The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

I Already Went There!

Just like many other women in the world, Marsha enjoyed shopping, no doubt about it but, on her first visit to the United States, she planned on doing a lot more than going from store to store with her friend Becky. Unfortunately, the two of them couldn’t seem to reach an understanding.

Becky was the one to blame, really, seeing she was a bit of a shopaholic and hated the whole tourist guide shenanigans quite openly. Every time Marsha suggested they go someplace interesting, she would simply respond I already went there! and kept on going to another warehouse, another shop, another strange-looking alley where there were pretty, shiny things to buy.

Marsha, who had become known in Bedfordshire for being very patient and always thoughtful, sure didn’t feel that way across the pond and, at a given moment in time, she eventually lost it.

“That’s all you got to say? I already went there? Well, I haven’t!!! I want to go to all those places I mentioned before I have to get back home and you’re going to take me there!”

“No, sorry…” Becky yawned. “Not really in the mood for sightseeing and all that jazz… you’re going to have to go on your own while I look for a perfect blue top to match my new shoes!”

They were right in the middle of a very busy store, but Marsha didn’t care. Swiftly, she pulled her friend’s dark hair forcing her to almost kneel before her and lifted her skirt high to show her her wonderfully designed Satin Touch 20 Stay-Up Wolford stockings.

“Actually,” she began talking in a really low, yet seductive tone. “I just remembered a place where you never went, for sure,” and her right hand began drawing circle upon circle over her black panties.

Becky was dumbfounded by her sudden aggressiveness and even more by the fact that the fabric of those stockings and the way Marsha was teasing her, was so powerfully erotic. It awakened feelings of seductive subservience she didn’t even know she had, causing her body to spasm and her hormonal discharges to rapidly break all the charts.

There, surrounded by clothes and busy people, she found herself falling into a pit of hopelessness. Marsha’s new electric voice jolted her thoughts, and she moaned and whimpered whilst being guided to the depths of sapphic libido.

“H-here?” she asked, trembling, her eager tongue so very close to Marsha’s source of power.

“Here and now, pet! And then, you’re going to go with me wherever I want. You will obey me!”

“Yes, Mistress Marsha!” Becky acknowledged as she forgot the need of shopping, and realized the best things in life are free, and usually involve turning left when the sign says right or, better yet, going all the way down into pussy trance...