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Authors Notes:

This story introduces an innocent bystander that sort of got hit with the mirror. If you like the premise of that. You are welcome to write her story. Her perspective and what happens next with her. I don’t plan to show her anymore(sorry) so go wild! I just ask you title the story “The Fiends Hand Mirror: A Victims Perspective.” To make it easy to tell these stories are related. Thank you.

The Fiends Hand Mirror

Chapter 2 — Shopping!

Which store to go to was tricky. We, after all, were to college students. So we were both broke. I did have the mirror. It seemed like bad luck to waste such strong power on clothing but what is done must be done. Maybe I could use this situation to gain another follower. Not for me but Lucy. I was bound to be only sexual with her but I hadn’t yet imposed such a limit on her. So a new slave did still have value.

I decided we would go to a more high class shop. The shop in question was slow, perfect for my needs. When we entered a nice woman greeted us. I took out the mirror.

“Miss, can you look at my compact? I think I cracked the mirror,” I said raising the mirror up to position. The moment she looked at it I shouted “Don’t look away.”

She was taken off guard, she tried to speak but they came out more as grunts.

“When I release you. You will take on these challenges.

  1. You will lock the store as if it is closed until I say otherwise.
  2. You will go delete the camera evidence of all the time I am here.
  3. You will masturbate. You can’t stop and you must do it in the most pleasing way to yourself. Oh and be as loud as you possible can.
  4. You will find a way to hide the loss of product. Even if that means slowly repaying it out of your own pocket.
  5. You will be unable to tell anyone what I have done to you. If you try to communicate it in anyway, you will stop what you are doing and masturbate until orgasm. Regardless of what you are doing or where you are at.”

I decided I didn’t want a slave. At least not yet. The mirror made me feel powerful though. I needed to be a good girlfriend and provide for Lucy but the pain and sorrow of losing control. It hit me. I think I decided right then and their. No more slaves. I might change peoples lives to fit my need but I would make no one else a slave. After all making her masturbate now and if she ever tried to hurt me. It isn’t as bad as it could have went for her.

Okay, everything was set up. Time for Lucy to give her new lover a show. I directed her to search for some new pieces. I made a point of telling her to search for pieces she would like. The mandatory style may not have been her preference but surely there were better and worse choices. I was sincere. The thought of making her hate this situation was unbearable. Just thinking about making her feel that much hate. It made my stomach turn.

I wanted to be a good girlfriend. Which wasn’t new. I always wanted to be that. Though, if you had asked me a month ago, I would have responded that I wanted a husband. Now that thought, that word, husband. It was as foreign as drinking piss. It is a weird feeling, I remembered thinking while looking through the clothing racks. While a small part of me felt like I easily understood the word husband and the appeal, even if only in concept. I couldn’t accept it. It just didn’t make sense to me anymore. I felt like all women were like I was, waiting to discover they were lesbians.

“Oh sweet,” I exclaimed. The pink top I found. It was so cute or it would look so cute on her. I giggled at the prospect of seeing her in it.

I met up with Lucy and pinched her butt. She blushed. She had only a few items, three or four outfits tops but that is why we tag teamed it. Lucy took my items and went to the changing room. I stopped her. Store was empty. We should she tease me? At least why tease me that much.

As she began trying outfits on I started hearing the sales lady moan rather loudly. It was at that moment I realized I was becoming a bitch. I could have told her to just sit quietly. I could have given her any of hundred commands that probably wouldn’t have been so humiliating to her, but they also wouldn’t have been as much fun. So maybe I was a light bitch. I tried not to let the prospect distract me from the show.

I would say I felt bad, or that each outfit was borderline unappropriated to wear in public, but she was goth. All of her standard outfits sort of weren’t really decent for public. Okay, maybe that is harsh. All I know, is if I had a kid, and you walk up to me wearing a dog collar and a black outfit that looked like it took longer to put on then it took to make. I am not leaving my kid out of my sight. So while the beach blonde bimbo that just needed some bubble gum was not much better. If I had to leave my kid near one. I know which one I am picking.

My favorite outfit of hers consisted of a pink cheerleader tank top, it had a white stripe and was number 69, a fluffy and frilly pink skirt, knee high white socks and two inch classic pink heels. The lack of make up was becoming noticeable but that could be fixed later. I put my arm around her and kissed her cheek.

“Your call. Home or make up?” I asked.

“Home,” she let out in a whimper. I was glad. I wanted to fuck her brains out right there. Yummy, fuck her brains out. No, no, bad mind. While fucking her dumb did have a certain value to complete her look, I loved her; I wanted her to be smart. I let the sales lady know we were leaving. I made a point of telling her to be good and stay an employee in the store. Not an order of the mirror but a recommendation. I may reward her compliance.

When we got home I began kissing her neck. I am sorry! I couldn’t help being fast. She was so beautiful and I just watched her tease me with so many sexy outfit changes. Talk about blue balls. Or blue ovaries? Is that a thing? Note to self. Check on that later.

As you might have noticed. Lucy had been pretty quite. You wouldn’t have know this but she is a pretty talkative girl. So I inquired.

“What is wrong?” I asked her.

“You know what is wrong!” She tried to shout, but it felt more like a she spoke through a moan.

“You wanted me as a lesbian lover. You got that. I don’t see the problem,” I smiled and nibbled her ear.

She remained silent. She was right. I did understand. She needed time to adjust. I would be a good girlfriend. I would give her time. Didn’t change we were going to have some hot lesbian sex right now. As you know. I can’t orgasm unless I lick her, and I can’t lick her unless she gives me permission. So sex would be interesting, but she can’t have an orgasm without my permission either. Technically I could just order her to give me permission, but that didn’t seem like any fun.

Bared from licking her or having an orgasm was tricky but it didn’t stop sex. The next few hours were rather frustrating. You would not believe how tempted I was becoming to be dominant, but I held out. After all we were a couple and that has a bit of give and take. She was frustrated to. I could tell. We had after all been lying naked in bed, touching feeling, kissing. It was so good! But it was so annoying too, this burning scratch in my loins. I knew she felt it too, but she was trying so hard to hold out.

“You know, this doesn’t end until you say it,” I whispered into her ear. I could feel her toes curling as she rolled into me burring her face into my breasts. God! It was not easy to take control. Like all good things, it was worth the wait. When she finally gave in. It was all the more glorious.

“Okay, okay. You can lick me. Please, let me have an orgasm,” she whimpered in her heavy breathing.

“You may orgasm when I do,” I said as I climbed on top of her. I placed my pussy in her face as I reached into hers.

Her tongue against me. My legs almost cramped. Remember I am a cheerleader! I work out. We had been here a while. I felt her legs in my hand. I could feel it, they were even more tensed than mine. I felt sad that I hadn’t considered that before now. The sadness was over written by the electricity forcing its way through me with each second she was in my pussy. That and the fact she hadn’t actually cramped yet.

I erupted, it had been building for so long. I pretty sure I squirted in her face. Seconds later she got me back. It was all over my cheek. It wasn’t bad. We were drenched in each other as it was, I just hadn’t expected it. I rolled off of here and with the last of my energy I turned around and laid with her in the warm glow of what had become just the first of a long relationship.