The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Our Story

“Please, do it for me!” She asked for the umpteenth time as she sat enticingly in her see-through laced mini-dress. “You know how those make me horny...”

I stopped focusing on the work at hands, my cherished fantasy novel, to once again tell her what I had already told a zillion times before.

“I’m sorry but the answer is still no. I love you, I really do but I don’t care how much you like those wannabe mind-control stories you read on the Internet. I’m not writing you one and that’s final. STOP ASKING!”

“You’re a real party pooper, sometimes.” She pouted. “I tried to be gentle about this but I guess you leave me no choice. I’m going to have to make you see things straight!” Her voice changed drastically from almost supplicant to an epitome of strength. I was about ready to hit the keyboard again when she exclaimed: “Look into my eyes!”

“Excuse me?”

“Look into my eyes!” She repeated more sternly, continuing to do so until I responded the desired way.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to play the Hypnodomme routine on me...” I shrugged. “It’s not funny and I have a deadline to keep so if you’ll excuse me...”

“Be silent and look INTO my eyes. ONLY my eyes. The most beautiful eyes you’ve ever seen. Truthful eyes that steal away your breath. Intoxicating eyes capable of piercing your memories. Spellbinding eyes that make you grow weak and tired. Willful eyes that are always right and know what’s best for you. Irresistible eyes you yearn to surrender to. Compelling eyes that force you to obey them without question. My eyes WILL be obeyed. My eyes MUST be obeyed.”

Surprisingly, the more I stared the more logical her sentences became. Of course her riveting eyes had a hold on me, like a virtual leash wrapped around my mind. How could they not when they surpassed even the very notion I had of Eden? What was my novel compared to them? Nothing. Nothing at all, just a series of meaningless sentences cobbled together. The only word that mattered was the one my fingers were now typing on a loop:


“You obey my eyes. You obey me. REPEAT!”

“I obey your eyes. I obey you.”

“Carrying out my instructions is your only purpose. You will write down a story for me to post online. A story about mesmerizing subservience to a hypnotic woman.You WILL obey.”

That was obvious. If that’s what she wanted, then it would be done. There was only one problem:

“I don’t know where to begin...” I confessed, hoping that my owner wouldn’t be mad on account of my ignorance.

Showing off her infinite wisdom to which I could only aspire in my wildest dreams, she declared:

“Start with our story, slave.”

And so I did. You’ve just read it.