The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Fortunes Told”

(Inspired in part by the film “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-up Zombies”)

“A fortuneteller?” Craig groaned. “Jeep Mary, why would you want to do that?”

“ I know it’s corny, but it’ll be fun. Maybe she’ll tell me when you’re going to marry me,” Mary cooed in reply, playfully rubbing her voluptuous young body against that of her buff boyfriend’s, " Besides, fair is fair. I went with you to that corny stage hypnotist at the fair last summer, remember?”

“ Okay, fair is fair, " Craig acquiesced. “But, after that, let’s go on the Crazy-Ride. I know how much you enjoy rollercoasters.

The young lovers were like any other college-aged couple as they strolled through the fairgrounds on a warm, starry-lit night in July.

The fair was a staple of summer in their town, a little lame now that they were older, but a still a time-honored ritual. Craig and Mary had been going there for years before they had met, and had made it a point to go to the fair together at least once in a summer.

Craig played varsity football, and was quite buff in his tank top and shorts, his dark hair curly on his head, two twinkling blue eyes in his head.

Mary was small, plump, and blonde, with a healthy upper body that was made only the more revealing by the plunging neckline of her white bloused. Her black leather purse matched her skirt.

The two stood in front of a large tent, both studying the small but bright neon sign in front of it. “Madame Esmerelda, Fortunes Told” it simply stated.

Craig snorted in disdain. “She’ll probably have a thick Eastern European accent, and have us stare into a crystal ball.”

“Now Craig, you promised,” Mary admonished him. “Come on, let’s go in.”

They pushed aside the flap, and stepped inside.

It took a few moments for their eyes to adjust to the darkness inside the tent, but it soon did. The tent was lit only by a crystal ball on the table, and a myriad of red twinkling lights on the ceiling. There was a huge pile of stuffed pillows in the corner. The small table that held the crystal ball was flanked by three chairs, one of which was occupied by an exotic-looking older woman, with dark brown eyes and honey-colored skin. She wore only a flashy head band, and a very black, very sheer body suit, which sincerely flattered her fleshy but toned figure, highlighting her ample bosom.

The woman smiled knowingly. “I am Esmerelda, please sit down.”

Mary flashed a victorious look at Craig. The woman’s accent was decidedly American.

“What are your names?” Esmerelda asked.

“ My name is Craig, and this is my girlfriend Mary,” Craig responded, resolving to be polite for his girlfriend’s sake.

“You don’t wish to be here, do you, Craig?” Esmerelda asked, causing him to blink, a slight tic passing through his jaw. “She just read my body language,” he said to himself. “Helen Keller could tell that I don’t want to be here.”

“I’m sorry, but I think that this fortunetelling stuff is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo.”

“Craig!” Mary hissed, her face flushed with embarrassment

“It’s all right, Mary, I am used to skeptics,” Esmerelda replied. " Let me tell you your fortune instead. Give me your hands.”

Mary placed her hands in Esmerelda’s, who began to touch and stroke them, her motions gradually becoming slower, her eyes fixed upon Mary’s. First over her palms and fingers, then brushing her wrists, then over to the inside of her forearm, touching and glancing, the mysterious woman taking note of the young girl’s figure, posture, and breathing.

Mary found her breathing slowing down, relaxing, her body relaxing.

Craig glowered slightly as he was watched, privately feeling that this stranger was being just a tad over familiar with his girlfriend.

The stroking continued for several more moments, then Esmerelda began to speak.

“ You are young and beautiful, and you’re life is full of promise. You come from a loving family. You are a good student and daughter. You have good friends.

“ You love your boyfriend, but you do not know what love really is. You have had some experience with boys, but not enough. You want more. You want to feel more, to live life more, to experience new feelings and sensations.”

Craig’s ears burned, feeling as if the woman was dissing him.

Mary stared, wide-eyed, fascinated. She could not stop looking into Esmerelda’s eyes.

“You desire more lovers, different lovers. You crave new pleasures and sensations. You want to feel this way more and more.”

Mary’s face flushed yet again. She found herself holding her breath, paralyzed with apprehension, perplexity, and reluctant excitement.

Esmerelda suddenly scratched Mary’s wrist, causing her to call out in surprise. “You want to try something new.”

“All right, that’s enough!” Craig shouted, leaping from his chair and grabbing his dazed girlfriend’s arm. “This is bullshit, and we’re out of here!”

Esmerelda’s face bore no emotion. " You’ll be back,” she said knowingly.

Mary shook her head as the cool night breeze grounded her. “Wow, what was she doing back there?” she asked in disbelief.

“She was practically hitting on you,” Craig grunted, still holding her arm, briskly walking away from the tent. “Hitting on you right in front of me.”

“Craig, I’m sorry,” Mary protested. " But come on, neither one of us was expecting.....I don’t know, wherever that was going.”

“It’s okay. Come on, we’re almost by the Crazy Ride,”

“ Okay, let’s....oh dammit!” Mary vented exasperatingly. " My purse! I left it under my chair in Madame Esmerelda’s tent!”

Craig swore. " Well, let me go get it.”

Mary shook her head. “No, Craig, you’ll just get into a scene. Let me go, I’ll meet by the Crazy Ride.”

Craig paused, then relented. “All right, I’ll see you there.”

Craig slowly walked through the crowds, the recent turn of events giving him to a fit of brooding over his masculinity in the face of the almost seduction of his girlfriend.

The older woman had seemed so dismissive of him, as if he was expendable. He paused, seriously considering turning around and running after Mary.

A tinkle of ankle bracelets and strange music drew his attention to another gray tent, this was crammed full of men, who oddly mostly silently gazed at a fleshy, bejeweled belly dancer. “Carmelita the Enticing...” read a modest sign outside the booth.

The woman looked to be in her mid-20’s, with long black hair, fabulously full breasts, and a set of rolling hips. Her oiled and shiny body was awash in tremors of flow, her belly undulating, her bells jingling, her eyes staring straight ahead.

Straight into Craig’s.

He stared, fascinated, then began to slowly walk towards the tent.

Strangely, no ticket or fee was asked of him, and he soon found himself standing silently in the back, his eyes and interest drawn into those of this foreign beauty.

Carmelita’s jewels flashed in the soft light of the tent. The men stood stone still, breathing almost as one, focused totally on the scene before them.

Craig lost track of time as Carmelita continued to dance, her gaze always returning to his, his eyes always scanning her body, his pants tightening, his fidelity being tempted.

He didn’t know how long he had been there, but then the music faded, to be replaced by a chorus of lusty cheers from the appreciative audience, who showered the ground in front of them with large denominations of money.

Meanwhile, Mary made her way back to the fortunetellers tent. She planned to just apologize for her boyfriend’s behavior and go, but she also felt a slight but constant nudging towards really talking to this woman, getting a sense of who she was. What was this sudden but strong fascination? “Just an archetypal woman of mystery,” she said allowed, then paused before the tent. She reasoned to herself that her racing heart was just adrenaline, and stepped back into the tent.

Madame Esmerelda’s back was lighting a scented candle, her back to Mary as she came in, giving the girl an ample view of her weighty but firm rear through the sheer fabric of the gypsy’s bodysuit.

She suddenly turned, and glamorously tossed her head back.

“I knew you’d be back,” she grinned, slowly walking towards the girl.

“Hi, yeah, I forgot my purse,” she said, cautiously eyeing the older woman as she moved towards her. “I wanted to apologize for my boyfriend, too.”

“No problem,” Esmerelda said briskly, standing uncomfortably close to Mary. “Is a hug out of the question?”


Esmerelda suddenly pushed herself up against Mary, her tongue suddenly and swiftly darting into Mary’s mouth, cutting her off in mid-sentence. She drew the young girl into her embrace, pushing her across the floor until Mary fell back into the huge pile of stuffed pillows, Esmerelda pouncing on her like a cat.

“No....please,” Mary cried weekly, her plea muffled with a cry of pleasure as Esmerelda flipped up her skirt and pulled her panties aside, her fingers already probing her with a shocking familiarity. “My boyfriend.....’

“Let you come back by yourself. It was you I wanted, anyway.”

Mary’s hands pushed down on Esmerelda’s head, vainly attempting to push her away, but they soon settled and relaxed as Esmerelda’s mouth now invaded her, her tongue on target in all ways.

“Ahhhhhh! Ahhhh! Oh my God! What’s happening? What are you doing to me?” she cried out in a mixture of lust, awe, and fear.

“Exactly what I want,” Esmerelda said, preferring to let her tongue do the talking.

Her hands had found Mary’s chest now, and had quickly unbuttoned the blouse and opened the clasp on the front of the bra, Esmerelda clamping down on Mary’s breasts in a kissing and biting frenzy.

Mary’s eyes rolled up into her head, then became focused on the twinkling lights of the ceiling. They filled her eyes as she bucked back and forth, her body wriggling but her eyes focused on the lights.

The pretty, pretty lights.

“Keep watching the lights,” Esmerelda murmured, then sucked and bit Mary into her first same-sex orgasm.

Mary now pulled her left breast from its confines, and roughly shoved it into Mary’s mouth, who began to suck on it gently, then with more force as the more experienced woman forced herself on her.

Craig blinked, regained his composure, and was about to ask someone for the time when the diminutive and scant usher cruised by, silently pressing a folded piece of paper into Craig’s open palm, closing his fingers around it and quickly departing before Craig could even say anything.

He opened the note.

“Come to the back room immediately,” was all it said.

Craig paused again, vaguely recalling that he had to meet his girlfriend elsewhere, yet nonetheless he started walking down a narrow corridor away from the exit, walking as if he actually knew where he was going.

From a few closed doors he could hear giggles and snatches of conversation from the other dancers, yet he found himself at the end of the hall in front of a large curtain.

“Carmelita, are you there?” he asked, his voice vaguely masking his mix of unease and reluctant excitement.

A moment of silence, and then a soft whisper.

“Yes, Come here.”

He brushed aside the curtain, and opened his mouth to speak, but his senses were suddenly confronted with the image of large, black and white spinning wheel, which spun in the center of a large, dark room, spinning with purpose and a steady, vibrating hum.

Craig eyes widened as he thought he saw a vague female form somewhere in the circle. He wanted to speak, to introduce himself, but his mouth seemed unable to form words.

Carmelita was speaking to him now, her voice like a sudden bee-sting in his mind. Afterawhile, the words seemed to blend into one another, a wavelike washing of commands of obedience, servitude, slavery, surrender.


Watch the wheel.

Watch it as it spins.

Follow it with your eyes.

Follow it with your mind.

Watch and obey.

Watch and obey.



Where had his clothes gone? He stood there, naked and erect, lips drooped, eyes dreamily lost in the wheel, the sound of her voice, and the overwhelming eroticism of his situation.

He involuntarily placed his hands over his head, Carmelita commanding that he could not move them, no matter what would happen.

He whined with pleasure and want as she rubbed her body against his, scratching his muscular back and buttocks with her long red nails.

Suddenly, he cried out as she smacked his ass.

A beat, and then another slap, Craig gasping as he caught his breath, fear and desire causing his swollen cock to throb with anticipation and acceptance.

Carmelita’s voice was in his ear now, hissing as she bit his ear. “This is your lesson for disrespecting my older sister. You will now be punished and enslaved, my foolish little boy,” she grinned wickedly.

“My girlfriend,” he said, then lost his sentence in another cry of pleasure.

“Too late for her,” Carmelita whispered. “Now.”

“Ow! Ahhhh! No, not that! Oh my God! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Carmelita had shoved a finger up Craig’s tight virgin ass, her left hand pumping his throbbing cock in time to her backdoor probes.

She bit Craig’s neck, chewing and pulling, feeling the boy’s boiling blood as it pumped furiously in his racing veins, excited beyond experience. He reveled in his own personal rape, his come suddenly shooting through the air, his cock kicking in spasms.

Carmelita bent him over, ordering him not move his hands from his ankles.

Pulling a large vibrator out of the darkness, she pressed a button on the side of it, and a small amount of lube emerged from the surface.

Generously applying it to the long, large device, she slowly rimmed Craig’s ass with it.

Craig’s eyes widened in surprise and fear as he felt his asshole pucker, then give way to its awesome intruder. With cheeks spread wide, deep in trance, he began a low but steady moan as Carmelita pushed in the vibrator, his audibility becoming louder with each inch of entry.

Now it was in him completely, and he held his breath, his heart pounding.

Carmelita whispered in his ear again. “Don’t move,” she commanded.

The she turned it on.

Craig screamed, his body convulsing, racked with throes of passionate pain. His cock sprang to life again, and the vibration spread through his ass through him, his cheeks once again feeling the sharp sting of Carmelita’s hands. They soon shined with redness before the constant blows.

Carmelita stood behind him, laughing as she fucked him with the vibrator, now twisting his balls and biting his ass.




He came again with a roar, and fell into blackness.

Mary lovingly rimmed Esmerelda’s pussy with her tongue, her inexperience now replaced with a new need to explore her Saphhic side. This felt so wrong, but she was so turned on that she could hardly stand it. Her cunt was on fire, dripping down her legs, her body slick with the smell and sheen of her own juices.

She was naked now, as was her partner, and Mary’s thought of Craig had long faded, her mind now content to only focus on her descent into pleasure and servitude.

Esmerelda grinned evilly. She would wear the boy out first, making him stand immobile as she fucked his girlfriend in front of him. She could see him in her mind, masturbating in front of her.

She closed her eyes and sighed. Her powers of sexual persuasion were immense, a tradition and technique handed down to her by her Old World mother. A woman of strong appetites, Esmerelda enjoyed bewitching and violating young couples to suit her fancy, especially when they were white, and the woman was blonde.

Craig would be her foot servant for as long as she wished, and she would abuse him accordingly.

The simultaneous seductions lasted long into the night.