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Fucking My Oblivious Sister

Chapter 3

This anime expo was not your typical one.

First off, it was 18+. There were security guards at the front checking our IDs and tickets. I knew shit was real when the guards only gave Lina a curt nod and waved us through, as if her slutty costume with me leading her by a chain was an everyday sight for them.



“Do you feel like…” She pressed up close to my side and clutched my hand. “Like everyone is staring at me?”

I looked around. She was right. As we walked past the entrance hall, everyone was giving Lina long stares or triple glances. I spotted a couple of girls wearing cosplays that showed a lot of skin. One was even wearing a maid’s uniform, and even sluttier than Lina’s, her nipples were visible through the translucent fabric. But I guessed everyone here chose Lina as their staring target.

I didn’t blame them. My sister was way more attractive than any of the cosplayers I had seen so far. It wasn’t just her looks. Lina had this innocent aura around her, and combined with her cute, dainty face, and her girly voice, it was a confusing—and very erotic—sight for an angel like her to wear something so slutty.

“Just ignore them,” I told her, giving her a peck on the cheeks. Men were still staring and I wanted them to know she was claimed. “Let’s just have fun, shall we?”

She nodded, snuggling even close to me, causing my hand to brush up against the hem of her skirt, touching her panties. “Okay.”

I let go of my sister’s hand and walked forward, leading her by the chain. Lina would never ever go to a naughty expo like this, no matter how much she loved anime.

But, in her eyes, nothing was out of the ordinary.

We walked into the main hall and strolled through the many stalls, each of them selling extremely jarring sex toys, most of them decorated with skimpily dressed or even fully nude female anime characters.

“Why are there dog toys in an anime expo?” Lina asked me, staring at the obscenely large dildos with different lewd females decorated on them.

She must have said that way too loud because the store owner gave her a funny look, but I just smiled at him and led my oblivious sister to the next store. This one had expensive looking vibrators and Lina stared at them with wide eyes.

I wanted to know what she saw those as, but she didn’t comment on it.

As we walked from stalls to stalls, people were giving wolf whistles in our direction and guys were raising their hands up and giving me fist bumps when I walked past them.

They thought Lina was doing this out of her own will, being dragged along by a chain while wearing an extremely degrading outfit.

If only they knew…

“There are so many models,” Lina commented, pointing at all the skimpily dressed cosplayers.

“Yeap,” I said, growing in confidence at all the acceptance I was getting from the guys.

I purposely walked slower so Lina could catch up, then skated my arm around her back and groped her ass. Hard.

Lina buckled against my grip and cried out, causing a few people that saw to laugh.

More wolf whistles blared around us, and I saw a couple of jealous guys averting their gazes and shaking their heads at the obscene display.

Now, this… this was power.

“Hey guy!” A deep voice called out from behind us.

Lina and I both turned to see a huge man, twice my size, strolling towards us, a chain in his hand, leading a girl about the same age as Lina behind him.

“I see great minds think alike, guy,” he said as he stopped a foot away from us.

The stranger’s gaze flitted to my sister. “You have a real pretty submissive.” A booming laughter. “She looks way too young for all of this, but I know from experience that the more innocent they look, the naughtier they are on the inside. Isn’t that right, dear girl?”

He was staring, and Lina was fidgeting, looking between the stranger and me.

“Tyler… What… What is he talking about?”

The big man smiled widely. “Playing the innocent card, I see? You’re great at it. Keep it up.”

“Sir…” Lina was saying. “I don’t und—”

“She’s great indeed,” I cut in and Lina fell silent, letting me speak for her. “Thank you, Sir.”

He gave me a gruff nod, winked at Lina, then walked ahead of us, pulling his young girlfriend along by the neck. She waved at Lina and my sister awkwardly waved back, clearly having no clue what was going on.

“What was that all about?” Lina whispered, clutching my hand tight. She always did that whenever she was nervous. “They are weird.”

Before I could reply, Lina spotted something off to the side and roughly pulled me towards it.

“Hey, slow down!” It was embarrassing for me to hold the chain and be dragged along. It was supposed to be the other way around.

But Lina didn’t slack with her pace. And I soon figured out why.

There was a hypnotist show up ahead, with a man up on stage and a line of volunteers sitting on chairs behind the performer. His voice grew clear as we neared the show and stood with the crowd.

Lina was visibly shaking with excitement, her brown eyes glued to the stage, her hand squeezing my hand so firmly, I wished she was gripping my cock instead.

I was nervous about the whole thing. Lina was an easy target for hypnosis. What if she fell into a trance while watching the show? Or what if this triggered her mind to snap out of all the programming I implemented in her?

A thousand things could happen as I watched the spectacle with my sister. It wasn’t an ordinary hypnosis show that Lina and I saw on that fateful day four weeks ago. Actually, now that I thought back, I had erased that memory from her mind.

For her, this was the first time we experienced hypnosis together.

I watched as the hypnotist made the volunteers perform the craziest things. He was definitely much more experienced than me, and although he couldn’t ‘force’ the people on stage to do anything they didn’t want, he used the same tactic as I used on my sister and changed the way they perceived the world around them.

He made strangers think they were lovers, and we all laughed as the people in a trance made out with each other aggressively. There were a lot of lips, tongue, and hands action, and Lina giggled along.

I had to wonder if she was actually seeing what we were all seeing. Probably not. If my sister saw the tiniest bit of anything sexual, her cheeks would turn crimson and she would turn away.

I nudged her. “What are you seeing?”

She didn’t answer me, completely transfixed at the sight in front of us. One woman was giving another guy a blowjob because the hypnotist made her see the guy as her husband, after confirming that her real husband wasn’t in attendance and was thousands of miles away.

I nudged her again, harder with my elbow. “Lina?”

She didn’t look at me. “Hmm?”

“What do you see on stage?”

“What do you mean? Is someone blocking your view?”

“No, I just want to… Ah, nevermind.”

My sister finally looked at me, and I saw her cheeks were indeed flushed.

Was she actually watching the obscene acts?

We must have come at the end of the show, because fifteen minutes later, after more kissing, more blowjobs, the act ended with a full-on orgy participated by all the hypnotized volunteers.

The crowd loved the ending, hooting and cheering them on.

We stayed at the convention for a couple more hours, but nothing was really particularly interesting, especially for Lina. She kept commenting on how weird it was that an anime expo had so many stuffed toys and models, and I had to nod along, going along with the illusion her mind had crafted for her. Eventually, I drove us back to the hotel.

“Mannnnn what a loooooong day!” my sister exclaimed, stretching her arms wide and plopping down on the bed.

“Yeap.” I closed the room door, dumped her collar and chain on the coffee table, and rolled onto bed with her, inhaling her delicious scent. She had used the same peach scented designer perfume for almost five years now, and I still never get tired of it.

We were silent for a long moment. Both of us just staring at the ceiling and breathing steady breaths.



“Do you have secrets you keep from me?”

Shit. What should I say?


At least that was what I wanted to say. What I thought I said. But I guessed, deep inside, I was so tired of all the lies and deception, and when I opened my mouth to speak the word, a different one popped out instead.


“Me too,” she replied without a beat. Lina rolled to her side, and I mirrored her, so that we were both gazing into each other’s eyes. She shifted forward until we were only an inch apart before opening those lovely lips again. “If I tell you mine, will you tell me yours?”


Yet again, that didn’t come out. I only said it in my mind.


She nodded, breathing out, and I inhaled her peach scented breath. Everything about her was sweet as peaches.

“Okay.” She breathed out again. “Okay.”

“What do you want to say, Lina?”

“I… uh…” She brought her hand up and coughed into the fist. “I… how do I say this without coming off as a complete weirdo? Umm…”

Now she had my complete attention. “Say what?”

“I… you know… the hypnotist show we saw hours ago?”


“I… I… I have kind of an interest in getting hypnotized.” She paused, waiting for me to answer. When I didn’t, she folded her bottom lip in between her teeth. “Is that weird?”

That was it? I already figured that out.

“No,” I said. “To be honest, I also have an interest in it.”

She sat up. “What? You want to get hypnotized too?”

“No.” I chuckled and straightened my back, leaning against the headrest. “The opposite. I want to hypnotize someone.”

You. I want to hypnotize you.

“Really?” she gasped, her brown eyes going so wide, I thought it might pop out. “Do you like, get, like…”


She looked down at the pillow stacked on the foot of the bed. “You know…”

“Lina.” I lifted her chin and brought our gaze back together again. This was an important moment, and I didn’t want it slipping by. “Tell me. You can trust me.”

No, you can’t. I have been abusing you for four weeks.

“Well…” She tried to avert her gaze, but I held her still. “You know… the feeling. You know what I’m talking about, right?”

“Tell me what you want to say. Straight up, Lina.”

She paused. Her chin was kept up and forward by me, but her eyes were cast down. I figured I had stepped over the line and pushed her boundaries too much. I fucked it all up. But then she looked back up and blew out another breath.

“I… I get turned on when I think about getting hypnotized.”

I let go of her chin.

Turned on? For the first time in her life, my little sister was talking about something sexual.

“I know it’s weird, and if you think I’m a complete weirdo and want to stop talking to me, I’ll understand.”

“What?” I shook my head in disbelief. “What’re you talking about? No, I don’t find it weird. I actually get riled up thinking about hypnotizing you.”

“Really?” She brought a hand up and covered her mouth. “For real?”


“O m g. Because I feel the same. I mean, in the opposite way… I want… I want to get hypnotized by you and you only.”

“By me?” I knew whatever this was, this conversation would change our relationship forever. Lina was never this truthful towards me, to anyone, and I wondered why she was bringing all this up now. “Like are you turned on by getting hypnotized by me?”

She looked away, her face turning into the color of peaches. “Y-yes. I.. would love it if we could try it out just like the hypnotist show back out there. Just you and me. You as the hypnotist, and me as your volunteer. It’s… something of a fantasy of mine.”

I was still shaking my head. “No, no. Let’s go back. You feel turned on by me?”

“It’s weird, right?” She looked down. “Maybe… maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. I’m sorry, I’ll…” She started to get up, but I grabbed her wrist.

“No, Lina.” I pulled her towards me, but she was resisting. “Lina, what are you saying?”

“Nevermind. Forget what I said.” Her eyes were towards the window, at the view of the city outside. “Just… forget it, okay?”

“You like me? Is that what you’re saying?”

“No.” My heart sank, but then she quickly corrected herself. “I mean, yeah, whatever, but you clearly don’t feel the same way and now you must think I’m a complete weirdo.”

She tried to jerk away using all her strength, but I held onto her tight.

“Master, let me go!”

“I like you too, Lina.” The truth came tumbling out of me in a heated rush. “I always did.”

Time seemed to freeze. Lina turned to look at me, her brown eyes wide, her lips apart. My heart was pounding so hard, I wouldn’t be surprised if she could hear it.

“You… like me?” Lina shook her head, as if she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Me neither. “Like… you like like me?”

“Yes. I like like you.”

“When—For how long?” She didn’t give me a chance to reply. “Since we were small?”

I nodded.

“W-why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because…” She shook her head. “Because you keep telling everyone that I was your sister and that you were my brother! How the hell would I know that you like like me?”

She wasn’t resisting anymore, so I loosened my grip on her.

“I say that because you told me you saw me as a brother.”

“You said that first! Remember? You told the cashier at the lollipop shop that I was your sister! So, of course, I had to accept it! You—” She used her other hand and shoved me in the shoulder. “Ugh! All this time? You like like me? All these years you tortured me, when in fact you felt the same way?”

“It was torture for me too, Lina,” I whispered, my head spinning in all sorts of directions. “I would look at you for so long and wished you were mine… and these four weeks while I was having se—”

I stopped abruptly, but Lina caught the word. Her programming didn’t filter it out.

“Sex?” She said the word so shrill, it could break glass. “Sex? With who?” She sounded angry now, actually angry. Not the exaggerated irritation she displayed after the shower. Her lips turned into a firm line and her brows furrowed.

When I didn’t reply, she pulled away from my grip and shoved me again, much harder this time.

“Who, Master? Who are you sleeping with? Which girl are you hiding from me? I know all your stupid ex-girlfriends, and you haven’t had one for years!” Tears pricked from her eyes. Holy shit, she was pissed. “Tell me, who is it this time? Phoebe again? Your last ex? Are you texting that stupid girl again?”

Stupid? I didn’t know Lina harbored this much hatred for my ex girlfriend. She always acted meek and shy whenever Phoebe was around.

Another shove. More tears leaked from her eyes. “Tell me! Who are you sleeping with?! You’re going to break my heart again, aren’t you, Master? You just admit your feelings for me, but you have a secret girlfriend and now I have to wait in the sidelines again while you..” her voice cracked. “You…”

She broke down, tears falling out like a waterfall. My reaction was immediate. Whenever Lina cried, I would console her and let her sob into my shoulder. I went forward and hugged her tight, and that made her cry even harder. She was shaking like a leaf and flooding my shirt with her tears, and I didn’t know what to do but admit the truth. The whole truth.

“I have been having sex with you, Lina.”

“W-what?” She looked up at me, her brown eyes now reddish. “What do you mean?”

“I… how do I explain this?” I scratched my head and sighed. “I hypnotized you four weeks ago and made you oblivious to anything sexual that happened between us. And I have…” I sighed again. Was I really going to say this?”

Yes. She deserved the truth. Even if it meant the risk of her never talking to me again.

“... I have been fucking you since. It has been weeks now.”

She shook her head, wiping away the streaming tears. “What are you saying, Master? I don’t understand.”

“Maybe now you will.” I clicked my fingers. “Godswoon.”

Lina went completely limp, slumping her head forward, her hair falling down and covering her beautiful face.

I spoke fast, wanting to get this over with. Too exhausted at all the lies and deception.

“Lina, can you hear me?”

A deep, husky voice. Completely un-Lina-like. “Yes.”

“When I snap my fingers, you will wake up and remember everything since the first time I hypnotized you. You will be consciously aware of every single memory and happenings over the last four weeks. Do you understand?”


Don’t snap your fingers. Don’t snap your fingers. She will be pissed off and will never talk to you again. Don’t snap your fingers. Don’t sn—”

I snapped my fingers.

Lina’s head shot up. “Wha—” Then, through her messy hair, her eyes zoned in on mine. “Tyler.”

I didn’t see it coming. The slap was so fast and hard. And when it connected to my face, I swore I could see stars.

“You fucked me.” Lina was muttering. “You... fucked me.”

“Lina, I can exp—”

“You fucked me. I’m not a virgin anymore. What the hell, Tyler?”

“I’m sorry, Lina. I’m really, really sorry.”

“I…” She looked to the side, then back at me. “I… ugh!”

Another slap. I saw this one coming, but I did nothing to stop it. It connected with the same cheek, and I accepted the blow because I deserved it. Luckily, this one wasn’t as hard as the first, and I didn’t know if Lina had pulled this one back, or I was used to getting hit in the face by my little sister.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated.

Lina was heaving breaths, her shoulders rising, then falling. She looked down, and for the first time, she recognized what she was wearing.

“You dressed me up like some kind of weird maid,” she commented, her tone even and unreadable. When she looked back into my eyes, I couldn’t tell just how pissed off she was. “And the things you did to me while I was unaware… the stuff you did…”

“I’m sorry, Lina,” I said, as if those four words were the only words in my vocabulary. “I’m really, really sorry.”

She buried her face in her hands and shook her head. “I don’t know how to feel about this, Tyler. Can you like… not hide from me? Could you just, like, be honest with me for once?”

“I swear from now on, no more lies, no more secrets.”

“You’ll be lucky if we still talk after this,” she said, and I felt my entire universe falling apart. “You abused my trust, you basically raped me, you… you…”

“I deserve everything coming, Lina… I’m so sorry.”

She sighed and leveled her gaze at me again. This time, her browns were clear. “You’re so lucky that I can’t do it.”

“Do… what?”

“Leave.” She sniffed. “Because I love you too much, you big stupid buffoon.”

“I swear I’ll do whatever to make out for what I did to you.”

She looked off to the side again. “Just never lie to me ever again.”

“I’ll pinky swear it.” I raised my pinky up like she did this morning.

Lina stared at it for a moment. Then, as if in slow motion, she raised her finger and hooked her pinky with mine before dropping her hand. “So…” Another sniff. “I’m not a virgin anymore.”


“I wished I was conscious of our first time. I mean, I can remember it now. But… it doesn’t really count, because… you know, I wasn’t really there.”

“Again, I’m so sorry.”

“Do you know how long I have fantasized about that moment? I have been dreaming and dreaming that our first time would be pure fireworks. We would marry, and then we would do it on our wedding night. Now I feel like all of that is snatched away.”


“Stop saying sorry. What’s done is done.”

I almost apologized again, but I bit my tongue at the last second.

Lina looked at me, studying my eyes for a few seconds before standing up and stripping away her maid uniform.

“I guess you have seen everything by now,” she said, throwing all the clothes to the side and then plopping back to bed. “So, take off your clothes too and we can do it again.”

“What? Like, have sex?”

“What else? We already did it like fifty times already. What’s one more?”

I felt like the dubious one now. “Here? Right on this bed? Now?”

She sighed. “Take off your clothes.”

I did so, keeping my eyes on her as I stripped away my shirt, then peeled off my chino pants.

I was only in my boxers now, and Lina nodded once when I looked at her.

Breathing out a slow breath, I peeled off the last article of clothing and now we were both naked. I didn’t know why I was so nervous. I had been naked around her for so many times over the last four weeks, but I guessed she never actually saw me without clothes. This would be the first time Lina was aware.

It would be like our first time again.

“It’s weird,” Lina said, moving the stray locks of hair away from her forehead so she could get a good look at my cock, already throbbing and full length. She shifted forward and grabbed it with her right hand, and I resisted the urge to groan. “I have seen this so many times already. I felt it inside me. I… touched it before, but holding it now, it feels like the first time.”

She gave me a light squeeze, and the moans came pouring out of me then.

“It’s so big,” she whispered, almost to herself. “And so…” She gave another squeeze. “And so warm.”

Lina switched her gaze between my cock and me. Using her other hand, she cupped my cheek and leaned in to kiss me.

I have tasted those lips for hours and hours, but when she closed her eyes, tilted her head, and brought our lips together, it was the first time she actually initiated the lovemaking, and not the other way around.

She was actually sucking back when I sucked, and Lina was actually responding when I gripped her hips tight and pulled her close. More groans spilled out from me when she started pumping my cock.

“This is nice,” Lina whispered, drawing back and running her tongue over her bottom lip, then circling to the top. “Your taste is familiar, because you practically kiss me every day, but everything feels new in a way.”

Lina looked down at my cock again, pumping it with a few loving strokes before gazing back up at me. “So, now what?”

“Now… what? What do you mean?’

“All the truths are out. And although I’m so pissed off at you, and I want to slap you again, I understand why you did it. Just a little. But it doesn’t mean it’s right.”

“I’m—” I stopped myself before I could finish the sentence.

That made Lina giggle.

“You know,” she said, still stroking my cock slowly. It throbbed under her touch, jerking painfully, pre-cum leaking out and pouring down to her fingers. “The memories are slowly coming back. I remember the things you said to me. About how you think I’m the most beautiful girl alive, and that you couldn’t live without me.” She raised a brow. “Is that just dirty talk, or is it all true?”

“It’s all true, Lina. Everything I said.”

She nodded. “So… boyfriend and girlfriend?”


“Are you, like, my boyfriend now? If someone asks you who I am, would you tell them I’m your girlfriend?”

I looked at her. “Do you want that?”

She nodded. “I do. I want to claim you for mine. I don’t want any woman touching you or even looking at you ever again. You might not know this, Tyler. No one knows this, but I’m very possessive and I get jealous easily.”

I managed a laugh. “I can already tell.”


I smiled. “Yes, we’re now in a committed relationship.”

She returned my smile and giggled. “And hypnosis. Could we do that again? Like, you hypnotize me, then wake me up, and then we can have naughty time straight after? Or maybe we do it when I’m in a trance?”

“Sounds like a dream.”

“Just.. please don’t mess with my memory or my perception of things ever again. I still trust you, Tyler. I can understand why you did it, but… please? You need to say it.

“Of course, baby. I’ll never ever do that again. You have my word.”

She let go of my cock and held up her pinky. Smiling and shaking my head, I sealed the deal with the unbreakable promise.

Her hand went straight back to my cock, pumping me with agonizingly slow strokes. I guessed I must have made a sound because she giggled so cutely.

“I love the sounds you make,” she told me. Then, added, ”Master.”

“Fuck,” I breathed out.

The way she said it… it was completely different than the rest of the time she called me that.

It came out like a breathless whisper. And with purpose. She knew what she was saying, and she definitely knew the effect the word had on me.

She giggled again, watching me as I panted and squirmed while she quickened her pumps.

“You know,” she whispered, dropping her gaze and looking away, but not breaking stride in her lovely pumps. “To be perfectly honest, the reason I’m not slapping you some more, even though you deserve an infinite amount of slaps more…” She exhaled shakily.” I… I love the things you did to me. I love how rough you were. I like it when you grope me in public… it feels… so wrong. So naughty and filthy.”

She looked at the discarded uniform at the side. “And wearing that uniform, being chained, and getting led by you… even thinking about it gets me wet.”

My eyes immediately darted to her pussy, and holy shit she was right. Lina was soaked.

“This is so perfect,” Lina said, gazing back at me. “It’s like we were made for each other. You like everything I like. You’re dominant. I’m submissive. You love being called Master, and I love being called the ‘s’ word.”

I perked up. “Slut?”

“Oh, god.” She giggled again after losing composure for half a second. “Say that again.”

I laughed. “You’re a dirty, dirty slut, aren’t you?”

“Uh huh.” She nodded, her breaths audibly deeper. “I am.”

I sat straight up and Lina stopped pumping me, looking at me with lusty brown eyes as I gazed at her.

“You’re a fucking dirty slut.”

“Please,” Lina begged, stealing her hand to her sex and rubbing herself there. “Oh god...”

“Get on all fours, you dirty slut,” I growled, feeling more of myself now that everything was out there and she was willingly doing this.

The realization set in, concreting in my mind.

I was actually going to fuck the love of my life, and she was completely and utterly aware of it. Everything she did now was of her own will.

And that made the anticipation of fucking her a hundred times stronger.

By the time I went on my knees, my girlfriend was already in position, her ass turned towards me, and her sex dripping with arousal.

I placed my hands on her hips, and Lina wiggled her ass at me in response.

“This will be our official first time,” she told me. “Everything before this doesn’t count. I’m still a virgin and you’re going to do bad stuff to me.”

“Just say fuck, Lina. Say it like the dirty slut you are.”

“Fuck.” The word came out of her so forcefully and with so much passion. She giggled, the sound so girly and high pitched. Music to my ears. “Oh my god, that sounds so dirty.”

“We are going to do a whole lot more of dirty.”

She giggled again.

“You know, Master.” Her voice was still all sweet and innocent, but I could hear the huskiness layering underneath them, growing by the second. “I always wanted our first time to be after marriage. Doing all this… it feels so wrong. Like it’s against everything I have been taught growing up.”

I waited for her to say more. “But?”

“But it also feels so right.” She gasped as I shifted forward, prodding at her opening. “Mom and Dad would kill us if they found out.”

“They won’t. We will fuck at my place. Move in with me. My place is practically your second home, so it won’t even be a big move. You slept in my bed hundreds of times. Just tell Edward and Rachel that I’ll take care of you like I always have.”

I grunted as I pushed in, and her pussy swallowed my head greedily. Lina moaned softly at first, then she shifted her hips backwards, desperate to take more of me, her wails increasing in volume.

“Okay.” she cried out, biting down on her bottom lip, her words now muffled. “I’ll move in with you. I’ll do anything you want.”

“That’s my slut.” I gritted my teeth and sank forward. She was tight, but it wasn’t a difficult squeeze, especially when I had already stretched her out hours ago.

Moving one right hand under her, I started stimulating her clit, rubbing over the throbbing button.

That kicked things into overdrive. Lina cried out her delight, then began moving her hips back and forth. Back and forth. Taking me an inch deeper after every rotation.

Holy shit, she was really desperate for me. Maybe more than I was for her.

“Christ, your pussy feels so fucking good, baby.” I squeezed my eyes shut and pushed the last few inches, slamming by heavy balls against the crack of her ass.

Play time was over.

I was relentless with my onslaught, rubbing against her clit furiously while I withdrew my cock and slammed it back into her, feeling sharp ripples of pleasure tearing through me. “So fucking good.”

“Fucking good,” Lina echoed me. Her voice increased in pitch at the last syllable and I knew she was close. I knew her too well. “Tyler! I—”

“I know, baby,” I whispered, ramming my cock into her faster and harder, the sound of my balls slapping her ass filling up the room amongst the low moans and shrieks coming from Lina’s mouth. “Wait for me. Ten more seconds, baby.’

“PLEASE.” She shook her head wildly. She shrieked once. “AH! I CAN’T—I…”

I sped up my already blurring rhythm, grunts leaping out from my throat, slamming into her without mercy. Her pussy was sopping wet, welcoming every drive of my cock with a hot little flex. On the final thrust in, I felt her body tensing up, and her pussy walls closed around me so tight it was impossible not to explode.

“NOW!” I screamed, roaring with her shrieks as we both came apart at the same time.

I didn’t stop stimulating her clit, trying to give her the best possible experience. And I think I did. Her body convulsed so violently, I had to use my other hand to steady her as she almost toppled forward, digging her head into the mattress, her high-pitched moans definitely audible to the entire floor we were on.

I would apologize to our neighbors later. Right then, all my thoughts were on her. I was spurting so much cum into her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she came to me with a positive pregnancy result the week after.

I thrust in and out, in and out, filling her up to the brim, thick white liquid and her juices flowing out of her tight little hole, making a complete mess underneath us. I didn’t care. I just did my job and fucked her until I physically couldn’t anymore.

“Oh my God, Tyler,” Lina moaned. There was a sheen of sweat across her body and a flush creeping its way across her chest and up her throat. She slumped forward, and I withdrew out of her. “That was amazing.”

I reached over and closed my hands around her ass, dragging upwards through the valley of her back, then slumping down at the foot of the bed beside my love, our harsh breathing mixing together.

“That was the best orgasm of my life,” I admitted. “Holy shit.”

“Mine too.” She offered me a smile. “And I’m not a virgin anymore.”

“Yeap.” I rolled towards and she squealed when I caught her by the tits. “Not anymore.”

“I love you, Tyler. You feel the same, and I can’t believe it. I know I may not look like it, but I’m still in shock about the hypnosis thing. You should have told me.”

“I know.” I stared deep into her browns. “And I want you to know I’ll never, ever hide anything from you again. No more lies. So when I say the three words, I want you to know I mean it with all my heart.”

She giggled. “Say it. Say the words.”

I brought our lips together and sighed when I tasted peaches.

“I love you, Lina. Forever and always.”

“Forever and always.”

She snaked her hand down and grabbed my cock, guiding it into her pussy. I had to bite down on her lip when she inserted me inside her.

“Fuck me again, Master,” she whispered, her tongue tangling with mine. “We won’t sleep tonight. We just fuck and fuck. I don’t care.”

“Deal,” I said, then thrust forwards, burying myself to the hilt and splitting the room with her wails of pleasure.