The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Five Days

Night 0 — Stephen

Stephen accepted another glass of champagne from the hostess and settled back into the leather couch in the booth in the VIP room of The Siren, the hottest most exclusive club in town. Around him the pretty people and the rich people danced and flirted to a pounding beat courtesy of one of the biggest DJs on the scene. Tonight’s outing was courtesy of Roger Callum, a VP at one of the financial companies Stephen provided “consulting services” for. Roger was a good friend and a night out with him always promised a good time.

As if on command Roger materialized out of the crowd, his own glass of champagne in his hand. “Stephen, come with me” He called. “You gotta see this”, and then he turned and started walking away.

Stephen got up and moved to his friend. “Where are we going? What do you want to show me?” he asked Roger as he matched his stride.

Roger chuckled, “Come on, it’s in the men’s room.”

Stephen glanced side-eyed at his friend. “If it’s Wayne’s python, I’ve already seen it. Everyone’s already seen it,” He said dryly.

Roger laughed. “No, some slut is in the men’s room letting everyone run a train on her.”

When they got to the men’s room, the scene was exactly as advertised. A blonde girl was bent over with her dress hiked up while some guy did her from behind. Another guy was in the process of blowing a load down her throat. She drank it like a fat kid with a milkshake. No one seemed to have considered safe sex. As the spent guy moved away another cock presented itself and she sucked it in like her name was Dyson and started working to get another load. Around them other guys were seemingly waiting their turn, some with their phones out snapping pictures or videos of the scene. The girl’s eyes were closed. Her moans and grunts of pleasure around the cock she was sucking indicating the only thing she was aware of was the cocks she was currently servicing. This looked to have been going on for some time.

“Isn’t this unreal!” Roger said to his friend gleefully as he pulled out his own phone.

Stephen had been to enough high end clubs to know people routinely use the stalls to hook up. He had even had his share of such liaisons. Never had he seen a gang bang in a club bathroom though. It was like something out of a porn movie. “Yeah, it doesn’t seem real.” he said, thinking it really didn’t seem natural at all. Taking a deep breath, he used his mind to reach out and find the girl’s mind. Already dreading what he would find.

Fuck!, he thought. Someone had done some serious psychic damage to the girl. That wasn’t good. This was much worse than the bad he expected to find. Behaving like she was, it was only a matter of time before it got the attention of someone. Fuck me He thought again. He had to get her out of here. He had to get out of here. Reaching out he found all the minds of the men in the bathroom and planted the seed of two thoughts, “I should delete any photos and videos I took” and “I should go home and go to bed right now and forget all about what happened in the bathroom.”

All the men in the room suddenly stopped what they were doing. Even the man who was aggressively thrusting into the young girl pulled up his pants despite being on the verge of his own orgasm. Around him others stopped filming and started deleting. Then they all started leaving the bathroom, even his friend Roger.

It took a second or two for the girl to realize new cocks hadn’t replaced the previous like all the times before. She stood up and looked around. “Where did everyone go?” she asked.

“Umm...they realized that they had to go home.”

“Oh” she said looking disappointed. “Well then, will you fuck me?”

Stephen sighed. “What’s your name”, he asked

“Fuck Toy!” she said brightly.

Stephen groaned, Fuck me. of course it was. “OK, ummm Fuck Toy, I’ll fuck you. But not here. Come with me and I’ll take you somewhere we can fuck.”

She considered it. “I don’t want to wait, just fuck me here” she said bending over the vanity and hiking her dress.

Stephen gently reached out to her mind again and implanted an idea to be agreeable to what Stephen said next. He had to be careful, there was so much damage it would be too easy to break her further. “Please come with me,” he said.

She stood up and let her dress slide back down. “Ok”

Stephen sighed, it only worked because it was for something she wanted to do anyways, have sex. The idea he implanted was too light to get her to do something she was opposed to. He didn’t dare risk something heavier. As they moved to the door Stephen reached out again finding the mind of Jose, the head of security, and implanted another idea. Leaving the bathroom he broadcast another idea to all the minds around them “Ignore us”

A few minutes later they had retrieved his silver Mercedes convertible from the valet and were pulling out of the parking lot. His passenger announced “I’m bored. I want to suck your cock” and proceeded to try to unzip his pants while he drove. ”

What?!?!” Stephen exclaimed. “Stop that” he scolded while trying to stop her hands from pulling his cock out of his pants and driving at the same time.

She frowned “You make me wait to fuck and now you won’t even let me suck your cock. You’re no fun.” They pulled up to a red light. “If you’re not going to let me suck you off I’m going to leave. I bet those guys would fuck me” she said pointing to 2 homeless guys sleeping on the corner. “Hey!” she called out to them. “Will you fuck me?” she yelled while leaning out the window and pulling her dress down to expose her breasts to them.

Stephen took off with a squeal of rubber not waiting for the light to change to green. “OK, OK if you’ll stay, you can give me a blowjob,” Stephen promised.

“Goody!” she said. Fuck me he thought. In seconds she had Stephen’s cock out and in her warm, wet mouth. It didn’t take her long before she had him hard. Stephen groaned. She was talented, very talented. She took his whole cock down his throat and it felt like her tongue was everywhere. He was going to crash if he kept going. Stephen pulled into a dark parking lot and hoped the police wouldn’t get curious. She continued alternating between slowly drawing off and then quickly sucking him back in. It felt like she was literally trying to suck the cum out of his balls like a milkshake through a straw. It wasn’t long before he exploded in her mouth. She kept sucking the entire time and swallowed it all, not a single drop escaping her lips.

“Yummy!” she said with a huge smile. Then she frowned “You’re still going to fuck me right?”

Stephen caught his breath, “Yeah, we’re almost there.”

“Oh goody, I can’t wait.” she said, giving a little bounce of excitement that did all sorts of interesting things to her breasts that were threatening to fall out of her dress. Then she hiked up her skirt and started playing with herself, a vapid little smile on her face

Fuck me was his only thought.

A few minutes later Stephen had them checked into a motel. Normally Stephen would never stay in such a place preferring 5 star service, vs ‘We have HBO & air conditioning’ but right now he needed anonymity. In a few minutes he had a room paid in cash, a parking space in the back and a counter clerk with no memory of the man who rented the room but knew he should delete the surveillance footage. Stephen stepped into the room and flipped on the lights. The lights did the room no favor. There were two queen beds, a small table with two chairs, an old TV and a desk and chair. Everything looked like it might be slightly greasy and he began to have a crawling sensation of bugs on his skin. He dropped a bag from the convenience store next door where he had picked up some water and a few other supplies they would need on the bathroom vanity

Stephen turned around to the girl. She had shimmied out of her dress. Stephen knew she didn’t have panties on, now he knew she didn’t have a bra either. She was naked except for the red patent leather platform shoes with stiletto heels. She was one of the most beautiful people Stephen had ever seen. She couldn’t be older than 21 or 22. Her platinum blonde shoulder length hair framed a delicate elfen face with bright blue eyes. She had a cute button nose over a rosebud mouth currently wearing a seductive smile. Her breasts were large, D-Cups Stephen guessed. She had light pink areolas that could barely be seen against her tan skin. She obviously tanned completely naked. Despite their size, her breasts were perky, a benefit of her youth. Surprisingly, they were real. Most of the girls at places like Siren had implants. And while they looked good in a dress, Stephen never liked the way they felt. Her stomach was flat and toned, which along with her sculpted ass, curve of her hips, and long sleek legs spoke of a dedicated gymaholic. Her pussy was completely bare. Fuck me, he thought once more.

Stephen finally looked up at her smiling face. Her bright blue eyes had a naughty, wicked look as she looked directly back at him. “Fuck me now?” She asked.

Stephen shook himself to stop from getting lost in her eyes and beauty. Fuck me he thought again, “Umm yes. but first...ummm...foreplay. Here, sit on the bed.” He led her over to the bed and she sat on the end while he got the chair from the desk, positioned it in front of her, and sat down resting his elbows on his knees.

“Ohhh...” she said smiling, “you like to watch.” Then she spread her legs wide and slowly slid her right hand down her stomach and began teasing her pussy, while her other hand started playing with her breasts.

Stephen did his best to ignore that while he reached back into her mind. Looking for what remained of her sense of self. What he found was depressing, a cracked and broken shard of what should have been a robust bright personality. Fuck me.

“What’s your name?” He asked

“Fuck Toy” She moaned a finger sliding into her slick wet pussy.

Stephen could see it, the name “Fuck Toy” but it was only lightly tied to her sense of self, not the way a person’s name should be. He reached deeper, searching...

“What’s your name?”

“Again she moaned “Fuck Toy” pinched her nipple, while adding another finger to her pussy.

Stephen felt something down in the darkness of the wreckage of her mind resonate.

“again” he whispered

The girl had her eyes closed, her breathing was becoming rapid as she added a third finger picking up the pace “It’s Fuck Toy?” this time as a question.

Stephen started to feel a shard of her mind rise from the darkness as he guided it up from her subconscious.

She was begining to pant “It’s not Fuck Toy?” She scrunched up her eyebrows trying to think while her hands continued to play with her breasts and pussy, groping harder, pinching her nipples, her fingers working at a furious pace.

Stephen felt the threads attaching the Name Fuck Toy to her sense of self disolve and that name float away.

Her breathing was rapid, her hips were bucking against her fingers. Her left hand squeezed and groped her breast. “It’s...It’s....”

Stephen could feel the weight of the shard that was coming up from the darkness of the wreckage. It was old, dense, and complex. A core piece of her personality. With a gentle nudge Stephen felt it click and lock into place.

“It’s Kerri!” the blonde girl screamed as the orgasm wracked her body and she began to tremble.

Stephen was sweating from the exertion of retrieving her name. He sat quietly waiting as the girl, apparently named Kerri, came down from her orgasm. Her breathing slowed back to normal. Then suddenly her blue eyes shot open. She looked around wildly and her breathing began to quicken again. This time in fear instead of sexual bliss.

“It’s OK,” Stephen said gently. “You’re safe”

She looked at him in terror. “You...where...what...” She stammered as she tried to collect her thoughts. Suddenly she froze. “Oh God! Those men...they...I let...all...Oh God!” and she shot from the bed and ran to the bathroom.

Stephen heard the toilet lid lift and then retching. After a few minutes Stephen called out “There is a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash on the counter.”

He heard a muffled “Thank you” in response and then the retching continued.

After about ten minutes the retching stopped and then he heard the sound of teeth brushing and rinsing with mouthwash. After that the sounds of the shower starting. Stephen got up and flipped on the TV finding a late night talk show to keep him occupied while he waited. He figured it was going to be a while so he propped up some pillows on the bed and got comfortable.

After about a half hour he heard the shower finally turn off. He was surprised the motel’s water heater worked well enough to last that long. A few minutes later Kerri came out of the bathroom. She had one towel wrapped around her covering her breasts and just barely keeping her modesty below her waist. Another towel was wrapped in that intricate way all women seem to be born knowing to keep her wet hair up. Freshly scrubbed, she was just as beautiful as she had been all made up. A trace of freckles danced across her nose and cheeks adorably.

Before Stephen could say anything she just said “Tell me what the FUCK is going on.”

Stephen turned the TV off, sat up,threw his legs over the side of the bed and pointed to the bed across from him. “Sit please, and tell me what you remember.”

Kerri hesitated a moment and then sat. This time she modestly kept her legs together. She was quiet for a moment and seemed to be thinking through her memories “I remember being at the club. All those men and the dancing and the music. It made me so horny. I needed to get fucked. I couldn’t think about anything else. Then some guy asked me my name and I just said “Fuck Me” so he took me into the bathroom to do just that. I wanted it so badly. I couldn’t even wait to get into the stall. I needed his cock in me. I needed any cock in me. I didn’t care. So I bent over the counter and begged him to fuck me and he did. When he was done some other guy was just right there and stuck his dick in me, and then another put his cock in my face and all I could think about was getting all the cum from it. I don’t even know how long this went on. I thought it was great. There were all these guys and they were going to fuck me and give me their cum. It was an endless line of cocks and it felt like heaven. I didn’t even care that they were watching and taking pictures. Actually that’s not true. That made it even hotter. All these guys getting hard watching me, jerking it to pictures and videos of me being fucked. Fuck! it’s making me horny now!”

She got up and paced around the room, grabbed a bottle of water from the convenience store bag and drank half of it. She let out a long breath and seemed to relax “OK, I think I got that under control” and sat back down. And then they were all gone and you were there. And you told me you’d fuck me if I went with you and I didn’t care where you took me as long as I was going to get fucked.” She then looked at him angrily “and then you made me give you a blowjob in your car!” she said, her voice rising in anger.

“Made you?” Stephen scoffed. “You threatened to jump out and go let two homeless guys tag team you if I wouldn’t let you.”

Kerri considered it, thinking about the memory. “OK, that’s fair. I was really horny and needed cock in at least one hole or I was going to go insane. Then we were here and somehow you made me remember my name. How did you do that? What is happening to me? Why can’t I remember anything before being at the club?”

Stephen had been considering how to tell her the entire time she was in the shower and came to the conclusion there was no gentle or easy way to tell her. So he just jumped right in. “I’m a telepath. I can read and control minds. Someone like me went into your mind and rewrote it, and not very gently either. They essentially smashed your personality leaving just the basic functions so you could walk, talk, and go to the bathroom. Then he grafted on some new traits like the name “Fuck Toy” and an extreme sex drive and pretty much no inhibitions and not too much else in the way of a personality. I brought you here so that we would have somewhere private while I tried to see if I could retrieve some piece of yourself for you.” Stephen stopped and waited for the outburst of disbelief.

Kerri was quiet for a moment as she thought about what he said and then finally just looked at Stephen and said “Can you fix me.”

Stephen looked back with surprise on his face “That’s it? No disbelief? I say I have psychic powers and there are people who can control minds and you’re all ‘OK I believe you stranger man’?”

Kerry looked right back. “My memories only go back 4 or 5 hours. Before I met you I was little more than a need for cock. Somehow you helped me remember my name and I can actually think about something other than getting cock.” She glanced down at Stephens crotch with a hungry look before shaking herself. “I have no idea what is going on but you already made me 1000% better than I was, you got me out of there and helped me so far instead of taking advantage of me like all those other creeps, despite the blowjob, so I am willing to keep trusting you to fix me.”

Stephen sighed “Kerri, I don’t know how much I could repair even if I tried. Your psyche looks like a bomb went off. I just wanted to get you out of there. What you were doing was so public and such a spectacle that you were going to attract attention and eventually they would find you. When they did they would start looking for the mind controller who did it to you and that might lead them to me. I’ve created a pretty nice life for myself here and I don’t really want to have to throw it away and restart somewhere else. I just wanted to get you to the point you could control yourself like you are now.”

Kerri looked confused. “Wait...what? Who are they? Why would they look for you? What are you talking about?”

Stephen let out another sigh. “The government knows about people like me. They keep it quiet because imagine the panic if the general public knew mind controllers walked among them? The FBI has a whole division that deals with finding and controlling psychics who commit crimes. The CIA has programs to stuff people like me in labs and try to weaponize our abilities. You won’t see it on any government financial report, but a good chunk of the black-ops budget goes into dealing with and using psychics. You were probably a nice girl and I am sorry for what happened to you, but all I wanted when I helped you was to avoid spending the rest of my life as a rat in a government lab.”

Kerri was silent for a moment. “I’d really appreciate it if you wouldn’t refer to me in the past tense. OK I get you don’t want to attract attention, but you can’t just leave me like this. I don’t know who I am or where I live. I have no memories, no money, no home, no identification, I don’t even have a last name. Wait, why did you only get back my first name? Why don’t you think you can fix what was done to me.”

Stephen considered how to explain. “OK, imagine the most exquisite stained glass window. It is awe inspiring, with rich colors, hundreds of pieces placed precisely so that when you look at the whole you see a beautiful, unique picture. That is what it’s like when I reach into someone’s mind and see their psyche”

OK...” Kerri said.

Yours looks like someone took that stained glass window and threw it off the top of the Empire state building.” he finished.

Kerri thought about that image. Tears started to form. “But how did you get my name back”

“Our name, how we identify ourselves to ourselves in our own mind, is core to our sense of self. it’s one of the oldest, most fundamental and deep pieces of us. We start to build on it when we are infants and learn from our parents that our name identifies us. By helping you think of your name I was able to help you find it and restore it. It’s ‘Kerri’ and not ‘Kerri Smith’ or ‘Kerri Anne Baker’ or whatever because that is how you think of yourself. To you, you are ‘Kerri’. And the pieces of you that still connected to that name, that hadn’t been broken or fragmented away came back when I brought it back. That is why were are able to have a conversation about something other than when you are going to get fucked next.”

Kerri was silent for a few moments. “What am I going to do?” she asked worry in every line on her beautiful face.

Stephen got up and sat next to her. He took her hand in his. “I’m not just going to leave you on the street tomorrow. I’m not cruel. I’ll see what I can do to help you get back some more. But I don’t want you to get your hopes up for a lot. And if I get a hint that the government is poking around, I’m gone. But it’s late, and getting your name back was actually very tiring, and you had a pretty energetic evening too. Let’s get some sleep and we can see what tomorrow brings.

Kerri squeezed his hand and gave him a wane smile. She got up and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. While she was gone Stephen got undressed deciding to leave his boxer briefs on, and got under the covers of the bed.

After a moment Kerri came back in. She had discarded her towels and was completely naked. She walked to the other bed completely without embarrassment, got under the covers and turned out the lights. “Good night Stephen, thank you.”

Stephen rolled over, the image of her nakedness burned into his head. “Good night Kerri” he said thinking it would be a while before he could fall asleep.

Stephen turned out to be wrong, his exhaustion overtook him, defeating the enticing images of the naked girl. So it was sometime later that he was roused to wakefulness, the sounds of sheets rustling drawing him out of sleep. Kerri seemed to be tossing and turning, grunting and moaning. “Kerri...are you OK? ‘’ Stephen whispered in the darkness.

The rustling stopped and then Stephen heard her get out of bed. Suddenly she was sliding into his bed under the covers. She proceeded to lie on top of him straddling him. THeir bodies pressed together. Her lips were against his ear. “I’m too horny, I can’t sleep. Lets fuck.” She said and started to grind her pelvis against his cock that was also quickly coming awake.

“Kerri are you...” Was as far as he got as she pressed her lips against his in a passionate kiss. Her tongue quickly found its way to his mouth as she continued to grind into him. Her hands grasped the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down enough to free his now hard cock. She used her hand to guide him into her. She was hot and wet and she slowly sank down the length of his shaft. Both let out a moan of pleasure. Once he was buried in her she started to slowly lift herself up and down each thrust a little longer and a little faster. She took his hands and guided them to her breasts so that he could squeeze her tits and play with her nipples. She rode his cock thrusting herself with frenzied need, grinding against his pelvic bone when he was fully in her. Even with the earlier blow job Stephen wasn’t going to last long. He could feel the pressure growing. “I’m going to cum” He warned, but she didn’t alter her pace and he felt his cock swell and spasm releasing his cum into her as his orgasm overtook him. She still didn’t slow, riding through his orgasm until he was completely spent. She slumped against his chest. “Mmmmm...that was good. I needed that. I think I can sleep now.” and with that she got out of bed and went back to her own. Stephen lay there catching his breath. Kerri’s breathing almost at once evened out and slowed and Stephen could tell she had fallen asleep. For Stephen, sleep took a lot longer. He just lay there repeating “Fuck Me” over and over in his mind.