The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Blue Water

This story begins in a mountain cabin with you sitting comfortably by the fireplace. The house is warm and cozy, everything is as it should be, and yet, something is missing... Suddenly, it starts raining.

Alerted by the sound, you peer through the nearest window. It’s usual to rain at this time of the year, but there’s something strange about it for the raindrops seem to be falling in a perfectly uniform rhythm. Not only that, but it almost seems like the rain itself is blue. Trick of the light?

“What the...?". Curious, you step out onto the porch and notice that indeed, the rain is blue... because you have never seen such a thing, you stretch out your right hand until one of the drops hits you. It’s warm, somewhat tingly to the touch, an uncanny sensation that makes you wonder...

You move away from the porch to see what it feels like. Each following drop heightens the sensation, the warmth spreads, bringing along with it a sense of... contentment, perhaps? Next thing you know, you’re soaking wet.

Without warning, the rain stops, but the strange sensation lingers. The warmth and tingliness give way to a certain drowsiness and tiredness. You stand still for what appears to be a long time, as long as it takes for the wet clothes to begin to dry on their own but, as they do, you begin to feel lighter... the humidity is evaporating, but so are your thoughts.

One by one, they begin to escape, and you can almost see them rising to the air amidst columns of water vapor. They rise and rise until they reach the sky and begin to form a couple of blue clouds that almost look like human eyes looking down at you. In awe, you gaze at those clouds, those eyes, and the rain falls down, again.

This time, the rhythm is stronger, faster, even more captivating. The rain rolls down the mountainside and starts coming together in a natural basin until it forms a lake and the sapphire water within seems to be calling out your name. In its center, the shadow of a woman, beckoning you with a promise of endless joy. If you go to her and bathe in the water, the sensations of before will be heightened beyond measure, but you will also never be free again. If you decide to go back to the house and warm by the fireplace, the blue rain will never fall again.

What will it be? Choose wisely.