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Five Days

5 Days Chapter 2 — 1st Day

Day 1 — Stephen & Kerri

Stephen was awoken from a wonderful dream in which a woman was giving him a slow sensual blowjob by the feelings of a woman giving him a slow sensual blowjob. He looked down and Kerri was at the bottom of his bed. Her beautiful blue eyes twinkled up at him as she slowly sucked his cock. Seeing that he was awake she sped up her ministrations. Her blowjob was as good as the night before and soon he was feeling another orgasm build inside him. Again like last night she sucked his cum down, never spilling a drop. When she was sure she had gotten all of his cum she lifted her head from his cock and wished him a “Good Morning”

“ummm good morning Kerri, what brought that on?” Stephen asked.

The naked blonde girl stretched her lithe body as she replied “Well, I woke up and you were still asleep but I saw you had morning wood and your cock looked so delicious and I was hungry and we didn’t have anything to eat and I figured it was full of some delicious cum and you wouldn’t mind waking to a blow job, so win-win.” she shrugged her shoulders

Kerri stopped for a moment and thought about what she said. “Wait, none of that makes sense. Why couldn’t I keep myself from blowing you when I saw your hard cock. Why was the thought of swallowing cum so inviting? And...did I hop in your bed and fuck you last night because I was horny?” She looked down at herself. “And why do I feel so comfortable being naked around you? No, not’s more than that. It feels good knowing you are looking at me.” She glanced down at his cock. “I actually want to make you excited by looking at me. None of this Seems like it should feel right but it does.”

Stephen sat up and rubbed his face with his hands. “OK, that’s a lot and I haven’t even had my coffee yet. Let me run out and grab us some breakfast and we can talk while we eat.” Kerri looked at him for a second and then nodded. Stephen quickly got dressed “OK I’ll be right back. Stay here”

Kerri looked at him with a wry grin “where would I go?”

When Stephen got back Kerri was in the shower again. He put the food on the table, stirred two creams and a sugar into his coffee, flipped on the news, and sipped coffee while he watched and waited. Kerri’s shower wasn’t nearly as long this time, but when she came out she only had the towel around her hair. The rest of her was gloriously naked. When she saw Stephen notice there was a challenging look in her eyes and a slight smile on her lips.

“Ummm...I wasn’t sure what you liked so I just got a bunch of bagels and a spreads plus a coffee and creamers and sugars.” Kerri sat at the table and chuckled “I’m not sure what I like either.” She took an experimental sip of the black coffee. Made a gagging noise and added two creamers. Another sip and a frown and two sugars were added. One more sip, a smaller frown, and two more sugars. After that she sighed and said “Ok, two creamers and 4 sugars, good to know.”

Stephen laughed and got up from where he was sitting on the bed. Coffee in hand he came over to claim the other chair all the while trying not to stare at the beautiful breasts that were on display. Stephen grabbed an everything bagel and liberally applied a smear of smoked salmon cream cheese while Carrie picked a plain bagel. She tried a sample of a few different spreads before settling on the chive cream cheese.

Kerri swallowed a bite of her bagel and daintily dabbed her mouth with a napkin. “OK, explain to me what is going on with me. Why did I fuck you last night? Why did I see your hardon this morning and immediately start blowing you. Why am I so comfortable sitting her completely naked with you? And why is the fact that you can’t stop sneaking glances at my tits making me happy and a little aroused?”

Stephen nearly choked on the bite he had in his mouth and had to take a big gulp of his coffee. He could feel his face turning red. When he could finally bring himself to look at Kerri she had a very naughty look in her eyes and a very wicked smile. “Ummm...ok...last night I said that whoever did this to you only left the bare minimum you needed to function and grafted on some traits. From what I saw in your mind those traits are an extremely active libido, a love of cum, and exhibitionism. And your exhibitionism seems to be tightly coupled in a feedback loop with your libido.”

Kerri took a bit of her bagel, chewed and swallowed. “What does that mean, ‘feedback loop’?” she asked

“You like displaying your body for men. Seeing men get excited about your body gets you horny, when you get horny you want to show off more, which makes you hornier, repeat and rinse” Stephen said.

Kerri looked appalled “Wait so that’s it? I’m just going to be some cum drunk, horny slut who flashes the homeless and fucks lines of guys in bathrooms?!?!”

“No! of course not” Stephen tried to calm the distraut girl “That was before we recovered ‘Kerri’, that was ‘Fuck Toy’ for lack of a better way to put it. She had no inhibitions and barely any higher functions. She was just a bundle of needs and desires. You are Kerri, and yes you share the needs and desires, but Kerri decides how and if she acts on them. You’re not used to them so you aren’t prepared to handle them. But you will and you can.”

Kerri took a sip of coffee and another bite as she thought about that. “Can’t you just get rid of them? Strip away everything that was “Fuck Toy” and just leave ‘Kerri’? I can’t tell which feelings are hers and which are mine, they all feel real.”

Stephen swallowed another bite. “They feel real, because they are real, they are part of you right now.” Stephen sighed, “ Kerri, there wasn’t a lot to work with. If I start pulling pieces out the whole thing might collapse like a Jenga tower. You could be worse off, like it could end up being lobotomized leaving you a vegetable I have no hope of ever fixing.”

Kerri sighed. “OK fine, I’ll learn to deal with it. But what do we do now?”

“OK, I was thinking about this while I ordered the food. I’d like to spend some more time examining your psyche to see if there is anything we can recover ‘’ Stephen said and Kerri nodded as she sipped her coffee. “And you look healthy and in good shape.” Stephen continued.

Kerri thrust her chest out, “Thank you for noticing” she said with a big smile.

Stephen just gave her a level look to which Kerri laughed. “Moving on, what I mean is you seem like you probably had a functioning social and family life which means if it hasn’t been already there will probably be a missing persons report filed soon.”

Kerri looked surprised “I hadn’t thought of that. I suppose it is true.” Then another thought hit her. “I have a family! I don’t know what my parents look like or if I have siblings!” A little tear formed in the corner of her eye. Stephen quietly chewed his food. After a moment Kerri wiped her eyes. “OK, what else?”

Stephen swallowed “Lastly I think we can get out of here and go somewhere nicer. I picked this place because I wanted some anonymity and didn’t want a direct connection between the club, you, and me. I think that time has passed and we can safely leave here.”

Kerri finished her coffee. “Two more things,” she said. Stephen frowned trying to think of what he missed. Kerri held up one finger “One, we need to get me some clothes. My only options can’t be naked or the little black club dress that’s got more DNA on it than the walls of a serial killer’s basement. Since I don’t have any money you get to take me shopping” She said with another big grin.

Stephen gave her a wry look, “OK, What’s the other?”

Kerri gave him a sly look “You’ve gotten me incredibly turned on with all the looks you’ve been giving my tits so we need to fuck before we leave” she finished her big grin turning naughty.

Since Stephen really wanted a shower, and in order to save time, they ended up fucking in the shower. Kerry leaned with her hands pressed against the wall as Stephen fucked her from behind while the hot water pounded them both. Stephen held her perfect ass in his hand while he thrust hard into her. Kerri felt her first orgasm building and as it hit her shaking arms could not hold her any longer. She collapsed against the wall and Stephen just kept thrusting up into her pressing her between the tile and his body. That brought her second orgasm. Since that one was so good her body decided to just go straight for a third. Her continuous orgasm was too much for Stephen, the feel of her pussy quivering through orgasm after orgasm triggered his own. The sensation of him blasting deep into her set of her fourth and final orgasm.

The couple were a site as they went shopping. They looked very much like a couple of clubbers the next morning, which they were. That did cause some concern at the high end boutiques Stephen took her, but Kerri noticed that a quick flash of his black card quieted all their concerns. It did take some time as Kerri found that she was allergic to a lot of clothes. Specifically any clothes that covered too much of her skin would leave her itchy. Pants were right out, they felt like fire ants were biting her. Any skirt that came past her knees or any shirt with long sleeves would leave her scratching her arms and legs uncontrollably. High collars made her feel like she was being strangled. underwear was hit or miss generally the smaller and more sheer the more comfortable they were. Lastly any heel under three inches made her calves cramp. Stephen thought it was likely an implanted trait to encourage her exhibitionism. Kerri’s only remark was what a joy this would make winter. The shopping also gave Kerri the opportunity to model all the options for Stephen, a benefit that Stephen enjoyed and made Kerri horny. In fact at one point they had to pause for a quickie in a changing room because she was unable to concentrate on anything except the obvious bulge in his pants she had provoked.

As the afternoon wore on they both started to get hungry, their breakfast of bagel and coffee having worn off through an afternoon of shopping and multiple bouts of sex. Stephen took her to a chic bistro in the shopping district. Kerri was pretty sure that even a glass of water at that place would cost twenty bucks. By now Kerri had changed out of her club dress, which she stuffed into a trash can, shenot wanting any reminder of that night. She was now wearing a cream crop top halter with spaghetti straps. The material was thin with a low neckline. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were visibly hard. She had paired it with a chic gray mini skirt that came down to mid thigh. That was about as long a skirt she could wear before they started to feel uncomfortable. She finished it off with a pair of mule pumps with 4 inch heels. Overall she looked like either the spoiled daughter or spoiled third wife of some rich guy. She told Stephen that if she wanted to know if she was wearing panties he would have to guess or try to sneak a peek. When Stephen blushed she laughed and stroked his arm affectionately.

Despite being packed when they arrived, the maitre-de immediately had a table for them in a prime spot. After they were seated Stephen ordered a glass of pinot-noir and Kerri ordered a chardonnay. Kerri was worried he would card her. She didn’t have an ID and she wasn’t even sure she was old enough to drink. That hit her that she didn’t know when her birthday was or how old she was.

After the waiter brought them their drinks Kerri sipped hers. “Yep, I like chardonnay,’’ she confirmed.” Stephen laughed. Kerri looked up at Stephen. “So, lucky the waiter didn’t card me...” Stephen only smiled non-commitely. “And that they were able to seat us immediately...” Stephen took a sip of his wine. “mmhhmm” was his only reply. “and that someone was leaving a prime parking space just as we were driving up.” He chuckled at that. “In fact, I could of sworn I saw that person just pull up and park there while we were coming down the street.”

The waiter came, forcing Kerri to pause her line of inquiry. Kerri got a grilled chicken salad and Stephen got a petite filet over a bed of wild rice. After they ordered and the waiter left Kerri decided she would just come out with it “You’re controlling people” she whispered. He sighed, “I make suggestions. I don’t outright control. Nothing that would change anyone or cause anyone grief or trouble or attract attention”

“Is that how you got that sports car? You “suggested” someone give it to you?” she accused.

“Of course not,” he replied, looking offended. “Look, if I went into a dealership and went up to some sales guy and made him sell me a car for a dollar or something, what is going to happen? His boss is going to fire him at best and possibly accuse him of working with me to steal it and report the car stolen. Now that guys family is fucked and i’ve got an APB out for my arrest. No I paid for the car like everyone else, a crappy loan”

“Ok so how can you afford to buy a $100k car and pay for all these clothes without a second thought. What do you do?”

Stephen paused for another sip of wine while the waiter brought their lunches. They sampled their food after the waiter left and then Stephen took another sip and began “When I first started out I ripped off drug dealers. ‘Hi Mr Drug Kingpin, please give me all your money, flush your stash, and forget you ever met me.’ Figured they deserved to lose their money if anyone did. There were three issues. First it was recklessly dangerous. I almost got shot a couple of times when I did something stupid. Second, when drug dealers lose cash and drugs they don’t just take a loss on their tax returns, they go to war. I set off a drug war between rival gangs that ended up with innocent bystanders shot. I learned a hard lesson about the law of unintended consequences. Lastly, it was more profitable than I thought it would be. One guy I robbed had $10M in cash in the walls of his house. You can’t just walk up to a bank with a wheelbarrow of $100s and ask to make a deposit. They have questions. I ended up having to find a shady accountant to launder the money. He ended up ripping me off for most of it before kitting out.” Stephen laughed. “You’d think I would have been able to see that one coming”

He stopped to eat some more of his lunch. Kerri finished the bite she was eating and had another sip of her wine. “So what do you do now?” she asked.

Swallowing Stephen said simply “I consult” with a smile.

Kerri waited for him to continue, but he just took another bite. “What does that mean?” she finally asked, getting exasperated.

“I am a paid consultant for a number of financial firms.” he answered as if that explained anything

Taking a sip Kerri asked, “And what exactly do you do as a paid consultant?”

Stephen’s smile broadened “Absolutely nothing, just like every other consultant they pay. I just don’t have to show up at the office. They happily pay my rather exorbitant fees every quarter which gets lost among all the other exorbitant consulting fees they pay, I fill out my taxes, Uncle Sam gets my tithe, and everyone is happy.

“So you rip off the companies” Kerri stated not making it a question.

Stephen looked directly at her his expression turning serious. “I have absolutely no problem ripping off the companies that have tanked the economy multiple times and then asked the government for bailouts any time things don’t go in their favor. Plus every now and then I get some information from them that I pass along. I know right now you can’t remember anything, but last year there was a big SEC investigation into a hedge fund for insider trading. A couple people even went to jail and the fund was shut down. I’m the one that made the anonymous tip to the SEC. I figure that is how I contribute to making society a better place.

Kerri sipped her wine and finished her lunch as she thought about what he said. She wondered what old Kerri would have thought of it. She found it strange, wondering what the old version of her thought. The longer she was “Kerri” the more she was thinking of her old self as a separate person. She wondered what it would mean if, no when she forced herself to think, when she got her old self back. Right now, the Kerri of today didn’t have any issue with what he said she decided.

After lunch they finished their shopping extravaganza. In the end they managed to find enough options that she had a basic wardrobe and she didn’t look like a stripper but more like a high end fashion model. Kerri noticed all through it that Stephen paid using his black card without comment or seeming concern despite the fact that by her mental math the whole trip had reached into the thousands of dollars. As they drove away from the shopping district after managing to jam the many bags into his small convertible Kerri said “I think I like shopping.” she laughed “At least when you’re paying” She smiled and squeezed his thigh. Stephen just smiled. After a moment Kerri realized she had no idea where they were going and said so. Stephen pointed ahead to a glass tower. It was a high end luxury condo. Stephen drove straight to the parking garage entrance which opened automatically to a RFID tag on his window.

They brought the bags up to the 20th floor where Stephen unlocked a door to let them into the condo. “Be it ever so humble this is my home” Kerri practically had to lift her jaw off the floor. ‘Humble’ she thought. This place was amazing. The entrance opened into a galley that fronted a large open living area with 15 foot ceilings and a wall of windows overlooking a terrace with amazing views of the city. As Kerri stared Stephen pointed out amenities “Powder room is to your left. The kitchen is through there, past the dining area.” You can have the guest room down the hall to the right. It has its own bathroom. Kerri finished looking around “Consulting pays well for doing nothing” she said with an arch of her eyebrow. Stephen smiled “I get by’’ he laughed and she joined in with him

Stephen helped Kerri bring the bags to the guest room. Her room she supposed for the time being. Then he left to let her get settled. The room was huge. It had a full bed, dresser, a desk and chair, and a flat screen TV. Behind one door she found a large walk-in closet that was nearly half the size of the bedroom. She laughed to herself, I am going to need a lot more clothes to fill this she thought. Behind the other door she found a large bathroom complete with a walk in shower that could easily fit multiple people. It also had multiple shower heads including a rain shower overhead. This is much better shower for fucking than that one at the motel she thought.

After Kerri had put all her new clothes away she went to find Stephen. She found him sitting behind a laptop in a third bedroom that he had outfitted as a home office. “Busy?’’ she asked. Stephen looked up. She was wearing the new robe she had bought. It was pink silk and clung to her curves in a delightful way. She had it tied loosely around her waist showing dangerous amounts of cleavage. The bottom barely concealed her bottom.

“I was just looking up missing persons reports,” he replied. Her eyebrows rose as she waited in anticipation. “Unfortunately nothing has turned up yet, but I have a couple of searches running so we will have to wait and see.” She sighed in disappointment “OK, what do we do now?” Stephen stood up, I thought we might enjoy a glass of wine while I try to see if I can tease out any more, maybe try to retrieve some memories.”

A few minutes later they were sitting comfortably on the large leather couch in the living room. Kerri had her legs tucked up under her which was distracting Stephen because it left her whole thigh in view right in front of her as well as delightfully hinted at more higher up that were threatening to slide into view. Stephen was sitting with one leg cocked up on the couch. They each had a glass of Beaujolais that Stephen recommended. Kerri rather liked the fruity notes.

“Ok what do we do now?” she asked.

Stephen took a sip from his glass and placed it on the glass coffee table. “Now I am going to try to use my abilities to help you remember. We’ll see if we can tease back some memories of what happened to you before the club. Maybe we can get some clue on who did it to you and where they found you.”

Kerri put her glass down. “OK, what do I have to do?”

Stephen held her hands. “I want you to remember the club. She frowned at that. “Not that part, earlier. Try to remember when you first got there. You would have come in the front door.

Kerri closed her eyes. She remembered the club. The music, the lights, the men...the desire...she tried to think of what the first thing she remembered was. She couldn’t remember walking in. She was just there standing in front of the dance floor. She felt like there was someone else, but when she looked there was no one there.

She heard Stephen’s voice. “Hold that memory. Don’t let go.” She concentrated on holding onto that moment, standing there in the club at the dancefloor.

Stephen could see the memory. It was her oldest complete memory and it wasn’t even 24 hours old yet. Before that everything was in disconnected shards that she couldn’t even access cause they weren’t connected to anything. But he did have his own memories of the club. He pictured his own memory of the entrance just past the doors. He held it and looked for something similar in the ruins of her memory. After many minutes he finally found some pieces he was able to connect. It barely constituted a full memory, but it was enough, he could make it hold.

After who knows how many minutes, Kerri heard Stephen speak at last. “OK, keep holding it. I’ve pieced together a moment from just before and I am going to connect it to the one you’re remembering.

Kerri didn’t know what that meant and was nervous “What’s going to ha..”

She was walking into the club. The music was all distorted and everything seemed fuzzy. She was excited but she couldn’t remember why. Something about cock, lots of cock. She always liked cock. She could feel a hand on her ass. It held it possessively and she realized she had her left arm around someone’s waist. She was leaning against that person and it felt right. Then the figure leaned down and whispered something in her ear and everything went white.

Her eyes snapped open. “What was that!?!?” She exclaimed, breathing heavily. “Who was that?”

Stephen opened his own eyes. He was sweating and took a big sip of his wine. “That was you walking into the club. And I believe the person with you was the mind controller who did this to you.”

“Why couldn’t I see his face? What happened when he whispered to me?” she asked, reaching for her own wine.

“That was when he erased your memories of him, maybe when he erased all your memories. Or I should say that is when he shattered them. There are pieces still there which is why I was able to put some back together. He really didn’t want you to remember him so he tried to scrub your memory of him. He’s strong enough to do this, but not very skilled or talented” he mused.

Sipping some more wine she asked “So that’s it? I just will never know what the asshole who torched my life looks like?”

“Well, if it was just you then yes. But, since you have me, a talented psychic, we might be able to do something. If you’re up for it I’d like to try something. Like I said, he didn’t erase your memories, he broke them apart. Now that we have a memory of him even if it’s distorted. I can look for more. If I find enough we might be able to build an image.”

Kerri thought about it while Stephen poured them both some more wine. “Do it. I want this fucker who blew up my life and memories.” Stephen refilled their glasses and she held out her glass in salute and Stephen clinked it with his.

This part took even longer. The one memory Kerri had of the person was already recovered from fragments and unlike the entrance he didn’t have a complete memory of his own to use as reference. He had to find and assemble it one shard at a time. He didn’t know how long he was at it. He was beginning to get a headache even with the wine to relax him and he was sweating like he had run a road race. At last it was complete, or at least as complete as he could get with what he had to work with. “OK Kerri, I am going to open the memory of his face to you.”

He was young, probably about Kerri’s age. He had messy sandy colored hair on the shaggy side. Girls might have found it adorable, Stephen just thought it looked unkempt. He had light gray eyes over a wide nose that did him no favors. His mouth was thin with pale lips. He had sharp cheekbones and a pointed chin. Overall Stephen thought he might be ok looking but his eyes...they were cruel and there was no humanity in them. He looked like he enjoyed inflicting pain for pain’s sake.

Kerri’s eyes flew open and one word escaped her lips “Master!”

Then she began to cry and tremble.

Stephen held her while she shakingly sobbed into his chest. She was terrified of that face. Stephen didn’t have to be psychic to know that. Whoever he was, he had done something to this poor girl that so scared her that even without her memories of him she knew what to call him and that she was scared of him. He had imprinted deeply on her subconscious. Stephen decided right then, he was going to pay.

Eventually the crying and shaking stopped, but she did not move from her place wrapped in his arms with her face buried in his chest. She felt safe there. She needed to feel safe. The image of that man had so scared her that she thought her heart would stop. She breathed deep and inhaled Stephen’s scent. She added it to the growing list of things she was discovering she liked. Eventually from her safe space she asked “Who is that and why did I call him Master?” Kerri could just about hear the capital M she was saying the word with.

Stephen held her tighter. “Originally I thought whoever did this to you likely found you at the club, broke your memories and personalities and set you loose as a lark. Now, I think it is much worse. I think he broke your memories that night in that memory we saw, but I think he broke your personality some time before that.

Kerri slowly sat up, wiping her eyes. “’re telling me that I was with Master for like what weeks or months or years and I was Master’s slave?”

Stephen started when he heard what Kerri said, but didn’t mention it. It wouldn’t help her state of mind which was very fragile at the moment. “There are some mind controllers who will dominate another person and use them, make them thei…sex slaves or what have you. Who will do anything that the dominator commands. They essentially have no will of their own. Sometimes the controller decide they no longer want their slave. Some will give them away. Some will sell them to sex traffikers. Some will just abandon them. That’s what I think he did. For some reason he decided to let you go and released you in the club either because he found it funny or something.”

Kerri looked like she might be sick. “That’s the most vile thing I can think of! That’s disgusting!” She was shaking in rage and fear.

“I agree. You have to be a sociopath to do something like that to someone. That’s why I don’t do it.” He nodded, pouring her more wine.

“And it makes no sense. Why would Master get rid of his Fuck Toy.” she asked, puzzled.

Stephen looked at her sharply. “What’s your name?” He asked gently.

“What do you mean?” She asked, confused, “You know it’s Fu...” She stopped, eyes wide, shocked by what she almost said. She jumped up. “MY NAME IS KERRI!!!” She screamed “Why would I suddenly think it is...that.” she finished unwilling to say the name even if not referring directly to herself.

Stephen reached out and took her hand and guided her back to the couch. “Let me look,” He said, holding her hands and closing his eyes.

It was getting easier sliding into her mind now. Familiarity always does that. It was also easier to find her psyche such as it was in the remnants of the old. It was still so small compared to what it should be. It was also larger than the last time he looked. There were new pieces. Where did they come from? They were clumped together, attached but not really part of the larger whole. Taking a closer look at them he could tell what they were. He hadn’t expected that. That would seriously complicate things.

He opened his eyes and was looking directly into Kerri’s eyes. There was a fear there but also a hope too. The hope was connected to him. “It’s OK.” he reassured her. “When your subconscious felt the psychic tremor you felt at seeing his image, it surfaced some pieces from Fuck Toy to help you.” Kerri visibly flinched when he said the name.

She looked at him angrily. “Are you telling me my own subconscious is trying to turn me back into...her? How is that helpful?” she demanded.

“Your subconscious isn’t trying to turn you back into...her.” He said having noticed how she recoiled when he said the name last. “I don’t know how long you were with him. I do know the time caused a lot of psychic trauma. The normal type from an abusive relationship, not the mind control scrambling your mind type. In an abusive relationship the abused learns to try to protect themselves from the worst of the abuse. They develop strategies. When you were with him, she learned. Your subconscious wants you to have access to them to protect you. Right now they aren’t integrated with the rest of Kerri. That’s why your little verbal slip-up happened. Eventually you will integrate them and it will make you understand how to handle…Master.” Everything he said was the absolute truth, just not the whole truth.

Kerri looked at him suspiciously trying to determine if he was telling the truth. “You’re sure?” she asked. He nodded and she relaxed, folding back into the safe spot in his chest. He enfolded her with his arms. “What do we do now?” She asked.

Stephen relaxed “I’m exhausted, you’ve been through more than enough for one day, so I thought we could order in some Indian food and you could continue to discover what foods you like. Then we should get some sleep.”

Stephen ordered a whole bunch of different types. More than the two of them could eat, but enough for Kerri to try a bunch of different things. Besides, who doesn’t love leftover Indian food? Kerri decided overall she liked Indian food, but not the more spicy dishes. Garlic naan bread made it onto her list of favorite things thpigj.

They were sitting on pillows on his living room floor with the dishes spread out on the coffee table. While they were eating Kerri inquired “OK, I’ve been meaning to ask. How does this whole psychic thing work? How did you find out you could do these things?”

Stephen took a big swallow of beer to quiet the fire from a particularly spicy curry he had just eaten before answering. “I think I was always capable of things on some level. When I was young I was always particularly persuasive. Getting my mom to buy me a toy or letting me have ice cream for dinner, getting my teachers to raise my grade on a test. When I was in junior high I started to know what people were thinking. It’s not like hearing, I don’t hear thoughts, but I would know for sure if someone was lying or telling the truth. You couldn’t keep secrets from me. If I wanted to know something that you knew, with a little concentration I just did. I could “feel” people. I knew when they were around and where they were even if I couldn’t see them. In high school I discovered I liked girls and also that girls really liked me too. Or at least I thought they did. Yes, looking back I should have questioned why one of the senior cheerleaders asked a skinny, awkward sophomore to the prom, but at the time I just thought she was the hottest girl I ever saw and I really wanted to go to the prom with her.” He grimaced at this point “We lost our virginity to each other that night. I really regret that. It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t know I was doing anything. I just really thought she was into me. Tabiaha Keen, she eventually met a guy in college and got married. He’s a veterinarian. They just had their second son and she sells real estate.” He paused, “I’m not stalking her. I just wanted to make sure she was OK.”

He stopped and took a swig of beer and just sat there looking at nothing. Kerri reached out and gave his hand a squeeze and didn’t let go. “When did you realize you were doing things?”

He took another drink of his beer. “Later that same year. My best friend was a kid named Toby Johnson. We’d met playing little league baseball and immediately just became the best of friends. It’s one of those things where you meet someone and right off the bat you just get each other. We were inseparable. It was summer and we were over my house and we ended up having a fight. Something stupid that kids fight over, a videogame of all things. He said something about my mom. I told him to fuck off and kill himself. He got up and left. I figured he was going home. He wasn’t. He walked a mile down the road from my house and threw himself from the overpass into the river below. They fished his body out two miles down the river caught up in some brush” His voice sounded dead by the end.

Kerri was shocked. She didn’t know what to do. “Oh my God Stephen. I am so sorry. That’s horrible. How…what did you do?”

“I was despondent. I knew it was my fault. I really fully for the first time admitted to myself that I had been doing these things. I wanted to die. My parents had to have me committed to keep me from harming myself. In the hospital the therapists tried individual therapy, group therapy, art therapy,and drug therapy. They didn’t help. I knew what I needed to do. I needed to understand and control what I was doing. The first thing I did consciously was convince my doctor to take me off all of my meds. Those things really fuck with your ability to think. After that I started trying. Thankfully being in a hospital provides you with lots of minds to try to understand, most of which are broken in some form or another. I learned to reach out and touch others’ minds. To see them and understand them. I even managed to help a few of my fellow residents, but most of them were so far beyond my abilities, especially at that time. Then I learned I wasn’t unique.”

Stephen got up, went to the kitchen and got two more beers. He came back and gave one to Kerri. She was still wearing her short robe and looked ravishing. She also looked very small. Stephen knew she was fascinated and was worried she would say something that would cause him to stop talking. She was also still very very shaken by her experience earlier. Stephen sat back down next to her. She leaned back against him. He was surprised, but wrapped an arm around her waist. “Where was I”? He asked.

“You were just saying you learned you weren’t alone.” she said quietly, grabbing some more tandori chicken.

“Oh yeah” he continued, “So one day we were told some researchers from another institute were coming to interview us for a study they were doing. We were all in one of the auditoriums when they were introduced to us. I distrusted them from the beginning. They were lying. Or at least not telling the whole truth. They were only interested in one of us, me. I also sensed military uniforms hovering around them. They were from the government. I did something I never did before, never even thought to before. I folded my mind inward. It’s hard to explain, but I hid my mind inside itself. From inside my mind I could still look out, but from outside they wouldn’t see anything special about my mind. This was important because when I had my one on one meetings I could feel them trying to probe my mind. I could also feel that they had set guards and wards around their minds which was a new concept to me and something I would copy for my own protection. But I was also underwhelmed. Especially the last one. He was a young guy in his 20’s and he was trying to do some sort of reading on me. He wasn’t very strong though and I was pretty sure I could just reach out and brush his wards away, but I knew if I did that it would give me away. But I saw another way. There were gaps in his shield. Tiny little openings really. I reached out and I wiggled through and I was in and he was none the wiser. I learned everything he knew up to and including the black sites where they experiment on psychics.

“After they left I knew that I had to get out of there. I wasn’t going to wait around for someone stronger to come back and turn me into a lab rat. So I worked to get my therapist to the point where he released me.

By that time I was eighteen. I suggested to my parents that I was going off to college and they were happy for me. They’re still happy for their son.” He paused here. Kerri couldn’t remember her parents. She had no memories of her loved ones. She tried to imagine giving that all up and walking away. She pulled his arms around her tighter.

Stephen squeezed her. “One thing about being a psychic, it makes creating new identities easier. And then, well I already told you about my experience robbing drug dealers.”

Stephen finished his beer. “Well this has been a depressing fucking journey down memory lane. Let’s clean up the leftovers and go to bed. Fifteen minutes later he was alone in his room, sitting on the side of his bed, his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. Damn he thought. He hadn’t really thought about that period of his life in years. He thought he had processed the whole thing, but apparently he hadn’t.

A soft cough caught his attention. He looked up. Kerri was standing in the doorway. She was naked again, invitingly naked. She looked directly in his eyes. “I don’t want to be alone tonight. I don’t think you should be alone either.” She came over to him and sat on his lap. She looked at him and kissed him gently. He returned the kiss. They held each other desperately tight and fell back against his bed. This time, it wasn’t the frenzied fucking of sexual need their other times had been. This was two people needing to feel another, to know they are not alone. It was slow and gentle and when they finally climaxed it was an emotional release as much as a physical. They fell asleep still holding each other close.

Day One — Agent Mathias

Around the same time Stephen and Kerri were enjoying lunch, the first reports of what happened at The Siren club were making it to the desk of Agent Paul Mathias at the FBI’s Division of Special Situations. Agent Mathias looked like what you would expect if you ordered a G-Man from central casting. In his 50’s, ramrod straight with a starched white collar on his pressed shirt. A black suit, salt and pepper haired crew cut.

You wouldn’t find the name Division of Special Situations on any org chart, but they had quite the budget and quite the freedom to act as they saw fit. Their job was to police the crimes committed by people with extra-ordinary abilities. Agent Mathia himself didn’t have any special abilities, he was just a damn good investigator. Which is why the pictures and video from the bathroom at Siren that made it online eventually made it to his desk. They mostly fit a pattern of a case he had been working on for two years.

The pattern was simple. Except for one event a year ago involving a whole sorority, a girl, missing for approximately six weeks, college aged and beautiful, showed up somewhere public behaving in an extremly sexual manner. Generally trying to have sex with anything with a pulse. When the girl was taken into custody, and she never did anything to avoid that just wanting to keep humping away, she would be found to have had extensive psychic remodeling. The girls original personality had been completely overwritten and replaced with a nympho only interested in sex.

That is where the pattern broke. This girl, one Kerri Reynolds age 21, reported missing exactly 10 weeks ago was never apprehended. She just disappeared from the club. This made no sense. From the videos he had seen, and there were plenty, the only thing she wanted to do was fuck and suck. That was the next thing that was strange. When the techies tried to back track to identify the source of the pics and videos, the so-called 1st generation, the pictures were, to a one, deleted some time after they had been posted or shared online. Not only that when investigators with enhanced abilities were sent to interview the people who took those pictures no one had any memory of the event. In fact the investigators reported back that they had complete (or as complete as someone drunk and or on drugs can have) memories of the whole night, right up until they walked into the bathroom. Their next memory was stepping out of the bathroom having decided to go home and go to bed. Almost to the man, that is the words they used. Investigators checked the bathroom and found nothing out of the ordinary. The club’s security cameras were checked and found to have been turned off just at the same time all the guys in the bathroom decided to go home, but no one knew who did it.

The cameras captured the girl arriving. She was hanging off the arm of a man. The man was also part of the pattern. He had been photographed or caught on video with four of the other victims. Not one witness had ever been found who remembered him though. Ms Reynolds was taller than him even without her heels. He was approximately 5′6″ with lank greasy thinning hair that was plastered to his scalp. He wore jeans and a t-shirt both of which were rumpled and stained and he had on a pair of running shoes. Not exactly fitting the club’s dress code. Ms. Reynolds, however, looked like she stepped off of a fashion runway. Tall, maybe 5′9″ without heels. Her hair was so blonde to be almost silver and cascaded in waves down her shoulder. She wore what one of the younger female agents called a LBD, or little black dress. It clung to her like a second skin, highlighting her curves. She had on some strappy shoes with a high heel the name of which that agent could probably tell him, but that he guessed cost more than a week of his take home pay. She was sex in motion. She leaned over so the man could whisper in her ear.

She straightened, let go of his arm, then he walked back out of the club. In a minute another unknown male approached and said something. Probably some crappy pickup line. She said something in reply. Then the man put his arm around her waist and led her to the men’s room. Mathias already knew what happened there. He’d seen the videos.

Agent Mathias was left with a disturbing conclusion. In the worst cases of a rogue mind controller the division had ever faced. A case that had resulted in over a dozen women having their personalities wiped and rewritten, so far with no luck reversing the effects. A case where several decorated agents had been lost. A case where the unsub was profiled as potentially the most powerful psychic they had ever faced. Where the profile of his recent actions indicated that his mental state was unraveling at an exponential rate resulting in crueler behavior to his victims. A new player had entered the game. An unknown player with unknown abilities and an unknown agenda.

Agent Mathias turned to his partner. Agent Kenny was in his thirties Agent Kenny was nearly 20 years younger than his partner, but nearly half a foot taller and thinner, a whippet to Agent Kenny’s rottweiler. His dark hair was full, but still a standard government cut from a barber shop poster of styles out of the 50’s. He wore a dress shirt, blue stripes over white with no tie and no jacket. A fact that irked his more traditional partner. Unlike Agent Mathias, Agent Kenny did have enhanced abilities. He was one of the strongest psychics on the force. Agent Mathias shared his thoughts.

“You really think another rogue psychic grabbed the girl? Why? and where did he take her? Agent Kenny asked.

Agent Mathias sighed. “I do. I don’t know. I’m not sure. What I do know is that so far the appearance of these girls have been unannounced. The unsub has not sent any communication announcing where and when they would show up. Unless this new guy has a source we don’t, I think it was an opportunity of convenience.”

Agent Kenny snorted. “So you think that another psychic happened to be in the club, saw this girl fucking her way through every guy there and thought what ‘She seems fun, I’ll take her home to mom’?”

“What I think” Agent Kenny said ignoring the barb, “Is that he needed a place to go to cement his control over her. What I think is that if it wasn’t planned he wouldn’t have a safe house prepared.”

Agent Kenny thought about that, “You think we should check hotels in the area” he finally said.