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Free Hugs For Sale

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. I look ridiculous.” Usako said as she posed in front of the mirror. She was dressed in a tight, clinging black leotard that she couldn’t get to stop riding up her ass. The top left her shoulder bare and squeezed down uncomfortably on her large breasts. She wore a garter belt over the leotard, holding up purple stockings, and 4-inch knee-high leather boots to top it off.

On the hero Twilight, such a daring outfit would look sexy and confident, but all that Usako could think about was how the tight outfit emphasized how broad her shoulders were, or how well-defined the muscles of her back were.

“You look cute. And hot.” Sophia countered as she finished getting into her own costume.

“Wait, you’re wearing that?!” If Usako had felt embarrassed about her own outfit, she was doubly ashamed that she’d be seen with her best friend in that getup. Sophia was likewise dressed in a leotard, a bright red one with white vertical stripes on each side, but the entire front of the outfit was scooped out, the sides of her naked breasts and her flat stomach completely exposed. The only other pieces covering her shorter, curvier girlfriend was a thin belt and five-inch heeled boots.

“What?” Sophia didn’t see a problem with it.

“You’re going as Fusilier? She’s a sidekick. Is she even eighteen?” As bad as that instagram-obsessed heroine’s costume was, this over-sexed version blew it out of the water.

“So?” Sophia asked, her mouth stretched out into a wide, shameless grin..

“You can’t’s not right’s creepy and…” Usako tried to muster up the energy chew her friend out properly, but she couldn’t win against that devilish grin. She facepalmed, smiling behind her hand, “Fine. Whatever. Let’s just go.”

Together, the two left their hotel room and headed down to the lobby, walking towards the convention center. This wasn’t their first time in costume. In fact, the two were intimately familiar with the feel of skintight uniforms. Usako as the masked crimefighter Amazon, her muscles powerful enough to lift a cruise ship, her abs hard enough to withstand artillery shells, while Sophia was really the heroine Inferno, able to manipulate flames freely; though with her powerset, she spent far more time putting out wildfires than stopping criminals.

Normally, two professional heroes like themselves would get plenty of attention. Two pro heroes dressing in erotic parodies of two other heroines would have been a scandal. But things were different today.

Today was HeroCon!

All around them the convention hall was filled with fanboys and fangirls flocking to booths, rushing to seminars and special screenings, and shouting out catchphrases and striking poses. They were hardly the only ones in costume, and with the domino masks they were both wearing, Usako was hoping that neither of them would be recognized.

Which didn’t mean they were ignored, of course.

“Can I get a picture?” An overweight fan with glasses and a wide-angle lens for his camera asked, more nerdy fanboys whose eyes were glazing over gathering around them.

“Sure!” Sophia answered first, turning around, cupping her asscheeks as she craned her head around to still see him, “How do you want me?”

That got the fan’s cheeks going pink and his glasses fogging. Foggy glasses or no, it didn’t stop him from snapping photos to capture the moment, the rest of the fans joining in, the flashes briefly blinding Usako as she watched them devour Sophia with their cameras.

She rolled her eyes. If nothing else, her girlfriend thrived on attention. Well, as long as it was taking eyes off of her so she could enjoy the con on her own terms, she didn’t mind too—

“You look amazing! Could you strike a pose for us?” Another fan addressed Usako directly this time, making her heart race just a little.

“A...pose? Like this?” She put one hand on her hip, flexed her other arm, showing off her toned bicep.

Cameras flashed excitedly for a few seconds, after which another fan spoke up, “Do a Twilight pose!”

A Twilight pose…

Usako leaned forward, then gave her own ass a slap. She turned around and lifting her hair out the way of the view of her back. Feeling giddily brave, she even cupped her own breasts and gave them a light squeeze.

“Having fun, ehhh?” Sophia said right behind her, making Usako jump.

Trying to play it cool, she gave her a light shove, “Just following your example.”

“Well, help me out with this for one sec.”

“Help you out with...mmpff!!” Sophia cut Usako off with a kiss, their chests squished together, her grabby friend squeezing her ass as she raised one leg. Too stunned to resist, Usako needed a handful of seconds for her mind to restart long enough to give a hard push on Sophia, “Jerk!”

In that time, the cameras had been going off nonstop, a small circle of fanboys and fangirls catching every angle of the pair.

Undeterred, Sophia came in close, whispered into Usako’s ear, “Come’s fun. I get you all to myself. This is like the one day I get to show that off.”

“Hmph…” Usako grabbed Sophia’s hair by the root and lifted her onto her tiptoes, then lightly kissed her exposed neck, whispering back, “Just don’t regret it then if I get carried away…”

“Bring it!”

* * *

Half an hour later at the nearby foodcourt, Usako had her face planted on the table, covering it with both arms.

“I can’t believe you talked me into that…”

“It’s fiiiine.” Sophia replied as she popped two more fries into her mouth.

“You made me squeak. People can’t know that Amazon is a squeaker!”

“It was cute! And besides, we’re in disguise. It’s not like anyone recognized you.” Sophia washed the fries down with a long drink of her diet coke.


It had been fun in the moment, but the more attention they got, the more excited Sophia became, the more she’d do to try and grab attention. For a moment there at the end, Usako had been worried they’d be tossed out by the security. She was convinced that if any of those pictures—god forbid there was any video!—made it online, she’d just curl up into a hole and spend the rest of her life there.

“Mrmmfff…” Usako felt Sophia scratching the top of her head, and try as she might to be a gloomy mess, it was her weakspot.

“Come on. Cheer up. It was fun! You look sexy as hell in that outfit. Too sexy. We-need-to-go- back-to-our-room kind of sexy.”

Usako giggled. And it was true. She did feel sexy. And Sophia was looking hot as hell in that leotard. Cooling off with a bit of private time sounded…

“Let’s go then!”

Walking arm-in-arm, the pair started to make the short trip back to the elevator. Now that they weren’t being swarmed with photographers and oglers, Usako could take the time to appreciate the festive atmosphere a bit more. It really was a fun event. Maybe they could come back down later in normal street clothes. There was supposed a demo for new hero gear, some kind of spider-based webbing that was good at immobolizing villains.

“Excuse me. Would you like a free hug?”

There was a young woman in their path. She had fluffy pink hair the shade of cotton candy, big green eyes, and a splash of freckles across the pale skin of her cheeks. She was dressed with a simple sleeveless yellow blouse and a long white skirt. With her shy posture and delicate, modest curves, she looked adorably cute.

“Sorry, we’re in a hurry and—”

“Sure thing! Come here, you!” Sophia cut Usako off as she lunged forward, giving a big tight hug to the girl, catching both of them by surprise. The girl barely had time to return the squeeze before it was over.

“Oh wow~ This girl is good at hugs. You should try it, Usa...Twilight.”

Usako frowned at Sophia; what was the point of disguising themselves if she was going to just use her name like that? And what did she mean she was good at hugs? Usako thought that Sophia just wanted the opportunity to hug a cute, small girl for once, not a musculur brute like herself.

“Please let me give you a hug?” The girl asked sweetly, fluttering her eyelashes at her.

Well, it wasn’t her fault. And it was a convention standard. And she was cute.

“Try it! I’m not kidding, she’s really good at it.” Sophia jokingly egged her on.

Not wanting to make things any more awkward, “Okay, fine. One hug.”

Usako leaned forward, wrapped her arms around the waist of the girl, and gave a squeeze, careful to be gentle—she was so delicate looking, she didn’t want to break her. The girl returned the squeeze, one arm around the back of Usako’s neck, the other at the small of her back. With only her leotard between them, she could feel the fabric of the girl’s bra through the blouse, feel her breath on her bare shoulder.

It was nice, she had to admit. Hugs were nice. Hugging a cute girl was especially nice.

But then it got weird. She felt warmth spreading through her body, she heard herself sigh with relaxation, and her body relaxed and opened itself up, her shoulders sagging a little as she let a bit of her weight rest on the girl. It felt as if she’d been drugged, and it went a few levels beyond just ‘nice’. This was the kind of comfort she could only remember from after a long day at the spa or a long soak in a hot spring.

When the girl pulled back, broke the hug, Usako felt the warmth drain away from her, leaving her feeling a bit chill and tired, the way she felt when she’d force herself outside in the cold winter morning for exercise an hour before the sun was up.

“What...that’s not a normal hug, is it?”

“, not really. It’s my superpower! I call it Free Hug! It’s not very useful, but my hugs make people feel good. That’s why I like these cons, I can give lots of people free hugs and make everyone feel super happy all day~”

“Woah! I bet you could have a bright future paying for people to cuddle!” Sophia said excitedly, dollar signs practically showing in her eyes.

Usako gave her a punch in the arm, “Yes, but that would be unethical.” She turned to the girl, “What’s your name, young lady?”

“...Heather.” She said, her eyes looking at the ground like a little kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

“Well, Heather, you really do have a wonderful superpower. But in the future, you shouldn’t use it on people without permission. And don’t listen to this pervert about being...well, anything that you don’t want to be.”

The girl slowly raised her head as she brightened up, “Thanks, Miss Amazon! That means a lot to me, coming from you.”

“ recognize me?”

“Of course! Those strong arms, those well-defined back muscles, your hard stomach, your, your bottom is very...distinctive. Was it supposed to be a secret?”

“It about it. And please don’t tell anyone, if you would.” Though she was worried that if a random fan could guess her hero identity, then surely it’d come out after those photos went online. But now wasn’t the time to dwell on that.

“Of course! Whatever you say, ma’am. Um...would another hug make you feel better?”

Usako gave it only a brief moment to consider, “Sure. One more couldn’t hurt, right?”

The second hug felt even better than the first, both of Heather’s hands rubbing up and down her back this time. The gentle warmth was more like a pulsing heat this time, and Amazon could feel her skin beading with sweat. Pleasure was moving up and down her body like a deep tissue massage for her psyche. A deep tissue massage, her favorite comfort food, and the feel of Sophia’s tongue on her…

She blinked as Heather broke the hug off. Again, she felt that chilling cold as things went back to normal, but this time her breathing was unsteady and her body was shining with sweat.

“No fair, me too!”

Usako watched as her girlfriend hugged Heather tightly, then proceeded to melt in her arms, a dumb smile plastered on her face as she rest her chin on her shoulder, “Mmm...yeah...that’s real nice. I could get used to this.”

Usako waited from them to break, but after a minute had passed, she got impatient, pulling the two of them apart by force.

“Come on. You didn’t hug me for that long. And we need to go.” She said, eyeing Sophia. She’d been looking forward for a bit of raunchy fun while the two of them were still in these outfits, maybe a bit of roleplay. The effect of the hugs had only made that feeling worse, even if she was feeling a bit jealous of Sophia for hugging a random girl and not her.

“Oh. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” Heather apologized.

“No, no. It’s fine. But we should be going.”

“Would you like another hug, to balance it out?”

Usako swallowed. She would like that.

“I’m not sure it’s appropriate if we just...just stand around here in the open giving each other hugs. But thank you for—”

“Wait, I want another hug, and there’d be plenty of privacy if we took her back to our room. How about it, you want to hang our with Amazon and Inferno for a while?” Sophia invited her without consulting Usako, much to her annoyance. Well...not that much annoyance...she wanted another hug too.

“’re Inferno?” Heather replied. Usako could see how Sophia deflated a bit, and she knew she was feeling like she’d lost somehow in not being recognized in the same way that Usako had been.

“Yep. What do you both say?”

“I’d love to! Please?” She went on her tiptoes and stared up at Usako with her big, green eyes, “Pretty please…?”

She was a nice kid...and those hugs did feel good…

“Okay. But just for a bit.”

* * *

Things had escalated quickly. Hugging in the elevator. Hugging in the room. Hugging on the bed.

The more hugs she got, the better they felt. Hugging while being spooned was enough to make her whimper. When Sophia pulled them apart, wanting her own turn, Usako was gasping for air. Her body was drenched in sweat—she emptied a water bottle to rehydrate herself during her break—and her whole body was achingly senstive. Her pussy was tingling. Giving it a rub, she felt that it was soaked, and not just with sweat.

“I think...I think...maybe we shouldn’t do this so much.” Usako said as began to catch her breath.

Looking at Sophia though, she could see her girlfriend wasn’t listening. Her eyes were closed tight, her jaw was clenched, and she was rocking back and forth as Heather rubbed her belly. A belly rub. That looked nice. Had Heather been rubbing her belly before? It was getting hard to remember everything that happened while she was being hugged.

Heather was still conscious though. And since it was her superpower, she was the the one she had to talk to, “Heather, sweetie, I think we’ve both probably had enough. Your superpower is amazing, but I think if we did this anymore, we might just end up addicted. And you’re probably exhausted by now, right?”

Heather kept rubbing at Sophia’s belly, but her other hand slid into the plunging cleavage, touching her skin directly, sliding upward, pushing the material aside and freeing one of Sophia’s big, full breasts, which she began to squeeze and tug, “Are you sure? You’re both so nice and cool. And if it’s okay with you both, I was thinking we could to skin. It feels soooo much better when I do it that way.”

“…?” Usako’s foggy mind slowly processed the implications. In her mind’s eye she could already see it, pushing Heather’s face into her naked breasts, feeling that young, supple skin on her body. And the barriers, no filter, pure pleasure.

“I...I’m not sure...that’s a good idea…”

“It’s okay. We can just try it once and you can see how you like it.” Heather said as she broke off the hug. She rolled off the bed, then stretched her arms up over her head, loosening up after all the still hugging they’d been doing for...for how long had it been?

Heather started to unbutton her blouse, “Okay. Skin to skin. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want it. But since I can only do it one at a time, whoever gets naked first gets the first chance.”

“ to…mmm...feels so much better...” Sophia was still dazed from the last hug, her mind unable to keep up with the conversation. Her eyes fluttered as her senses slowly began to return, but as she started to pull at her leotard, “H-hey...that’s no fair. You had a head start!”

Usako blushed as she pulled the leotard the rest of the way down her legs, straightening up to stand in front of both of them naked. Shyly, she covered her breasts with one arm, her other hand between her legs, “I just...I just wanted to make sure it’s safe. And you just had a hug!”

“But I want don’t even like hugs!”

“You don’t like hugs!” Okay, that might not have made sense, “Just shut up and wait your turn!” Better?

“Now, now. Calm down girls.” Heather had finished stripping, and now that they were both nude, she grabbed Usako’s hand and gently led her back to the bed, sitting down at the edge and spreading her legs. She pulled the larger woman in front of her, Heather’s thighs against Usako’s hips. For a second, Usako felt self-conscious, feeling her face and breasts pushed against her back, but then everything melted away and she was lost in the heat. Heat like fire, consuming everything, burning her up, melting her down.

Time went fuzzy, and when she looked down she saw that Sophia was kneeling in front of her, nuzzling her thigh with her cheek, “Sophia...what’re you…”

“Shhh…” Heather gave Usako’s tit a squeeze, and her body was so sensitive it made her arch her back and let out the most embarassing moan she’d ever made, “She’s just going to make you feel good. You’ll do the same for her when it’s her turn, won’t you?”

“I...I don’t know...this is getting a bit…”

This time, Heather didn’t squeeze Usako’s breast, she squeezed Usako, pulling her tight against her, the power of the hug amplifying like two powerful magnets approaching each other, “Won’t you…?”

“Yesss…” She felt Sophia’s nose on her mons, felt her tongue pushing itself inside her pussy, and it was like lava being poured into her veins, burning her mind even more. Within seconds she was shuddering from orgasm, but Sophia wasn’t stopping, and she could already feel the next one building, her body unable to resist.

“Good girl. You like listening to me, don’t you?”

“I feels good...everything...feels so good…”

“That’s what I like to hear. So listen up…”

Everything Heather said, Usako listened as closely as she could. Even when she told her to start forgetting what it was she’d said.

* * *

When the hug was over, there wasn’t a feeling of chill anymore. She felt warm and relaxed and safe, perfectly content and at peace. She noticed that she was on the floor, and from the small drool stain on the carpet, she must have been for a few minutes at least. Picking herself up to her knees, she saw that Sophia was in the same position she’d been in.

Heather noticed she was up, “Are you ready to help your girlfriend feel just as good as you did?”

Usako languidly crawled forward, nuzzled at Sophia’s thigh, but as she looked up she was looking only at Heather, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good girl.”

Usako loved it when her Mistress called her a good girl. It made her pussy tingle, it made her body warm. It was almost as good as a hug. Her fingers plunging inside her own pussy to rub at those tingles, she began to lick and suck on Sophia’s clit the way she knew she loved best, was rewarded with the taste of fresh pussy juice and Sophia’s writhing, bucking hips.

“Good girl…” Usako could tell that Heather was talking to Sophia now, so she focused on pleasuring her, “ feels so good to do what I say, doesn’t it?”

“Yesss…” Sophia moaned.

“Sho good…” Usako echoed the sentiment.

“You’ll do whatever I tell you to do, won’t you?” From her view on the floor, she could see Heather rubbing Sophia’s belly, see the sweat being pushed around, see her fingers sink into her heavy breasts. Just thinking about how good it must feel made her pussy melt.

“ tell me…” Sophia answered in a breathless monotone.

“I’m your Mistress…”


“And you...are my submissive...obedient...helpless...slave.” Heather punctuated each word with a pinch on Sophia’s nipples.

“Submissive...obedient...helpless...ohhh...slave…!” Usako could taste just how aroused Sophia was, could feel it with the way her velvet pink walls were squeezing down on her tongue. It was so hot. She felt so hot. Everything was…

“Wuh...wait…” She stopped licking at Sophia’s pussy, looked up in confusion at Heather, “You’re making her your slave?”

Heather gave a childish little giggle, reached down and pat Usako’s head; she wasn’t as good at it as Sophia was, but it still felt better than any touch her girlfriend had, “I am. She’ll be just like you that way. You both want to be my slaves, don’t you?”

“I...I don’t know...Mistress…” She was confused. Beneath her simmering arousal she felt some a growing unease.

“No. Listen to me. You both want to be my slaves.”

“Ohhh…” It wasn’t a question. It was a command. Usako loved to obey the commands of her Mistress, “We...we both want to be your slaves. Mistress.”

“You love letting me melt your mind.”

That was so true.

“I love letting you melt my mind.”

“You’ll do anything for me.”

“Anything...for you…”

“Good get back to licking. You want your girlfriend to be just like you, don’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.” Feeling warm and safe and secure, Usako resumed eating out the blissed, tranced, nearly unresponsive Sophia. As she did, she listened to the words of programming Heather gave to Sophia, relaxed and let them reinforce her own brainwashing.

“Mmm...ohhh...ohhh…” Sophia started moaning, her body shivering, and Usako sped up, working her tongue faster and harder as she orgasmed. She wanted to make Sophia feel as much pleasure as possible, so her mind would melt just like hers had.

If she did a really good job, maybe Heather would give her another hug.

* * *