The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Femdom Mind Control Flash Fiction

by S.B.

Chocolate is Bad for Your Mind

Janice stepped out of the shower, refreshed and relaxed; a queen size white towel wrapped around her voluptuous body as her auburn hair dripped ever so slightly upon her shoulders. She was more than cheerful that day at the prospect of what was to happen but the moment she opened the bathroom door her plans changed unexpectedly.

Sitting on a chair, avidly devouring a box of chocolates was her college roommate Denise, the corners of her lips smeared with traces of almonds and hazelnuts. She was angry but that feeling wasn’t going to last long.

“Okay, Denise…” Janice began, already used to her friend’s crisis. “What happened this time?”

“Josh dumped me, that’s what!” she spurted, a chunk of chocolate flying across the room like a speeding train. “Said I had gained some weight and was no longer the kind of girl he wanted to be seen with! Can you believe that?!! What a jerk!”

“I warned you many times in the past about him, but did you listen to me? No, you didn’t! Anyway, I believe you have bigger problems than that right now!” Janice revealed.

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Where did you get that box of chocolates? You took it from my bag, didn’t you?”

Denise nodded in agreement.

“Yeah… sorry but it was just there, and I felt this urge to eat something sweet… I’ll buy you a new one, I promise!”

Janice approached her, dark-blue eyes twinkling.

“Oh, that’s not the issue, here. You see, that’s the box I was going to give to Peter today. You know, the one I tampered with some very powerful hypnotic drugs to have him do what I want for once in my life…”

The box fell heavily on the ground as Denise, completely befuddled, sprang out of bed. Her balance was slightly altered and something in her eyes made everything seem wobbly and surreal all around.

“You mean I… I… Oh my God! What’s going to happen to me now?” she asked, trembling.

“Well…” Janice purred as she moved towards the bedroom door to lock it. “…you’re already feeling the effects of the drugs so I’m guessing that in a couple of minutes you’ll be completely susceptible to anything I ask of you. I didn’t see this coming at all but I’m not going to let a slave-to-be go to waste, am I?”

Denise tried to speak but found herself unable to, her brain already freezing over. Instantly, she fell to the ground, almost as if she was kneeling.

Janice smiled, and then the towel came undone.