The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Special Broadcast

The artifact was discovered by Dr. Alexa Monroe and her team during an archaeological expedition in Eastern Europe four and a half months ago. The uniform cylindrical object was enveloped in a reflective case made of an unknown material. It’s presumed to be of extraterrestrial origin.

Despite countless examinations by scientists from all over the world, to this day not much is known about it, except for a few small yet important details:

  1. It seems to recognize the genetic make-up of anyone that approaches it. Speculations abound this is because of an organic core buried deep inside but only women have been able to activate it.
  2. Those who touch it are prone to experience an array of physiological and psychological changes. Many reports we’ve had access to mention severe hormonal disorders, increased sexual aggressiveness, and predatory, dominant instincts as the most common effects. The aforementioned Dr. Monroe—henceforth referred to as Patient Zero—had something different to say though:

    “If I had to describe in one word what the artifact has given me, that word would be freedom. Freedom to be who I was born to be. Freedom to live life the way it was intended all along. This freedom has always existed, but it was trapped, forgotten. I shall not deny it any longer.”

  3. It’s been documented the artifact reacts differently in the presence of men. Those who stare at the iridescent lights it emanates for more than ten seconds are irrevocably stripped of their free will and have no choice but to spend the rest of their existence in abject, lecherous surrender.

Government officials have been trying to destroy the artifact ever since this last characteristic became known, but their efforts are doomed to fail. The hundreds of kneeling soldiers that now guard it with their brainwashed lives are the proof that this world is to be born anew under the rule of Supreme Women everywhere. To make it happen sooner than later, we’ve secured exclusive footage of the chamber where the Instrument of Deliverance is being worshiped. This special broadcast will be the only thing we’ll transmit from now on. Don’t go anywhere, boys. The future is now.