The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Dream Journal

Emily clenched her hands tight as the pink and purple spiral flashed on the screen. Standing right beside her, sultry lips close enough for a wet kiss, Karen, grinned.

“Didn’t I tell you it would be easy for you to go into trance for me?” She queried. “Yes... so easy to slip away... hearing only my words, thinking only my thoughts... The spiral is no longer just on your computer, dear. It’s inside your mind and I control the spiral... it grows bigger and smaller at my behest, just like your will...”

“This isn’t real...” Emily noted. Most of her adult nights had been dominated by forbidden desires, dark fantasies exploding like fireworks on her king-size bed. The most enticing ones were always the ones where she ransacked the mind of an innocent family member, unaware of her predatory instincts. This one was different. And scary.

“Why not?” Karen caressed her wavy golden hair. “Because the tables have turned? Because now it is you on the verge of servitude? Oh it’s definitely real, as real as the writings on your dream journal... my, what delicious ideas you’ve been keeping to yourself. If you didn’t want it to be used against you, you should have kept it under lock and key.”

“I hate you...” she drooled. The spiral reeled her in, pussy juice flooding her frilly skirt.

“Perhaps, but give it a few more minutes and you’ll love me unconditionally...” Karen glanced at her watch. “I’m betting on ten but if you really want to make me proud, you’ll lose control completely long before that.”


“We’ll see.”

Three minutes and forty-six seconds later, Emily knelt to kiss her younger sister’s feet like the lesbian little bitch she was born to be. Page two of the dream journal down, only one hundred and ten more to go.