The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Dear and Sweet Chloe

Tick, tock, round and round goes the clock... You know how it goes, don’t you?

So did Adam. These words and all its variations were engraved on his spirit after hearing them so many times. Chloe was to blame. Dear and sweet Chloe, who her loving parents believed could do no wrong in the world.

How wrong they were!

“Killer body and innocent mind,” that’s how he saw her when they met. The early twenties blonde wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of a swimsuit magazine and was easy to fool with. A furtive glance here, a whispered innuendo there and she ready to go. Sex with her was never the problem for the moment she embraced it she never once looked back. No, ramming his cock into whatever hole he decided was the best for the day was never the issue but what came after: It was the nagging, the crying, the possessiveness, and the delusions about the perfect future that awaited them even though he couldn’t see it yet. Dear and sweet Chloe had an addictive personality that often exploded at the least sign of trouble and, when something got stuck in her head, you’d better hope it was a good one.

For about a year, Adam did that, standing by her whenever she lost control because it was the right thing to do. He had plenty of opportunities to let go, forget her obsessions, and carry on with his life, but he didn’t, choosing the stoic misery, hoping to make her smile. Dear and sweet Chloe savored the attention, loving him more and more for it, until the day she woke up convinced otherwise.

“You hate me, don’t you? Yes, you do. You always have.” She muttered by the bathroom door, aquamarine eyes about ready to cause a flood. “Why do you hate me, Adam? What did I ever do to you?”

“Nothing. You did nothing wrong.” He would often remark, trying to avoid needless confrontation as much as possible.

“And yet, you still despise me!” She bawled. “You shouldn’t lie to my face! I command you to never do that again!”

Command? He should have paid attention to the time she used that word for the first time for the future was already written in it yet, once more, he didn’t. Ignorance is bliss until it turns into folly, and when dear and sweet Chloe once showed up at the entrance of his workplace, reality folded in unexpected ways.

“What are you doing here, dear?”

“Do I need a reason to come visit, my love?” She retorted.

“Of course not, but still... something wrong?”

“Not at all. Everything is perfect. I just wanted you to remember I’m cooking and also to give you a heads up...”


“We’ll be playing a game tonight, one I’m sure you’ll love.”

“And what game is that?”

“If I were to tell you, that would ruin the surprise, wouldn’t it? Just look forward to it and remember you’ll love it.”

“Sure, dear. See you then. Now, if you don’t mind, these cars won’t sell themselves, okay?”

Chloe smiled sheepishly and left, but the wolf inside was already howling.

“Tick, tock, round and round goes the clock... You know how it goes, don’t you?” Chloe grinned as she waltzed along the main corridor of her house.

Yes, he did. She would never have him forget. Dear and sweet Chloe wanted another piece of his mind and would stop at nothing until she got it. Like everything else in their life ever since she had discovered the power of non-consensual hypnosis, his illusion of freedom was nothing but that. He could run around for as long as he wanted, he could try to hide under a bed or inside a closet, but she always knew where he was, and could put an end to it whenever she wanted. The tracking device grafted to his leg made sure of that, and it was the perfect technological compliment to the myriad of triggers imprinted on his fragile mind.

“You’re mine, Adam. You’ll always be mine. And it will even be better after our wedding, I promise!” She chirped, an irresistible pocket watch dangling from her voluptuous breasts.

Sitting in the darkness of the guest bathroom, he cried when the door swung open.