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Fucking My Oblivious Sister


I thought I had heard my name coming from Lina’s lips, but I ignored the sound, far too absorbed by what was playing in front of me.


I gasped when Ironman flew out of the scene, slammed by a flying bus that was thrown by the villain of the film.

Holy shit. Is Ironman okay? He must be, right? He’s suit must have prot—

Warm fingers grabbed my shoulder and shook me out of my focus.

“Hey Tyler!”

“What?” I snapped, turning to the source of the disruption.

Lina didn’t notice my annoyance. Her eyes were cast down on her phone screen and she shook my shoulders again. “Look!”

Sighing, I leaned in so close our cheeks grazed. Her intoxicating peach scent waffled into my nostrils, and I took a second to breathe her in before looking at what the fuss was all about.

It was an Instagram video of a fit woman in tight leggings doing squats, her ass jutting out towards the camera every time she lowered herself. She had a barbell on her upper back stacked full with plates, but she lifted it up with ease.

“So that’s how you do it,” Lina said, continuing to watch as the video looped back to the start. “Now I know how to squat properly.”

“Really, Lina?” I sighed. “You called me for this?” I looked back toward the television screen, and there was no helping it, a groan escaped me. “Look! You made me miss the fight.”

“Whatever.” She waved her hand at the big screen dismissively. “Nothing really happened, anyway.” She lifted her gaze, her brown meeting mine. “I mean, you already watched this movie, like what? Five times now?”

“Yes, but you know how much I love Marvel. You, of all people, should understand.”

It was true. Lina and I were huge Marvel fanatics. In fact, that was how we met each other all those years ago. I had noticed her reading a Marvel comic book at the school canteen. Being a Marvel geek myself, it was an obvious decision to walk up to her and strike up a conversation.

I still remembered the day like it was yesterday. Lina was eating her meal alone, as usual. In fact, I had never heard her voice before talking to her. She was the most shy person in my class and would avoid interactions like it was the plague.

She even looked like the stereotypical ‘nerdy girl with glasses, but actually pretty trope’. Being slim, petite, and wearing circular frames, Lina had been coined the term ‘cute’ by everyone. Her cuteness was even exaggerated with that shoulder-length bob haircut she had been rocking ever since I had known her.

Honestly, I couldn’t see her in any other hairstyle. Her look suited her so naturally, it was as if she was born for it. Though Lina had made some adjustments to her look as we grew older. Her cute, nerdy glasses were never to be seen again after she discovered contact lenses.

And with her recent obsession with the gym, she had packed on some lean muscles in her thin frame and developed some nice curves. She still had a long way to go from having an Instagram model-like physique, but she had an excellent start.

Despite all her physical change, Lina was still the same girl I had met. She still despised social interactions and would leave all the talking to me. The only time she tolerated opening her front door was to go workout with me, or head to my house.

With all the time we spent together, people always assumed we were in a relationship.

I wish.

Or maybe it was better if we stayed friends.

Honestly, I was conflicted about my feelings with Lina.

On one hand, I was attracted to everything about her. Her angelic innocence, her childishness, her submissiveness, her milky skin, her soft hair. Fuck. Just everything.

On the other hand, we had known each other for over eleven years and she was basically my sister. We saw each other every day and did everything together.

It was insane to even think that we had known each other more than we hadn’t. I just turned twenty-two, and Lina clocked in on that number five months after me.

Even though we were the same age, sometimes it felt like she hadn’t hit twenty yet. Her childish antics annoyed me, but maybe she acted that way because she had little experience in social interactions. Her parents were always at work and never had much time for her, so she basically lived at my place.

And even though we had talked about every subject under the sun, mentioning anything remotely sexual would make my best friend turn bright red and change subjects. She had never mentioned her period, any cramps she experienced, topics about sex, relationships, or even boys.

Sometimes, I wondered if she really was attracted to the opposite sex. But I knew her more than anyone else.

Lina was definitely straight.

“Whatever,” my best friend said, sticking her tongue out at me. I always hated when she did that.

In the past, I thought the childish move was dumb and annoying. Now, as we grew older and as our body matured, the impulse of leaning forward and sucking on that glistening, pink muscle was driving me insane.

Lina went back to her phone. I shook my head and resumed watching the film playing in front of us.

My peace was quickly broken a minute later.

“Tyler, look! Look at this!”

This time, I held back my sigh. I sat back up and leaned into her just as she slanted into me. We bumped shoulders, and her light fruity scent invaded my space again.

What was she showing me this time? Some kind of meme? The amount of unfunny memes I was forced to witness over the past week had me almost allergic to them.

But it wasn’t some lame meme. In fact, it was the last thing I had expected to watch.

The video showed a man on a stage waving a pocket watch in front of a lady. The lady had her eyes half-closed and her pupils were evidently unfocused, enthralled at the swaying watch in front of her. Her head was moving from side-to-side, in perfect sync to the timepiece.

I felt enthralled by the video, the movie now a background blur. Lina must have felt the same because her eyes never left the screen. A soft gasp escaped her lips when the man snapped his fingers and the woman went completely limp.

Over the next minute, I watched the most bizarre acts playing in front of my eyes. The woman was made to do impossible things. The hypnotist commanded her to balance on a shaky stool that was only supported by two legs, then had her plank on top of a thin wooden pole.

It was just highlights after highlights of insanity. The hypnotist made the woman forget her name, made her unable to say the word ‘three,’ and Lina burst into a giggling fit when the woman was asked to count to five.

The video ended shortly after, but we were both speechless and still looking at the blank screen. Aside from the occasional explosions and short dialogues from the TV speakers, the room was silent.

Lina was the first to break the peace. She looked at me, and there was a twinkle in her brown eyes.

“Cool, huh?”


She was staring at me intently, probably trying to figure out what I was thinking. To be honest, I didn’t really have anything in my mind. Just how crazy the video was and how beautiful her eyes were.

Then she said something that made the world stop.

“Maybe you could try hypnotizing me?”


“Tyler?” she prompted when I just looked at her.

She straightened her back and turned, crossing her legs once her torso was parallel to me. “Hello? Can you say something?”

“Yeah,” I found myself saying.

“So, could you try hypnotizing me? It could be fun.”

I tried to shrug lamely, as if it were no big deal. “I don’t even know where to start. Hell, I don’t even have a pocket watch.”

“That’s okay.” My best friend stood up. I frowned when she walked away and went upstairs, probably towards her room.

Within a minute, she reappeared holding a pocket watch in hand.

“Here,” she whispered, handing the watch to me. I didn’t know why she was whispering as if someone could be eavesdropping on us, but she sounded sexy as fuck. I worried she would notice my hardening length.

I crossed my left leg over my right and took the timepiece without a word. It looked antique and had a surprising amount of weight to it.

Turning it over in my palms, I pretended to study it. In reality, I was a train wreck inside. Why was I feeling so horny? Over the recent years, I have developed hard-ons around my best friend, but the uncomfortable event was rare, and not a huge problem since I could direct my thoughts to something else and the hardness would deflate within a minute or two.

But right now, try as I might, I couldn’t do anything about my growing erection. Every time I tried to tunnel my focus on something other than Lina, somewhere along the way, visions of my friend under a trance, completely at my will would reappear.

God. The things I would do to her. I would destroy her petite frame like—

No. No, stop it. These thoughts were disgusting and wrong. Lina was basically my sister, for god’s sake. We always told other people we were siblings. What the fuck is wrong with me?

I must have been frowning because Lina tilted her head.

“Is something wrong?” she asked, her brown eyes studying me. “You don’t like it?”

“No, no.” I shook my head, my movements quick, and my voice two octaves higher than normal. “I-it’s fine. Everything’s fine.”

I touched my cheek. Was everything fine?

Nope. My face was burning. I had to face reality.

I was flustered.

Lina must not have noticed because she plopped down next to me, and I wished she wasn’t so close. Our thighs were touching and my boner, completely rock hard by now, was hidden under crossed legs.

As a straight male, it wasn’t all that crazy for me to be attracted to a woman like her, especially since we were so close. She was cute, but as her body matured, Lina’s natural beauty surfaced.

Guys at the gym would hit on her and try to extract her number. Of course, innocent, ignorant Lina would be unaware of what they were trying to achieve, so she would just assume the lusty men were just trying to be friendly.

I would have to step in and tell them to fuck off. I had always assumed I was just being a protective older brother, but now I knew exactly why I had been unnecessarily pushy.

It wasn’t for her benefit; it was for mine.

I wanted her for myself.

“So you would do it?” Lina leaned even closer to me until our lips were just inches apart. I knew the move wasn’t anything sexual to her. She did this often whenever she really wanted me to do something for her.

My best friend would lean in really fucking close and would stare into my eyes until my will was sapped, and I had to agree with whatever absurd requests she had.

“Would you try hypnotizing me?”

I almost moved forward to capture those plump lips. Lips that I knew no one had the luxury of tasting before. The only reason I didn’t give in to my primal instincts was because I had a hand behind my back and I was pinching myself with all my might.

The sexual tension in the room was obvious. But Lina didn’t notice it. She just blinked innocently at me, knowing that I would eventually say ‘yes’.

“So?” my little sister chided.

I had to convince myself that she really was my blood sister. That way, I could get the unwanted thoughts out of my head for good.

“I-I don’t know where to start,” I told her. “I have like… I have never hypnotized someone before.”

She leaned in even closer.

Kiss her.

Kiss her.

No! No, stop it!

“It can’t be that hard,” Lina said. “Just wave the thing in front of me and say some words. I mean, just google it! I’m sure there’s a script online you can read to put me in a trance.”

I shifted backwards so our lips weren’t almost touching. There was no way I could trust myself with us being inches apart.

“If it was so easy, then everyone could be a hypnotist,” I told her. “There’s no way this could work.”

Lina bounced up and down on the couch.

“Come onnnnnnn, Tyler,” she pouted. “Pleaseeeeeeee? Just try? For me? Please?”

I sighed. “Why? Why do you want to be hypnotized, anyway?”

Instantly, she grew quiet. Her eyes snapped away, and she cast her gaze towards the television. The movie had already ended and the credits were rolling.

“I don’t know,” she said simply.

“What? What do you mean you don’t know?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know.”

The sudden shift in her attitude made it clear why she was eager to get hypnotized. There was only one topic that could make her act like this.

Anything sexual.

The realization hit me like a truck.

Being hypnotized was a kink for her.

If my cock was rock hard before, it was nothing compared to this. Pre-cum spilled over my tip, wetting my underwear.


I shifted in my seat, trying to find a better way of getting comfortable with a throbbing hard-on straining against my shorts.

This was all weird to me. I always had assumed we both knew everything about each other. But there was always one glaring gap of knowledge between both of us.

Lina didn’t know anything sexual about me, and it was the same for me towards her. Now that I knew something she found sexual, it was as if I was looking at her with fresh eyes.

She wasn’t little Lina anymore. The sweet innocent girl I had to keep protected at all costs. Right then, all filters were off. The girl in front of me was just Lina. A grown woman that denied her own attractiveness and was still getting comfortable with her own sexuality.

She was submissive. Inexperienced. Cute.

And most importantly…

A virgin.

The dream woman.

My dream woman.


I must have heard that high-pitched, girly voice a billion times by now. It should be familiar to my ears, but as she spoke my name, all the blood in my head rushed down south and it was hard to think straight.

“Tyler?” Lina said again, a frown etching her lips. “So, is that a yes?”


She did little quick claps with her hands. “Yayyyyyy!”

I watched her scoot backwards. There was a good distance between us now.

Good. If I was a hair close to her any longer, I might lose control. I still could smell faint traces of peaches and it was keeping my cock rock hard.

“Go google a quick guide on hypnosis,” Lina said, grabbing the remote off the coffee table and switching the TV off.

I did exactly that, fumbling on my phone. I clicked on the first link titled ‘How to Hypnotize someone with a pocket watch’.

The instructions were simple enough, but there were a lot of disclaimers written between the instructions informing me that hypnotizing someone requires a lot of practice and that I need a willing volunteer. It also told me I needed to establish a level of trust with the person getting hypnotized or the volunteer would never fall into a trance.

Well, I could check two out of the three boxes. Lina was definitely willing, and I knew she trusted me with her life. In fact, I was the only person she fully trusted. I knew more about her than her parents did.

Practice was the only problem. But I figured if it didn’t work then, and I failed to put my best friend into a trance, we could always try next time.

I looked up from my phone and addressed my eager friend.

“Okay, it says here to… wait.” I tilted my head back down and scanned the instructions again. “Okay, Lina, I want you to relax. Do some breathing exercises with me.”


The guide listed several relaxation exercises we could try. We did them all.

I was both nervous and excited about what we were doing, and it was clear Lina was feeling the same. Her breaths were quick and her chest was rising and falling rapidly. It took us three different relaxation exercises until we both experienced the effects of calmness.

“Remember, five seconds inhale,” I instructed. “A five seconds hold, then a five seconds exhale. Repeat that ten times.”

As I performed the exercise, Lina followed, our breaths in perfect sync as we both counted down from five internally. Our eyes were locked onto each other and had been for a minute now.

When we finally finished our sixth relaxation exercise, Lina’s breaths were steady and there was a soft smile on her pretty features.

Great. Onto the next step.

I broke eye contact and muttered out the next instructions. When I finished reading the paragraph, I looked back up and repeated what I had said, more loudly and clearly this time.

“Okay, Lina,” I said, extending my right arm and letting the pocket watch fall from my palm and onto her soft gaze. The watch hung under my grip from a silver chain and I swung it from left to right.

“Lina, I want you to—”

I didn’t need to instruct her. Her eyes were already fixated on the antique watch, her head swaying side to side.

The first part of the script was already ingrained in my mind. I didn’t need to look down. I watched my beautiful sister sway her head left and right, in perfect sync to the watch.

“Just relax, Lina,” I told her. “I want you to feel completely relaxed, free from all problems. You have no stress when you are following the watch and listening to my voice. You’re now free.”


I frowned. Had she just repeated what I said?

And her voice… it was not like her usual girly tone. She breathed the word out in a low, deep husk that made me want to jump her bones.

I had barely swung the watch in front of her and she was already slipping in a trance?

There was no way it was that easy. Either Lina was so into being hypnotized that she was acting her fantasies out, or she was playing a prank on me.

Whichever one, I didn’t really care. Watching my best friend’s half-closed eyes and her speaking to me in that deep tone was more erotic than any porn video I have watched.

Somewhere along the way, I had uncrossed my legs, and I quickly swung one leg over the other, covering the enormous tent under my shorts.

“Listen to the sound of my voice,” I told her, my own voice turning deeper as I grew hornier. I was hyperconscious of my tone as I recited the speech, trying to make it sound back to normal. But no matter how hard I tried, it stayed lower than baseline.

“Focus on every syllable of my words. That’s right. Nothing else matters. Everything else is just background noise. From now on, you can only hear the sound of my voice and nothing else. Do you understand?”

As I spoke the last words, I looked down at my phone. I was almost done with the script, and I was internally reading the last part when Lina parted her lips.


There it was again. The low sexy husk that was driving me nuts. I snapped my eyes back to Lina, but she paid no attention to me. She was still moving with the pocket watch, her brown eyes glazed over.

Left, right. Left, right.

I shook my head in disbelief. If my best friend was acting, she should be in Hollywood. The entranced expression on her face looked completely believable.

Whatever. I recited the last part of the script.

“As you follow the movement of the watch, you will find yourself falling asleep. Do you feel sleepy, my little Lina?”


Both of her eyelids were twitching, begging to snap shut.

My little Lina.

Really, Tyler? Really?

I almost laughed, reading back the paragraph. Written on the script told me to say exactly that.

… you will find yourself falling asleep. Do you feel sleepy, my little -name—? Pause for exactly five beats, then continue…

Smiling, I counted to five and read the final few sentences.

God, my hand was starting to feel tired from holding the watch for far too long.

“Good girl, Lina,” I said, shaking my head as I read the ridiculous lines. “Your eyelids are so heavy, aren’t there, Lina? So, so, so heavy.”


My cock twitched at her voice. I ignored the reaction and finished the instructions.

“Yes, they are so heavy, my little girl. You want to fall asleep, but you cannot close your eyes, can you, Lina? You cannot look away from the pendulum, can you?”


“That’s okay. Because when I snap my fingers, I want you to give up your struggles and allow yourself to be free. Do you understand?”


Lina’s breaths were heavy, and I was almost mesmerized myself looking at her breasts pushing in and out of her shirt. They weren’t large, but I never preferred big busts, anyway.

I tore my gaze away from her chest because it would be weird gawking at them for so long. Lina might quit her acting and slap me for being so crude. But when I looked back at her face, I received the shock of my life.

Not only were her eyelids twitching rapidly, spasming out of control, but a large amount of drool was pooling down the right edge of her lips. A few more seconds and her saliva would be on the couch.

I almost got up to retrieve a tissue paper, but I just needed to do one more thing. The instructions told me to wait a good ten seconds before I snapped my fingers, and the timer was up.

I snapped my fingers and gasped when Lina’s eyelids snapped shut and she fell limp sideways—towards the ground.

I didn’t know how the hell I reached her in time, but I did. The pocket watch dropped to the couch as I started forward, my arms outstretched, catching her precious body before she tumbled off the sofa.

“What the hell?” I snapped at my best friend. “Lina, this isn’t funny. You could have seriously hurt yourself.”

Her head was slumped against my chest and I could feel her hot breaths as she replied to me.

“... hurt myself?”

She was still speaking in that ridiculously sexy voice. This joke or act or whatever this was had gone too far.

I gripped her shoulders and pulled her away from me so I could see her face. Her hair was a mess and so I afforded a hand to swipe the strands away.

Lina’s eyes were still closed, and her chin was wet with saliva. Drool had started to drip down, and I cursed under my breath as my thighs became wet.

“Lina, this isn’t funny.”

Her lips parted. “Funny?”

“Yes, quit this act.”

A pause. Then,


I sighed. Okay, if she wanted to pretend she was hypnotized, then I might just go along with it. Just for the time being.

This sexual fantasy of hers was odd. But then again, perhaps my attraction to her was weirder.

“Okay, Lina,” I said lamely, the gears turning in my mind. I wanted to tell her to do something so ridiculous, she wouldn’t possibly subject herself to the humiliation. The idea came quickly.

I smirked. “Lina, I want you to quack like a duck.”

I expected her to burst out laughing now at my absurd request. As immature as Lina was, there was no way she—


I gasped and shot back when Lina jerked up and placed her hands on her hips, and then flapped her elbows as if they were wings. “Quack! Quack! Quack!”

What the fuck?

I stared at the ridiculousness of what was in front of me.

Lina would never do this. Never.

Could it be? Was she really hypnotized?

My cock throbbed at the possibility.

“Quack! Quack! Quack!”

“O-Okay, stop. Stop!”

She obeyed immediately. Her lips snapped shut and her hands fell limp by her sides. Lina sat there, eyes closed, swaying gently from side to side, as if waiting for my next command.

There was no way she was in a trance. I was a complete novice at hypnosis. I couldn’t just read some random guide online and just hypnotize someone so easily like that, right?


I grabbed my phone from the edge of the couch, almost dropping it as I started fumbling words on Google. I needed to know if it was possible for a scenario like this to happen and the results that popped out were astonishing.

Apparently, this wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. There were several articles that reported people experimenting with hypnosis and ‘accidentally’ putting another person into a trance.

As I read on, it became clear why my best friend might have slipped into a trance so easily. There had to be a high level of trust between the hypnotist and the person getting hypnotized. The higher the trust level, the easier it was for the hypnosis to work.

And not only that, all the reports had one thing in common.

The people getting hypnotized were all submissive in nature.

Lina definitely didn’t mind giving up control. In public, especially in crowded areas, she was like a precious sheep, following me around everywhere and allowing me to talk for her. I always had to order for both of us in restaurants and she had always asked me for permission to go to the restroom when we were out.

I think it might be because of her upbringing. She had been neglected and every single interaction with her parents involved her having to do something or go somewhere.

It was always ‘Lina do this’ and ‘Lina do that.’

She was used to getting ordered around, and I think deep down, she craved affection and attention.

When I entered her life, I gave her plenty of both. We were almost inseparable. Hell, she even started sleeping over at my house when she was thirteen. We would travel to school in the same car.

Her parents were more than happy for me to be her nanny. They didn’t need to pay me a salary, and they knew I would take care of her.

Thinking back, it was fucked up for them to ditch their only daughter like that, but maybe it was better for them to not be so involved in her life. Except for giving her a nice, big house to stay in and providing her food, they were almost strangers to her.

I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I mull over her past. At least she had me.

I needed to find a way to wake her up and tell her what happened.

I loaded back to the website that had taught me how to hypnotize her. Scrolling through the page, I frowned when I saw no mention of how to wake a person out of a trance.

Should I just say ‘Lina, wake up,’ and snap my fingers? Does it work like that?

A low sound made me jump.



Did I just hear…

No, it can’t be.

Did… did Lina just…

Did she just moan?

My phone slipping from my fingers was an afterthought as my head snapped forward.. What I saw confirmed the absurd thought and the vision of her angelic innocence was shattered in an instant.

My adopted sister, the woman that has never said the word ‘fuck’ or ‘sex’ in her entire life…

Her eyes were still shut, but her lips were parted, and she was breathing heavily through them. Her right hand was jammed underneath her shorts and by the movement of her arms, it didn’t take a genius to figure out what she was doing.

“L-Lina?” I called out to her.

“Hmm?” Her chin jerked in my direction, but her eyes never opened.

I didn’t know what else to say. I just stared as my sister masturbated right in front of me. Even though she was in her twenties, it seemed like an impossibility that she even knew how to finger herself. But looking at how comfortable she was, it was obvious that she had done this before. Many, many times.

I had to do something. What she was doing felt… it was just wrong. Lina was in a deep trance and didn’t know what she was doing. Her conscious mind wasn’t present.

I started forward and grabbed her right hand. She inhaled sharply when I pulled her hand out from under her cotton shorts. Her fingers were soaked, dripping with arousal, and it was leaking down to my thighs, mixing in with her saliva there.

The sight. The fucking sight of her beautiful face, her parted lips, her juice dripping onto me. Her delicious peachy scent…

All those combined drove my animalistic side. I didn’t think before I acted and I made the worst mistake in my life when I dropped her soaked fingers, leaned in aggressively, and did the forbidden thing I was fantasizing about doing for years.

I kissed her.

* * *

I had made out with a few girls before. Mary, Alana, Phoebe, that one girl I had a one-night stand with.

I loved the one-nighter the most. I couldn’t remember the woman’s name, but she had possessed curves my ex-girlfriends didn’t, and her lips tasted sweet as cake.

Lina’s lips made the one-night stand obsolete. Sad, almost.

Holy fuck, her lips felt divine. They were soft, plump, wet, and best of all, they tasted like fucking peaches.

How the fuck can she taste this good? Was my dream woman living under my nose the whole time?

And this was just her lips. I almost came thinking about how her pussy might feel.

I was aggressive with her. All thoughts about how wrong it was to kiss her, how disgusting it was to take advantage of her in this situation… all those were washed away as pleasure ripped through me.

I tackled her mouth and pushed her against the pillows as I sucked hard on her upper lips, then her bottom. Her fruitiness exploded in my taste buds, making me moan from how addicting she tasted.

“Tyler?” I heard her lips move against mine, her words muffled. “What’s happening?”

I gasped, then jerked backwards, my eyes wide with fear and shock.

Lina’s eyes were half-opened. They were still glazed over, but life was forming back into them.

“Tyler?” she murmured at me, her voice low and hazy. Then her eyes snapped back shut and she slumped to the side.

“Uh.” I prodded her limp body, feeling dumb. When she didn’t respond, I spoke up. “Lina?”

The sexy low voice was back.


“Are… are you okay?”


Her right hand reached for shorts again and I watched, almost in a daze, as she slipped under and began pumping her arm up and down.

Having no idea what the fuck just happened, I scanned the couch until I saw my phone. I grabbed it and did some Google search.

The low moans coming out of my adopted sister were a goddamn turn on, but I was adamant to find out why she had ‘woken’ up.

I received my answer after some digging. Hypnosis wasn’t what I had imagined it to be. I couldn’t make her do anything I wanted. The level of trust mattered. Since Lina trusted me so much, I could push her to do things she didn’t necessarily want to do.

But if I sailed past the imaginary red line and made her extremely uncomfortable, her consciousness would resurface as a defense mechanism.

A part of me was severely disappointed. Clearly, my sister didn’t share the same feelings I had recently developed for her.

I just need to find out where her limits were. How far could I push without waking her up?

I felt like the absolute worst human in the world, but with how horny I felt, all I could think was Lina and Lina alone. I had tasted a sampling of what she could offer, and I was hooked for life. There was no going back from this.

I shifted closer to my sister, admiring her barely audible grunts as she pleasured herself. The answer to why she was fingering herself wasn’t important to me. It was amazing seeing her like this.

Lina was wearing a light pink shirt and black cotton shorts, her usual casual attire. Outside, she would put on a cute dress, usually a light color, pink being her favorite. But her outfits have always disappointedly covered most of her skin.

Usually I was okay with that, but with my newfound lust for her, I wanted more.

When I was close enough to my sister, I placed a hesitant palm on her left thigh. She didn’t react. Her eyes were still closed and her breaths were still hot.

Confidence grew in me and I skated my hands up, my fingers trailing up her thighs. I slipped under her shirt and lightly ran my fingers up her smooth stomach. Lina paid no attention to me. So holding air in my lungs, and then exhaling it in a long, drawn out breath, I went even higher. Towards her breasts.

The reaction was immediate.

She gasped, loud enough to make me retreat. I jerked my hands back to where they belonged.

Lina’s eyelids lifted slightly, and I thought that was it. I had been caught red-handed groping her boobs, and it was all over for me.

But then, her shoulders dropped, and her eyelids fell with them. She was back in a trance, masturbating with her eyes shut.

Shit, that was close.

So, I couldn’t touch anywhere intimate, and I couldn’t kiss her. Disappointment washed over me. I decided to just cut my losses and wake her up. I could try hypnotizing her again in the future and maybe by then, I could figure out a loophole.

But as I opened my lips to command her to wake up, a thought struck me like a lightning bolt.

If her defense mechanism triggered when she didn’t feel comfortable with something, what if I changed her perspective of what was and wasn’t comfortable?

It was a far-fetched idea, but I had to try. I would do anything to taste that exotic lip of hers again.

After all, if everything felt normal and as it should be in her mind, then there wasn’t a reason for her to act up.


“Lina,” I said, my voice shaky and my fingers trembling. I have never been this nervous in my life, and it was ridiculous for me to cower in front of my sister.


“From now on, whenever there is anything sexual between us, whether it be us being naked, or me looking at you in a lustful way, touching you in inappropriate places, or even kissing or fu..” I stopped and steadied myself. Seriously, get a grip, Tyler.

“… fucking you. You’ll not be able to register it.”

I didn’t know what the hell I was saying, but I continued on.

“In your eyes and in your mind, instead of these inappropriate acts, you will see me doing something completely ordinary and unusual.” I suck in a quick breath. “Do you understand?”

I steeled myself for a reply. Maybe I was talking gibberish and what I was saying was impossible. Maybe what I—


“You will?” I didn’t realize I said that aloud until she opened her rosy lips again.


I nodded, feeling that my heart was about to burst from my chest. I should snap her awake now, if that even worked. If she didn’t react, I would shake her awake.

But was I really done? She was still in this extremely suggestible state, and I should use this to my full advantage.

Aside from making love to my sister, what else did I desire from her?

The answer came quickly.

My dream woman would not only be loving towards me, she should also be extremely submissive.

She should address me as her Master.

Could I do it? Could I ‘trick’ Lina into calling me her Master?

“Lina,” I said, my words still wavering, my heart still pounding. “From now on, instead of calling me Tyler, you will call me Master. In your mind, you would not notice the difference between the two words. There isn’t any significance in the word ‘Master’. To you, it’s the same as my name, and you will say it like it’s second nature and no big deal. Do you understand?”

Another immediate response.


Was that it? Had her mind really accepted the command?

There was only one way to find out.

“Lina, when I snap my fingers, you will wake up. You will not remember what happened while you were in this trance. You will wake up feeling refreshed and the last thing you remembered was showing me the clip of the woman squatting weights. Do you understand?”

I really didn’t know if snapping my fingers was going to work or not. In movies, it did, but from what I had learnt over the past hour, hypnosis was vastly different than in real life.

Another affirmative from her.


I snapped my fingers.


Her reaction was so immediate it caught me off guard. I stared at her wide-eyed. Lina’s eyes were already fully opened, and she looked at me with her soaking wet right hand extended towards me.

“Look,” she repeated, shifting towards me and then showed me her wet hand. Her voice was back to her normal tone. All high pitched and cute.

When I stared at her empty hand, confused. She noticed she wasn’t holding anything.

“Wait.” She frowned. “Where did my phone go?” Then she noticed the condition of her hands. “Wait… why… why is my hand so wet?”

I held my breath. She looked at her hand, then back at me.

With a bewildered expression coloring her pretty features, she stood up and walked towards the kitchen. I didn’t realize I was still holding my breath until she returned a minute later and I had to heave for air.

If Lina noticed me acting weird, she didn’t show it. Instead, she grabbed her phone on the other side of the couch, swiped it unlocked, then plopped down next to me where our knees touched.

We had done this a million times, but this time, it felt worlds different. I was the horniest I had ever been in my entire life, with a raging hard on, soaked underwear, and my lips were still tingling from the faint taste of her.

“Ah!” my best friend exclaimed, scrolling through her Instagram feed. “I found it! Here, look at this, Master!”

When I just stared at her, she frowned.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

I shook my head.

She studied me for several more seconds before shoving her phone in front of my face where a meme video was playing.

The video was a blur in my vision. She had said the word so nonchalantly, so naturally, as if she had called me that throughout her entire life.

I fucking loved it.

Fuck, everything about her was addicting. Why hadn’t I noticed this before?

I turned towards her. “Lina?”

She frowned when she saw I wasn’t paying any attention to the phone. Withdrawing her hand back, she stuck her tongue out at me. “What?”

“Can you say my name again?”

I knew how weird the request sounded, but I didn’t care.

And I needed her to say it again.

And again. And Again.

Her frown deepened. “What?”

“Could you say my name again? Please?”

“Oooookay…” She paused. “Master?”

When my breathing increased, and my nostrils flared, her eyes flashed with concern.

“Umm… are you okay, Master? Could you tell me what’s going on?”

Master. She was actually calling me Master.

“Master,” Lina said. “Are you—”

I was even more forceful with this kiss than the last. Our nose collided as my lips crashed into hers. I was rewarded with that mouth-watering peach taste again.

Half of me expected Lina to go berserk. She would shove me off her and slap me hard.

None of that happened. Instead, she continued talking to me as if our lips weren’t sealed tight.

“Are you okay?” she asked again as I sucked on her bottom lip and pulled on her hair. At least that was what I thought she said. Her words were slurred as she tried her best to speak.

“I’m okay,” I told her, feeling completely drunk with lust and pleasure.

“Good.” I felt her lips move as she smiled. She wrapped her hands around me and scrolled through her phone again, her expression passive, as if me kissing her was no big deal. As if she didn’t even notice it.

Exactly what I had hoped.

I now had confirmation that the hypnosis had worked. I had changed the way her mind saw things. She wouldn’t register anything sexual I did to her anymore, which meant…

I could fuck her and she wouldn’t stop me.

The realization had me hopping off her. Lina squealed as I jumped off the couch and began stripping my clothes off. My shirt was the first out of the way, and when I slid down my pants, I saw that my underwear was indeed completely soaked. I stripped myself bare and half-braced for a wild reaction from Lina.

None came. She was still fixated on her phone, a soft smile spreading across her swollen lips as she watched something that amused her.

Arousal was still dripping from my tip, coating the floor. I stepped towards her, my cock swaying side to side, pre-cum falling everywhere, but her gaze was glued to the small screen.

“Hey!” Lina said when my greedy hands gripped the hem of her shirt.

I steeled for a scolding, but she just shook her head. “Be gentle, okay?” Then she went back to whatever she was doing on Instagram.

Following her comment, I tugged on her shirt. Lina raised her arms up and allowed me to peel the pink shirt off her.

She wasn’t wearing any bra, and I stared at utter perfection. I had never seen her bare breasts before. I had been close, several times, but my eyes never laid upon those beautiful globes in its full splendor.

Just as I envisioned, her tits were just the right size for me to palm. I eagerly reached and cupped her wonderful breasts, feeling how plump and soft they felt.

Her nipples grew hard as I kneaded her sex globes. The pink buds became little pebbles underneath my hands, and a low, barely audible moan escaped Lina’s lips.

Her eyes darted towards me, her brown eyes showing panic. When I looked back at her, she quickly snapped her gaze away and coughed into a fist, her cheeks forming a light shade of pink.

Was she... was she trying to hide her moan?

I briefly wondered how she must be feeling. She was no doubt getting turned on by my actions, and was probably wondering why her body was heating up so much, when, in her mind, nothing weird was going on.

Did I feel bad doing this to her?

Yeah, kinda. She was so naïve and innocent, and I was abusing her trust in me. But as long as she never became aware of what I was doing to her, it wouldn’t hurt.

After all, ignorance was bliss.

And I would take care of her as long as I lived. There was no harm in a little sex here and there while we were together. In a way, it was a fair trade. I would provide her the attention and companionship she so desperately craved, and she would provide me with an insane amount of sexual pleasure without even realizing it.

And fuck me, her body was beautiful. Not only were her breasts perfect looking, hanging firmly on her chest, her skin was radiant, almost milky looking, her stomach was flat, and her legs were smooth.

Fucking perfection.

Having had enough of massaging her little breasts, I took off my hands and replaced them with my lips. I paid special attention to her left tit first, pressing the pad of my tongue around her pebbled nipple, then licking over it.


I didn’t answer her, far too absorbed at the texture of her nipples against my tongue than to register her words. I focused on her right tit next, sucking and softly nipping her plump flesh, then making my way towards her nipple, sucking on that too.

“Hey, Master.” There was a sharp edge to her voice. “Why aren’t you answering me? Are you ignoring me or something?”

“I’m sorry,” I said, between sucking hard on her right nipple and licking the top curve of her right tit. “I’m just a little… busy.”

“Well… I don’t see you doing anything. So, can I please ask you something?”

I was done with her breasts. There was more of her to worship than just those little sex globes. My lips made their way south, and I trailed soft kisses down her stomach, remembering to reply to her when I reached her belly button.

“Uh.. yeah, yeah. Sure.”

“Do you think I can get a booty like this?” She flipped her phone around to show me a picture of a ridiculously fit woman posing with her ass cheeks out.

I afforded a few seconds to look at the small screen before resuming where I had left off. My knees were on the ground and I was positioned in between her delicious thighs.

“You know how insecure I’m about how small my body is,” Lina said. “Maybe I can relieve that anxiety by having a better body, you know?” Her gaze was nailed on me, but she didn’t seem annoyed that I wasn’t paying much attention. “Do you think I could improve my body with time?”

It seemed like a loaded question. In normal circumstances, I would have mulled over her question for a few minutes before answering her seriously. But her inquiry seemed like the least important thing in the world compared to what I was about to do.

I gripped the ends of her black cotton shorts and pulled. The article of clothing slipped down her thighs and a groan escaped my lips when I saw pink panties.

“What?” Lina raised a brow. “What does ugh mean in this context? Wait.” Her cute voice grew hard. “Am I bothering you or something, Master? Because it seems like it.”

“No, no, no, no, no.” I shook my head, shaking from both my frustrations of her wearing panties, and me being such an inattentive big brother. “I don’t mean that.”

I looked at her brown eyes and they grew soft as she realized I was taking her seriously now. I spoke the truth. “Lina, I think you can do whatever you set your mind to do. You’re smart and hardworking. So, please don’t doubt yourself.”

Her smile was angelic. “Thank you, Master.”

My cock twitched, causing more arousal to drip down onto the floor. I had to clean all the mess up before her parents were back. I would have to do it alone too, because I honestly didn’t know if her mind would even register the stain on the floor.

I tugged on her panties, and thankfully Lina was helpful. She stood up and allowed me to slip the offending garment off her. Now both of us were bare.

It was a pleasant surprise that her pussy was shaved, and very recently too. There was not a speck of hair around her sex. But what made me the most excited was how fucking wet she was.

The foreplay I gave her had paid off. Her pussy was glistening, almost shimmering, underneath the bright lights. Even though her mind couldn’t process what I was doing, her body certainly reacted.

“Do you want to go to the gym tomorrow morning?” Her sweet voice floated around the room. “Maybe ten? Can you pick me up?”

I was darting my eyes between her glistening sex and her light brown eyes.

“Mhm, yeah sure.” I stood up. “No problem.”

“Thank you. And could you bring my lip balm? I left it in your room, remember?”


I grabbed her ankles and spread her thighs wide. Lina gasped in surprise when I pulled her body forward so that her back was now horizontal and her eyes were now facing the ceiling. But other than the soft gasp, she continued talking.

“I cannot wait until I see more progress, Master. You know, I also see some progress from you. How much muscle have you packed on since starting out again? Five? Three?”

Her words were a drone, but I tried to keep conversation up while I placed her legs over my shoulders and then gripped her hips, lining up my cock towards her sex.

“Uh, five. Five pounds,” I told her, my mind miles away.

I couldn’t believe it. I was going to take Lina’s virginity.

“Oh, yeah, five. You know, I was talking to one of the guys in the gym and—”

Her words cut short as I entered her.

“Ah!” Lina jerked as my cock pushed into her tight walls. My eyes were on hers the entire time. I wanted to watch her expression as she took a cock in for the first time in her life.

Her lips parted in a wide ‘O’, then she clamped her mouth shut, her brows furrowing and her jaw clenching. She looked like she was in pain. I was hurting her. I was hurting my little sister.

The realization almost had me withdrawing out, but I knew the pain was normal. Her walls were impossibly tight and warm, and the initial hurt would be over as soon as her body became accustomed to the intrusion.

So, I pushed in another inch, then another. I grit my own teeth, and dug my fingernails into her thighs as I fucked her slowly.

She must have the tightest pussy in existence because I was pushing hard, but I just wouldn’t slide in.

Lina’s eyes went wide. “Ah!”

Then, finally, her inner walls relaxed, allowing me to plunge cleanly into her. I buried my way until I couldn’t anymore, my balls slapping against her ass. Pleasure shot through me like a bullet and I tilted my chin upwards and moaned my delight out.

I was fucking loud, and the neighbors could have heard me, but I didn’t care. Although it was a rough start at first, I could now feel how fucking amazing her pussy actually felt.

Her sex felt even better than those divine lips of hers. And that was a hill I was willing to die on. I had assumed those soft plump lips of hers were insane, but her pussy drove me to a higher plane of pleasure. Nobody would ever top Lina. What I was feeling in this moment could never be replicated by another woman in existence.

Holy fuck, she felt fucking amazing.

Lina was breathing hard, practically panting, and she was trying her best to slow down her breathing. She was unsuccessful and seemed confused about why she was feeling like that.

She continued speaking, her voice hoarse, the angelic tone in her tone all but gone. “So, like I was saying. One guy came up to me and… ah! A-and he told me he worked in the gym and… and he could waver our… ah! …. our fee off. I… forgot to tell you that. I have no idea why he is so nice…”

The thundering heartbeat in my eardrums drowned her out. I was pounding into her like my life depended on it, as if this was my last time having sex and I wanted to milk as much pleasure from this experience as possible.

Honestly, this could be my last time fucking my best friend. The effects of the hypnosis could end tomorrow. Who knows? But what was certain was the ecstasy I was feeling from slamming my cock into her pussy, ripping moans from my throat and rapidly building an unstoppable pressure from within me.

Lina seemed to pay no attention to how loud I was. She continued chattering to me as if nothing was happening, only pausing every few seconds to bite down on her lips, holding back a moan. She seemed adamant about acting like nothing weird was happening.

I guessed it made sense. In her mind, everything was normal, and her moaning out of the blue would be weird.

So, she kept the erotic sounds to a minimum. But on occasions, especially when I rammed my cock too fast, or when I was too rough with her, a moan would slip through the seam of her lips.

The rare sounds of her moans were music to my ears, and it drove me even wilder as I slammed my hips against hers with abandon. Her body was not used to this insane ferocity and I wouldn’t be surprised if she couldn’t walk tomorrow. There was no way she could go to the gym with the raw pounding I was delivering to her tiny frame.

I felt a pang of guilt at how rough I was, but I couldn’t will myself to be gentle. Her pussy just felt that good.

“Master, did you hear me? I asked you a question.”

A roar came out when I tried to answer her. The rising pressure that was inside me spilled out with the scream. I thrust in one more time, slamming down on her so hard, I thought my cock would break.

But instead of breaking, it exploded.

“FUCKKKKKK!” I roared, throwing my chin up to the ceiling as what seemed like a gallon of cum poured right out of me and into her cunt.

Impossibly, Lina furrowed her brow, craned her neck and waved both hands in front of me. “Helloooooo? Earth to Master.”


I was still orgasming, my cock spasming out of control deep inside her slick, warm depths. When I looked down, thick, white liquid was pouring out of her pussy, and I thought for a moment how impossible it was to clean the couch now.

Goosebumps were still on my flesh, and I shuddered uncontrollably as my orgasm finally subsided. I had filled her up to the fucking brim, and when I withdrew from her depths, more cum leaked out, drawing lines down her thighs.

“You don’t need to shout, you know?” Lina told me.

How the fuck was she this composed after taking in that much semen? Hypnosis really had me scratching my head.

“I-I’m sorry,” I apologized, catching my breath. Sweat was pouring down my back and I wiped a fresh batch of salty perspiration off my forehead. “What did you say?”

“What’s with you today and having to constantly repeat myself?” But from the tone of her voice, I could tell she wasn’t mad, just slightly disappointed. Somehow, that stung more.

“I’m really, really sorry. From now on, you have my complete attention, okay?”

After laying down next to her, I wrapped my arms around her breasts and pulled us together. My cock grazed the crack of her ass, and I smiled. I really wanted to fuck her there too, but I had no energy left to spare. Aches were already starting to set all over, and I had no doubts Lina was going to bear the brunt of today.

“Okay,” she whispered, then struggled to make me release her. Hesitantly, I let her go, then asked where she was going.

“To take out the trash,” she answered, walking towards the kitchen, her bare ass swaying side to side. Semen was still dripping down her thighs, and she left a trail of thick white liquid as she disappeared around the corner.

I almost fell over face first as I stood up on trembling legs. My knees were shaking so badly, and I had no idea how to stop it.

“Wait, wait,” I called out as she reappeared, a black trash bag in hand. “You can’t go out.”

She frowned and tilted her head. “Why not?”

My eyes journeyed the length of her fully nude body. Of course, she didn’t even realize she was naked.

“Just stay here,” I said, bending down and retrieving my shorts. “I’ll toss the bag out for you.”

“Aww, thanks, Master.”

I spent the next hour cleaning the couch, the living room, and the floor of her kitchen. Lina didn’t help. I didn’t even think she noticed I was cleaning her place up. To her, I was probably still watching the Marvel movie on the couch while she fiddled with her phone, now with her clothes on. I had helped her put them on, and she had unconsciously made it easier by lifting her legs and her arms when needed.

The last thing I wanted was for her parents to walk in on her naked in the living room. They would question why she had no clothes on, and she would probably tell them she had no idea what they were talking about.

There was also the fact that she was now addressing me as ‘Master’. It would definitely raise problems once we were in public, but I had all the time in the world to tinker with her mind. As soon as I got home, I would dive deep into hypnosis. I was sure after a few more hypnotic sessions, I could fix the glaring problems.

Lina looked up as I made my way towards the front door.

“Oh, you’re going? So early?”

“Yeah.” I nodded. “I had fun. Thanks.”

She stood up and made her way towards me. “Oh, okay. No problem.”

Her delicious peach scent waffled into my senses again. Her cute bob cut was still a disheveled mess after the brutal pounding I did to her, and her clothes were wrinkled after being on the ground for too long.

But even in a mess, Lina still looked devastatingly beautiful. I took a step back to admire her.

“What?” she asked me.

“Nothing,” I replied. “I just think you are sexy as hell and I can’t wait to fuck you more soon.”

It was an enormous risk saying those words out. But by now, I had a good grasp on how her mind worked after the hypnosis.

I was right. Instead of reacting in shock, she smiled at me, showing her perfect whites.

“I can’t wait to hang out, too. Don’t forget, Master. Gym early tomorrow!”

“For sure,” I said, opening the door and fishing out my car keys from my pocket. “For sure.”