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The Fiends Hand Mirror

Chapter 03 — Teaching a Teacher

Life is funny isn’t? I mean a month ago I was just a normal girl. Went to college, had a boyfriend, to whom I still kind of miss, but not like a boyfriend. Like an old grade school friend. I had good grades, which I still do, and even managed to find time to be a cheerleader in all that. Its funny, even this second I catch myself noticing how things are really different and yet at the same time no different.

Like I said, still getting good grades, still a cheerleader. Still want to be a marine biologist. Yet at the same time. I know I can never be anything but the girlfriend or wife of Lucy. Its unique. Yeah, unique is the word for it. Lucy is adjusting too. It is so unique. I mean, I sort of don’t like her. Not as a person, not for forcing me into this... and yet. I love her too.

It is the mirror obviously, but not completely. I love being in love. I love knowing that I am going to spend the rest of my life with her. That if I live to be hundred years old, we might be celebrating an eighty year anniversary. I love that idea. I love how completely sure I am. I would sooner accept gravity or evolution as false before you could convince me that I would be with anyone else. Knowing that the mirror is making me feel this way doesn’t change that I am.

So, it is a mixed bag. A phrase that is helping me right now. “You need to be cruel to be kind.” I want Lucy to be happy. I really do, but she forced me here. I am not giving control to her and I need her to accept that I am in control, and being sad or sorry is not going to help her. Note to self too. Get Bryan something nice. Bryan was admittedly upset. I just randomly broke up with him because I was now a lesbian. There wasn’t a nice way to do that. He didn’t want to see me at the moment though. I would respect that.

Lucy walked in, breaking my silent recap of the recent events. She seemed sad. Which looked especially cute in her pink top. She sat down at the desk and put her head down. I walked over to her moving her pigtail out of the way. We were experimenting with new hair styles. Pigtails and pink is something I am definitively liking on her.

“What is wrong?” I whispered into her ear.

“Dr. Roberts gave me a C–” she said before banging her head into the desk.

What? I helped her study. She had poor grades before but I checked her work here. I looked at the paper. Yeah, at the worst it was B– material.

“We will do something about this,” I said. I was upset.

“Don’t bother, Dr. Roberts is the sister of the deem. She knows she can get away with it. She even called me a slut after class.”

I was furious! My future wife was not a slut! Not even with me! The nerve!

“Why?” I asked.

“She hates goth. She apparently hates me more. She thinks I stopped dressing goth to appease her, which she considers even worse. She said flat out she isn’t going to let me pass,” Lucy began crying.

Oh my god! It was on now!

I hugged Lucy. “Come on girl. Come here,” I said as I guided her into my arms. She began crying into my shoulder. “You are not a slut. You are a beautiful woman.”

“Thank you Angelica,” she mumbled.

“Do you trust me?” I asked her.

She seemed taken back by the question. She looked down and nodded a weak yes.

“We are stuck, I may not have wanted it, but I am happy we are stuck Lucy, and I am not going to stand by while some fat stupid ass cow bitch hurts you. Lets go get even.”

She seemed even more taken back by my anger. She crept to the side of my holding my hand while looking down to the side.

Given how the mirror works, the element of surprise was needed. I asked Lucy to wait outside as I entered Dr. Robert’s office. She had always been so nice to me, but I guess that is how it is with some bigot bitches. To think of the nerve to intentionally fail a stupid based on something like this.

“Angelica! How is it going? Anything I can help you with?” She said smiling brightly at me.

“Yeah, I was having a bit of trouble on something. Is it a bad time?” I asked.

“Oh no dear. It is never a bad time for one of our cheerleaders. Our boys have a big game coming up. The cheer team has been practicing right? Is that what this is about? Do you need more time for cheer practice? I could push the deadline of next weeks essay if it helps.”

There was the Dr. Robert I knew. Seemingly the sweetest woman in the world. To think that she has such a sour side.

“You have always been so supportive. Weren’t you a cheerleader back in college?” I asked her. I think I was beginning to piece this together.

“Oh yes,” she said smiling brightly. “Every year. Teachers back then weren’t nearly as familiar with how much of a commitment cheering is and how important it is to school spirit.” She looked at her watch. “Not to rush you dear, but I have a date soon.”

“Oh, it could wait another time, but you have something on your cheek,” I said pointing at nothing.

She whipped her face. “Did I get it?”

“No, no, a little to the left.”

She kept whipping. “How about now?”

“Just missed it,” I said taking the mirror out. “Look, do you see it?”

She looked into the mirror. “Where?”

“Be quiet, don’t look away from the mirror and don’t stand up.” I set the mirror down on her desk. Looking at her was... kind of funny. She was just flailing her arms at me. She was probably under the assumption that she was having a medical emergency.

I wanted to get Lucy but safety first. “You must answer any question I ask you honestly. Is anyone due here?”


“Is anyone else expecting you?”


Good, we shouldn’t be bothered. I fetched Lucy. She was fully aware of where this was going. I expected her to look happier. Perhaps it was still the emotions from earlier staying with her.

“Dr. Robert. Why are you unfair to Lucy?”

“Because she is a four mouthed little slut.”

Lucy started crying again. Fuck, I hadn’t anticipated that kind of response.

“Why do you think that?”

“Goth are so anti-social. No team spirit. The little faker seems to be pretending she found some unity but I can see it in her eyes. She is still a goth bitch. If she isn’t going to help the school, why should the school help her.”

And I thought I was mad before. “How dare you,” I shouted. “To treat a type of student so badly because you don’t personally like them, and to them have the balls to talk about school unity. I love Lucy,” I noticed a hint of a smile on her at that, “and you are under the control of magic. So it is about time you fucking learned your place.”

Having not asked a question, she remained still. “Here is how it is going to go. I got some rules for you. Number one. You will adjust a curve to your grading. You will even out all unfair grading you have done. Number two, you are not to ever ask anyone out on a date again. You will only go on a date if you are asked out by a woman. Understand?”

“Yeah, you’re making me a lesbian,” she grunted, clearly angry.

“I was, but I changed my mind. No. You are not a lesbian. You are, I imagine homophobic, if you weren’t you are now, but you will always accept a date offer from a woman and you will act very pleased to be on the date. You will take it as far as the date wants, as long as doing so does not put you in any kind of danger. But remember. You will act as if you are excited to be there. Meaning you will not be happy. Unless the date is naturally pleasing you. Understand?”

“Yes,” her voice cracked. Clearly she moved from anger to fear.

“Rule three. You are not to act, speak or in any way communicate what I have done to you. If you become aware of any situation that seemingly could bring this into light or harm me, you or Lucy. You will notify me at once.” It felt good to use the mirror. “In addition, you will not try hurt me or hide or leave town or do anything else that is not in your normal routine. Except what the rules force you to do.”

I looked to Lucy. “Anything you want to add?” She whispered into my ear. I loved her, even the warm breath of her hitting my ear.

“Rule four. Starting today. You will have a new dress code. When you leave school, you will promptly go home and change into a goth outfit. Everything including make up, and shoes, everything. You cannot remove it until you get ready for school the following school day unless you are doing something that requires it being off. Such as using the bathroom, or having sex. I am aware you probably don’t have any outfits like that currently. So you get to go shopping today! Isn’t that exciting?”

“No, not really.”

“Rule five,” I said. “Last one. You are not allowed to have an orgasm unless someone has completely on their own complimented your outfit sometime earlier that day.” That would seal it. She can’t just hide from the world now. Not unless she wanted to never have an orgasm again. Oh, that gave me an idea on how to seal it. “Every morning when you wake up, and every night before bed. You must masturbate to the best of your abilities for twenty minutes.”

At this point I made her recite the orders to ensure she understood them and that I had said them clearly. I think a part of her was hoping this was a dream. Which in many ways it was, just not a happy one. When I realized her she stared at me for a moment. Since she was still bound to be honest I decided to see what was going on.

“What are you trying to do?” I asked.

“Figure out a way to kill you. Arms won’t move though,” she said with a death glare look in her face.

I walk over to her. “It could be much worse. There is a bit of good news. You can be normal at school, and there is a way I will release you. Wanna hear?”

“Yes,” she said. I think she wanted to say more, but was trying to not piss me off.

“Lucy. Be nice, because she controls your fate. You have until she graduates to convince her. Because when we leave here, we are never coming back, and you are stuck here.”

I hugged Lucy. She hugged me back. God I love hugging her, this was a breast thing. Her breast pressing against me was so erotic. “Better?” I asked Lucy.

She smiled. God her smile made me melt. I smiled back.

“Enjoy your shopping spree, and be warned. If I find out you hurt my girlfriends feelings again I will be back. Understand that bitch?” I said sternly.

“Yes,” she mumbled before we left.