aching pores.

“What is wrong?” She cooed. “Are you... disappointed? Why? Oh my, did you think I was going to take this opportunity to enslave you permanently? I am a professional, Andrew! I would never take advantage of your primal need to submit to me like that.”

He remained silent though his body sang a different tune.

“Ah, I see... elevated heart rate, perspiration on your hands and forehead, sudden discomfort in your groin because of a sudden and intense arousal... Interesting... you would actually enjoy being my mindless thrall forever, would you not?”

Andrew whimpered on his seat like a small boy in desperate need of correction. He was already hers.

“Well, if that is really what you crave... but one step at a time, pet... one step at a time...”