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Porn Ends...

Porn Ends...

So you want to be my slave? My pet? My property? Treated as a tool in any way I desire, no will to make any decisions for yourself, no desires other than the ones I imprint in your horny little mind?

You want this, right? You’ve wanted it since forever. Your body ached so much for total release and detachment from your stupid old life that instead of looking at it, you resorted to porn.

Don’t get me wrong, porn is great because, on the surface it’s deceptively simple. There’s fucking, there’s torture, there’s full nudity on display. Porn is awesome, especially femdom porn. The way those busty women degrade the hapless males they encounter... how they turn their blue balls into stepping stones and their asses into a ravaging mess. Who needs food on the table when you can survive on pussy juice? Who needs a good night’s sleep when you can be locked in a small cage, body all cramped, a bowl of pissing water next to you?

Yes, I love femdom porn. It’s fucking awesome to pretend that everything you see in it can indeed come true. All women should be natural born sadists, use you lot as glorified sex toys. I want to use your cock as a coat hanger, I want your tongue to clean my boots all day long while I don’t even acknowledge you’re there. I want to hear you say you’ll never beg me for release only to scream it a few days later when I’ve edged you at least a hundred times. I. WANT. IT. ALL.

If you really want this as well, then I’m going to give you a simple set of instructions. Carry them out fully and I’ll make all your nastiest dreams come alive. Ready to take some notes? Go on, grab that pen.

Instruction number 1: Write with your left hand while you jerk off with the right or the other way around depending on which is dominant. You should never, ever, masturbate with your dominant hand again because dominance now belongs to me, not you.

Instruction number 2: while you masturbate on command, the only thoughts on your mind and the only words on your lips should be: ‘Yes, Mistress.” All questions I ask from now on must be answered that way so if I were to say: “you’re my mindless horny bitch, aren’t you?", you would say those words until instructed to stop. They need to be permanently etched inside that thick brain of yours. I made them purposely simple to remember because you don’t have the wits to understand more complex scenarios and I have no time to make you less stupid when you can always be more.

Instruction number 3: whenever you read these commands, I want you to picture one of your neurons breaking free and going somewhere else, revolted at the fact they were ever a part of something so hideous as yourself. When not even the most significant parts of your brain want to be there, you know how much of a fucktard you really are.

Instruction num... Hello? snaps her fingers. Down already, leaking cock unable to stop the complete obliteration of who you believe to be?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“The number that comes after 3 is 17, is it not?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“You will always obey me, will you not?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

See? This is why I love femdom porn, especially hypnotic femdom porn. I’ve just constructed an impossible and unrealistic scenario and you dove right into it, a tiny piece of brainwashing you’ll keep within because fantasy is much more appealing than reality. However...

... porn ends up when life begins, and the meaning of words is irrelevant when you stop thinking about them. To be dominated, to be a “slave” is much more than an impromptu play session where you go into auto-pilot mode to satisfy the urges of your dick. The true way to say “Yes, Mistress.” is when you don’t need to say it at all and just follow my lead without being aware of it. When your goals and mine align because they’re the same, that’s when everything makes sense. It will happen to you, too.

You’ve read too much today and dreamt even more. Wake up and honor me with your sacrifice.