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Fucking the Wife who Doesn’t Like Sex

Chapter 9

The next couple of weeks went by as if they had been greased.

Catherine and Jessie spent much of that time out in the barn and in the main house as well.

Once Jessie was sure Catherine and Neptune were used to each other he suggested they move to more comfortable quarters and it was Catherine who suggested they take things to the main house. It initially took Neptune a couple of hours running around the interior and sniffing at everything until he felt safe inside.

While Neptune did his searching and getting familiar with the place Catherine and Jessie retreated to the kitchen and prepared something for them to eat. While Catherine sat at the table Jessie stood at the stove, fixing some scrambled eggs and bacon. He’d asked Catherine to wait on the toast until the bacon was ready, that way it wouldn’t be cold once they sat down to eat. As soon as he put on the eggs, after plucking the last strip of bacon from the skillet, he gave her the go ahead and it only took a few minutes to get the toast ready. By the time she was done the eggs were done, too, and they both sat down to enjoy the meal.

It was only a few minutes after they sat down the Neptune joined them and curled up under the table while they ate.

“Jessie?” Catherine asked.


“I want to thank you for letting me know what’s been happening to me all this time. I had no idea Carl was doing all this.”

“Well, Miss Catherine, I was getting tired of it anyway. I’d talked to Mr Carl plenty of times, asking him to just tell you what was happening but he refused to even listen to me. The last time I brought it up he stormed out of the barn and came up here. I don’t know what he did after that.”

“Well I certainly have no idea.”

“Miss Catherine, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on this and I want to know how you’d feel about something.”

“I’m listening, Jessie,” she answered, before gathering more eggs on her fork and placing it into her mouth.

“Now I don’t want you to get mad at me, but I’ve been thinking about this real hard lately, and I want to make a suggestion. But, only if you’re ok with it.”

“I told you to go ahead, Jessie. How am I to know what you’re thinking if you don’t tell me?”

They both laughed.

“I want to plant a new key word in your memory, Miss Catherine. Only this one will be know to both of us and Mr Carl won’t have any idea of what we’ve done. You’ll still respond to the one he uses, but from now on you’ll be totally aware of what’s happening to you. You’ll still have to do what he suggests, but this time you’ll come out of the trance knowing what happened. How’s that sound?”

Catherine thought about it for a couple of minutes, still eating as she did.

The silence between them made Jessie think that Miss Catherine wasn’t going to like it.

“Oh well,” he thought, “I had to try.”

When she finally spoke, it was just what he’d hoped to hear.

“I like it, Jessie. I like it. When could we do this?”

“Any time you want to, Miss Catherine. All you have to do is let me know when you’re ready.”

“Well, wouldn’t it be better if we do this today? Carl will be home tomorrow and I’d like to be able to remember the things he has me do for him. As well as for you,” she added.

She smiled at him and Jessie could tell she was picking on him. The past two weeks had been nice between them. They’d shared so much and not once had he had to use the key word to get her to do any of it. She’d fucked and sucked both him and Neptune like there was no tomorrow and she’d seemed to enjoy it each time they’d gotten together. Even when Neptune wasn’t with them they still had a good time.

“As soon as we finish here and get the kitchen cleaned up we’ll do it,” he told her.

They ate the rest of their meal in silence.

______________________________________________________________________ Carl was looking forward to getting home.

From the reports Jessie had been giving him he realized that Neptune would be ready to do things for him once he got there. He could already envision the sight of Catherine laying there with the huge dog licking between her legs at that naked snatch, with his tongue dipping deeply into pussy, pulling out all her juices with each lick. His cock was getting harder in his pants with each thought. He’d almost pulled it out and jacked off while driving, but considered it too dangerous. After all, he wasn’t wanting to cause a wreck. He was wanting to get home to his wife, and the dog, and watch as he had her suck and fuck the great dane. Yes, the next two weeks were going to be good ones! After that he’d have to travel again and this would be his last trip before he finally retired and got to stay at home. Yes, he was really looking forward to his retirement!

* * *


Catherine was lying on her bed, Jessie’s head between her wide-spread legs, enjoying his oral treatment on her soaking wet pussy. They’d been at this since finishing the clean up in the kitchen. As soon as they’d gotten to the bedroom Catherine and practically raped him! She jerked off his robe and went right to his hard cock, quickly taking as much of it as she could deep into her throat, using her tongue on the sensitive head located beneath all that loose skin!

“Damn!” he thought. “I could lay here all day and let her do that to me. I ain’t never had a woman blow me like this one.”

On the other hand, Catherine was thinking along the same lines.

“I could suck this black dick all day long,” she thought. With each up and down movement on his cock she took it deeper and deeper into her throat, clasping it against the top of her mouth with her tongue, sucking as much of his skin into her throat as she could. It was his foreskin that excited her more then actually sucking his cock. Every time she got it past the back of her tongue she’d have an orgasm, getting wetter and wetter with each suck. She finally had to stop, pull him out of her mouth and lie back on the bed, inviting him to use his mouth on her for a change. She loved the way he sucked her clean and she’d pull her legs further back until her knees were touching her aching, throbbing nipples, drawing moans of pleasure from her.

She patted the mattress and Neptune soon joined them. He’d done this often enough to now know what they expected of him. He sat on his haunches close to his mistresses head and sat still as she reached for his sheath, his canine cock already emerged and ready for his participation in what was happening. Once he felt her hand around his cock he knew it was time to move closer and he did just that. When he’d gotten in place, his cock was right in front of her face, close enough for her to move her head a little closer and to engulf his cock into her mouth. He loved that feeling almost as much as actually fucking her.

When Catherine felt he heat radiating from that huge piece of meat she leaned forward just enough to get his cock into her mouth, where she quickly slathered it with her tongue, feeling all the bumps and ridges along its length. She enjoyed the feeling of having this canine cock in her mouth. While she loved sucking Jessie she got a bigger thrill sucking on Neptune. His cock was so different then Jessie’s was. With the point at the end of his cock head it was so much easier to deep throat him and he slid down the back of her tongue and into her throat with ease, not even eliciting a twitch from her gag reflex. Even the first time she had taken him into her mouth the gag had not happened and she realized that she’d love sucking his cock any time it was available for her. She pulled back a little bit and used her tongue to wrap around the cock, getting a taste of the whole thing. She could feel the leaking juices from his piss hole and greedily sucked it all down, enjoying the taste as well as the feel.

She could feel Jessie between her legs sucking her off as well. While his tongue wasn’t as long as Neptune’s, he still knew all the right spots to hit and he’d not missed a one since he started sucking her out.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” she moaned around Neptune’s cock. It was so deep in her throat that it was impossible to actually mouth the words, but she still want to make her feelings known to her two lovers.

She felt Jessie pull back from her loins, leaving a void where his mouth had been.

“You ready for a good fucking, Miss Catherine?” he asked her. He was already kneeling between her open legs and she could feel his cock head pressing against her opening, which was so wet that she knew she’d hardly feel his entrance to her depths.

All she could do was nod, knowing Jessie would realize it was impossible for her to actually say anything at this time, so that’s what she did. As soon as she felt his length in her she knew he’d see the movement of her head and didn’t need to actually hear her say the words. It felt good to feel his width inside of her yet again. Between the two of them, Neptune and Jessie, she still didn’t know who she enjoyed fucking the most. All she knew was that they both felt good inside of her and she wished there was a way she could actually get them both inside of her at the same time.

Little did she know that she was about to find out!

Jessie pounded into her. She could feel his cock head hammering against her cervix and it felt so good! Carl’s cock could also beat her cervix, but for some reason it always felt better when it was Jessie doing it. With Neptune it was even more different. It actually felt like his canine cock’s tip was probing into her cervix, which always brought moans of pleasure, along with a little bit of pain, from her. She fully expected Neptune to blow his load directly into her uterus one of these days. Good thing it was impossible for him to get her pregnant.

Jessie pulled out of her and the emptiness left her craving to be filled again.

“Turn over on top of me, Miss Catherine,” he told her.

She actually hated it when he called her ‘Miss Catherine’ these days, but no matter what she told him, he continued to call her just that. He explained that it wouldn’t be right to call her anything else and have it slip out in front of Mr Carl. In a way she agreed with him, but then again, she wanted him to just call her Catherine, but he wouldn’t do it. She’d live with it though.

Jessie was now lying on his back, his hard cock pointing up into the air. For a moment she considered sucking on him again, but she wanted to feel him back inside of her so she straddled his hips and slowly descended until his cock head once more entered her depths. She took her time, feeling each vein on his cock as he once again entered her pussy.

“Damn! That felt good,” she thought as she finally settled on his hips with his entire length inside her again.

Jessie pulled her forward, until she was lying across his chest. Her hard nipples rubbed against his, causing his to get hard as well and the friction between them kept them in constant arousal. He never knew he could get such enjoyment from his nipples! He wrapped his hands around her back, causing her ass to stick up in the air and then he patted her ass, indicating to Neptune that he was to mount her.

When Catherine felt the added weight on her back she almost panicked.

“Don’t worry, Miss Catherine. I think you’re going to enjoy this part.”

“What are you doing, Jessie?” she struggled to move but he held her fast.

“I’ve been wanting to try something for a while now and we’re going to see if it can be done.”

“What?” she demanded to know.

“I’m going to see if Neptune can fuck you as I fuck you.”

“You mean......”

“Yes. I’m going to see if I can get his cock in your pussy while I have mine in there.”

“Both of you at the same time?”


“OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” was all she could manage. Her dream was about to be tried and she was willing to lay there and see what happened next.

Neptune was doing his best to find the right hole to stick his cock into, but it felt like it was already occupied. He’d almost stuck his cock into her ass when he felt her pull away.

Wrong hole!

Maneuvering her hand between her and Jessie, Catherine was able to reach back and grab Neptune’s cock, pulling it forward. With Jessie under her it wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be and she soon had a good grip on Neptune’s cock, pulling it closer and closer to her black-stuffed pussy. She had to make sure that the canine cock entered her on top of Jessie’s cock. Any other way would be impossible and she so wanted to feel the cocks of both her lovers inside of her at the same time. She couldn’t stand the idea of a cock in her ass and she was now determined to make sure Neptune settled in with Jessie.

With Jessie’s next thrust she pulled Neptune closer still and finally got his cock head into the position she’d been trying for. The next thrust brought her up, opening a small space on top of Jessie’s cock for Neptune to fit into. Without a wasted movement, she pulled Neptune closer still and managed to get his cock head into that small opening.

Neptune didn’t waste any time! As soon as he felt the warmth of her pussy he drove forward, pushing his cock into the opening, sliding it along the cock already in place, forcing himself deeper and deeper into the wetness of Catherine’s pussy.

Now Catherine knew what it was like to really be stuffed with cock! She now had Jessie, as well as Neptune, in her pussy and the volume of cock inside of her stretched her to limits not known before. While there was some pain, it was tolerable and she soon become accustomed to the feel, as well as the pressure generated by the two cocks inside of her pussy. Her abundant juices were forced out of her with each thrust of the two.

Their rhythm took a while to synchronize and after a couple of minutes they were each thrusting in and out of her at the same time. Occasionally there was a missed beat but they soon got going again. With each mis-thrust there would be a moment of pain, but that soon disappeared when the two males finally got going and didn’t miss a beat.

Jessie had the hardest time of the two. His fucking thrusts had to pick up to match those of Neptune and he wondered if he’d done the wrong thing. He didn’t know if he’d be able to match the speed of thrusts Neptune was setting, but he soon realized that Neptune was slowing down, as if to let him catch up. It was like the dog realized there was no way the human would be able to keep up the pace he’d at first set, so by slowing his hammering he allowed the human to match his sped and they were both able to enjoy the moment and settle into a movement they could both keep up with.

Catherine had felt that she’d once been full with only Jessie’s or Neptune’s cock in her, but now she knew what it meant to be full for the first time in her life. The pressure never relented. It was there. Constantly! While both cocks were in her the pressure would be there and she would have to live with it if she wanted the enjoyment she was now getting! For the first time in her life—that she knew of—she was full of cock and felt good about it!

As he lay there, enjoying the feeling of Neptune’s cock rubbing against his, Jessie wondered why he and Carl had never thought of doing this to Catherine! Perhaps he’d suggest it to Mr Carl when he got home. He wondered if it would feel any different then it did now? “Only one way to find out,” he thought. He made a mental note to mention it to Mr Carl when he got home tomorrow.

Inside of Catherine he could feel the juices of Neptune already coating her and it eased the friction between his cock and her inner walls. He imagined it was the dog’s way of making sure he could fuck his bitch and not hurt himself in the process. Jessie gave a small prayer of thanks for the sexual workings of the dog. He’d never have leaked enough pre cum for the lubrication needed.

The two continued fucking her with a wild abandon. Each thrust bounced her on top of Jessie and beneath Neptune. Her stomach was beginning to feel a little bit of unease with the movement of the two, but she adapted to it and soon realized just how good it felt to have the two in her at the same time. She could feel the combined juices of her, Jessie and now Neptune begin to drip out of her stuffed pussy. She could only imagine it as the combined juices dripped from her and settled on Jessie’s balls. She’d have to lick those balls once they got done to see how well all their juices mingled. The thought brought a climax to her and she shivered in her release.

Jessie felt the shudder and asked, “You okay, Miss Catherine?”

“I......I......I’m fine, Jessie,” she stuttered, as the bouncing rattled her and made speech difficult.

“You sure?”

“Ye......, yes.............yes.........I’m fine,” she managed.

Then it hit her!

Her first cum with both cocks inside of her.


Her body became rigid with the climax and, at the same time, both cocks shot off inside of her. She could feel the added pressure of the combined release and they filled her as no one ever had before. The combined shots spurted out of her, since there wasn’t any real room in there for it to stay there. With the two cocks taking up 90% of her insides the juices didn’t have any other choice but to come out. By the time they finished the bed sheets beneath Jessie were completely soaked and would have to be changed and washed!

Neptune was the first one to get off the bed.

With him and Jessie both fucking Catherine at the same time there was no room for his knot to get into the wet pussy and therefore his knot had swelled outside of her pussy and the dog now retreated to the far side of the room to clean himself and allow for this knot to shrink.

On the bed Catherine and Jessie were still joined together, allowing the accumulating fluids to drain out of the well fucked pussy. Both of them were too tired to move and Catherine lay there in a daze, reliving the moments of earlier. As she lay there their accumulated sweat united and she almost slipped from Jessie’s chest, as a thin film now lay between them. When Jessie finally moved they actually slid apart, with Catherine on the right side of the bed and Jessie still somewhat in the middle, closer to Carl’s side of the bed. The sheet beneath them was soaked with their combined sweat, as well as the combination of all their juices. Thank goodness for the rubber mattress cover, which would keep the wetness from staining the mattress and having to replace it.

“Well?” Jessie asked.

“That was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, Jessie,” came the reply, between breaths as she fought to regain control of her breathing. “I’d wondered what it would feel like, or if it was even possible, to have two cocks in me at the same time. Now that I know we can do it I’ll have to admit, I want to do it again!”

“Would you like to try it when Mr Carl gets home tomorrow? I mean, me and him at the same time.”

“I’ll have to think on that one, Jessie. With the size of you two I don’t know if I could take both at the same time. At least with Neptune he was a little smaller in size and, after some getting used to it, I was able to handle both of you.”

“I don’t know,” came the reply. “I think you could handle both of us with little or no problem at all.”

“You think so?”

“Hey, didn’t think I could do it with Neptune until I tried it. Now that we know you can, and I can, too, I think this is something we’ll be doing much more often in the future.”

“I think you’re right.”

They both laughed and then fell into a deep sleep, awakening some 4 hours later.

* * *

When Jessie woke up he realized he was in the bed by himself. Looking across the room he found that even Neptune was gone. Slowly he got up, went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. He was sticky with all those semi-dried up juices all over him.

Once he got out of the shower he put on the robe he’d worn earlier and headed down stairs. He’d have to make sure to keep a clean set of clothing available up here at the house for occasions like earlier. All he’d worn up here today was the robe and he didn’t want to parade around it just that. Not that they were expecting any company, since they hardly had any, but it would be nice just the same to have something to clean when they finished their sex sessions.

He heard Catherine before he had even finished climbing down the stairway.


It was coming from the den, so he headed that way, trying to keep as quiet as he could so he wouldn’t interrupt anything. He already had an idea of what was happening in there.

Sure enough, once he got to the door way, he say Catherine sitting on the couch with her legs spread wide and Neptune feasting on her pussy.

“Damn!” he thought, “That woman never gets enough any more. I think she’s gotten hooked on that dog’s tongue and cock!”

He stood there, in the doorway, and watched as Neptune brought her to an orgasm and she pushed him away. But, only long enough for her to get on the floor in front of him, push him down on his back and to reach for his already exposed cock. Taking it into her mouth she sucked on it until she heard the dog whine a little bit and she backed off a little bit and swirled her tongue around his cock.

Something told her she had company so she opened her eyes for the first time and saw Jessie standing in the doorway, jacking his uncut cock, which had gotten hard. Her mouth never left the canine cock as she watched and, as Neptune unloaded a small load of his own, watched as Jessie cupped his free hand and caught his load there, instead of shooting on the floor, for which she was thankful. It would’ve been hard to explain that one! She continued to watch as Jessie brought his hand up to his mouth and ate his own load, causing her to wish he’d saved it for her instead.

After a couple of minutes Neptune retreated from the room and they could both hear him in the other room as he drank from his water bowl.

Jessie came into the room and the two of them sat down together.

“We have to give you a new key word now, Miss Catherine.”

“Yes, I think you should. How are you going to do it?”

“I’ll say the old key word and get you in the trance and then give it to you. I’ll also explain that only you and I will know it and that when you hear Mr Carl use the old one what you’ll do then.”

“You ready, Miss Catherine?”

“I’m ready, Jessie.”


Catherine slumped to the back of the couch, her eyes closed and ready for whatever it was Jessie was going to tell her.

“Miss Catherine? Can you hear me?”

“Yes, Jessie. I can hear you.”


He sat there for a few minutes, thinking of what he was going to say. Once he had it all in mind, he told her.

“Miss Catherine. Whenever you hear either myself and especially Mr Carl say the word ‘Buttermilk’ you will go into your trance, as you usually do. Things will be different though. When Mr Carl uses that word you will not only go into a trance but you will be slightly awake. You’ll be able to remember everything that happens, no matter what Mr Carl might tell you. You’ll remember all the things you do, all the things Mr Carl or myself or even Neptune do to you. You will act as though you’re still in a trance and not do anything to make Mr Carl think differently. Do you understand, Miss Catherine?”

“Yes, Jessie. I understand.”

“Repeat your instructions to me, please.”

Catherine did and Jessie was completely satisfied. He woke her up and they sat there for a while.

“Thank you, Jessie. I want you to know how much I appreciate all this.”

“You’re welcome, Miss Catherine. I’ve wanted to let you in on all this for some time and now you’ll finally be able to remember everything you do once Mr Carl uses the key word on you.”

“Did you give me a new key word?”

“No. I didn’t think it was necessary.”


“If you’re going to remember what would be the need to?”

“That’s true. Hadn’t thought of it that way.”

“Well, Mr Carl will be home tomorrow and we’ll see what happens. Won’t we?”

“I reckon we will.

“Jessie, there’s one more thing I want you to do for be before we get done here.”

“And what would that be, Miss Catherine?”

“I want you to fuck me one more time!”

To be concluded...........