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From the Sea

Twofold Bay, 1988

Kate Hopkins ran through her notes. She was furious that they were in tatters; the work of her employer Bob Segar, and Moxxon Corporation.

Hired only a year before as a token environmental scientist (Moxxon used her appointment to offset a challenge by the environmental protection watch-dogs) she had actually gone about her work with professionalism to the point of fact of finding instances of massive illegal dumping; the very thing Moxxon wanted to deny happened.

And so, her apartment in the on-site worker’s complex was ‘raided’. Bob Segar and his cronies broke in and attacked her notes.

Her Armstad Spectrum computer was smashed. They found her stack of 3-inch floppy disks and had taken these away… she found a small fire in a garbage can in the courtyard with her melted disks.

But importantly they did not have the photos she had kept on her…. photos that were going to rock the world.

The creature that had been found was unlike any other ever known. It was female, pregnant. It’s young also passed away. Kate had been informed of its existence by Jerry Spinger, a local deputy on the Sheriff’s department.

Kate had found the call preposterous; except she had gotten to know Jerry over the past year and had become good friends… not intimate… not yet.

The creature was about 5-feet tall, bipedal, humanoid. It had dark green skin and a small amount of fur. It was aquatic. Life from the sea; in this case however it had not survived massive chemical poisoning care of Moxxon’s Outfall #5.

Dr. Julie Cavendish performed an autopsy on-site; highly unconventional, but secrecy was needed. The female had been carrying four young. The creature had modified lungs, for use underwater, but Kare believed that they could work with atmospheric conditions as well.

She took photos with her Polaroid.

As she did, and Julie worked on the body the Sheriff turned up with Moxoon’s own hired goons. Sheriff Stan Sebum immediately dismissed deputy Jerry from the ‘investigation’.

Dr Cavendish was threatened with ‘trespass’. The beach was county land, but the road she had used had passed through Moxxon’s site.

And Kate, was physically manhandled. Her camera was taken and a couple of photos seized.

Kate was furious but did not press the matter as she felt in her pocket four other photos.

Kate phone Julie.

“We need to go to the press” Julie said, furious of the way she had been treated.

“I’m concerned about the creature…” Kate said

“It’ dead!” Julie said plainly

“But it was pregnant…”


“That means it had a mate…”

“Are you worried it might be poisoned too?”

“I’m worried that when it has an urge to procreate what it is going to do if it finds its mate is dead”

Karen Harrison arrived at the beach at 9am the next day; Sunday. She had seen a lot of Moxxon cars on the track so had parked on a side-road and walked the long way around the headland.

She was relieved to find the beach to herself; though with some detritus left from Moxxon’s ‘clean-up’ of the site. She noticed a lot of kelp had been stacked near the base of the sandstone escarpment.

Karen laid her towel down and set her walkman down next to it. She looked in her bag for her headphones. “Fuck!” she cursed not finding them.

Red eyes watched her from the surf. Red eyes with vertical iris slits; like cat’s eyes. The creature needed to mate. It rose quietly from the water and moved towards Karen. Between its legs was a slitted-pouch that now opened up. A penis snaked out from within. The penis enlarged.

Karen saw it only when its shadow fell upon her. She let out a terrible shriek. Adrenaline pumped through her priming her muscles, allowing her to leap to her feet.

The creature’s over-long arms, with clawed hands grabbed her by the ankles

“Oh, noooooooo!” she screamed in horror.

It moved over her, she smelt its putrid fishy breath. “Help! Help me!” she screamed to no one.

“Please help me!”

It tore at her bikini bottoms exposing her. And then her horror increased as she felt it’s pointy cock press against her vagina.

She almost went mad in horror as she felt it push up into her from behind. “Nooooooo” she screamed.

It pushed her forward into the sand and began humping her. “No! No! No!” she cried, still struggling hopelessly, but it was too strong, too heavy upon her.

Then it released inside of her. It’s phallus erupting and sending a wave of orange semen into her. It’s phallus then deflated and retracted back into its sheath, which closed over; resembling a vagina. It got up of her

Karen stood up. She wiped the snot from her face. She honked her nose. She peeled her ruined bathing suit off her, a part of it sticking to her inner thigh where the gooey orange sperm ran down her.

She walked up to the bed of kelp. She turned around and lay down on it. The creature took sheets of kelp and rolled it up over her on both sides.

The kelp seemed to close over her, sealing her inside a cocoon of green dampness. Her eyes closed as if asleep.

An hour later Karen’s eyes opened. She pressed against the kelp and tore herself free. She stood up, naked. Her stomach swollen, heavy with her young. She strode down to the edge of the sea and squatted, just with herself hovering above the small waves.

She gritted her teeth and squeezed, bearing down as contractions came.

The first emerged from her vagina, brown-green and eel-like. It plopped into the water, turned around and the sped out to sea. Then the next, and the next and then the last. All in all she birthed four young. Karen used the seawater and washed the mucous of birth from her vagina.

Still naked she picked up her things and returned to her car… She felt a sense of joy at having birthed four healthy creatures. Her breasts were a little sore; swollen with milk that she did not need to provide.

Karen drove home naked.

Kate Hopkins drove down the road when she saw the unwelcome flashing lights in her rearview mirror.

Jerry walked up to her car.

“I’m sorry about today” he said

“You don’t realise the full implications…”

“I’m not just a country hick!” Jerry interrupted, angrily

“I didn’t mean to insult you…”

“Well you did’

“I’m sorry…”

“Look, you don’t think I find this whole thing amazing?” he said, “That creature…I’m the one who told you about it…”

“Well now thanks to your boss I’ve little evidence of its existence”

“Well… my boss has also directed me to escort you back to your apartment…”

“I need to find physical evidence…” she said

“Not today you’re not” he said


“I’m to arrest you if you don’t comply”

“On what grounds?”


“Look I know it’s a crock…” he said, “But they’ll have you in jail for at least 24hours because Judge Acaster is not going to sit on a Sunday, and tomorrow he’s going to Springfield.

“So it looks like Moxxon have won…?”

“For now…”

“So did your instructions say to escort me all the way to my apartment then?” she smiled wryly


“And then…?”

“And then?” he asked

“Will you need to escort me inside my apartment…”

“Will that be necessary?” he asked still not catching her meaning

“You could handcuff me to my bed…” she said… “If you think that is necessary…”

“Ohhhh” he said, as the innuendo snapped in his little mind, “I might just have to…” he said

He still waited however for her to turn her car around before he got in his and followed her back.

Karen parked her car in her drive-way and got out and looked at her bedroom upstairs. She leaped up to it in a single bound and climbed through the open window

Fay heard a clunk upstairs. “Karen, is that you?” she called

There was no response. She left her cooking and went up to her daughter’s bedroom and walked in just at Karen was pulling a dress over her body.

“I called out to you!” Fay said

“Sorry, Mom” Karen said

“When did you get back home?”

“Not long ago”

“You were at the beach an awfully long time..”

“I just enjoyed myself so much, Mom” Karen said.

“Patrick Quill wasn’t there was he?”

“No, Mom” Karen smiled

“You know I don’t like that boy…”

“He wasn’t there…” Karen insisted.

“Well you finish up here… I’ve got dinner almost ready…”

“I’m not really hungry, Mom”

“What?!?!” Fay gasped.


“Are you feeling alright?”

“I have never felt better” Karen said

“Well, alright, but at least come join me. You know I hate dining alone.”

“Sure, Mom” Karen said “I’m just going to ring Ebony”


Katie lay on her back on her bed, her arms above hear head. Her hands were cuffed to the iron bed-stead.

Jerry stood there, naked eyeing her.

She opened her legs.

Her hairy bush parted a little to give a wink of her moist sex.

Jerry climbed onto the bed and guided his cock between her breasts. He sat back on her stomach as he pushed her breasts together and slid his cock between them. Occasionally he moved far enough forward that she caught his cock with the tip of her tongue. She laughed each time. Her mouth hung open and then he moved forward so she could properly take him into her mouth and she caught him as he came. She greedily ate his come. She purred as she gulped his sperm down

“My turn” he said as he glided back down her body

His kisses met her breast, her chest, her stomach, and her thigh before her inner thigh, teasingly he flicked her clit with his tongue before using his fingers to open her up. His mouth pressed against her vertical mouth and his tongue entered her.

She sighed as he began ministering to her clit.

Katie soon brought her hips up against him and her body shuddered as she came, and then moments later, again, more deeply.

Ebony was Karen’s friend. They’d grown up and gone to school together. Ebony was tall, black. Karen was almost as tall, white. Ebony had answered the call the previous night and had been convinced to go to the beach. It was Monday, but they were both not working during this short college break.

Ebony enjoyed the walk to the beach despite the fact her one-piece kept riding up her ass. Karen was wearing a brand new outfit; a bikini. “I’ve not seen you in that before”

“It’s Mom’s”

“You borrowed you mom’s bikini?”

“Not exactly…” Karen smiled as they rounded the headland.

“I thought you loved that one-piece” Ebony said

“I did”

“Why aren’t you wearing it?”

“It got ruined?”


“You’ll see..” she smiled mysteriously as they found their spot and laid their towels out.

The eyes that watched them were filled with desire; the need to mate.

Karen saw it approach and she smiled.

“What the fuck?” Ebony cried.

She leapt to her feet only for Karen to grab her ankle

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Don’t fight it” Karen smiled, “It’s so good…to serve” she said

Ebony kicked out at her friend. Karen was strong and despite a foot to the face seemed to laugh it off.

The creature grabbed Ebony and spun her around and threw her to the sand, onto her stomach. Karen got up, out of the way, but found herself masturbating as she watched the creature rape her friend.

Ebony screamed for help that wasn’t coming. Her horror only magnified as it tore into her vagina with its thick pointed phallus.

It humped Ebony mercilessly and as it did her cries diminished to a whimper. And then it came in her.

Katie had waited till her part-time lover was asleep and she made her way back to the beach. She found a car parked there and looked over it briefly. It didn’t appear to have any connection to Moxxon.

She got down to the beach when she noticed the bulging lumps amongst the kelp.

She went over to the body-sized lumps and suddenly saw one, then the other rumble and shake.

Katie almost fell backwards as first Ebony and then Karen pushed their way out of they cocoons. Both women were naked, wet, and pregnant. They seemed not to notice Katie.

Both women strode purposefully down to the edge of the water and squatted besides each other; neither taking care to note the other.

Katie cursed the fact she still did not have her camera back from the law. At about this time Jerry woke and discovered Katie was gone. “Fuck!” he spat as he fumbled his boxer shorts and pants, as he dressed hastily.

Ebony squeezed and bore down as she birthed first one, then another then another creature. At the same time she was doing her third Karen began her birth-cycle.

Ebony birthed three. Karen birthed another four. Both women watched their spawn swim away then they returned to their stuff and walked off, naked to their car.

Jerry arrived at the cliff-top; not knowing about the side route. He went to the edge and was stunned by what he saw. He ran back to get his rifle.

Karen took some samples from the kelp. She added these to small vials. She then went down to the water’s edge and took some samples of the mucous that the mothers had expelled during their birthing.

Karen looked at the place where the women had obviously set up in the beach. There was nothing particularly odd about it. It was then that she heard the crack of a rifle shot

Karen leaped up and looked up to the cliff top and saw Jerry waving at her. “He’s trying to shoot me?” she thought?

When suddenly the creature grabbed her. She screamed in horror.

Jerry knelt to take another shot when suddenly he was hit over the top of the head. Ebony and Katie picked him up. “Nooo!” he screamed as they tipped him over the cliff edge.

Karen scratched at the creature when it spun her around and forced her to the sand.

“Please, noooooo!” she screamed as it penetrated her. “Noooooooo” she whimpered and then it came in her.

Naked, an hour later Karen stood up from her kelp-coffin and strode down to the surf clutching her swollen stomach.

Instinctively she stopped just at the water’s edge and squatted. Her cervix contracted and she bore down pushing first one, then anther, then another creature from her womb.

Naked she returned to her car and drove home.

Dr. Julie Cavendish was annoyed by the phone call at 10pm

“Hello?” she groaned

“Hi, Julie?”



“Do you know it’s late… late for me…?”

“No… sorry to call… but I have some amazing news…”

“What about…?”

“I found the evidence we need”


“Yes, can we meet tomorrow?”

“Err… yeah, sure… okay” Julie said, this sounded like great news “Where?”

“Down at the cove”

“The cove?”


“Why there…?”

“I can’t say too much, I think they might be listening to this line…” Karen lied, “Can you make it…?”

“Er… yeah, sure I think I can… what time?”



“Okay, I’ll see you then” Karen said

“Okay, bye”

Karen smiled to herself as she hung up the phone. Tomorrow she would return to birth again and now she had another to join her.

The End

Oh… In the morning Ebony and Katie turned up with Katie’s mom., Fay

Karen turned with her friend Julie. All five women would be inseminated and birth sixteen more young.