The Erotic Mind-Control Story Archive

“Fortunes Told”

by Witchman

Chapter 2

The Tompkinsville Fair was in full swing, but 18 year old Gina felt lonely and out of place.

She had caught her boyfriend cheating on her with a cheerleader, and now she had no date for the prom.

Gina hadn’t really intended on going to the fair, but having dumped her boyfriend a few hours earlier, she really had nothing else to do.

She smiled ruefully as she remembered what her mother and father had reminded her of; that she may have been conceived in a night of passion following her parents’ visit to the fair.

She paused to look at herself as she passed the Hall of Mirrors. She had her mom’s boobs, but her father’s height and hair.

She was dark haired and eyed but somewhat fair skinned, more than pretty, but her experience with boys was somewhat limited.

She wandered the fairgrounds, taking some dim pleasure in knowing some of the guys were checking her out; looking at her tight bubble butt and large breasts.

Without realizing it, she had wandered further away from the main fair area, and found herself standing in front of a fortuneteller’s tent.

“Madame Esmeralda?” Gina said aloud, to no in particular.

She shrugged again. “Maybe she can tell me when I am going to find a new boyfriend,” she thought.

She slipped past the dark curtain that served as an entrance, and found her in another world.

The room was dark and dimly lit, save for some candles, and it smelled strange and sexy at the same time.

Gina swallowed slightly when she saw the beautiful, regal, older woman who sat silently at a small black table, looking both at Gina and into a crystal ball on the table.

“Sit down my child,” the woman said.

Gina did, without knowing why.

The woman stared at Gina, looking her up and down, as though she were examining a piece of slave flesh at a market.

Gina was about to say something when the woman suddenly spoke.

“I am Madame Esmeralda. I see and know and tell all. Your name is Gina. You broke up with your boyfriend.”

Gina blinked. “How. How did you know?” she gasped.

The older woman smiled. “It might have been my magical powers,” she said coyly. “Or it might have been that you are wearing a name necklace that says Gina, your make up has runs, there is a white ring mark on your finger where your relationship ring was, and there is a chocolate ice cream stain on your shirt collar.”

Gina blushed. “Am I so easy to read?” she said.

Esmeralda smiled, only now it was teased with a predatory air. “Some people are. Your heart has been hurt and your ego damaged. You need to be erotically healed.”

Gina blinked again. What did she just hear?

As though reading her thoughts, Madame Esmeralda repeated herself. “You need to be erotically healed. A careless boy has damaged your erotic ego. You must be healed.”

Gina shook her head, the strange odors emanating from the candles befuddling her mind. “Healed. How?” she managed to ask, speaking suddenly becoming a chore.

The sexy older woman smiled again. “Let me show you,” she purred.

Her eyes lazily drifted down to the crystal. “Gaze into the crystal ball, Gina. Relax, and gaze into the crystal ball. Let the swirling fog send your mind swimming into another world.”

Gina stared. What exactly was happening here?

Esmeralda continued to speak, her voice becoming lower, lulling, slowly shifting into a husky, mesmerizing drone.

“Relax Gina. Relax. You want to understand. You need to understand. Just relax. Look into the crystal ball. Let it guide you. It will take you where you need to go. Where you need to be taken. Relax. Breathe. Watch. Hear. Feel. Obey. Go deeper. Going deeper now. Relaxing. Breathing, slower. In…and…. out.”

Gina breathed slowly, in and out, her eyes beginning to glass, the intoxicating sweet smell of the candles slowly sensualizing her system.

Esmeralda droned on, telling Gina how relaxed she was, how good it was to relax, to relax and obey.

It did feel good.

It felt good to relax and obey.

“Keep staring Gina. Fall into the fog of the craven crystal ball. Fall under my spell of sleep. You are tired and heavy now. Tired and heavy. Too tired and heavy to think. You only want to sleep To sleep. To sleep.”

Gina’s heavy eyes fell shut, and she sank into her chair with a sigh, allowing her bewitched body and mesmerized mind to surrender themselves to the enticing magic.

Esmeralda’s eyes gleamed with excitement and lust. She could barely contain herself, but sexually steadied her rising arousal. “Open your eyes but remain in this deep sexy dream state,” she said, speaking in a quick, husky tone.

Gina slowly opened her eyes, lost in a strange state of waking slumber.

“When you hear me say the phrase “Good girl Gina,” your entire body will shudder in erotic orgasmic eruption,” Esmeralda said. “Do you understand and obey Gina?”

“Yes…Mistresses…. Esmeralda,” Gina murmured.

Madame Esmeralda grinned. “Good girl Gina,” she replied, her eyes flashing with excitement as the young hypnotized girl in front of her suddenly spasmed in sexual pleasure

“Ummmmmmmmmm,” Gina cooed, her eyes rolling back into her head, then slowly back to center.

“Good girl Gina.”

Gina bit her lip, her pussy clenching as the bewitching words hypnotized her erotically mesmerized mind, pushing her body to passionate pleasure paths.

“Good girl Gina,” Esmeralda said.

Gina began to moan now. She wanted to touch herself, but Madame Esmeralda wickedly reminded her that she was too tired to touch herself; that her arms were too heavy for such a lusty task.

Gina tried to raise her arms, but could not. She could only feel what Madame Esmeralda told her to feel.

Now she was being told that her shirt was too itchy and tight, and that she wanted to take it off.

Gina took off her shirt. It was too tight and itchy anyway.

“Take off your bra, Gina,” Esmeralda said, “And go 100 times deeper under my spell.”

Gina did, and Esmeralda’s dark eyes once again gleamed in excitement when the spellbound girl’s ample bosom spilled out of her bra.

Her breasts were full and round, tempting to a woman’s fingers.

Too tempting for Madame Esmeralda now, whose knowing hands and nimble fingers were now pinching Gina’s rock hard nipples; tweaking and massaging them, whispering erotic hypnotic commands of dark delight and submissive decadence, the erotic words sleepily simmering into Gina’s mind.

She cried out in pleasure, surprise, and arousal when Esmeralda suddenly leaned across the table and nibbled on Gina’s left nipple.

Her hands seemed to be everywhere now; touching and rubbing, stroking and caressing, bringing Gina to a previously untouched place of erotic arousal.

Esmeralda suddenly waved her hand in front of Gina’s face. “Sleep,” she said, and the hypnotized teen did, her head suddenly lolling forward onto her large sweaty bosom.

Esmeralda leaned in closer, and began to whisper in Gina’s ear.

Gina slowly opened her eyes once again, only now she stood up, and began to remove the rest of her clothing, Esmeralda squirming in erotic delight as she drank in the sexy vision before her.

“Come with me, “ she beckoned to Gina, who slowly followed, like an obedient sex zombie.

Gina moved as though she was walking in a dream. She could hear muffled music, and what sounded like saxophones and orgasms.

The room was red now, dominated by red lights and a large round bed that was sensually centered in the middle of the room.

“Lay down and spread your arms and legs,” Esmeralda commanded.

Gina slowly padded over to the bed, her body nude and enchanted.

She sank into the soft silk sheets with a sigh, her mouth slightly slack, her jaw relaxed, her eyes distracted by the twinkling lights coming from the ceiling.

“Try to move your arms and legs” Esmeralda commanded.

Gina tried to move her arms and legs.

“You cannot,” Esmeralda continued.

Gina tried to move her arms and legs but could not.

Madame Esmeralda unconsciously rubbed her legs together, telling the hypnotized teen to try as hard as she could to move her arms and legs, to raise them, only to stop trying, to give up, give in, and surrender.

Gina tried as hard as she could to raise her arms and legs, but succumbed with a grateful sigh when Madame Esmeralda told her to stop trying.

Esmeralda smiled. “Good girl Gina,” she said wickedly.

Gina came with a shout, her bewitched pussy clenching, leaking a lusty line of lady lust down onto the sexy silk sheets.

As Gina slowly squirmed in erotic languor, Esmeralda calmly walked over to a small chest of drawers in the corner of the dimly lit room.

Pulling open the drawer, her perused the bevy of erotic assorted items of seduction and enslavement.

Procuring a vibrator, she languidly glided over to the bed, waving the erotic instrument back and forth in front of Gina’s heavy, glassy eyes.

“Feel speed 1 all over your body,” she said, turning the vibrator to its first sensual setting.

Gina’s body shook all over with erotic rapture. She felt as though her entire body was trapped inside a life-sized vibrator, one that was set to pleasure.

Esmeralda grinned again. “Speed 2,” she said, turning the sexual scene up an erotic notch.

Gina moaned, her hypnotized head slowly shifting back and forth, her body surrendering to the erotic onslaught.

It was mystical and magical and mesmerizing, whatever it was that was happening to her.

Gina knew the erotic feelings were very strong.


She would obey them.

When Esmeralda turned the vibrator to speed 3, Gina thought she would pass out.

Her body erotically erupted in a sexual spasm. She clenched her teeth, but could not hold back the screams of decadent delight.

She could not tell how long she had stayed trapped in the hypnotizing hold of speed 3, but it was enough to leave a large stain of lady lust on the sexy silk sheets.

When Gina’s eyes rolled up into her head again, white against the soft red haze of the room, Esmeralda held the moment for a moment longer, delightfully drinking in the sexy scene, then she turned off the vibrator, her own pussy beginning to drip when Gina’s spent body sank deeper into the sheets that were wet with her sweat and pussy perfume.

Esmeralda leered, slowly crawling across the bed; sensually snaking her bewitching body over to the sexy source of Gina’s erotic emanations.

Her tongue languidly licked around Gina’s puffy pussy lips and engorged clit, the dazed teenager once again crying out in pleasure.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” she cried, her erotic utterances lost in the sounds of the fair.

Gina moaned again. She had messed around with some of her girlfriends, but none of them had the skill of the mouth and lips and tongue that were taking her deeper into decadent delights and Sapphic seductions.

At some point, Esmeralda had switched to fingers, her own mouth now burying itself onto Gina’s, forcing her tongue into the spellbound girl’s mouth.

Her other hand was teasing Gina’s nipples to frenzy.

Gina whimpered. She wanted so badly to rise from the sexual spell binding her to the bed and grind her pussy against that of her older seductress, but her body was no longer under her control.

She could only lie there and experience the intense eroticism. Her body was feeling wonderful things, and her mind was tantalizingly teased with craven commands of Sapphic submission.

Esmeralda was on top of her now, the bewitching older woman having hiked up her tight form fitting black dress to reveal her bare and wet pussy; lowering her pussy down over Gina’s mouth, just out of the reach of her eager lips and tongue.

“Do you want me Gina?” she asked looking upside down over at Gina’s pleading face.

“Yes, please,” she begged.

“Beg for it, cunt slave,” Esmeralda teased, her pungent pussy dripping a tempting drop onto Gina’s cunt hungry lips.

“Please Madame Esmeralda let me lick your pussy!” Gina screamed, her face flushing, her pussy clenching as she once again surrendered her body and mind to the overwhelming erotic enchantment that had bewitched her.

Esmeralda smiled evilly, and slowly lowered her pussy down onto Gina’s waiting mouth.

The bewitched teenager hungrily lapped at the wet pussy before her, compensating with enthusiasm what she lacked in technique and experience.

Esmeralda sighed, graciously grinding her pussy into the mouth of the enthralled teen.

She reached between her breasts and produced a small white remote control panel, which she used to activate and synchronize the series of cameras set about the room.

Her live shows were what paid her bills. The enchantment and seduction was for fun, and sometimes for profit.

This particular show would be even more fun, considering whom some of her audience was.

As the red lights of the cameras winked on, she lowered her mouth onto Gina’s pussy, and licked her to a quick climax.

Mary’s eyes were wide with shock and lust, her soaked fingers plunging herself into an orgasm.

Her husband Craig could only stare in similar shock, disbelief, and arousal.

There they were, and there she was. His only daughter, begging for a chance to lick the pussy of Madame Esmeralda.

His aging face blushed with shame and lust, his cock twitching as he remembered the times that he himself had begged for that same privilege, as had his wife.

Once a year the happily married couple would visit the fair as they had as young people, and once a year savor the erotic wares of their mysterious seductress.

This year following their visit, Madame Esmeralda had hinted that she would have a surprise for them this year, at that they should check out one of her live shows.

Unbeknownst to the shocked and aroused husband and wife, they had been once again enchanted during one of their trip trysts to the fortune teller at the fair; and had their subconscious minds passionately programmed to keep reminding Gina that she could always come to the fair for a wonderful time.

Now they were helplessly watching their daughter being seduced by the same woman who had seduced the both of them, and it was wrong and terrible and so incredibly hot all at the same time.

Mary ripped at her clothes, leaning over the desk, staring at the computer that was playing the beguiling broadcast. “Fuck from behind so I can see!” she blurted, her face crimson with shame as her aroused body ravishingly revealed just how turned on she was by how wrong it was.

She was watching her daughter being seduced by the same woman who had seduced her and she could do nothing to stop it and the thought was making her pussy drip.

When her husband similarly stripped and slammed his hard cock into her, she came as he completely filled her.

Craig grunted and looked over the shoulder of his moaning wife. He reached around to finger her clit as his cock swelled inside her, the two of them completely lost in the lust of the moment.

When Esmeralda and Gina came, so did Craig and Mary.