The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

Five Days: Day Three

Day 3: Stephen & Kerri

Unlike the previous two days, Stephen did not wake up to his cock being sucked. He was not disappointed by this. The lack of disappointment might have been related to the fact that he woke up to Kerri straddling him, his cock buried all the way in her hot, tight pussy while she slowly ground her pelvis against his. She had her eyes closed and a sexy, languid smile that said she was very much enjoying herself and intended to take her time.

Stephen grabbed her hips, intending to pull her down and speed up her pace. Her smile widened as she pushed his hands away and she kept up her slow rocking. Stephen groaned and now her smile threatened to split her face in half.

Her breath started to come in little pants. Her hips began to twitch, still she didn’t change her pace, grinding herself hard against Stephen’s pelvis. She started grunting. Her grinding started to lose its rhythm as her shaking increased. Suddenly she cried out. Stephen felt her pussy spasm as the orgasm hit her, and she collapsed forward against him. Her body, hot and slick with sweat.

Stephen held her as her body twitched through the aftershocks. His cock still hard and deep inside her. Eventually she came down from her orgasm high and lifted her head. She smiled at him and then gave a long, deep kiss with lots of tongue. Satisfied she pulled herself away, “Mmmm…that was good.” She looked him in the eye. “Ok, I’ve had my fun, your turn.” She lifted herself off his dick and kissed her way down his torso.

When she reached his cock, she lightly flicked her tongue in quick little licks against it like a kitten with a saucer of milk. Having been taken from its warm wet home it had been in his cock twitched with each touch of her tongue, seeking its way back to a warm home. Stephen writhed in need. Finally kerri looked up at him with her big blue eyes and relented, stopping her wonderful torture and sucked his cock into her mouth.

Stephen’s breath caught at the sudden change. Kerri did not stop. Everything had been slow and gentle this morning. Now, using her mouth, she fucked his cock with a vengence. Thrusting down on his cock, plunging it into her throat and pulling back until just her lips wrapped the head and then down again as fast as she could. The sudden change was too much. Stephen couldn’t stop himself and he exploded. Once again Kerri didn’t waste a drop. She wasn’t about to let her favorite morning treat go to waste.

While Stephen caught his breath Kerri snuggled up, laying her head on his shoulder, one leg across his, and his arms wrapped around her. She practically purred. “That was new” Stephen was finally able to get enough breath to say.

Kerri chuckled. “Well…I want my morning cum cocktail, but I don’t want you to get bored. I also don’t think it’s fair that you get to start the morning with an orgasm, but I don’t. So, I thought I’d mix it up. I’ve got a lot of ideas for wake up sex!” she said brightly.

Stephen laughed and held her tighter. “I can’t wait for you to share them with me, but right now, we should get up. We have a lot to do today.”

Kerri’s smile faded. They did have a lot to do. She was excited but also very nervous. After the agents had left last night they discussed their options late into the night. Stephen had told her that of the two agents, the older one, the one who did all the talking, didn’t have any psychic abilities, but he had been protected. Someone had weaved all sorts of wards and protections around his mind. Possibly his partner, the one who hadn’t spoken. That one had power Stephen had told her. He said Agent Kenny might be the strongest psychic he had ever encountered. That worried Kerri more than it seemed to worry Stephen.

He told her he had felt Agent Kenny probing his mind. That scared Kerri, but he told her that he wouldn’t be able to detect anything, that he had long ago figured out how to keep others out of his mind. More worryingly to Kerri, he told her he had felt the Agent probing her mind. That disturbed her on a level she hadn’t known existed despite everything that had happened the last several days. She realized that what disturbed her is that Mas…Fuck! Even in her own thoughts that Asshole tried to intrude. It disturbed her that anyone could just have access to her mind and fuck with her like The Asshole had. She asked Stephen if he could protect her mind the way he was.

Stephen had looked at her with deepest sympathy. “Not right now, not until your mind fully integrates and heals. If I do it now, not even I will be able to get back in and I don’t know that we won’t need that.” Kerri didn’t like that. She was fine with what her mind was even with the occasional verbal slip up. She also knew she couldn’t force Stephen to mess with her mind if he didn’t want to. He seemed strangely reluctant to do that. So she let it pass, but she intended to insure her mind was fully protected whatever it took as soon as possible.

They had discussed options late into the night. They were in the master bed. Kerri actually preferred the smaller bed in her room. It forced them together. In this big bed they could both be in it without even touching. Kerri didn’t like that.

Stephen told Kerri that he had plans in place to uproot everything in a situation like this where the government or some other entity became curious about him. He could get those plans in motion tomorrow. The plans only accounted for himself, but with just a little work he could get her the IDs, papers, and history to cover her trail and set her up with a new identity. Then he did something monumentaly stupid and silly to Kerri’s tmind. He told her that he would make sure she was set up for her new life wherever she wanted to go. He would make sure she had enough money to start her new life with a healthy emergency fund.

Kerri sighed. She was still figuring out so many things. She still didn’t even know if she liked fish or if she knew how to swim. She really wanted to try swimming. She thought that it would go on her list of favorite things, but she knew one thing, she loved Stephen. It wasn’t something she had to think about. It wasn’t something that needed to be examined or questioned. It just was, like breathing. She was also certain Stephen loved her too. Again, this was not something she questioned, it just was. She thought he hadn’t admitted it to himself yet though. She was going to have to fix that soon.

He was so tentative. Like she was a deer that might spook and bolt. One of the things that frustrated her was that he never initiated sex. She was always the one who started it. She was OK with being the aggressor She had accepted her libideo and had no hang-ups on initiating sex. But sometimes, she knew he wanted to fuck her. She could see the lust in his eyes. See the way his eyes traced over her body, fucking her with her eyes. It made her hot, it made her weak with desire. She wanted him to just throw her down, rip off whatever scanty clothes she had on and take her and use her to satisfy his lust.

On some level she knew this was a remnant from her time as Fuck Toy. She had fought it at first, but she no longer questioned her feelings. She felt what she felt. She wanted what she wanted and what she wanted was for Stephen to throw her down and ravish her. She ground her teeth in frustration. She would find a way to get what she wanted. For now she just laughed off his suggestion that she would want to go somewhere else. She told him he wasn’t so lucky to be rid of her that easily and that she still expected her cum cocktail every morning. He laughed at that, but she just gripped him harder. No sir, she thought I am not letting you go.

Kerri sighed, but now it was a new morning and they had to get moving. “OK” she said from her favorite spot with her head tucked against his chest. “You said you have to send out some emails to set things in motion. So why don’t you go do that and I’ll make breakfast. Stephen glanced down at her. She rolled her eyes “I’ve been watching you and besides I have Google. Even if I don’t know, I think I can Google how to make breakfast.”

Twenty minutes later Stephen stepped into the kitchen having completed the emails that set into motion the chain of events that would liquidate his current life. Later he would need to go out to make the adjustments to the plan needed to account for Kerri. For now, he just wanted to see her and enjoy breakfast. The first was easy. She was naked as she finished getting breakfast ready. Inwardly, Stephen shuddered thinking about bacon grease and sensitive areas. The second part was a bit more of a struggle. In her defense, the eggs weren’t too runny, and he only bit down on shells twice, and the bacon wasn’t completely burnt. Her coffee was surprisingly strong. Stephen thought she might have used twice the recommended grounds. Her OJ was quite good. Probably since most of the work in making it was done by the fine people at Minute Maid.

They had slept late so by the time they finished breakfast it was nearly noon when they started to get ready for the day. Stephen walked to his room to get ready and noticed Kerri following him. He looked at her questionly “I am not leaving this apartment without fucking in that huge shower of yours. It’s got even more nozzles than the one in my room!” she had said in awe.

The fuck session delayed them further. It delayed them even more when Stephen introduced Kerri to a novel and not manufacturer recommended use for the hand held shower head. THAT went straight on Kerri’s list of favorite things.

When they finally were ready to start the day, it was already past one in the afternoon. Stephen went out to take care of getting papers for Kerri and some details of liquidating his assets that had to be handled in person. He was also going to pick her up some luggage for her clothes. She wanted to go with him, but he explained that it would complicate things. The people he was meeting with did not like strangers. He had taken some pictures of her to use for the IDs, and they would handle everything else. He was going to pay extra to get her paperwork done immediately. Kerri wondered how much that was. She got the feeling it was a lot.

Unfortunately, this meant that he was going to be gone for several hours leaving Kerri alone. She realized that this was the first time she had been alone since her…rebirth? That was as good as any other term she figured. She puttered around. Movers would be coming tomorrow to pack everything so she didn’t need to deal with that. She didn’t own anything herself beyond her clothes and she needed to wait for Stephen to get back with some suitcases for her to pack.

Kerri went to the gym and worked out. Afterwards she cleaned up taking a shower in her bathroom and was pleased to find the hand held shower head there worked just as well as the one in Stephen’s bathroom. Afterwards, she dressed in a pair of short shorts and a tube top. Beijing naked wasn’t as much fun when she couldn’t keep catching Stephen sneaking peaks.

Her workout and thorough testing of her shower head took a bit over two hours, and she figured she had just at least another two hours before Stephen would be back. She made herself a snack, nothing that had to be cooked, and figured she would lose herself in TV and discover what shows she liked. An hour and a half later all she had learned is reality TV was not on her list of favorite things.

She was trying to figure out Stephen’s sound system, (what music do I like?) when she heard a key turn in the door. She turned as the door opened “Oh thank God your back. Why is this so complicated? What is an AUX and why won’t it just let me listen to the radio.” she said, turning towards the door. She stopped. It wasn’t Stephen. She knew who it was, “Master” she said.

Day 3 Leonard Carlson

His plan hadn’t been fully thought out. He was like that sometimes he admitted, thought and action were one, with no reflection between. As much as he was capable of admitting a failing, that was it. But, it all worked out so no need to dwell on it, alright!?!?!.

He had arrived at the Siren Club before noon. That was the mistake. The club didn’t open till later that night. Why would anyone be there? HIs luck held though because Missy, the bar manager, was there doing inventory. Leonard immediately knew the bitch was a dyke, but that didn’t matter right now, she’d be of use soon. More importantly, Jose, the head of security was there. He was waiting for some contractors that were expected soon to take a look at the security cameras. Apparently they’d been acting up.

Jose was so helpful. He was happy to tell Leonard all about the events of the other night. How the FBI was investigating and everything he told them. How the security cameras had suddenly stopped working (which is why the contractors were coming) He told him how the FBI had asked them about a certain blonde (My Masterpiece!) and another guy with dark hair (The Thief!)

Right now Jose was continuing to be helpful by screaming in a manner that Leonard found most arousing. He was screaming because of the way Leonard was rummaging through his mind. Leonard wasn’t sure what he was looking for, but he would know it when he found it. In the meantime, he continued to pick through Jose’s mind and Jose continued to scream.

Although Leonard generally enjoyed Jose’s screams, the problem was they made him hard. This is where Missy came in. It was currently laying on its back on the desk in the office. Its head hung over the edge and Leonard was roughly skull fucking it. Not having ever been with a man, the little rug muncher had no idea how to service a cock. That didn’t matter right now, its only purpose was to keep its mouth cunt open so he could fuck its throat raw. It was barely adequate at that. It kept gagging and choking and puking on his dick. That pissed him off. He wished he had the time to punish it and teach it how to be a proper cock sleeve. Instead he contented himself with fucking its throat harder.

Wait…he felt something in Jose’s mind. Something…different. His attention shifted and he stopped pumping the cunt’s throat, just leaving his cock down in its throat, choking it. That didn’t matter to Leonard. What mattered right now is that he had found something…unusual in Jose’s mind. Leonard looked at it. It was a memory but it seemed to glitch. Jose was standing outside the main entrance. A car pulled away and the valet pulled up another car for someone leaving. Leonard didn’t know cars, but even he knew it was expensive. It was a sleek convertible, silver, with a stylized triangle in a circle as the hood ornament. The car stopped, the valet got out, and the owner stepped forward to collect his keys. Then the memory jumped and the convertible was pulling away and another car was pulling into its place.

The Dyke bitch was turning red, choking on his cock. It couldn’t breathe. Leonard didn’t care. The feel of its throat spasming around his cock felt amazing. More amazing was Jose’s memory. Leonard memorized the license plate. Jose was shrieking in pain and the bitch was convulsing, trying to get oxygen. Leonard gave in and shot his load deep into the whore. It didn’t even have to swallow, he was deeper than that. It just shot straight down to its stomach.

Leonard knew where he needed to go next, but first he needed to thank Jose and the slut for being so helpful and accommodating. It was only polite, and Leonard was nothing if not polite. Leonard looked down at Jose. He was on the floor, twitching. His eyes were unfocused and looking in different directions. Blood was coming out his nose and ears. He appeared to have chewed through his tongue. Leonard sighed. There was nothing he could do for him. Maybe with help someday he wouldn’t need to wear a diaper. Leonard actually hoped that was true. That surprised him. That was the first thought he had about another person that wasn’t focused on himself in a long time. That made Leonard smile. It was nice to know that despite his powers he was still a good person.

Now the Dyke was another story. It had rolled off the desk and lay in a crumpled heap on the floor loudly sobbing and coughing. Its whore face was a mess of cum, snot, spit, and throat slime. They always looked so fetching like that. But its crying set him on edge. It was like nails on a chalkboard. Why did they always cry when they fulfilled their purpose? Here it was having finally been of use to a cock. His cock! And it was crying. He kicked the slut in the ribs.

Still, its throat was an acceptable fleshlight for his cock when he needed one. That deserved a reward. He reached out to its mind. It screamed. Leonard put that aside or he would need to be back in its throat again. Instead he reached inside and rearranged some things. From now on, whenever it orgasmed, it would vividly relive the one time it was useful in its whole useless slut life. The one time a guy used its holes as a masturbation aid. The time its mouth cunt was skull fucked and pumped full of jizz. That should be fun the next time the whore has sex with its slut dyke wife. He wondered what it would do. He might need to come back and visit them. He had never made a fucking dyke a work of art before.

Leonard felt good when he left. He had accomplished so much already. He’d gotten a lead on the cocksucker who had stolen his masterpiece. And he was going to make that piece of shit a true cocksucker. He was going to spend his life taking dick to his throat and knowing he deserved it.

But before he could do that, he needed to get the Piece of Shit’s address. That was why he was now in an office in the back of the DMV. The regular occupant of the office, Clarissa, (she called herself a supervisor!) was busy pulling up the info for the license plate he’d retrieved from Jose’s mind. He would have liked to do it differently, but his Masterpiece was in the hands of the Thief! So he put aside his preference and had simply grabbed her mind.

He was holding her mind tightly and she was crying. Again, that normally would have been enjoyable and would have been something he would have been savoring. All he’d done is share the shadows. He saw the shadows all the time. They were coming more frequently now and it was becoming harder to ignore them. Clarissa was having a hard time ignoring them too. She was whimpering as she typed. She would have given Leonard her first born child at that point if he just made the shadows go away. She would have given him anything for that, so what he asked for, the details of some Stephen O’Connor, was a small thing hardly worth considering at this point for her.

She finally found what she was looking for and wrote down the information he wanted. “Please,’’ she begged. Take it and just make it stop!” she cried, thrusting the post-it note in front of him.

He looked at the note and smiled. He lifted his eyes to her. She was old, at least 30. He could see the rolls of fat under her clothes. She squinted at him from behind thick glasses perched over a thin birdlike nose. Her lips were thin and pale too. She was not art. Stephen considered her. It would be a simple thing to take the shadows from her. It would be kind and gentle. He was neither. He tied her mind off leaving the shadows to torment her As he left he enjoyed her screams. She would be screaming from now till the day she died.

Now, to go see this so-called Stephen O’Connor, he thought.

He knew he had to be quiet as he approached. He didnt want the fucker to hear him coming. To that end he controlled himself. He didn’t just tell the doorman to up and die. Instead he was kind. The doorman just opened the door for Leonard. He wouldn’t remember it. He wouldn’t remember anything ever again.

Likewise, the concierge was happy to hand over the master key to all the apartments. He was more than happy to do anything he was asked. He would always be happy to do whatever anyone asked him from now on.

Leonard took a deep breath before opening the door to the apartment where his stolen Masterpiece was being held. When he unlocked the door and stepped in he saw his Masterpiece, but it wasn’t.

It turned towards him and spoke to him like it was a person, that it was human. He could almost forgive that, but when he reached out and touched its mind, he was affronted. Someone had changed his masterpiece, defiled it, like spray painting the Mona Lisa. That was intolerable. Then it recognized him, then it remembered what it was. It said one word and it brought joy to Leonard: ‘Master‘

“That’s right slut. Your Master has returned and you need to to be punished.” he taunted her. “Now, get out of those clothes, get on all fours, and maybe you’ll survive your punishment.”

Leonard waited for it to start stripping as it had so many times before. Instead it looked him in the eyes and dared to speak to him “FUCK YOU! I’m not your plaything anymore”

Leonard was actually shocked, where did this SLUT get off talking to him like that. He began to see red. All his work, his masterpiece, his perfect Fuck Toy. He was going to make that Piece of Shit who broke his toy spend a lifetime begging for forgiveness. But right now this bitch needed to pay for what it said.

He reached out and slammed his mind into hers. It visibly rocked back, its eyes flying wide. With the tendrils of his mind he started to wrap around and invade hers, but…things were wrong. It was like her mind had been pieced together from more than one. It didn’t matter, he demanded that it strip.

The bitch whimpered. Its arms twitched and tried to resist. That was wrong. No one could resist. Leonard reached harder. He began to sweat. At last the stupid slut undressed, crying and whimpering the whole time. Leonard let his eyes roam over his slave. It was as beautiful as he remembered. He was going to enjoy breaking it all over again. It was already trembling in anticipation.

“Get down on all fours cunt!” he raged at it. It trembled, but did not move. Leonard’s impatience was growing. Again he forced his mind into hers. A dull ache was forming behind his left eyeball. Finally he found the piece he needed. A piece that still knew it was his slave, that still knew he was master. He touched that piece. His slave immediately dropped to the floor on all fours. It was crying and sobbing now. It knew what was going to happen next. It knew there was no stopping it.

“Beg for forgiveness slave. Ask your Master to punish your worthless slut ass for your insolence” It looked up at him, he could see the words forming on its lips. Then it seemed to look over his shoulder at something in surprise. Then the world exploded.

Something severed his connection to his slave. When his power rebounded back into him it hit him like a train and white hot pain flared across his mind driving him to his knees. When his vision cleared he saw his slave was collapsed in a heap on the floor apparently unconscious. He looked up. A tall, lean man with dark hair was looking at him with anger in his eyes. The Piece of Shit Thief had arrived.

The man strained through clenched teeth to say “WHAT. THE. FUCK. ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOME?. “

Leonard didn’t respond, instead lifting himself off the floor. This pile of crap stole his Masterpiece, broke it, interrupted him while he was reclaiming his slave, and now he has the audacity to question him? It was unacceptable. Leonard reached out stabbing with all his power to drive his mind to madness. Instead, the power just…slid off his mind. That was…impossible?.

The man looked at him with contempt “Fuck you” he said and then Leonard felt power slam into his shields almost knocking him back to his knees. His shields held, but barely. They were cracked. He knew they wouldn’t take much more.

Leonard knew himself. He knew he wasn’t a brave man. He knew he wasn’t a courageous man. He had never been in a real fight in his life if you ignored the countless beatings he had taken as a child. Since Leonard had never hit back, those didn’t count. So it didn’t surprise him when he suddenly darted forward, shoving past the man, and was running for his life.