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Fucking My Oblivious Sister

Chapter 2

I was about to burst before I even arrived at Lina’s front gate. Coming over to her house meant two things.

First, I got to see the girl I was madly in love with. Call me crazy, but my chest was hurting from missing her even though we saw each other yesterday.

But best of all, meeting up with my best friend meant sex. It had been four weeks since I had ‘accidentally’ hypnotized her and then stole her virginity without her realizing she had lost it.

Did I feel bad about being a thief and abusing her trust in me?

Yeah. Sometimes I would lie awake in the middle of the night and ask myself if I should really continue fucking her. I even debated coming clean and spilling out the truth.

The reasoning answer always came a split second later, and it was always the same.

No. I would continue having sex with her because nothing in the world comes close to the pure euphoria of entering that tight, warm tunnel. Or hearing the beautiful crescendo of her moans.

Fucking Lina was like a drug. Bad to use and abuse, but too addicted to stop.

Once I reached her gate, I clicked the remote that was already in my hand. I have been driving to Lina’s place so much ever since I received my driving license that her parents relented and had a spare key made for me.

I drove past the gate and through her long driveway lined with stunning arborvitae trees. No matter how many times I came to her place, I was always in awe at how beautiful everything was. The massive garden out front was meticulously maintained by gardeners, birds were perched on top of the marble water fountain, and if you went around the back, there was a priceless view of a planted forest that never failed to take my breath away.

It was like a nature wonderland here, but my little sister hated it. I could understand why. Her home reminded her of her childhood, where her parents were never home, and the only company she had were her stuffed animals.

Well, now she has me. I would always be there for her.

I circled the water fountain and reached the front of her house, my entire mood instantly dropping when I caught sight of a bright red Audi. I groaned out my frustration.

Fuck, why is she here? Don’t tell me she is coming along to our two person weekend getaway.

Frowning, I parked my car and trod towards the main door, keying the eight-digit code and stepping into the foyer.

Piercing blue eyes met me.

“Lina, your boyfriend’s here.”

My best friend came into view, scowling at blue eyes. “For the hundredth time, Tyler’s not my boyfriend!”

“Well, he should be. You two spend more time together than most married couples.”

Lina’s cheeks turned crimson. “We are more like brother and sister.”

“Then why are you blushing so much?”

“Hey Lina.” I stepped forward to save my sister and now we were both frowning at blue eyes, blonde hair. “Ellie.”

“Tyler.” Ellie gave me her biggest smile. “You finally came. We were waiting for you.”

“We?” I gave Lina a look. “Are you coming with us?”

“And ruin your couple’s getaway? I would never do that.”

“Then why are you here?”

She shrugged. “Just want to help Lina pack her stuff.”

I did my best to resist the temptation to sigh. Of course, she was here again.

Ellie was Lina’s newest friend, the only one beside me. We met her in the gym just the day after I had hypnotized my sister. Ellie saw us working out together and noticed that Lina was walking weirdly, because of the pounding I gave her the day before.

She made some joke about us ‘being too rough in bed’ causing Ellie to almost topple to the side in the middle of her squat, which Lina claimed was the funniest thing she ever saw. After a fit of laughter, she introduced herself to us.

At first, Lina wanted nothing to do with her due to the stranger’s confident, charismatic demeanor.

But Ellie was very persistent and over friendly, always greeting us when she saw us at the gym and trying to make conversation, oftentimes sharing her healthy snack bars with us.

Eventually, Lina warmed up to her, which made me insanely jealous, because it took me years to do that while it only took a stranger a couple of weeks to break down my best friend’s walls.

But I had to admit, the blonde girl had insane charisma, and she was very pretty, looking like the stock image of an Instagram model.

I had never taken a slight interest in her. No matter how attractive another female was, Lina was still the hottest woman in my biased eyes because she had stolen my heart long ago.

Now with her annoying ass here, all my plans of fucking Lina evaporated away. Ellie was the definition of a cock block. Every time I came to my sister’s house, either Ellie was already there, or she was on the way. And if Lina came over to my place, she would invite her new bestie to come along with her. That bitch must have denied me at least thirty orgasms by now.


“Hey Tyler,” Lina greeted me. Thank God, I had hypnotized her again since that day to not call me ‘Master’ when we weren’t alone. Either I was some sort of hypnotist prodigy or my sister was the best subject in the world, because she slipped into a trance alarmingly quickly, faster and faster with every session.

She walked over to where I stood, tiptoed up, then gave me a peck on the cheek. That earned a high pitch ooooh from the nosy cockblocker.

“Shut up,” Lina murmured, tucking away a few locks of hair behind an ear. “This is how we always greet each other.” My best friend looked at me, her brown eyes soft. “Isn’t that right, Tyler?”

“Uhhh.” I scratched the back of my head, not wanting to admit that I had changed that old routine four weeks ago.

Now, if we were alone, when Lina leaned up to peck me on the cheeks, I would turn at the last second and meet her lips with mine, sucking on those peach lips and squeezing her tits for a full minute. Sometimes longer.

Of course, in my little sister’s eyes, she was just pecking my cheek.

“Yeah,” I said, clearing my throat. “That’s how we have always said hi since we were teens.”

Ellie’s blue eyes showed humor. “Oh? Only on the cheeks? Never on the lips?”

Lina looked to the side at nothing. “I have never kissed a guy.”

“There’s one right in front of you.”

“Okayyyyyyyy.” Lina stretched and pointed towards the sofa where two huge duffel bags sat. “Could you carry my luggage to the car, Tyler? I think we packed way too much.”

“Yeap!” Ellie hefted both bags before passing one to me. “I even sneaked the white laced lingerie set you just bought. Who knows? Maybe you want some sexy time with your boyfriend.”

Lina gasped. “You didn’t!”

But Ellie was already out the door, singing an Ariana Grande song as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

“I’m sorry,” Lina said, shaking her head, looking so damn cute. “She’s crazy.”

I could hear my little sister, but her words wouldn’t register. Ellie’s last words rang in my head.

Lina just bought naughty lingerie?


What for?

* * *

“Are you excited, Master?”

I blew out a breath and kept my eyes on the road. It was going to be a five-hour drive to the convention, and I was the one driving us the entire way and back.


Lina sat up and l could feel her eyes burning on the side of my head.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.”

“You can’t lie to me, Master. It’s always obvious when you’re frustrated at something.”

“How can you tell?”

I could see her sticking her tongue out at me from the corner of my eye.

“And spoil the secret? Nope. Tell me what’s going on in your mind. Come on, you know you can tell me anything.”

I was silent for a while, adding pressure to the accelerator as the seconds ticked by. As trees passed us in a blur, the words spilled out.

“I can’t fuck you as often as I want. Every time I drive over or you come by, Ellie is always there, spoiling the fun.” My voice was getting shrill, but I couldn’t care less. “I want to fuck you at least five times a day, every day, but with that bitch around, I can’t make love to you the way I want to. No, not even the way I want to. I want you to kiss me back. Fuck me back as hard as I fuck you. But, hell, you still don’t even realize your virginity is gone and won’t even recognize the words coming out of my mouth because I programmed you that way. And I hate it. I want you to be aware of how much I love you. Not as my sister and my best friend, but as a woman.”

When I finished my rant, I was breathing heavily, almost panting. I slowed down the car and looked to the side, finding Lina staring right ahead and thinking thoughtfully. I half-hoped her programming had stopped working and she could hear me word for word, but then she spoke and my heart dropped.

“You don’t like Ellie?” she asked me. “I know she teases us a lot and talks about all the ‘S’ word stuff. If you really hate it, then I’ll tell her to stop. Like, for real real. If she doesn’t, and you can’t stand it, then I won’t invite her anymore.”

Silence stretched between us. Lina touched my bicep, and instantly, all my rage seeped out.

“Master?” she piped up, rubbing her thumb back and forth.

Fuck, I am so doomed. I am so hopelessly in love with her, it’s actually sad.

Having sex with her was a dream, but I knew that eventually, somewhere down the road, she would find someone. She would make love with this man while I would be on the side, fucking her while she just sat there and took it without so much as a purposeful thrust back.

I sighed. “No, she’s fine. I just… have some, umm, hormonal issues.”

She let go of my arm. “Hormonal issues? What do you mean? Boys don’t get their, you know, monthly...” She paused. “Do you know what I’m talking about?”

Blowing out a breath, I nodded. “Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. And no, men don’t get that. It’s… something else.”

Before she could reply, I drove to the side of the road and came to a stop. I didn’t hesitate, turning towards her and claiming her lips as if they belonged to me.

“God, you’re so hot,” I whispered, sighing longingly as I tasted hints of peaches. I brought my right hand to her thighs and wasted no time unbuttoning her denim shorts and slipping my hand into her sex.

I was pretty familiar with her body already. I knew exactly where she loved being touched. Even if she didn’t realize I was fingering her, curling my index digit upwards and rubbing my digit against her G spot always produced some sort of reaction.

I was rewarded with a sharp intake of breath, and I leaned back and watched my beautiful sister’s face contort into a mixture of emotions.

“T-thank you,” she gasped, her eyes half closing, her pupils threatening to roll to the back of her head. “I… I spent m-more time doing my makeup.” Her words were getting ragged, her chest heaving in and out. She hitched a breath. “Ellie… taught me a f… a few tips and tricks…”

My thumb played with her clit, my index finger still rubbing the place where she loved the most. Her hips jerked violently once. Twice. Lina cried out.

That was another thing I loved about my sister. She climaxed easily. It was clear she almost never touched herself with how fucking tight her channel was before I had stretched her out over the weeks.

I held her as she convulsed in front of me, a lovely playlist of hitches, moans, and cries.

I felt her shiver as her orgasm died down. I kissed her on her cheek before withdrawing from her sex and pressing my index finger against the seam of her lips.

“Lina, darling,” I whispered. “Open your mouth.”


I was panting breaths with her, our inhales and exhales in perfect sync.

“Open your mouth.”

“My mouth?” She frowned. “Why?”

“I want to see your teeth.”

“Umm.” She thought for a few beats. “Okay.”

The moment her mouth parted, I slipped my finger that was completely soaked with her arousal inside and pressed against her tongue. Lina made a weird noise as I applied pressure.

“What… what is that taste?”

I told her the truth. Kind of. “Something delicious.”

“It tastes…” I felt her tongue moving around my finger, licking all around. “... kind of weird. A little sweet.”

I sighed, taking my finger out and licking it myself, moaning at the delicious mixture of her saliva and her juices.



Her browns stared at mine for a second, but then she glanced away, gazing out the window. “Nothing.”


She didn’t look at me. “Hmm?”

“What is it? Tell me.”

She was silent.

* * *

“Oh my godddddd!”

I shook my head as I watched Lina make a dart forward and dove towards the Queen-sized bed with her arms and legs spread wide. She bounced once and then flipped over, laying on her back and making snow angels.

“Hop on, Master!” Lina giggled. “It’s soooooo comfy!”

“Your bed is bigger and better,” I told her, closing the room door and making a dive on the spot beside my sister. I crawled on top of her and tickled her sides.

“Stop it!” Her giggles were pure joy to me. “St—Master! For real—AH!—S-stopppppp!”

I halted my assault and focused on her lips, meeting it with mine while I gripped her face and angled her where I wanted her best.

She was wearing strawberry lip balm, so I tasted a wonderful mixture of fruits as I kissed her, losing myself to bliss.

“I am…” Lina tried to speak through my kisses, her words coming out muffled and incoherent. “A little… tired.”

I broke the seal of our mouths and kissed the right corner of her lip, completely addicted to her taste.

“Sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day for us. The expo will last all day.”


I rolled off her and my sister’s arms came around me, cuddling me as she shifted to a comfortable position on the bed. Moments later, she fell asleep, breathing softly through her nose.

We had slept together probably thousands of times, and it always felt normal. Comfortable. But over the last couple of years, I found myself sleeping with her less and less. Not because I didn’t want to, but because of the mess inside my head whenever I did.

I would get massive boners and sleepless nights. It was hard to fall asleep with thoughts of what I wanted to do to the woman sleeping next to me hovering at the surface of my mind all the time.

For years, I fought against my growing feelings for her. But it was finally time to accept this tainted love, even if she didn’t feel the same way about me. I didn’t know what I would do once Lina had a boyfriend. Surely, she would find someone. Guys were already throwing themselves at her whenever we went to the gym, or went out to places.

One day, she would fancy one of those guys, and my life would turn into a living hell.

I sighed and snuggled closer to my sister, skating my hands down her face and around towards her ass, where I cupped those amazing cheeks through her shorts. Four weeks ago, Lina would kill me if I made that move, but with her obliviousness, I could do anything with her in bed now.

I thought of fucking her, but that would wake her up, and my little girl needed rest. So I allowed her to sleep, but not before spilling out the words I desperately wanted her to acknowledge, but couldn’t.

“I love you, Lina,” I told her, breathing her in and gazing at her closed eyes. She looked like an angel with her peaceful expression, and I must have already spent hours burning that lovely imagery into mind. “I wish I can have you fully, but life is unfair and sometimes you don’t get what you want. But I will love you forever and always.”

Light snoring answered me.

* * *


My sister straightened her back and looked at me. “Hmm?”

God, even without makeup and with her hair all tumbled up with stray locks everywhere, Lina still looked like the sexiest woman alive.

“Can I have a blowjob?” I asked her. “Please?”

“Black coffee?” She plopped her phone on the bed and hopped out. “Sure.”

I watched her ass sway in those denim shorts, salivating at the sight.

“Thank you,” I said as she handed me the coffee.

“You never liked your coffee black. Something changed?”

“Yeah. I fell in love with you.”

“You fell on your head?” Her hands were on my head, parting my hair. “Where?”

“Four weeks ago. It’s all healed now. Kind of.”

“Well, you didn’t say anything about falling down. Next time, tell me.” She yawned and stretched her arms out high. “I’m taking a shower.”

“I want to join you.”

“What?” She frowned. “Join me in the shower? Master, you know that’s inappropriate. We’re not kids anymore.”

I tried to hide my confusion, but failed miserably. Her mind registered the words? How? Hypnosis was weird as heck.

I set my coffee cup on the bedside table. “Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m just kidding.”

She didn’t look amused. “Well, don’t joke about that kind of stuff. I’m a lady and basically your sister.” Lina groaned and swept a hand up over her forehead. “I already have to deal with Ellie and her stupid jokes. Don’t be as dirty minded as her. Please.”


Lina placed her hands on my thighs and leaned in so fucking close, our lips almost touched. She widened her eyes as she flicked between my left and right eye.

“What’s up with you today? Black coffee and dumb jokes. Are you okay?”

I extended my tongue and licked her lips. Her strawberry balm had faded, so the light taste of peaches filled my taste buds.

Lina didn’t react. She was still staring at me.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” I told her. “Just excited about the convention.”

“Me too!” She leaned back and yawned. “Okay, I’m going to shower. You can have your turn next.”

I really really wanted to shower with her, but the slip up planted some doubts in my head.

An idea hit me.

“Hey, Lina?”

She stopped and turned towards me, her brown eyes soft. “Hmm?”


I had only implemented the trigger word from the last time I hypnotized her. Although my sister slipped into a trance within seconds, it annoyed me to bring the pocket watch everywhere. So I did some research and found out that I could ‘anchor’ her hypnotic state into a word or phrase.

‘Godswoon’ was the first thing that came to mind. I didn’t know what it meant, but I wanted a unique word. Not that I needed one. I could only trigger the trance. If she heard another person say the word, nothing would happen. Trust was everything in hypnosis, and Lina’s trust took years to earn.

And I am abusing her trust.

Her phone dropped from her grasp. My sister stood there, eyes glazed over, her breathing audible through parted lips.

I quickly came to her and sat her down on a chair.

“Lina, can you hear me?”

“Uh huh.”

Just like all the times she was in a trance, her tone was low and sexy, a stark contrast to her high-pitched, girly-like voice.

Maybe it was just me, but, although her ‘sexy’ voice was bringing me hard as a rock, I preferred her normal voice more. The innocent one.

Shit. I really didn’t want to do what I had planned in mind, but I had already been abusing her for four weeks.

What was one more day?

“Lina,” I started. “If I say the word, ‘Evergreen,’ everything I tell you for the next thirty seconds will be null and voided. Do you understand?”


If I had doubts before, now I was certain Lina could bring me to orgasm with just her voice alone.

“Okay. Lina, from now on, you will be unaware of me. Your eyes will not register that I’m here, and your ears are completely oblivious to the sounds I make. You will think that I’m heading downstairs to grab breakfast and you will go take a nice, long shower. Do you understand?”

She didn’t reply, so I guessed the commands were taking effect.

I snapped my fingers.

She didn’t move.

Shit. How was I going to wake her up?

Gripping her shoulders, I shook her from side to side and almost jumped back when Lina yelped, shooting out from her chair.


She was looking straight at me, and for a second, I assumed the hypnosis didn’t work. But then she looked to the side and called for me once more.

“Master? Where are you?”

A pang of guilt shot through me. She sounded scared. I just realized that I had never left Lina alone. Whenever we went out on a trip, my sister was always glued to my side, clutching my hand like she was a little kid and I was her father.

The only time she wasn’t in my sights was when she had to change clothes or take a shower. We eat together, sleep together, and in my dreams, bathe together.

I was about to spill the word ‘Evergreen’ when Lina bent down to retrieve her phone. She started to dial my number, paused, then tossed her phone onto the bed.

“He must be having breakfast downstairs,” Lina said out loud. She sniffed once and brought her hand together, blowing on it as if she was freezing. “I hope he will be back soon.”

She stripped off her clothes, pulling off her top first, then tossed her bra towards the bed.

“Stupid clothes,” Lina muttered, stripping down her denim shorts and grimacing at how tight it was. She grunted as she slid the garment down her legs, and the shorts came sailing through the air a second later, landing on her pillow. “Ellie said I’d look so sexy showing off more skin, but I miss my long dresses. This is just not my style.”

I agreed with her. I was so used to Lina wearing cute dresses and skirts. It was so… her.

But her wardrobe changed the fitter she was. Coupled with her new friend’s influence, my sister started wearing tighter and tighter clothes, and showed off more and more of her milky skin. The male attention she received increased threefold, and if this kept up, I wouldn’t be able to ward away the increasing horde of lusty creeps anymore.

I was only too strong, and she was way too beautiful.

Her pink panties came off last. This one she didn’t toss. Lina carried it with her as she went to the bed, gathered her discarded clothes, sighed, then placed the bundle up on a chair.

It was so tempting to touch her, feel her naked flash under my palms again. I waited instead, slipping off my clothes too.

As I tossed my boxers to the side, Lina entered the bathroom. I bolted in before she closed the door, then watched her with wide eyes and hushed breaths as my sister entered the glass walls and turned on the faucet, gasping and hopping out of the way when cold rain pelted her skin.

I slipped into a self-induced trance, gazing at Lina as she tried to figure out the knob to adjust the temperature—it took a second—before sliding back into the rain.

I swear to God, my sister could make even the most mundane task look erotic. She gathered her damp shoulder-length hair back, then started washing her body, sliding those soft fingers down her front, rubbing those palm sized tits.

I didn’t even realize I was touching myself, pumping my painfully erect cock as I watched a sight that was a million times better than any porn video out on the internet.

No. There was no way I could stand outside the glass walls and enjoy the show. I had to participate.

I swung open the glass door, the only barrier between me and my prey. Lina gasped and took a step back when she saw the door opening, her brown eyes staring past me.

I was so fucking horny, practically on the verge of exploding. A minute ago, her visible fear made me feel bad for her, but right then, with her standing there naked, her hair damp, her skin wet, her nipples perky, the show of terror only drove my hunger up.

I pushed forward, slamming her against the wall, my cock jerking up when I heard her gasp, loud and confused. She looked so terrified, so cute, so god damn edible.

I could never control myself when it came to fucking Lina. But this time was different. I was always aggressive, but never this forcefu??l, never this… violent.

Maybe it was something to do with the fact that she couldn’t see me, or maybe it was because I hadn’t fucked her in over twenty fours. Whatever it was, I didn’t care because I was going to penetrate that tight pussy and there was nothing my little sister could do about it.

“Oh my god,” Lina gasped as I lifted one of her legs up and pushed my cock through her opening. “Oh—AH!”

“What’s happening?” Lina asked, her voice barely a whisper. “Why am I feeling… like this?”

“Because I’m fucking you,” I grunted, squeezing my eyes shut as I worked my way into her warm depths. She was definitely not this tight the last time I was in here. “Because I’m stretching you and filling your tight pussy up.”

I hit something hard, and we both gasped at the same time, mine deep and gruff, hers high-pitched and shrill.

There was no way I could squeeze in. It would be too painful for her, and the last thing I wanted was for her to bleed. So I withdrew, then rolled back forward, slowly but surely stretching her open.

“You’re so fucking hot, Lina.” I wasn’t talking anymore, just growling words while I nibbled on her right earlobe. I never felt this powerful in my life. This primal, more animal than human. “You have no idea how much power you have over me, over everyone. You don’t know how many men stare at you as you walk past. But I know. I can see them drooling over you and staring at your ass. This ass.”

“Ah!” Lina jerked her hips forward when I skated a hand around and squeezed her ass cheek. “Ho—Holy crap!”

“Say fuck, baby.” I was finally fully inside her now, driving my balls against he??r hips, groaning and closing my eyes at the sheer intensity of how good her pussy felt. Nothing compared to it. None of the girls I fucked even came to a close second. “I want to hear filth from your innocent lips.”

Lina said nothing, not being able to hear me. But I still talked to her as if she could. I opened my eyes just in time to see my sister squeeze hers shut.

“Fuck, baby.” I drove another hard thrust, going all in now that her tunnel was all stretched out and loose. Another thrust in. This one pure force and no skill, causing Lina to fold her body forward and cry out. I took a few deep breaths as her cunt pulsed around me, pulling me deeper into her.

Her mind might not be aware I was fucking her, but her body knew.

Mine did too. I cried out with her as my body locked up, pinning down the rush of pleasure that was steaming forward.

Lina opened her eyes, raised her hands up, then rubbed her scalp. She was washing herself, continuing to bathe as if my enormous cock was not ramming in and out of her pussy and my greedy hands were not palming her ass cheeks, squeezing them to death.

I almost laughed at the hilarity of the situation, but that proved to be a mistake. As soon as I relaxed, nothing was holding back the dam. Everything came roaring forward in an unstoppable current.

I let loose, moaning so loud my voice cracked.

I was even rougher with Lina now, impossible as that might be. I slammed my little sister against the wall repeatedly as my orgasm barrelled through me, and I had to bite into my raised arm to dull the roar vibrating in my chest into a muffled growl.

Lina took me in like an expert, swaying her hips back and forth, in sync with mine, purely on instinct, proving that the innocent little girl I grew up with knew how to fuck, and fuck well.

She was still washing her hair, her eyes closed, her lips ajar, and her hips skillfully taking in the rush of cum that was filling her up to the brim. Thick, white liquid seeped out from her, washed away down her thighs.

I shivered, withdrew from Lina, and almost fell on my ass when my knees failed to obey me. Luckily, there was a metal railing on one of the glass walls, and I gripped it tight, feeling my eyes watering.

What the fuck? Why was I tearing up?

Was the orgasm I just experienced that good?

Yes. Yes, it fucking was. Holy shit, shower sex was almost better than taking her virginity.


My heart was pounding so hard, it wouldn’t surprise me if I was going above?? a hundred and fifty beats per minute. Having sex with Lina could actually send me to an early grave if I wasn’t careful.

Lina was looking down at all the semen flowing out of her, a confused look on her face. Then the wildest thing happened. Lina scooped out some of the white liquid from her sex, and then…

She lapped it up.

What. The. Fuck?

My cock was just deflating, recovering from the best orgasm of my life, but watching her willingly swallow my seed had me hard as fuck again within a millisecond.

Would she say anything? Comment on the taste?

I tried to look for any signs on her expression, but it was blank. Lina scooped another handful of semen and I watched in awe as she swallowed, a small moan escaping from her lips.

She liked it. She loved the taste of my semen.

How the fuck am I going to live the rest of my life now knowing that she likes the taste of me, yet trying to accept the fact that she didn’t love me the same way as I love her?

Fucking hell, Lina was driving me all sorts of crazy.

She was practically made for me. Her little breasts sat under my palms perfectly, our lips molded together flawlessly, and if I stretched her with a few strokes, my cock was just the right fit inside her tight tunnels, like a key to a lock.

Hell, even Ellie has told us many times that we would make the couple of a lifetime. I had been in love with my best friend for so many years I couldn’t even count them, yet there was a teeny tiny problem that made being together an impossibility.

Lina saw me as her brother and nothing more. No amount of hypnotizing her could change that, and I was afraid that if I admitted my true feelings for her, it might drive a wedge between our relationship after she turned me down. That is, if I could even live through her rejection.

No. I rather just fuck her in this depressing one sided sex dynamic and continue playing the role as her brother and protector until the day I die.

It was better that way. For both of us.

I blew out a shaky breath. Time for me to ‘return.’

Exiting the shower, I said the word ‘Evergreen’ loud enough for my sister to hear over the rushing stream. I didn’t check to see whether it worked. I slipped out of the bathroom, dried myself off with a towel, then quickly got dressed, calling out for her name once I was done as if I had just entered the hotel room.

“Master?” Lina called out. “Is that you?”

“Yeap. Are you showering?”

“Yeah, I’m done. G-give me a minute!”

And it took her exactly a minute to come out of the bathroom, drying herself off with the bath towel. I didn’t know why she was so opposed to us bathing together when she was fine with being naked around me.

I was about to smile at her and ask her about her ‘shower’ when the next thing I knew, the damp towel came whipping at my face.

“Ow!” I clutched my nose and staggered backwards. “What the hell?”

“Why did you leave without telling me?” She stuck her tongue out and then patted dry her hair. “I was so scared! What if you got lost and we never find each other again?”

“What are you talking about?” I grumbled. “We are staying in a gigantic hotel, in room number 1305. Even if I get lost, I will definitely find the place.” I pointed towards her phone. “And in the worst-case scenario, we could just call each other!”

Lina closed the distance between us and prod my chest with a finger. “Don’t. Leave. Me. Again.” Every word was punctuated with another jab.

I knew she wasn’t mad, even though she was acting like it. My sister was just annoyed and was overplaying her reactions.

“Fine.” I made a grab for her right tit, squeezing it affectionately. “I’ll never leave you again.”

“Pinky promise?” She lifted her pinky up.

“Sure.” I release her plump tit and hook her pinky with mine.

She smiled, closed her eyes, and stuck her tongue out at me again.

“Hey, Lina?”

Her eyelids lifted. Damn, her browns were so vivid. “Yeah?”

“Can I pick your outfit for today?”

She shrugged. “Sure. Just nothing too revealing. Get me a cute dress.”

“Of course,” I lied.

Walking towards my luggage, I zipped it open and dug out the outfit I had prepared for my little sister to wear to the convention.

“Look, it’s a cute pink and white dress.” I set the outfit on the bed and hoped for the best her mind wouldn’t register that it was not in fact a cute dress, but a slutty pink French Maid uniform, complete with a frilly headpiece and a collar linked with a chain.

If her mind actually registered what it was, then all I needed to do was say one word and take a minute to fix that.

“Hmm…” She took the pink babydoll lingerie and studied it. “Well, it’s pink.”

“It is.” My cock throbbed at the vision of her wearing it. “Let me put it on you.”

A pause, then. “Okay.”

Oh, god. I was going to walk around the convention with a huge hard-on. Other men would see me with her and get jealous.

I took the lingerie and slipped the one piece over her, stepping back and gawking at the sight once she pulled it down and smoothed it out.

Even though my sister was short, the uniform ended wayyyyy above her knees, and anybody could get a glimpse of her pussy if she took a step, or if she got hit from the slightest of breeze.

Should I make her walk around like that? Without panties?

No. It would be better to cover it up. No one had the right to see her pinkish flesh except for me. Luckily, I came prepared.

Walking to my luggage again, I grabbed matching pink underwear and handed it to her. “Wear this, Lina.”


My sister was always submissive to me, but watching her be this compliant while dressed up like a sexy French maid was too much.

I was breathing hard, but barely pulling in air, my cock throbbing painfully under my chinos. Grabbing the last piece of her uniform, I waited until she slipped the panties on before walking to her and fitting the frilly pink headpiece on her head.

“Now your necklace,” I told her, grabbing the collar. “It’s beautiful, right?”

“Uh huh.” She nodded. “It’s a weird-looking necklace, though.”

“It would look perfect on you.”

A shrug. “Okay.”

I was such an asshole, abusing her absolute trust in me. But…

There was no ‘but’s. I was a dick and didn’t deserve to be with her.

Lina turned her back on me and gathered her cute bob up so I could wrap the collar around her neck. I did so, almost salivating as I clicked the collar into place and grabbed the two meter chain linked to it.

Lina yelped cutely when I gave a tug.

“Hey! What… What is this string on the necklace?”

I thought fast. “You made me promise never to leave you. Well…” I gave a gentle tug again. Lina didn’t expect it and stumbled a step forward towards me. “... now we will be inseparable.”

And everyone in the convention would know that you belong to me and me alone.

“What a weird necklace,” my sister grumbled, but said nothing else.

Yeah, my cock was going to burst if I didn’t give it any attention now.

Still holding the chain, I unbuttoned my chinos and took my cock out, pumping myself unapologetically while I stared at my little sister.

“Lina…” I panted. “Could… could you strike a cute pose?”

She tilted her head. “A cute pose?”


“Ummmm…” Her eyeballs rolled upwards as she tried to think of something. Then the edges of her lips curled as an idea hit her. “I know! What about…”

She made bunny ears with both her hands, raised her arms to her side and then stuck her tongue out at me.

“Oh my god.” I pumped myself harder and faster. “Good. Good. Stay like that. Holy shit.”

It didn’t take long to go to the point of no return. And when I was seconds away, I instructed my sister to break position and kneel down infront of me.

I expected her to ask why, or flat out refused, but she obeyed, stepping forward and going down on her knees, just in time for my cock to explode and for thick, white ropes to completely coat her face and hair.

The frilly pink cap was completely usable after that, so I took it off, and then spent the next thirty minutes cleaning my sister’s face and hair, and then helping her put her makeup on.

It was time for the convention.

* * *