The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Just for the Fun of It

Stanley Briggs, CEO of Hymen Productions, an advertising company specialized in all things sex-related, looked at the dazzling raven-haired woman sitting in front of him and tried his best not to gulp. Though he failed, he hoped he had done so in a very subtle way, because he wanted to keep his composure and not give in to sudden libido urges that were now making his head spin.

“So you say you’re a Succubus, eh?” He said, pretending to look down at a piece of paper and scribbling some notes. “What does that mean, exactly?”

“Surely, you know the mythology, seeing you work with sex, Stanley….” she replied, sultrily, as she crossed her legs and the red latex skirt adjusted itself to the magnificent splendor of her legs.

He gulped again, this time not being able to contain a certain level of erotic discomfort.

“Yes, I know the mythology, but a myth is just that, and we’re not looking for any sexy Succubi for one of our ads at the moment…. I love what you did with the horns and tail, though. They’re the most realistic I’ve ever seen.”

“Why wouldn’t real things look realistic, pet?” she asked smiling in such a way that could melt anyone’s mind in a fraction of a second. I’m not looking for a job, you know, but I do love your radio jingle—Lose your advertising virginity with Hymen Productions!—That’s very, very cute….”

Stanley felt his erection growing out of proportions as she stood up and looked down at him as if she was a Queen that had to be worshipped no matter what. God, she was tall, and all of her curves made the most enticing and dangerous combination he had ever seen! Now, he was already sweating, thinking about all the things he would like to do with her, or, even better, all the things he would love to do for her….

“Then… then… why are you here? What do you want?”

She slapped her fingers and shattered the small illusion of tranquillity she had allowed him to see until that moment.

“I’m here just for the fun of it! And look how things are so entertaining outside your office, right now!”

As he looked through the windows, now completely open to reality, he saw all workers and collaborators engaging in the most extravagant and kinky scenarios conceived: contorted naked bodies and dripping fluids were everywhere as office supplies and other tools were used to stimulate senses and defile shameful inhibitions.

Caught in the shock if it all, Stanley didn’t notice her swift approach and only realized the power of her kiss as it already coursed through his veins. He became glassy-eyed on the spot, completely at her beck and call just like it was expected of a good, obedient toy.

“And now, it’s time for someone else to lose his virginity and accept my spellbinding bliss…” she concluded as she changed the room to her liking and turned it into something worthy of being called a royal chamber of adoration.

Stanley knelt, overpowered and overjoyed, as he crawled to the wonderful oblivion of Her Realm.