The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.


Professor Hans Stormeyer laid down the toolbox, disconnected the glowing wires from his worn-out laptop and sighed. It was done. The thing from Hell that would make him loathe his existence forever was finally complete. Hopefully, History would be so kind to erase his name from all records sooner than later.

“Guard!” he cried out, reddish beard dripping over his sleepless eyes. “Guard!”

“What is it?” the short-haired white woman with grizzled eyes standing outside his cell retorted, the holstered pistol dying to be released.

“Please tell your Mistress I need to talk to her.”

“Very well. Don’t go anywhere...” The woman turned his back on him with an indifferent frown, the sound of her booted feet echoing through the large subterranean passage. Above their heads, silver bells struck four. Less than five minutes later, she was back, trailing behind a slender Nubian queen adorned with flashing silver jewelry and an impossibly enigmatic smile. She called herself Risa and even though it was just a facade for her real identity inspired by a video game of old, it suited her well for she stood above everyone else with perfect splendor. The tight faux leather azure skirt turned her willowy legs into weapons of mass destruction. The V-neckline of the matching tank top did the same for her lustful breasts.

“Is it done, professor?” She queried, his academic title diminished by the cold way in which she pronounced the letter ‘p’. Stormeyer nodded, a chilling fear reflected on his eyes as he gazed at her from top to bottom.

“Yes, it’s complete.” He touched his dreaded masterpiece. “You asked for a resistant casing with temperature control, I gave you that. You asked for a new dispersion system, I gave you that. Everything you could have hoped for is here. Come see for yourself.”

Risa opened the cell door to examine the bomb he had been working on over the last month. With its ovoid shape resembling a metallic football, it certainly was a lot different from the early schematics the New Amazonian Movement had devised in their original headquarters. Those ill-fated prototypes had made them look like a group of amateurs worthy of nothing but scorn from both the media and the general populace but things were about to change.

“I’m impressed,” she noted, gel nails caressing the aerodynamic lines of the instrument of doom. “It’s amazing what a bit of forced motivation does to a man.”

“I kept my end of the bargain. Now I want to see my daughter!”

“Want to?” Risa yawned. “Didn’t we already established the use of that word is forbidden while you’re in these facilities? Males do not have ‘wants’, professor!”

“Just because I’m working for your merry band of lunatics, doesn’t make me your slave, Risa. Where is she?”

“Right here, daddy,” his only daughter’s Cockney accent made itself heard. Twenty-year-old Natasha entered the dungeon from a side door, her once innocent look constrained by the black and blue uniform only high-ranking officers of the group had the right to wear. “Thank you so much for all your hard work. When all men are converted into mindless drones for the superior sex, this world will become a better place.”

“No!” He covered his dry mouth with one hand, tears building up. “Risa, what did you do to her?”

“Nothing she didn’t want done. For many years, Natasha struggled with accepting her feminine dominance. Our gas got rid of those artificial constraints and she is now free to be who she deserves. I gave her eternal bliss.”

“You brainwashed her!”

“She delivered me, daddy.” she batted her curved eyelashes at him. “This is freedom in its purest form. She will free us all!”

“No! You fucking whore!” He spat on Risa’s face. “You promised to release my daughter if I complied with your megalomaniac desires and this is what I get?”

“Consider yourself lucky for getting anything in the first place,” Risa frowned. “You’re just a lowly man. I like the changes you came up with but we’re still a long way from mass production. Your work shall continue.”

“Never!” He crossed his arms and sat on the damp floor, the long chain around his neck rattling.

“I was hoping you would say that...” Risa smiled evilly as she produced a small purple vial and a gas mask.