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Author’s note

If you like the concept of the Fiend’s Hand Mirror you are welcome to use it in your own story. The lore to mirrors(yes there are two. The second one will appear eventually Mew ha ha! lol) is that they were created by my curse master many years ago when he was no yet reformed and he lost them. So they have been floating around the world throughout the history of my world. Use them too your hearts desire. If you wish to dive into their lore(something I don’t plan to do.) Please ask me. I am fine with you doing that. I ask so that the lore between other writers(if I get any requests) is consistant and no one underminds anyone else. Also please title the Story " The Fiends Hand Mirror: (What ever add you like or none if you don’t want too.)”

Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

The Fiends Hand Mirror

Chapter 1 — Lucy’s Fall

There are certain moments that define us isn’t there? A lot of the times we don’t realize how little choice we actually have in deciding who we become. This situation of mine more is unique though, in the sense that I know exactly how little I got to choose my current life style. I am now a lesbian, unfortunately. This is the story of how I became one.

It was exactly one week ago. Funny how fast one can change right? A week ago I had a boyfriend and now... I can’t even really latch on to how anyone could be with a boy. Like I said we don’t always get a choice in how we change. Whether it is your mom buying you a pink fluffy dress as a seven year old, which labels you an outcast from your peers leading you to hate the color pink. Or magic, the truth is, destiny fucks us all. Some just harder than others.

My name is Angelica and I am a twenty year old college student. I got nice straight blonde hair, and decent figure since I am a cheerleader. You know, like the standard girl stuff. I never really thought of myself as like the sassy queen bee bitch. More like the common girl who is a cheerleader. I like the work out, and scoring credits is always nice. I keep decent grades but how I became a B student isn’t why you are here. Right?

So, the day was normal at first, even if it had been long. When I opened my dorm room to find my room mate Lucy holding a compact mirror to my face.

“Don’t look away from the mirror,” she said firmly.

The strangest thing I had ever felt happened. I couldn’t look away. It was like my face was drilled into looking that compact. “What the fuck did you do?” I retorted. Which is sort of a natural response to suddenly being placed under the fucking dark arts! At least I think it is.

Without saying a word she dragged the mirror deeper into the room. I felt myself being forced to follow in order to keep eye contact with it. She set it down on my dresser and I think shut the door. I heard a clicking sound but being as I was stuck unable to look away I wasn’t sure. I tried moving around to see just what I could do when she started speaking again.

“Play with your breasts until I say stop,” she said.

And now I lost more control of my body as my hands flew on top of my boobs and I started rubbing them. I was just as powerless to stop rubbing myself as I was to look away at the mirror. I still remember my mind just panicking. Did this bitch spike my water with something I wondered.

“I bet you are curious. Well this Fiend-Hand-Mirror. My mirror is magical. Anyone that looks into it becomes forced to listen to any command they here given by someone other than themselves. Neat right? Answer that.”

“Maybe,” I said against my will.


“Well, from this position it kind of sucks but I can see the value of it,” I again said against my will. It felt so weird. Like someone was forcing my mouth move. Sort of like I was a doll against some giant invisible hand forcing me around.

“You are now my lesbian girlfriend. You will be my lesbian girlfriend or my wife for the rest of your life. You cannot take any action that could result in us being separated. You will be a good girlfriend or wife. Which means making me feel pleasure. You can not be with anyone else in a romantic or sexual way.”

That felt well like nothing. I didn’t feel any different. Did it not work? Next thing I noticed is she was hugging me from behind. Oh god that felt amazing. Warm and tender just like Bryan- god damn it! I shouldn’t feel like this in response to a girl. Well, I didn’t feel emotionally different. Just physically. Like if I could close my eyes I probably would have assumed Bryan was holding me.

Still the realization of her touching me as I was playing with my breasts gave me the jitters. I was a shy person. I never played with myself in front of anyone, not even Bryan or any boyfriend for that matter. Not to say I was a prude. Just if I wanted to have some fun with someone it was usually intercourse not masturbation. That was private! So I shifted away and tried to side step.

She looked into my eyes and spoke. “Are you are being a little tease. We can fix that. You cannot orgasm unless you have licked my pussy during that calendar day, You cannot lick me unless I give you permission.”

Again. I didn’t feel different. Which saved me, because I realized something. She was looking into my eyes, though the mirror. “Continue to stare into the mirror,” I shouted.

She shock her head for a moment clearly surprised by the mirrors power so I over taxed it. “Release my eyes!”

“Your eyes are released,” she said suddenly and I assume with as much control as I had.

Now free I looked away and shut my eyes as quickly as I could. I was free! Sort of. I sat there for a moment listening to her rant and scream curse words. Then I realized I was still rubbing my breasts. That was awkward. First safety though. “You cannot speak unless I order you to or I ask a question. You must answer all questions with all information you can and completely honest.”

She got quiet. I stood up and looked at her. Her black dress and goth make up. To think I actually stood up for this bitch! I mean she is weird even by my standards but when the cheer captain started some false rumors about her fucking the faculty I was the one that went to the office to nip that in the bud. College was hard enough without the entire student body being turned against you and she re-pays me by trying to turn me into what I can only imagine as some lesbian slut fuck-doll slave. I was well mad. To say it mildly.

“Release me from groping myself.”

“You can stop playing with your boobs,” she said.

It may not seem like much but boy control over my hands again. Glorious. Especially since well my body considered her my girlfriend. Imagine groping yourself in front of your lover for five minutes. Yeah, I was getting a bit hot under the collar. Time to fix that.

“Unmake...” I said before my mouth just froze. Try as I might I couldn’t force the next words out of my mouth. I intended to say, unmake me a lesbian. After a moment of frustration I decided to ask her. “Why can’t I order you to fix me?”

She laughed. “I said you can’t escape being my lesbian lover. So you can’t order me too fix that because that would mean escaping.”

My jaw would have hit the floor if it could. “So is there anything in your power that can fix me?”

“Nope. I said you would actively resist being fixed.”

I was getting madder. If I was gonna be stuck as her lesbian lover. Which seemed likely. I was gonna be wearing the pants! “You cannot touch the mirror.”

“Explain how the mirror works,” I continued.

“Anyone that looks into the mirror is bound to listen to all commands they hear. Old commands that conflict with new commands are removed. Commands can only effect physical behave your and emotional response. Ones mind is always completely intact.”

“Why me?” I asked.

“Because we are room mates. It was easier. I planned to use you to get the other cheerleaders also.”

That bitch! She wanted a full on harem out of the cheer squad? Well, time I got payback. “You can no longer attempt to control anyone. You are bound to me by which I mean you love me. You never want our relationship to change from what I make it. Every time I touch or look at you, you feel like I am your secret crush looking at you. When you look at me or are aware that I am touching you, you will be putty in my hands and unable to resist any suggestion I make to you. You are also not allowed to let anyone touch you sexual unless I have given them permission. This includes your own hands. Permission is required daily.”

That seemed like all I would need. The putty command would prevent me from needing the mirror on a daily basis. Oh but one more to seal it I realized. “If you ever think of a way to break my control over you. You will come here as fast as you can. You will then do nothing but masturbate until you tell me in complete detail what your idea was. You also cannot orgasm or stop an orgasm without my direct permission. This applies every time. Lastly you cannot do anything that would permanently separate us.”

I put the mirror away. Its new home in my purse. I wouldn’t need it now. Lucy was rubbing her eyes.

What is wrong?” I asked.

“Ouch. You took the mirror away without freeing me. I can’t focus my eyes,” she said.

I bent down and leaned in close. “Look up at me,” I whispered. She complied. “Your eyes are free and you can speak freely as long as it doesn’t conflict with the other commands.” I could see them dilate back to there proper size. “Kiss me,” I said while she was still looking at me. I couldn’t help it. She was so... cute. I couldn’t change how I felt about her. In spite of the effort.

She kissed me on the cheek. That made me blush. Not what I intended but I was okay with her playing a bit hard to get.

While she was looking at me. “Keep staring at me,” I said. Her gaze froze. I could tell how conflicted she was. She hated this but I supposed she realized we would still probably be having some drunk hot rough lesbian sex. So her position wasn’t all bad. I was finding it hard to stay mad at her. She was just so damn cute. But she deserved to be punished and considering her mind stays intact. I had the perfect plan.

“Is something on your mind?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Tell me.”

“I don’t get it. I said you had to please me. I want to be in command. That would please me. Why aren’t you giving command to me?”

I felt by body shutter thinking about that. Then I realized it. I leaned in close and grabbed her pussy in my hand. “You didn’t specify what kind of pleasure. I will be giving you pleasure just a different kind.” I kissed her ear and rubbed her pussy.

She let out a soft moan.

“Your wardrobe has a new rule. Starting now. You cannot wash any black clothing item. You cannot buy or accept them as gifts either.”

“What? Every item of clothing I own is black? You are planning on keeping me naked forever?” she shouted!

I liked her passion. “Nope. It just means we need to go do some shopping!”

“Shopping? No color black? Just kill me now please,” she mumbled.

“No no no. I can’t. Remember we have to be together. You like cheerleaders? Time too behave like one. Speech like a cheerleader. Also how you express your likes and dislikes in colors is reversed,” I said. That would be a good start. I smiled thinking about what was gonna happen next. “Repeat the last line in your new speech pattern.”

“Shopping! Yay! I, like need more pink shoes!” She smiled brightly. I loved her now. I could see in her soul that she hated this but that was the basis of our love. A rough love. She forced me to love her and I would force her to become something I love. There was almost something sweet to it.

“Follow me as we go shopping. Your eyes are now free,” I said as I opened the door. I waved her to go through the door first and slapped her butt as she walked through it. She looked at me and blushed. I have to admit. I never had this much fun with a boy.