The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Five Days: Day Two

Day 2: Stephen & Kerri

For the second day in a row Stephen woke up to a blowjob. Once again he looked down and Kerri was looking back up at him with her blue eyes sparkling. This time she used a different technique. She took it slow and each time he felt his orgasm build she immediately backed off eliciting a growl of yearning from him. She kept the cycle up, bringing him to the point where he thought he would get release but then backing off. He gripped the bedsheets, he was writhing in sweet agony when she finally relented and let him cum. Again she swallowed every drop.

She popped up smiling. “I think taking a hot load of cum is the best way to start the morning,” she informed him.

Stephen dryly replied “I hear it’s an acquired taste” as he tried to uncross his eyes.

Breakfast this morning was omelets and toast in the kitchen with coffee and orange juice. Kerri decided that ham was not going on her favorites list. They sat at the kitchen table, Kerri again sky clad. Stephen in sweat pants and a t-shirt thought that naked cooking was not a hobby he wanted to take up.

As they finished cleaning up the dishes Kerri asked “So what’s the agenda for today?”

Stephen thought about that as he dried and put away their plates “Well I’ll check to see if there are any hits on the searches. If you’re up for it, I can try to recover some earlier memories. I have to warn you, I have no idea what we’ll find, and I do not think your time with the mind controller who did this to you was pleasant.”

Kerri thought about that. She was scared. Scared of the reaction she had to the face last night. Scared of what the memories might be. But she needed to know. She needed to find out what happened to her. She steeled herself and drew a deep breath. “I’m up for it. I still want that fucker.” Her voice was full of resolve. “But first” she said smiling “I saw your building has a gym and pool, so I want to go workout.” She ran a hand down her body inviting his eyes to roam down and soak in all its delights “It seems like I put a lot of work to get this body and it would be a tragedy to let that go to waste. Especially considering how much you enjoy looking at it.” Stephens eyes snapped back up to hers. She laughed and smiled. Then she frowned, thinking of something “Do you think I know how to swim?” She asked.

Stephen just deadpanned “No experimenting without a lifeguard present.”

Twenty minutes later they were in the gym. Kerri wore a pink sports bra that held her D-cups in place and left her arms and stomach bare. A pair of lycra volleyball shorts provided the minimum of modesty required for a public gym. It also displayed off her cute toned butt and long sleek legs to great advantage.

Stephen wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the view based on the frequent glances she was getting from the few other men in the gym. Kerri liked the attention, but it was distracting. It made her warm and wanting to put on a show to really get them hot and bothered. She wondered how long it would take to get all of them hard. Kerri stopped herself. She wasn’t going to let it control her. She was going to control it and choose how and when she had sex.

With that thought she turned to look at Stephen. He was on a treadmill doing a warm up with his airpods in. Kerri studied him. He was tall, a bit over six feet, 6′1 or 6′2 maybe. He was tone and muscular, but not bulky. She remembered the feel of his strong arms around her. He had dark hair, kept neat and short on the sides, fuller on top. He had piercing light blue eyes, the color of a morning sky. Kerri liked his eyes. She found she could lose herself when she looked at them. His nose was long and straight and he had full lips. He was a good kisser Kerri thought back, savoring the memories. Kissing wasn’t the only thing she was good at, she remembered. All in all she decided he was her type.

Just over 90 minutes later they were back in his apartment. Stephen had nixed her idea to try swimming not knowing CPR if something went wrong. As a consultation he agreed to her idea to join her in her shower. She had said she really wanted to test it out. Shower sex was also on her list of favorite things. After the shower Stephen went to get dressed and make them some post workout protein shakes.

Kerri reluctantly decided to get dressed. They weren’t going anywhere so she could have stayed naked, enjoying the feel of his eyes roaming her, but if he got used to her always being naked the impact would go away. Kerri didn’t want that, so she decided she would put on some clothes so that he would have to use his imagination.

Since they weren’t going anywhere she picked a casual cream tank top that clung to her curves. The low sweeping neckline promised the option of bending over to offer a glimpse down of her generous cleavage. She paired it with a jean mini-skirt with a frayed edge. The finishing touch was the brown leather cowgirl boots. They pulled the outfit into a fun chic style.

Kerry bounced into the living room looking to see Stephen’s reaction. She pulled up short. He had changed wearing a pair of dark blue stylish jeans and a green cashmere pullover that highlighted his toned frame in a way Kerri approved of. What caught her up short was he was just standing there holding a print out in one hand. “Ummm...what’s up?” she inquired.

Stephen looked at her and cleared his throat. He looked her straight in the eye. “The search found your missing persons report. It took a while because it started with the most recent and worked backwards. This was filed 10 weeks ago” He held out the papers to her. Kerri tentatively took them like he was handing her a live snake. “Did you read it?” She asked. He shook his head. “I thought you should read it first.” he said simply.

Kerri nodded and walked over to the couch. She sat and patted the spot next to her. Stephen came over and sat next to the young girl. Kerri reached over and pulled his arm around her and snuggled her head against his shoulder. Stephen was starting to notice that whenever she was nervous or upset she wanted to snuggle against his chest. He found he liked that. He squeezed her shoulder and she gave him a nervous little smile. Kerri held the papers so they could read them together.

They learned her full name was Kerri Jessica Reynolds and that she was a 21 year old student at the local university. Her parents were Christopher Andrew Reynolds and Barbara (nee Sanders) Reynolds. They were divorced and her father was recently remarried to one Tiffani Anne (nee Collins) Reynolds. She had a boyfriend, Jackson Hughes and she was the president of the Gamma Tau sorority. She was reported missing two weeks after she was last seen by her sorority sisters walking across the quad back to the sorority house. She never arrived.

Kerri put the paper down. “This doesn’t mean anything,” she said. “It’s just words and names. None of it means anything to me. I thought maybe I would feel something. And why did it take two weeks for anyone to report her missing?”

Stephen just held her. He didn’t have any answers. After a moment he asked “What do you think you want to do?”

She gave a shrug, “I don’t know. I can’t just go up to them and be like ‘Hi it’s me. I don’t remember any of you because I’ve been a brainwashed sex slave slut for the last three months’ I don’t see that conversation going well. And I don’t know any of them. I don’t know what to expect.”

Stephen had an idea. “Would you like a chance to meet them as someone else? So you can ask them some questions and get to know them?”

Kerri sat up “What do you mean?”

“Well, I can sorta make you look like someone else and I was figuring we could pretend to be FBI agents investigating your disappearance and sorta feel them out.” he shrugged.

“ can do that? Just look like someone else?” she asked.

“Well I sorta encourage them to see different people. I can also encourage them to be honest.”

“That’s amazing”. She thought for a moment “OK, let’s do it.”

An hour later they were on campus. Kerri decided that they would start with the boyfriend, Jackson Hughes. Stephen didn’t like that for reasons he couldn’t quite understand. They found Jackson in the Student Union. That made sense since as he told them he was President of the Student Council. He told them that his family was big in politics. That struck a note with Stephen as he recognized the name Hughes. He was one of those Hughes. The Hughes were a huge rich old money family heavily involved in state and national politics. It seemed like a Hughes had held every position short of President, though not for lack of trying. The name obviously meant nothing to Kerri which seemed to bother Jackson. He spent several minutes talking about how after graduation he was going to go work for his uncle’s campaign reelection committee and that it was only a matter of time till he ran for some starter office or another.

Kerri was getting bored, Stephen could tell. Finally she interrupted his monologue. “So you are Ms Reynold’s boyfriend...” she started before he cut her off.

“ex-boyfriend” he sneered.

“I’m sorry” Kerri asked, confused. “Our understanding is you were dating her when she went missing. Are you saying you broke up with her after she went missing?” She sounded shocked.

“I broke up with the bitch after it came out during the investigation that she was cheating on me. Fucking a linebacker on the football team, Thad Jaspers. If that lunkhead wants the skank he’s welcome to her. No one does that to a Hughes. Imagine if that had come out in the future during one of my campaigns.”

The conversation wound down quickly after that. “Well that was a surprise.” Stephen ventured.

“I can certainly see why she was looking for something else.” Kerri exploded “What a pompus asswipe! I think I want to go see this Thad.”

Not surprisingly they found Thad in the fitness center. He was working on his bench press, but agreed to talk to them. “Always happy to lend a hand to the boys in blue” He said to Stephen. “and the girls too of course” he added as an afterthought looking Kerri up and down.

Where Jackon was short, slight and patrician, Thad was tall, thick, and muscular. He also didn’t appear very bright. Stephen didn’t need to be a psychic to arrive at that conclusion. His brain appeared to be the only muscle he didn’t work out. “Anyway you had a...relationship with Ms. Reynolds”

He snorted, “If you want to call giving her a ride on the Thad-a-go-round a couple times a week a relationship sure” he laughed giving Stephen a big smile, completely ignoring Kerri.

“So it was just a purely physical relationship” she said, clearly getting annoyed at being ignored.

He glanced at her for a second before turning back to Stephen “Yeah I mean, all the bunnies want a piece of Thad, she was no different. But I wasn’t going to get tied down to one honey even if she was like the hottest ass on campus. Like she wasn’t even that great a lay. Let her looks do all the work and didn’t bring any game. Give me an eager 6 over a 10 any day. They work harder for it if you know what I mean.” He smirked at Stephen. For Stephen’s part he was considering reaching into Thad’s mind and making him permanently incontinant.

Kerri asked one more question, “Why do you think she cheated on her boyfriend?”

Thad looked incredulous “Have you seen the dweeb sweetie?” He said flexing his bicep and giving her a wink. “Actually one of her sorority sisters told me that Jackson wasn’t getting the job done.” He wiggled his pinkie finger on one hand “If you know what I mean.” He seemed to see Kerri for the first time looking at her more closely “Hey, have we met? You look familiar?”

They left quickly after that. Kerri was fumming as she stalked out “That misogynistic, narcissistic, meathead! Is that really the two best options she had?” I can’t believe she would have let either of them touch her. My libedo is turbo charged and right now I couldn’t get wet in a thunderstorm.” She calmed down and took a deep breath. Let’s go talk to her sisters. Sounds like they had some insight into who this Kerri was.” Stephen glanced at her sideways, noticing how much distance she was putting between herself and her past self.

10 minutes later they were sitting around a dining room table with 5 of the Gamma Tau sisters. They all had sugary mocha pumpkin spice frappachio sugar bombs. Stephen was feeling very out of place. “ you were her friends?” He asked more to make conversation rather than any real interest in the answer.

There were titters around the table from the sisters. Kerri and Stephen exchanged a glance. One of the sisters finally said “ one was ‘friends’ with Kerri. She was a queen bitch. We were all scared of her.”

“Wait” Kerri said, confused. “How was she elected president if you didn’t like her?”

“Ummm...because she was ruthless” a small brunette with glasses said from inside a gray hoodie with the school logo that seemed to be trying to swallow her. When Stephen and Kerri just looked at her she continued “She made us the most exclusive, most popular, most sought after sorority. Every girl on campus wanted to be us. Every boy wants to be with us. Sure we walked on eggshells around her, and god forbid you got on her bad side, but it was worth it.” The other girls around the table all nodded.

“What about her boyfriend, Jackson? Did they love each other?” Kerri asked.

The table laughed. “” said a ravishing dark haired beauty. “She dated him because he was rich and would be like a senator or something and she would have been first lady or whatever. He was only with her because she was going to be the perfect campaign wife. I don’t know why she blew a good thing by fucking Thad. She would have been set for life”

The girl in the hoody piped up “I know” she said, wiggling her pinkie finger. The rest of the table erupted in giggles.

“Didn’t she have any friends?” Kerri asked. Stephen looked at her. Her voice had cracked and she sounded moments from tears.

“Well, there was her roommate Sissy,” a willowy blonde with the long legs of a runner said looking around at the others. “She and Kerri were inseparable”

“Were?” Stephen asked, keeping his eyes on Kerri.

“Well they were” the blonde continued looking around “Until Sissy applied for and got a summer internship that Kerri had also applied for. She went full Queen Bitch on her. She was relentless. Even started a rumor that Sissy got herpes from the wrestling team. Like the WHOLE team”

A small Asain girl announced “Told everyone the only reason she got the internship was that she slept with Professor Reinmiken” She turned to Stephen who was sitting next to her “He’s like 100” she confided.

The blonde nodded and continued “eventually she couldn’t take it any more and cracked. She dropped out.”

The little asian nodded “I heard she moved back home and is working as a waitress in a diner” she sounded absolutely appalled at the thought of working as a waitress.

Stephen made their excuses and got them out of there. Tears were leaking from the corners of Kerri’s eyes. Stephen apologized “I’m sorry, I didn’t see it going this way”

Kerri just said “I want to go meet my parents”

25 minutes later they were pulling up to her father’s house. House, Stephen scoffed. It was a mansion. It made his apartment really look humble. Apparently her father was a hot-shot partner at some corporate white shoe law firm. Her father was middle aged with a receding hairline quickly turning gray. He looked like he might have been athletic when he was younger but it was turning to fat. The new Mrs. Reynolds was only maybe a year or 2 older than Kerri. She was also a very attractive brunette with breasts that made Kerri’s look small. They were also clearly fake and her lips were over plumped with filler. They found her father and her step-mother in the living room unpacking. Her father apologized explaining that they had just gotten back the previous day from a six month tour of Europe.

Kerri’s jaw dropped. “Wait! Your daughter has been missing for 3 months and you just got home now!” She said in a strangled tone from trying to keep from yelling.

“Look, the brat is her mother’s problem. I was just glad my credit cards were finally getting a rest.” He turned to Stephen “Hey, do I have to keep paying my bitch ex-wife child support with her missing?”

Stephen got them out of there quickly. Kerri’s face was red with anger. Stephen could see the lines in her neck from her clenched jaw. “Kerri, we don’t have to keep doing this, let’s go home”

She didn’t look at him, still marching towards his car “No, lets see this fucking shit show through to the end” she said though clenched teeth.

Kerri’s mother’s home wasn’t quite as palatial as her father’s but it did apparently have a tennis court. At least Stephen assumed it did since the maid said the former Mrs. Reynolds was with her tennis coach. They found her mother and her tennis coach, Jaiver, on the veranda having mimosas. Stephen never saw the tennis court.

Stephen could see where Kerri got her looks. Like her daughter, she was tall, lean, blonde, and had breasts that could stop traffic, although it appeared her mother’s may have had a little surgical help since they made Kerri’s look absolutely droopy. If they were any higher her chin would be resting on them. Stephen thought the mother and daughter shared similar facial shapes. He wasn’t sure though since the mother’s had been botoxed and plastic surgeried to the point where he wasn’t sure what her original face looked like. Javier on the other hand, was young, tone, and just this side of being pretty. Stephen was pretty sure that Javier’s tennis coach qualifications had more to do with the bat in his shorts than his racquet on the table next to his mimosa. He didn’t look like he knew which end of the racquet he should hold, but Stephen was certain he knew how to use his bat.

Stephen watched Kerri carefully, she was on edge. “So” she began, “why did it take two weeks to file a missing person report for your daughter?” she asked with carefully crafted casualness.

“Please” her mother replied, draining the last of her mimosa. She lifted her glass and waggled it to the maid indicating her desire for another. “The little bitch has done this before. When she was 16 she disappeared to Paris for three weeks with some bartender she met at a club, burning through daddy’s money. When he cut her off, she showed up minus the bartender but plus a coke habit. She’ll show up again once whatever sugar daddy she’s screwing gets bored or his wife comes home.” She turned to Stephen “My asshole-ex still has to pay me child support even though she’s missing right?”

Stephen couldn’t get Kerri out of there fast enough. She didn’t say anything and just let him guide her to her car. She sat with her head against the passenger window staring but not seeing anything the entire ride back. When they got inside his apartment she just said “I’m going to lie down for a while” in a voice so dead, Stephen worried if he should let her be alone.

He puttered around trying to keep busy, trying to keep his mind occupied. He respected her privacy. He did not reach out and feel her mind to check her emotional state. He did not feel her thoughts to understand what she was going through her mind. He did not suggest that she was ok and that everything would be fine. It was the hardest thing he never did. After 30 minutes he couldn’t take it any more and went to the kitchen and made a cup of camomile tea.

He brought the tea to her room. She hadn’t even closed her door. She was lying on the bed, not having changed or gotten under the covers. She was curled tightly into the fetal position in the middle of the bed. He knocked gently on the doorframe “ummm...Kerri? I made you some tea.” She didn’t acknowledge him in any manner. He walked in and put the tea on the nightstand. He sat down on the side of the bed, her back facing him. “I’m here” was all he said. She reached her arm back towards him. He gave her his hand and she gripped it and pulled it towards her. He followed and she pulled his hand tight against her chest. He ended up spooning her. Cuddling her body as she held his hand tightly to her chest. Stephen just lay there holding her. Letting her feel his body pressed against hers. He didn’t say anything, just waited till she was ready.

After a few minutes, in a quiet voice she said “No one loves her. I don’t think she loved anyone. She was awful. You told me that when you recovered my name, you recovered the core of who I was. How can that be who she was too?”

Stephen was quiet for a minute before responding “What I recovered was the most fundamental things you understand about yourself. You are intelligent, you are clever, you are insightful, you are intuitive. Everything I’ve seen from you since we met and everything I heard today leads me to believe it was true then and is true now. But who we are is the sum of our experiences, our reactions to them, our memories we carry forward. You don’t remember the experiences that lead you to...”

She lifted her head and looked back over her shoulder towards him “No! Don’t! Don’t equate me with that bitch! I am NOT her!” she yelled angrily. Then she settled back down facing away from him still holding his arm in a death grip, her body pressed tightly against his.

Stephen held her “OK, the Kerri from before. You haven’t gone through what she did. Haven’t had the same experiences and won’t have the same outlook and reactions.”

Kerri was quiet for a few minutes then said “They were all awful.”

Stephen smiled. “I don’t know, your step-mom seems pretty nice.”

She smacked his arm, but not hard enough to be serious. “You ass.” but she did smile. After a minute she continued “ They hate her. I hate her.” Kerri shifted and turned till she was facing him. Their faces were inches apart on the pillow. His arm was still around her pulling her to him, their bodies pressed together. She searched his eyes with hers. “I want you to stop.” Stephen was confused. He started to pull his arm from around her. She reached up and grabbed it and pulled it back around her “Not that, stupid. I want you to stop trying to fix me. I don’t want to be her. I won’t be her.”

Stephen was shocked. “But...your life, everything you were.”

“That wasn’t me. Whoever she was, she was killed by Ma...” She stopped, her lips pressed in a tight line, angry at herself for the name she almost used. “That Asshole killed her. I’m me now, not her”

“What are you going to do?” He asked looking deep into her blue eyes.

“I don’t know,” she said with a little shrug. “But I am enough for now.” She reached out and cupped his face smiling, “This is enough for now”. She held his eyes for a moment and then reached out with her mouth to his. The kiss was passionate and long. Their need for each other drove them to get each other’s clothes off as quickly as possible, but after, they took their time. They wanted to savor this and not rush it. They wanted to remember this time. They’d fucked before after all, but this was the first time they’d made love.

They lay naked tangled in the sheets just holding each other after. There was no need for words. They were together and that was enough. Then his phone rang. Stephen reached down to grab his phone from the pocket of his pants. looking at the callerID he saw it said “Front Desk” Stephen answered it “Ummm...Hello?” was all he managed.

“Hello Sir. It’s Charles from the front desk. Sorry to bother you, but there are two gentlemen from the government here to speak with you.” Stephen felt his mouth go dry. His brain short circuited and he couldn’t think of what to say next.

“Sir?” came the voice through his phone after a moment.

“Ummm...of course. Aaa..give me a moment and send them up.” Stephen finally managed.

“Of course sir” Charles replied with no hint of inflection and hung up.

They didn’t have time for questions of which Kerri had a hundred. Instead Stephen told her to wait in her room while he dealt with it. After all, they didn’t know why they were there or what they knew. If worse came to worse he could “suggest’ that they leave because there was nothing of interest here.

Less than five minutes after hanging up there was a knock at the door. Stephen had just managed to get himself presentable. He opened the door. Before he could speak, the smaller and older of the two held up his credential pack “Stephen O’Connor, I’m Agent Mathias and this is Agent Kenny. We need to ask you some questions about what happened Saturday night at Club Siren”

Day 2: Agents Mathias & Kenny

Agents Mathias & Kenny pulled up to the dumpy little motel late in the afternoon. It had seen better days, a long long time ago. The reason they were here was walking towards their bureau sedan, Special Agent Seymour Cohan. One of the young agents out of the local office who were detailed to canvas the motels in a 5 mile radius of Club Siren. He had reported that there was something strange with the information he was getting from the manager. What the manager insisted happened the other night, didn’t seem to match what actually happened. That perked up Agent Mathias’s investigative instincts, so he grabbed his partner and headed out.

Agent Mathias got out of the car, closed the door and walked towards the young agent. He didn’t wait for his partner, trusting he would be following along. As he approached Agent Cohan, the young agent held out his hand in greeting. Agent Mathias didn’t acknowledge the greeting or even slow his pace, continuing on to the motel office. “Tell me what’s happening” he ordered.

Agent Cohan scrambled to turn around and fall in next to the older man. “Ummm…sir, When I asked the manager if anyone had checked in after midnight on Saturday night, he said ‘No.’. However, there was a note that room 204 was cleaned by housekeeping the next day No other record of the room being taken existed. I asked to check the security tapes, but there was nothing there. It looks like the camera was turned off from 1:30AM to 3AM. The manager has no idea how that happened and claimed to be the only one who had access to the office where the tapes are kept.”

A small bell rang as they entered the office. Agent Mathias looked around. There was the standard counter across the back of the office. A couple of chairs, a carafe of coffee, cups, and condiments all probably at least a day old for the guests on a table, a couple of chairs with their stuffing falling out, and a rack of flyers for local attractions. The whole place looked old and tired. The manager looked old and tired. “Oh great, more police,” the manager said sarcastically.

Agent Mathias ignored him, simply saying to the room “Show me the video.”

“Ummm…I already told you. It doesn’t show anything.” Agent Cohan said.

“No, not that night. The next morning.” he said.

Two hours later, they had watched the tapes at 6x speed from 3AM to 1PM. Then went back and rewatched several select points in slow motion to capture the detail of what was shown. What they saw was just after 9AM a tall, lean man with short dark hair in a white dress shirt and dark pants came out of room 204, got in a light colored Mercedes convertible and left. He appeared to be in his late 20’s or early 30’s. Just over 20 minutes later, he drove back into the parking lot; got out carrying what appeared to be two coffees, and a large bag from a chain donut shop; and went back into room 204. At approximately 11:30AM the man exited the room again, this time accompanied by a young blonde. The same young blonde from the Club Siren videos, Kerri Reynolds. She was even still wearing the same little black dress that had been bunched up around her waist in them. She seemed to be going willingly and not being coerced. She did not seem to be afraid or in distress. She also did not seem to be pawing at the man trying to get to his cock, which based on the previous victims he’d seen in this case would be the normal behavior he would expect from her. They got in the same Mercedes convertible, the man even opened her door for her. Then he got in and drove them away. They never came back.

“So what do you think?” Agent Cohan asked. “What’s going on? An affair, drugs, human trafficking, or something?”

“Or something alright” Agent Mathias mused. He turned from the monitor and looked at the junior agent. “Get copies of the tapes and send them to my office.” Then he stood and walked out of the office without another word.

His partner’s long legs caught him up with the shorter agent before he was a third of the way across the parking lot. Without looking he asked his partner “So, what did you get off the manager.”

Agent Kenny didn’t respond until they were in their car pulling out of the lot. “He’s not missing any time from the night in question. His memory wasn’t erased. He remembers the whole night, but it’s like something is missing too.” He was quiet for a moment, trying to find the words. “It’s like when someone edits a digital picture to remove something.” He continued “It looks fine at first glance but if you look closely enough, there are signs…artifacts.” He paused, “It’s very subtle”

Agent Mathias thought about that, something in his partner’s voice made him ask a question he had never considered before, “Could you do it?”

Agent Kenny didn’t answer immediately. The silence dragged on and Mathias snuck a sideways glance at his partner who appeared deep in thought, his head down, chin tucked in, the way he did when trying to solve a problem. Finally, Kenny answered the question, “I’m not sure.”

That floored Agent Mathias. He had never heard his partner question his abilities. If there was something another psychic could do, Kenny could work out how to do it too. The ramifications of that simple admission by Kenny was both amazing and not just a little terrifying.

Back at the office they started a search for all Mercedes convertibles matching the description. Unfortunately the security cameras were black and white so they could not get an exact color and they had not gotten a clear shot of the license plate. They also couldn’t get an exact year. There weren’t that many $100k Mercedes convertibles in the state, but there were enough that it was going to take time and footwork to account for all of them. That’s when they got the mother of all leads.

At exactly 1:17AM, at the intersection of Columbus Ave and High St , directly in the path between the Siren Club and the motel, a traffic camera caught a silver Mercedes convertible running a red light. The picture it took clearly showed the license plate. It also clearly showed a certain young blonde leaning out the passenger window flashing her breasts to someone on the sidewalk.

In minutes, they had the information on the owner of the car. One Stephen O’Connor, age 28, black hair, blue eyes, 6′1″ in height with an address listing a condo in a luxury complex where a studio would start north of a million dollars. It took a bit longer to pull additional records to get a fuller picture of this Stephen O’Connor. It didn’t amount to much of a picture. He had no criminal record, not even a parking ticket. No fingerprints were on file, and no passport ever issued in that name that matched his driver’s license photo. No social media presence, which was surprising for someone in his age and economic groups. He paid his taxes on time for his work as “a consultant”. Whatever that was, it apparently paid extremely well. Mathias was privately appalled at the income listed. When his financial records came in everything appeared in order for someone in that income bracket, except one thing. Apparently, immediately after leaving the motel, Mr. O’Connor had gone on a whirlwind shopping spree dropping thousands of dollars all at high end women’s clothing boutiques. That was suspicious. What was very suspicious was that five years ago Mr. O’Connor appeared not to exist. Mathias leaned back in his chair looking over the files laid out.

Kenny looked at him, “What do you think, put him under surveillance?”

Mathias thought about that before shaking his head. “No, if he is as good as you’ve indicated he’ll know and be gone before we realize it. Would surveillance work on you?”

Kenny shook his head. “What, then?”

Mathias leaned further back in his chair and closed his eyes for a few minutes. Without opening his eyes he said “detail some agents to go to all the boutiques that Mr. O’Connor shopped at. I want a complete list of every item he bought, color, size, quantity, brand, everything all the way down to and including tube socks. I want all the videos from all the stores that show Mr. O’Connor and anyone with him. I want interviews with every single employee who even glanced at him.”

Kenny waited to see if anything else was coming before setting others to carry out Mathias’s orders. Then he asked “And what should we do while we wait for all that to happen?”

Mathias sat up straight, opened his eyes, looked directly at his partner and said “I very much think we should introduce ourselves to this mysterious Mr. Stephen O’Connor.”

Kenny tried to argue that this was reckless. That he would run. That if he was as capable as he thought they could be in danger. Mathias countered, “He’s used to acting in the shadows. He went out of his way to cover his tracks and remain undetected at the club and motel and keeps his official record squeaky clean. He’s not used to direct confrontation. We need to get him out of his comfort zone and off balance so he will start slipping up.” The argument continued until Mathias parked their car in front of the condo building listed as Mr. O’Connors address.

The building was one of the new sleek towers of glass that seemed to be all the rage these days. Mathias thought they looked cheap and identical to each other. A Doorman held the door for them as they walked into a huge lobby with a towering ceiling, and an honest to God fountain. An actual concierge sat behind a desk to one side. The agents approached, flashed their badges, and said “FBI here to see Stephen O’Connor.”

The concierge glanced up and gave them and their IDs a bored glance. “Certainly” he said in a lazy drawl. He picked up a phone, dialed a number, and when it was answered said “Hello Sir. It’s Charles from the front desk. Sorry to bother you, but there are two gentlemen from the government here to speak with you.” After a few seconds he added a questioning “Sir?” He listened for a moment to the reply before concluding ““Of course sir” and hung up the receiver.

The concierge, or Charles based on the phone conversation, stood up and looked at the two agents, “If you gentlemen would follow me.” Charles led them over to an elevator bank and pressed a button. When the elevator door opened, Charles waved them in. When they were in, he held a slim white card he retrieved from his pocket over a black rectangle below the floor buttons. When a light went green he pressed the button for the twentieth floor. Then he stepped back out. “Apartment 2002” Charles said as the door slid shut.

As the elevator started up Kenny turned to his partner “Seems like a nice place, you and Molly should consider selling the house and moving here”

Mathias Smiled “Oh yeah I’m sure I’ll fit right in lounging in the pool on a float drinking bud lights and smoking a stogie.” Both agents laughed at that image. Then the elevator stopped and the light dinged announcing that they had arrived at the twentieth floor. As the elevator door opened both agents stopped smiling and put on their game faces.

The door was opened two minutes after they knocked, by the man they had seen in the video and who matched the picture on Stephen O’Connor’s driver’s license. He looked disheveled, as though he had just dressed in a rush. Mathias didn’t give him a chance to say anything, flashing his credentials he announced “Stephen O’Connor, I’m Agent Mathias and this is Agent Kenny. We need to ask you some questions about what happened Saturday night at the Siren Club”

The man looked a little taken aback, even having known from Charles’ phone call who they were. Which was exactly where Mathias wanted him. He recovered his surprise and invited them in. Inside, the apartment was fittingly luxurious. He waved them forward into the main reception room to a trio of seats set in the corner obviously set apart for more intimate conversations apart from the main sitting area. The room faced a wall of windows with a soaring view of the city. There was a dining area to the right with what looked like the kitchen beyond that. To the left through an open door was what appeared to be an office. What he wouldn’t give to be able to get a peak in there, but unfortunately this was what was referred to as a “social” call. He’d have to wait till he came back with a warrant for that. He also didn’t see any bedrooms. He assumed they were down the hallway to the right when they entered.

The room was clean, and didn’t look lived in. There was no real personal clutter around like most people had. The furniture leaned heavy to glass, black leather, and chrome. Mathias found it cold and sterile. Not his taste, but he was sure the decorations in this room alone cost more than all the furniture in his house. Before he sat down, he asked if they could have a drink of water. It was an old cop tactic, get the suspect to go to another room to get them something and give them a chance to look around. Instead O’Connor gave Mathias a level look and walked to a side bar and opened a small fridge Mathias hadn’t noticed. He took out two bottles of Fiji brand waters and brought them back. Placing them on the small low table in the middle of the three chairs. Sitting down himself in one of the chairs, he asked “What can I do for your gentlemen.”

Mathias and Kerry had no choice but to sit down. He didn’t like how easily O’Connor was grabbing control. Mathias flipped open a small notebook and pen, exactly like the ones all cops carry on TV Shows. “You were at the Siren Club on Saturday night.” He didn’t make it a question.

“Yes”, Stephen answered. “That’s why you’re here.”

Mathias waited. O’Connor waited right back at him. Finally Mathias broke the silence “Who were you there with.”

Stephen answered right away “I was invited out by a friend and colleague Roger Callum. He was celebrating closing some deal and invited a bunch of us. I can get you his contact information and I’m sure he can get you the list of everyone he invited and their info.”

That was a new name joining the game. They would run down that lead and confirm everything Mr. O’Connor was telling them and see what new information they could pull from it. His answer did match what the agents already knew. They had scoured the security tape until they found Mr O’Connor arriving with a group of five other men all in luxury automobiles. All of a similar age, and all dressed in the same style. He pulled up, a valet took the keys from his Mercedes convertible, and they were whisked inside to the VIP area. No waiting in line or mingling with the peasants for this group.

The footage inside the club had shown Mr. O’Connor and his friends, drinking, relaxing, and chatting up some model wanna-be’s for most of the night. Then one of his friends grabbed Mr. O’Connor’s attention and the two walked into the men’s room. That was just under 90 minutes after the same camera footage showed Ms Reyonalds being led by an unknown male into the same restroom. Eight minutes later men came boiling out of the men’s room door like it was a clown car. One of them, Mr. O’Connor’s friend. None of them were Mr. O’Connor. Then the cameras went out and no one saw Mr. O’Connor and Ms. Reynolds until they were running a red light and flashing tits 17 minutes later.

Mathias wasn’t liking his answers, they were too pat, too ready. He was prepared for this. He decided to skip ahead to the main event. He pulled a picture out from the file he was carrying and laid it down on the table. It was a glossy print out of Kerri Reynolds face. One of the few clear shots of her face from that night they could find where she didn’t have a dick in her mouth. It was also cropped to remove the more interesting things that were going on below the neckline. Mathias could have shown him one of the pictures in her Missing Persons Report, but he hoped he might have a reaction from seeing her from that night. O’connor didn’t even pick it up. He just looked at it for a minute. Mathias watched his face, trying to see if he gave anything away. Something passed over his face that he couldn’t quite catch.

“She’s beautiful, but I don’t know the girl in that picture. Who is she? He finally answered. His voice sounded a little choked.

“She’s a missing girl who was spotted that night at the club. We’re trying to locate her. Do you know where she is? Hoping to jar something out of him.

He shook his head. “I’m sorry Agent Mathias, I do not. I hope she is safe and happy though” He continued to look down at the picture, ignoring the agents

That last part was odd. So far he had been as closed as a nun’s knees. Now he volunteered that bit. Mathias tried for a sharp left turn “Can you help us find her?”

Mathias caught a micro-flash of a smile “Are you sure she wants to be found?” he asked back.

That caught Mathias off guard. He expected either a declaration that of course he would assist them in trying to find the girl or protests that what could he do that the government couldn’t? He hadn’t expected him to suggest that she didn’t want to be found. “Why wouldn’t she want to be found? Her family and friends are worried and scared for her.” He tried.

O’Connor almost let out a laugh. Curious, Mathias thought. He caught himself and gave a little shrug. “People leave their old lives all the time and start over. Maybe she decided she wanted something different?”

Now that was interesting. Was he referring to Ms. Reynolds or making a reference to his own experiences say…five years ago? Time for another sharp turn “Were you in the bathroom at Siren that night?”

Now he finally looked up at each of the agents in turn. His lips formed a sardonic smile “Are you the FBI or my urologist? He joked. “Sorry Agent Mathias, I did not have to use the facilities that night.”

Mathias made a note that he didn’t really answer the question. “When did you leave?”

O’Connor gave some show of thinking about it before answering. “I’d say around 1AM give or take.”

Mathias made another note on his pad. That’s the time that all the men who couldn’t remember their trip to the bathroom left. “And what did you do when you left”

“I came home, alone unfortunately” he said with another quick smile.

Mathias didn’t like O’Connor’s easy smiles. He was used to using his charm to get his way. He could let that go though because he’d just caught O’Connor in another lie. They knew he did not go home and certainly wasn’t alone. It wasn’t time to spring that on him yet though, they were still in the opening moves of the match. Instead it was time to attack his ego, “Really?” he asked, trying his best to sound astonished. “That surprises me, I wouldn’t think you would have difficulty attracting a partner?”

He smiled again. “What can I say, Agent? I just decided that it was time to go home and go to bed.”

Agent Mathias looked at him cooly. Again, it was almost word for word how the men who couldn’t remember their trip to the bathroom described their decision to call it a night. He’d almost believe that O’Connor was another of those hapless men, except he already knew better. He’d seen the video of O’Connor and Kerri Reynolds leaving the motel the next morning. He could keep pushing in this direction, asking him if there was anyone who could vouch for his whereabouts, but chances are he had already prepared an alibi. He’d be prepared for that line of questioning. Instead, Mathias shifted directions again “Are you familiar with the Island Tree Motel?”

Mathias caught a slight tightening of O’Connor’s eyes for a fraction of a second before his expression smoothed out again. He hadn’t expected that. “Sorry, Agent Mathias. I can’t say that I am.”

Another lie. Soon he’d be tripping over himself trying to keep them straight. That’s what did in most suspects in the end. “Really?” Mathias asked, forcing surprise into his tone. It’s out on Highland, just off Columbus Ave.”

O’Connor smiled his damn smile again. Mathias wanted to smack it right off his face. “Sorry Agent. That doesn’t sound like my type of place. I prefer something a little more upscale with a higher thread count.”

Mathias looked at O’Connor levelly weighing his options. It was time to back off. There was a rhythm to this dance and he knew he needed to allow O’Connor the space to react and hang himself. It was time to start feeding him some rope. “Well, I think that’s all the questions we had.” He pulled out his business card. “If you think of anything that can help, please don’t hesitate to call.” he mouthed the standard formula.

O’Connor took the card and glanced at it. Standing he pocketed saying “Of course Agents.” He walked with them to the door. As he shook their hands goodbye he asked “You never mentioned the missing girls name?”

That was one of the two questions Mathias wondered if he would ask. “Her name is Kerri Reynolds,” he replied. “Have you ever heard of her?”

O’Connor shook his head. “Sorry Agent Mathias, I’ve never met Kerri Reynolds in my life.” With that he closed the door.

Again, not answering the question asked, Mathias thought.

The partners didn’t speak until they had exited the building, got in their car and drove away. “Well...” Mathias prompted his partner.

“I’m not sure. I couldn’t get a read off him. I’m not sure if he was lying or not. I couldn’t read him.” Kenny admitted.

“Of course he was lying! He told us at least three direct lies. For the rest, if he wasn’t lying with what he told us he was certainly lying with what he didn’t tell us.” Mathias sighed. He knew from his work with the Special Situations Division that a small percentage of people were naturally immune to mind reading no matter how strong the psychic, something like 1:10,000. What were the chances that O’Connor was one of them? He hadn’t felt the tingling on his scalp from the shields Kenny and the other psychics had crafted for him indicating a psychic was trying to get access to his mind. It still gave him the willies thinking that there were people who could do that and that without those shields he’d be unable to do anything to stop them. “Did you feel any power from him?”

Kenny shook his head. “I didn’t feel any power leakage or probes. When I touched his mind it felt completely ordinary except from being immune to mind reading.”

Mathias didn’t think Kenny sounded very sure of himself. He waited.

“She was there.” Kenny stated simply.

That got Mathias’s attention. “What? What did you feel? Is she being held prisoner? God damn it why do I have to drag this out of you?”

Kenny looked down at his little partner, “She was in a room down the hall to the right, probably a bedroom. She was scared.”

“Of O’Connor?” Matias asked

“FOR O’Connor. She was worried about what we would do.”

“Was she under a compulsion”, Mathias asked, wishing his partner wasn’t quite so laconic and would just tell him what his insights showed him”

“No, her thoughts were her own. She wasn’t under a compulsion to obey O’Connor or anyone else. She wasn’t being restrained physically or psychicaly. She was also in control of her libideo. She did dwell on a romantic encounter they had, I think, just before we arrived. Explains why he looked so disheveled.”

“And she wasn’t a nympho, her mind was normal?” Mathias pressed.

“She wasn’t a nympho, and while she seemed fine, her mind wasn’t normal. It felt…brittle” was the best Kenny could describe it. It wasn’t like any mind he’d felt before.

Mathias’s eyebrows knitted, his face frowning. “What does that mean ‘brittle’”

“Just…I didn’t probe any deeper or harder because it felt like her whole mind would fall apart like a house of cards if I did.” he replied, obviously not satisfied with his own answer.

The two sat quietly as they absorbed that. Eventually Kenny broke the silence. “What do we do next, go see this Roger guy?”

Mathias scoffed at that, “No, send some junior flunkie to do that interview. It needs to be done and any leads it spawns run down, but it’s not important. What’s important is what we just left behind in that apartment”

Kenny considered that, “So, what do we do?” he asked his partner.

Mathias didn’t answer right away. He always knew what the next move was, so his mouth was dry and the words came reluctantly as he answered “I don’t know.”

Kenny looked at his partner “He’s going to run”

Mathias shook his head “If he was going to run he would have done that already. Something is keeping him here” he proclaimed making his first mistake in this case.

Day 2 Leonard Carlson

Leonard Carlson was pissed. Something had gone wrong. He had released his masterpiece to the public and it had disappeared. There should be news reports. Stories of the orgy at The Siren Club. There was nothing. It wasn’t the first of his artwork he had given to the public, but with the exception of what he did with the sorority, it was his best piece. And not one story. Even the least of his previous works earned a few lines of copy in the news “missing coed found working in brothel” was better than...nothing.

A quiet whimper from behind disrupted his thoughts. He spun around his anger growing at being distracted from contemplating his anger. Slave was still kneeling on the hard concrete floor. Its body held straight. It’s chest thrust out. It’s green eyes big and wide with terror as they should be because it has whimpered. It knew that was wrong and that it would be punished. Tears ran down its cheeks. Those too would be punished. Slave was currently inserting needles in its labia. It already had put twelve in each of its tits with another two through each of its nipples. It already had pierced six through one labia and had another eight to go. Then a final two through its clit. Slave picked up another needle and began to push it through it’s labia. It whimpered again at the pain but didn’t stop. Slave didn’t have a name yet. The name would come with time. But he already knew the theme for his latest work of art: pain.

He had aquired slave two days before he revealed his masterpiece. By then he knew he was finished with that piece and began looking for new raw material that he could shape into art. He found Slave in a library. It was “reading” , it was “studying” pretending that it was more than three holes and two tits for his pleasure. Pretending that it was better than him..Leonard would show it the error of its thinking. He’d done it many times before.

Like all his art, Slave was beautiful. It had long red hair that fell down to its ass. Once its clothes had been removed the carpets confirmed it wasn’t a dye job. Leonard laughed. He hated when they lied about that, but was disappointed it was one less reason to punish it. Slave was small, probably the smallest piece he had worked on, not even five feet tall. It had no tits, or at least none worth mentioning. Its nipples were still sensitive. The needles currently in each tit and nipple had proven that It also told him it was eighteen. He thought that might be the youngest piece he worked on. He wasn’t sure, the details bled together. It didn’t matter, they were all the same.

Slave had learned its first lesson. In the prior lessons it cried. It had screamed and pleaded and begged and tried to bargain. It had learned that just made its punishment worse. Now despite the pain in its knees from the concrete, despite the cramps in its abdomen, despite the burning pain from the needles, it did not cry out. Part of that was its fear of punishment learned in previous lessons. Part of it was the changes he had already started making to sculpt his art. Slave no longer felt pleasure. It only felt pain. Instead of pleasure bringing orgasm, now pain did. He could feel it from here. The pain from its pose was building in her a beautiful orgasm. Leonard knew that it would never get that orgasm. It knew if it wanted the release an orgasm could bring, it would need to experience more pain. Soon it would look forward to that pain. Soon it would invite it, welcome it, need it, soon no amount of pain would be unbearable.

Right now though it was reaching its limit. Soon the pain would be too much. Soon it would collapse from the pain. The orgasm would slip away unfulfilled. Then he would punish it. Then it would learn that pain came from Master and so too did orgasm and that no matter how much the pain, only Master decided when it got to orgasm.

The things with slaves is even the best slave has a limit. The sense of self preservation will kick in at some point. That was the goal of this project. A slave with no limit. When he was done Slave won’t whimper or cry. It will take any pain that its Master chooses no matter what without complaint. He could have simply made it that way with very little effort. That was boring. He wanted it to choose the pain on its own. When he was honest with himself, he admitted he probably wouldn’t achieve it on his first try. He was an artist though. He was willing to go through as many slaves as he needed to achieve his vision.

None of that mattered right now. What mattered was that his masterpiece was gone. He had worked longer on his masterpiece than any other single project. He had been walking across the quad at the local university when they passed them. A group of slutty little college bitches. He could smell their sex. She was in the center, the rest swarming around her. She glanced at Leonard with a sneer of distaste. Leonard saw red. How dare she. She was nothing but holes to put cocks in. She was nothing but a fucktoy to be used by men. He would show her. He would make her understand what she was. He would make her relish it. She was radiant like an angel. He would enjoy defiling that angel in every way possible. He reached out. It was so easy. He was gentle now. He wouldn’t be later. And just like that she turned and followed Leonard like a little puppy as he walked away. The others continued on, not seeming to have taken any notice as their friend left them.

When he first started on his art, he would just reach in and remake them however he wanted. That was boring. It was over fast and his art never knew what was happening to it. They deserved to understand what was happening. To know and appreciate that they were art. So Leanord started to draw it out. To reshape them slowly so they could experience the terror of what they were becoming. The exceptions were their memories. He normally ripped them out right at the beginning. They served no purpose and he enjoyed their confusion watching them struggle to understand what they were with no sense of what they had been

It was different with his Masterpiece. He tried a new approach because all great artists must experiment. He let it keep its memories as he did his work to reshape it. At first they were a source of comfort for it. Something it could hold tight in the hope that it could go back to that. That it could be what it thought it was once more. Then as it came to understand what it was becoming , it became a source of sadness for what it had lost. Then it became hatred. Hatred for the reminder of what it was not Hatred that distracted it from its duties to its Master leading to more punishment. It no longer blamed Master for the punishments by then. It knew it was Master’s place to punish whenever, however, and for whatever reason Master wanted. It blamed its hated memories of the before time. That is when it came to Master on all fours, as a good slave should, and begged Master to take the hated memories away. To strip them and only leave his slave in it’s place.

Leonard had waited for that moment. As it begged him he grew harder than he ever had before. He took it from behind fucking it’s ass as he broke apart it’s memories one by one. It’s high school graduation, gone. It’s sixteenth birthday party, gone, losing it’s virginity, gone, the faces of it’s parents, gone. And with each one it thanked him weeping tears of gratitude for taking them from it. Leonard spewed his orgasm deep into its bowels and it howled out its own orgasm along with him, thanking him for taking its memories of its life the whole time, for making it into nothing but a cum recepticle for men to use. Then it was done. When all memories from before being a slave were gone, he was done. His masterpiece was finished. All that was left was to show the world his creation, his perfect Fuck Toy.

And now it is gone! Another wimper escaped Slave. He turned sharply his attention focusing on Slave. Slave saw the look on it’s Master’s face and the terror in it’s eyes increased. It was right to be terrified. Leonard was angry and hard. The two were the same for him: anger was lust, lust was anger. The one did not exist without the other. It was Slave’s unfortunate circumstance to currently be the receptacle for both. Leonard stalked to it and kicked it in the stomach. Slave cried out and fell forward trying to catch it’s breath. Pulling roughly on Slaves hair, he positioned himself behind it. He had no intention of letting it do that.

For the next thirty minutes Slave never did catch it’s breath. It lay now in a heap on the floor sobbing and crying at the pain that seemed to cover its entire body. The noise annoyed Leonard, but it was the dull ache, not the white hot anger he had just vented. That would come again soon enough, and then he would punish Slave. For now he was happy for two reasons. While fucking Slave’s asshe realized the name for his new project: Pain Slut. But more importantly, he realized someone had stolen his masterpiece and he knew where to start looking. He was going to get his Fuck Toy back and destroy the piece of shit that stole it.