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Fucking the Wife who Doesn’t Like Sex

Chapter 8

Neptune automatically knew that two people had entered the barn. He recognized Jessie’s scent immediately. After all, Jessie was his trainer and they’d both had a lot of intimate times in the past weeks. The other scent was a bitch in heat! He remembered the scent from his previous owner, who had allowed him to mate with his dates in the past.

By the time Jessie and Catherine got to the stall where Neptune was kept he was up against the gate, his tail wagging, happy to see Jessie again, and sniffing the air and the scent that radiated from between Catherine’s legs.

Yes, Neptune knew what was going to happen next and he was looking forward to it. His canine cock was already beginning to expand and expose itself below his belly.

Jessie saw Neptune’s cock as soon as he entered the stall, already dripping with pre cum and steadily getting longer. He didn’t say anything to Catherine, whom he’d left on the outside of the stall until he was sure Neptune wouldn’t be too brisk with her. After all, the animal had not yet see her before and he just wanted to make sure the two of them would get along well.

“It’s ok, boy,” Jessie said to Neptune.

He knelt down on the straw in front of him and began to scratch him behind his years. Neptune seemed to like that a lot and instantly sat on his haunches and let his tongue sag from his open mouth, his tail still wagging in welcome.

Catherine stood outside the stall and witnessed what happened between Jessie and Neptune. Jessie had asked her to wait till he was certain the animal was calm enough for her to enter. He asked that she just watch him and to pay attention to what he was about to do. She’d told him she would. So, there she stood, outside the stall, still wearing the blouse she’d worn to Jessie’s place.

As she watched Jessie had Neptune lay on his back, his legs sticking up in the air with his belly exposed. For the first time she could see his cock exposed and marveled at its size. She thought Jessie and Carl had big cocks, but Neptune’s make both of them look small in comparison! She’d never seen a canine cock before and its shape amazed her. Instead of a well-defined head at the end of the cock, Neptune’s came to a point. She wondered what it would feel like one inside of her pussy. Since she’d fucked Jessie earlier she found it easier and easier to use the proper words for what had happened to her, as well as what was to come. While she still didn’t remember a lot of the things that Carl and Jessie had done to her, the flashbacks were getting clearer all the time and she was able to put the pieces together until the puzzle was almost complete.

As she looked into the stall she saw Jessie grab Neptune’s cock and slowly jack it back and forth, causing it to grow larger in length, as well as circumference. Its size rattled her for a moment and she actually wondered if the whole thing would be able to fit inside her. Without knowing it, her right hand had traversed the distance between her hips and pussy and was now stroking her exposed clitoris, bringing shivers from her impending climax. Jessie leaned forward, still holding the cock in his hands, and lowered his head to the dog’s belly, inhaling the aroma of the canine cock. He stuck out his tongue, where Catherine could see it, and swipe it up and down the length of the cock.

Catherine gasped when she saw Jessie licking Neptune’s cock.

She continued to watch as the cock disappeared into Jessie’s mouth, too! She knew Jessie liked to suck Carl’s cock, but she never would’ve dreamed that he’d also like sucking a dog’s cock as well. Her mouth hung open when she realized he was not only sucking the cock, but had also swallowed the whole thing, as hid lips were now almost touching his knot. Behind the knot she could see the animal’s balls and it appeared as if they’d been drawn into his body, because they didn’t appear to be as large as when she had first noticed them.

Jessie wasn’t paying any attention to Catherine any longer. He was lost in the feeling of sucking Neptune’s cock once again. When he’s sucked on it earlier in the day he’d realized just how much he liked it. Almost better then sucking on Mr. Carl’s, only this time there was no foreskin attached, as dogs don’t have any, and instead of feeling that excess skin slide down the back of his throat, the pointed end drove deeper into him, achieving depths he’d never gotten before by sucking on a man’s cock instead. As soon as his lips touched the knot he knew he’d finally succeeded in swallowing the whole organ and his own cock grew rock hard at the thought. He could also tell his own pre cum was leaking in streams and he reached for himself, rubbing that moisture around his cock head and starting to jack himself off.

Already he could feel the start of Neptune’s pre cum being pulled out of the cock, and the taste was as it had been earlier but this time there was a sweetness that hadn’t been there earlier. Maybe it was just the fact he was getting use to tasting it. Yeah, that had to be it! What else could it be?

Outside the stall, Catherine was in the midst of her first climax since entering the barn. She’d moved from stroking her clitoris to jamming two, then three of her fingers as deep into her pussy as she could. Now she sat on the straw, still cumming on her fingers, watching the spectacle in front of her. She watched as Jessie continued to suck Neptune and now she also noticed he was stroking the knot as well. Just from the appearance and size of it she knew that Jessie would never be able to get it into his mouth, so she reckoned he was stroking it to provide a stimulus, to get Neptune to shoot his load into his mouth. Jessie had lost all track of time and where he was. That happened to him whenever he was sucking a cock. His main focus was sucking the organ and getting it to unleash its load into his mouth. He continued to jack his own cock, but that never registered in his mind. He didn’t even realize he was doing it. All that mattered at that particular time was the cock in his mouth and getting it to unload its tasty juices.

After what Jessie though might have been an hour or more he felt Neptune start to shoot his load. He knew better then to keep his mouth on the cock, even with it stuffed halfway down his throat, so he pulled off somewhat reluctantly. After all, he didn’t want to choke with that cock in his mouth. He wanted to be able to taste his reward and knew that the only way that would happen would be if his mouth were open in front of the shooting organ. Just as he backed off the first shot hit him in the middle of his face, clogging up his nose for a moment and causing him to hold his breath. After the initial shock Jessie leaned closer and opened his mouth again, this time the next shot hit him squarely in his mouth and dribbled down the back of his tongue and his taste buds got their full share of it. After the third shot he knew it was now safe to once again take Neptune’s cock into his mouth. He was rewarded with smaller shots and they weren’t as powerful as the first few and now he was able to take the cock partway into his mouth and suck on it while it continued to unload.

Jessie’s mouth didn’t move one bit and he didn’t pull off again until he realized that Neptune was no longer shooting cum. Only then did he pull back and allow the animal to turn over and crawl to a corner of the stall and clean himself off. Jessie sat there and watched, then he remembered Catherine sitting outside the stall and turned in her direction. When he couldn’t see her he almost panicked, thinking she’d been reviled by what she’d just witnessed. Instead, he found her passed out on the straw right where he’d left her. Her right hand was still between her legs, with her fingers still inside her pussy. He guessed that she’d been fucking herself with her fingers as she watched him suck Neptune.

Leaving the stall, Jessie went to the well outside the barn and drew some of the cool water. Back in the barn he used his hands to withdraw a little at a time and pour some of it into Catherine’s open mouth. Once she started to come around he rubbed the coolness into her skin, around her breasts and between her legs. In about ten minutes Catherine was sitting up again, drinking water this time.

“How many times have you done that since he’s been here?” she asked Jessie.

“This is only the second time. The first was earlier today.”

“WOW!” was all she could say.

“What did you think of it?” he asked her.

“Probably one of the hottest things I’ve seen in my life! Did I ever do anything like this for you and Carl?”

“No, you didn’t. Carl let me know that I wasn’t to fuck you in the ass, and to tell you the truth I never intended to. I don’t go that way and I refuse to push anything on any one else, especially if I know that don’t like it.

“Now, I have a question for you.”

“Ok,” she replied.

“Do you remember using the cucumbers on yourself?”

Catherine laughed.

“Yes, I do remember that. It was probably the only thing I did, sex wise, without being under yours or Carl’s control. I’d learned that a long time ago when I’d accidentally walked in on my mother at a much younger age. She lying on her bed, naked as a Jay Bird, with her legs spread wide open and she was shoving that cucumber into her pussy like there was no tomorrow. I never told her that I’d seen her, but from the way she was acting and moaning out loud I figured it was something she enjoyed. I vowed right then to try it when I had some private time to myself. I got that time about a month later, when mama and daddy went into town for the day. I took one out of the icebox, used the potato peeler mama had and removed the small knots on the outside and make sure it was real smooth. Once that was done I went to my room, made sure the door was closed and locked, then got undressed and did the same things I’d seem mama do. It took some doing but I finally got the whole thing inside of me and discovered how wonderful it felt there. Soon after that I made sure that I took a cucumber out of every picking and fixed it for myself. Eventually I made sure that the sharp spikes were removed and only the knots remained on the outside and I learned those knots could be just as pleasurable as my fingers. I think I like the feel of them inside of me more then my fingers.” She laughed at the last remark.

Jessie noticed that as she spoke her eyes were darting back and forth to Neptune’s stall. He knew she wanted to get in there and do things with Neptune and that he’d be the first one to witness whatever happened. He would never let Mr Carl know what happened tonight, either. That was the agreement he’d made earlier tonight with Miss Catherine and he intended to enjoy this moment for as long as he could.

“Do you think you’re ready to go in there?”

Her nervousness showed as she glanced into the stall one more time.

“Are as nervous as I am?” she asked him.

“Only a little bit. After all, I’ve already done things with him since Mr Carl brought him home. I’ll be here and make sure nothing happens to hurt you.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, mam. I’m sure. Once we get started there will naturally be some pain, when he first penetrates you, but I think you’ll be able to handle it with no problem. After all, if you can take me and Mr Carl a cock like that should only be a challenge, right?”

“I.......I.......I guess so,” she stammered. She walked back to the stall and looked inside. Neptune was still in the corner, still licking himself, but his cock was no longer visible. She guessed it had shrunk to its normal size once again. She could already hardly wait to see it again and to actually feel it in her hands for the first time.

“Are you really sure I can do this?”

“Miss Catherine, you and I both know you can do anything you set your mind on, don’t we?”

“Yes, I guess we do. Nothing’s held me back before, so why should it now?”

“That’s the Miss Catherine I know!”

Jessie moved to open the stall for her, but she stopped him.

“Please. Let me do this myself. I want to do this but, while I appreciate you being here to watch out for me, I think the first step is mine to do alone, don’t you?”

“Are you sure?”

She laughed. “Now who’s hesitating?”

He laughed with her and stood back, allowing her to get to the gate. He watched as she opened it and stepped inside for the first time.

Neptune watched her, as well. He’d never met her before, but his instincts told him that she’d be gentle with him, and his instincts had never been wrong in the past. He didn’t move, allowing her to come to him, which she did. Once in front of him she knelt down in the straw and reached out to let him get her scent and to get use to her presence. He stretched forward and sniffed her out-stretched hand, noticing the scent he’d been aware of earlier. He allowed her to pet his head and to scratch between his ears.

“His coat is awful soft, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I just washed him earlier today, after we’d finished out first session. I like it when he smells clean and I think he liked me washing him, too. He didn’t fuss one bit. In fact, he sat in the tub and let me wash and rinse him without a fight.”

Neptune laid on his side, jacking up one of his hind legs. He knew instinctively what she was here for and he showed her he’s allow her access to his groin and sheath.

“Go ahead, Miss Catherine. Stroke his belly. That’s what he’s waiting for. You see how he laid down and exposed himself to you? He’s letting you know it’s ok.”

Without looking up she stroked his chest, between his front legs and trailed lower until her hand was on his belly, her fingers only inches away from his sheath and it’s hidden goodies. She felt herself getting wet between her legs and opened them slightly, getting a little more comfortable in the process.

Neptune got a good smell of her pussy after she’d opened her legs and his cock was already beginning to react to that aroma.

Catherine moved her hand closer to his sheath and then noticed his cock was already beginning to appear. She turned to say something to Jessie and for the first time noticed he’d already entered the stall, closing the gate, and was standing off to her right side, sitting on a stool so he could get a better view of what was going to happen. He smiled at her but otherwise didn’t say a word. He already had his pants down around his ankles and his cock was standing at attention between his legs. He’d already started to jack himself and she could see his abundant skin slide up and down on his cock head. She smiled, but didn’t go over to him, as much as she’d wanted to. She stayed right there next to Neptune and moved her hand closer until she finally felt his sheath and gripped it, feeling the cock within getting harder and longer. The tip was already exposed and there was moisture at the tip of it. She used her left hand to dip the moisture off and then brought it up to her mouth, where she licked it off, tasting Neptune’s juices for the first time. She like it. She again looked over at Jessie, again pulling moisture off the cock and again licking it off as he watched her. She noticed his stroking was getting faster, too!

She laid her head on Neptune’s belly, where she could get a good view of his cock as it exposed itself completely. It was amazing to see it happen up this close. She pulled his sheath all the way back to his balls, exposing is small knot at the same time. She guessed it wouldn’t get bigger until he was ready to shot his load.

Once he was totally exposed she moved her right hand to the organ and actually felt it fully for the first time. She wrapped her fingers around it, and was surprised (somewhat) to see that it was indeed bigger then either Jessie or her husband. When she held Jessie or Carl her fingertips were able to touch, but not with Neptune. There was a gap of about an inch in between them.

Then she noticed the sniffing for the first time.

Neptune had his head up off the straw and was sniffing the air, in the direction of her pussy. Was he smelling her excitement? She hoped he was. Already her juices were flowing from her twat, dripping into the straw below her.

Sitting on the straw she spread her legs and, without saying anything, invited the animal to get closer, to see if he liked what he was smelling.

It didn’t take long for Neptune to take her up on the offer.

He crawled towards her, on his belly, and once he got closer to her pushed his nose at her twat and took a long smell of her scent. He liked what he smelled between her legs and crawled even closer, this time sticking out his tongue and swiping it along her outer lips, finally tasting her.

Catherine swooned and had to use her arms behind her to keep herself from falling backwards into the straw.


“Damn! Damn! Damn! I’ve never felt anything like this before,” she said out loud, to no one in particular. And that was just Neptune licking the outside of her pussy. He hadn’t even stabbed into her yet.

Jessie smiled, continuing to stroke his cock. This was going to be good, and he could hardly wait to see her lying on the straw, Neptune’s tongue between her legs, with her yelling out how good it felt. Yeah, this was definitely going to be a great night!

* * *

Carl tried to call Jessie that evening but could never get a hold of him. The last time he left a message, asking him to call him back as soon as he had the time. He left the number in his hotel room and then went to dinner. “I wonder how Neptune’s training is going,” he thought to himself as he left the room.

* * *

Jessie was startled when the extension in the barn rang. He wasn’t expecting any calls tonight and decided not to answer it. If it were important who ever it was would leave a message and he’d return it tomorrow morning.

* * *

When Neptune’s tongue did slide into her all she could see were stars and firecrackers going off in her mind. The first time his tongue hit her clitoris she thought she’d die from the climax it brought to her. That climax was so hard she almost passed out from the sheer pleasure of it. Carl and Jessie had eaten her out, at least that’s what she could determine from the flashbacks, but apparently they’d never done anything like this to her. Damn! If only she could fully remember what had happened to her when she’d been with one, or both of them. These flashbacks weren’t helping, either. All they did was give her pieces of a much larger puzzle. The pieces she had put together didn’t tell her much and she had to guess at what many of them meant. So far she’d apparently been right, but she still wanted to know it all. She wanted to know once and for all just what had transpired between her and her husband and her and Jessie. She couldn’t really be mad at Carl. After all, all he was trying to do was get what he felt was due him. She apparently hadn’t made it easy for him so he’d had to take extreme measures to get her to ‘perform’ for, and with, him. She still didn’t completely understand how Jessie had gotten into all this, but that didn’t bother her. She’d willingly fucked him earlier and had enjoyed it immensely.

As she lay there on the straw it was hard to keep still. Neptune’s tongue was as deep inside her as Jessie’s cock had been earlier. In fact, it seemed like it was going deeper into her, reaching places that no cock had so far. And the way he moved it around inside of her!!! That was what so different. With Jessie’s or Carl’s cock inside her there was only one way for it to go—in and out! With Neptune’s tongue, it was drilling into places deep inside of her that had never been touched. NEVER! She could feel the end of that tongue swirling around her cervix!

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was all she could manage. It was like her vocal cords were paralyzed and no words would form.

Her body moved around on the straw, causing small welts to form on her back, the back of her legs, and even her butt, but she took no notice. If there were any pain associated with those welts, she didn’t feel it. She was lost in the fulfillment of her desires and her climaxes were one after the other. She’d lost count of how many times she’d already cum. Nothing, yes NOTHING, mattered but the pleasure she was receiving from this wonderful animal. DAMN! What had taken her so long to finally find out that sex was good? Why hadn’t Jessie gotten those tapes to her sooner? Hell! Why hadn’t her parents been straight with her from the beginning, while she was still young and could enjoy the feelings now coursing through her body?

Too many questions and no ready answers.

When Neptune figured out all of Catherine’s juices were gone he pulled back from the open pussy before him, sat up, and waited.

Once Catherine noticed the exquisite feelings were gone, she opened her eyes and sat up, leaning back on her elbows. She was looking right into Neptune’s eyes and could only shake her head. Then she noticed something else was wrong. Glancing to her right she saw the stool Jessie had been sitting on was now empty and Jessie was once again by her side, this time kneeling down and offering his hard cock to her. Without any hesitation whatsoever, she grabbed that piece of uncut, black man meat and engulfed it, swirling her tongue around the inside of his skin, licking up his collected juices, whatever was left from his pre cum. She already loved sucking his cock, but the flavor of his juices excited her even more and it wasn’t long before her own juices had returned and once more Neptune had his head between her legs and was licking and sucking on her while she sucked on Jessie.

Jessie didn’t let her suck on him long. After only a few moments he withdrew and backed up. Now it was time for her to return the favor for Neptune.

He had Neptune lay on his back and looked at Catherine and nodded.

She knew automatically what she was to do. No need for any questions. Now it was time to suck her first canine cock and she was looking forward to it. If Neptune can bring her to a climax, it was the least she could for him, so she crawled over to his prone body, again took his sheath into her hands and wasn’t surprised to find it was easy to get his cock out, since it was already quite hard and just waiting for what was to come next. Inching closer to the now-exposed cock she stuck out her tongue and made contact.

Whatever she’d been expecting, this wasn’t it.

She’d expected to be grossed out by the thought of a canine cock in her mouth, but was pleasantly surprised to find she wasn’t revolted at all. Except for the feel of the cock, with a point instead of a rounded cock head, nothing felt any different. A cock is still a cock, no matter what it’s attached to, she thought. She swirled her tongue around the pointed end and was pleased to find that due to the point it was much easier to swallow this cock then that of either Jessie or Carl. In fact, it slipped into her throat with no difficulties at all. She’d thought it would be harder to take it all in, due to the thickness, but that wasn’t the case. I slid into her throat like her throat had been made for that cock. Since the cock was sheathed when not in use for fucking a bitch, it appeared as if it was constantly coated with his juices, much like an uncut cock was. With those thoughts she smiled to herself. She still loved the feel of the two cocks she already had experience with, but with this one there was something different and she knew she’d enjoy this cock as much as she wanted to, whether anyone else was with her or not. Neptune could be her own secret when she was home alone, which wasn’t often, but it would be something she could do and be fully aware of it. That’s what made it so good!

Without any problem she took the whole length with no problems and as soon as she came to the knot she stared bobbing up and down, wanting to see what it would be like to have a dog shoot into her mouth.

“You’ll have to be careful once he’s ready to shoot his load, Miss Catherine,” Jessie warned her. “When he’s ready to shoot you need to pull off his cock or you’ll choke on the first shot. Believe me, I know from experience. Did you see how I pulled off earlier?” It was a rhetorical question and he hadn’t meant for her to actually answer him. He just wanted to warn her so she wouldn’t be caught unaware and get hurt for it.

While she understood what Jessie was telling her, another part of her was telling her to ignore him and to continue what she was doing.

She found out real fast though that what he’d told her had been the truth.

When Neptune decided it was time to shoot she was caught completely off guard. Her mouth filled up with the first shot, and she started to panic, but Jessie was there beside her in an instant, giving her advice on what to do.

“Pull back, Miss Catherine. Pull back!”

Finally, something got through to her and she pulled off the cock, even as the next load went right into her throat and on to her stomach. She help her breath for a moment, not even aware she was doing it and the almost pulled a load of the next shot directly into her lungs. Luckily, Jessie pulled her back, as she fought it, and she was soon off the exploding dog cock and once again able to breathe.

“I tole you to back off,” Jessie almost shouted at her. “This is your first time, Miss Catherine, and you didn’t know what to expect this time. That’s why I tole you to pull back! You have to listen to me. If you don’t something’s going to happen and you’ll quickly lose control of the situation and get hurt.”

After she caught her breath, Catherine looked at Jessie, still pulling in oxygen to her hurting lungs.

“Thank you, Jessie. I don’t know what happened.”

“I do,” he answered her. “You lost control of your feelings. You got caught up in sucking Neptune’s cock and completely lost track of what was happening. Did you even hear me tell you to pull back?”

“I........I........I.......I’m not sure. I think I did, but it didn’t register.” She stopped gasping for breath and once again was breathing normally. “Thank you, Jessie. I appreciate your help.”

“That’s what I’m here for. To help you get use to this.”

“Have you ever been with a dog before, Jessie?”


“Then how do you know what to do?”

“I’ve seen a lot of porno movies with women and dogs. One Mr Carl decided it was time to get you a dog, I pulled out all those old tapes and paid attention to them. I mean, really paid attention! I had watched them at one time with the sole purpose of getting off with masturbation, but for some reason I never got rid of the tapes. I kept them for later reference. Now I’m glad I did.

“One of the tapes was actually a ‘how to’ with dogs. That’s the one I watched the most. This one was a step-by-step instruction of how to suck and fuck a dog. I thought I’d worn out the tape, I’d watched it so many times. I almost fell to the same temptation you did the first time I sucked Neptune. But there was a voice in the back of my mind that brought me back to reality and I pulled off Neptune right before his first shot. The second one was just as strong and the third one less so. With the fourth shot I moved closer to the cock and let it shoot right into my mouth and with the next one I was able to out it back into my mouth and that time it was easier to swallow without the fear of choking. All I’m asking you is to please listen to me and please, take it easy the next time. Now, do you think you’re ready for the next step?”

“That would be letting Neptune fuck me, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes, it would. Again, do you think you’re ready or do you want to wait till tomorrow?”

“We’re here, Jessie. I want to do this before I lose my nerve.”

“Will you listen to me this time?”

“Yes, I’ll listen to you.”

“Ok, then let’s get this started. It’s getting late,” looking at this watch he could see it was almost midnight and he wanted to be in bed, and have Catherine back in the main house, but 2 am.

“How am I supposed to do this,” Catherine asked him.

“I’ve already fixed up something for you.” With that said Jessie went to the next stall and returned with a small bench, covered with a foam mattress and secured below it.

“What’s that?”

“This is what you’ll lie across while Neptune is fucking you.”

“But, I thought he’d be on my back?”

“He will be, Miss Catherine. He will be. I just want to play it safe right now. With the bench you’ll have some support while he’s on you. Otherwise, you’ll have to hold his weight on your back all by yourself. This is a great dane. He’s a big dog and he’ll be heavy, so I want you to get use to the weight first. Later we’ll do it without a bench, but for right now this is for your protection.

“Neptune!” Jessie called.

The animal came across the stall and sat in front of the two of them.

“Now, Miss Catherine, I want you to lie on the bench, on your knees with your butt facing this way. Be sure to spread your legs just a little bit, so he’ll have easy access to your pussy. Once you feel his weight on you, don’t panic. The bench will give you support and you’ll be fine. Once I have his positioned on your back, with his front legs wrapped around your waist, I’ll take hold of his cock and direct it into your pussy. At first you’ll feel a lot of pressure, but since you’ve fucked both me and Mr Carl on a somewhat regular basis, you should be stretched enough for no problems. If there are problems please let me know and I’ll pull him back as much as I can and try to limit his penetration. I’ll warn you now though, once his cock gets inside of you he’ll most likely start to hammer right into you. It’s not like fucking me or Mr Carl. Once a dog starts to fuck it’s worse then ‘wham-bam-thank-you- mam’. He’ll try to push you forward and knock you off balance, but remember, I’m here and I’ll do what I can to keep you from harm.”

“Ok,” Catherine stammered.

She walked over to the bench and positioned herself as Jessie had instructed. Once she was there Jessie took Neptune by the collar and walked him over to her. He let her sniff her ass and open pussy then he let go of the collar and Neptune dove right into her pussy with his tongue. He licked her from clitoris to ass hole, eliciting moans of pure pleasure from her. Her pussy was already wet from anticipation and from wanting to feel that huge cock inside of her.

After a couple of climaxes she felt Neptune pull back and, for the first time, begin to climb onto her back. His nails were sharp and left welts on her sides, but the pain didn’t register. She was so into what was about to happen that she didn’t pay any attention to the pain. She felt the sudden weight on her back and, for a moment, almost screamed. Jessie was right there though and calmed her down. She listened to him tell her that she’d be just fine. To just lie there and let it happen.

Once Neptune was situated on her back, and Jessie let her know everything was fine, he reached between the two of them and grabbed the dog cock and pulled it towards her pussy.

“Are you ready?”

After a few short intakes of breath she answered she was and it was then she felt the point of that canine cock, all hot and slick with his pre cum, at the entrance of her tunnel.

“I’m going to let him go, Miss Catherine. I’ve already told you what to expect, so try and relax and let it happen. You’ll be fine.”


Jessie pulled the cock to within an inch of the hot, waiting pussy, then let go. The heat from the woman’s pussy let him know he was close enough to his target to get penetration on the first try, so he rammed his hips forward and felt the hotness of her envelope him rigid tool. Once he was inside of her his instincts took over and, as Jessie had told her, he started a rapid pumping, forcing his cock into her. It wasn’t slow and it wasn’t easy, as it had been with Jessie. This was brutal. This was savage. This was the way Neptune fucked all his bitches. This was nature at its purest form. This was sex like she’d never experienced before.

The pounding drove the breath from her lungs and she had to struggle to breathe again. Once the moment of panic passed and the feeling of his full weight on her back was accustomed to, she let herself go and began to understand what was finally happening to her.

At first there was pain, and plenty of it! But, again, Jessie had warned her of that. She had figured the initial stabbing would be painful, but she wasn’t prepared for the extent of that pain. It felt like someone was trying to still a small watermelon into her pussy. After a couple of stabs though the pain lessened and her juices once again began to flow, making the movement of his cock in her much easier.

“Are you ok?” she heard Jessie ask.

“I think so,” she answered.

“How does it feel?”

“I’ve never been this full before, Jessie. Never! But it’s starting to feel better and he’s moving easier with each stroke.” She said this between breaths, as the humping of Neptune continued and still pushed air from her lungs, but at a lesser rate then at first.

Looking beneath the two figures Jessie could see the canine cock pump in and out of the wet pussy before him. He could see Miss Catherine’s juices flowing out in little streams. Just like when he fucked her, her juices were running full, allowing the invading cock easy, lubricated movement inside of her pussy. He also noticed the knot was getting larger and he gripped the back of Neptune’s cock to keep it from entering her passage.

“Miss Catherine, I’ve grabbed Neptune’s cock at the knot. It’s starting to get bigger and that means he’s trying to tie you.”

“Tie me? What’s that mean?”

“When a dog gets ready to empty his load into his bitch his knot gets bigger and enters the pussy. Once it’s inside it swells even larger and prevents the cum from leaking out. This way he’s sure to get enough cum into the bitch to get her pregnant. Eventually the knot will shrink and will come out of the pussy on its own, but I’m not going to let that happen. You’ve proved you can take all his cock, but I don’t think you’re ready for the know. At least not yet. Once that knot get inside you and locks in, you’re tied to him until the swelling goes down and it plops out.”


“Yes, mam.”

“How long would be ‘tied’ like that?”

“It can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour for the knot to go down enough to come out.”


“Yes, man. An hour. That’s why I want to keep the knot out of you this time.”

“Thank you, Jessie. What would I do here without your help?”

“You’d be stuck to Neptune for up to an hour,” he laughed.

As the two of them chatted about the knot, the humping continued at the same rapid pace he’s set on the first penetration. He’d not slowed down at all and Catherine was feeling it. Her lungs hurt from having to gasp air so often. The weight on her back, even though supported by the bench, was still heavy on her and her back was beginning to hurt as well. Her pussy felt like it was almost raw due to the friction from the driving cock and her knees were also getting week and what she wanted more then anything else at that time, was to be able to sit down for a while.

Her mind was beginning to wonder but she soon realized that Jessie was now standing in front of her, his rigid cock in front of her face once again. She knew immediately what he wanted and took his tool into her mouth. For a moment she forgot the pounding Neptune was giving her and focused on the cock in her mouth. After a few minutes though, she felt Jessie pull out and go behind her once again.

Jessie got behind the two figures just in time. He quickly reached between Neptune’s back legs and grabbed his cock again just in front of the knot. He’d stepped in front of Catherine for a few moments, realizing she was getting tired and offered her something to take her mind off what was happening. He’d succeeded for a couple of minutes but then soon realized that the frenzy of Neptune’s fucking had changed and that could only mean one thing, he was getting ready to unload his sperm into her. He had to act quickly to get behind them, grab the knot, and prevent him from forcing it into her pussy. He was just in time, too.


“I know, Miss Catherine. You ok?”

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! OH, GOD! This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, Jessie. Sooooooooooooooo Gooooooooooooooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd! I don’t want it to stop. You hear me, Jessie??? I don’t want it to stop!”

“Yes, mam. I hear you.” And he did. She was screaming loud enough to alert the nearest neighbors, and they lived 20 miles down the road!

He watched as Catherine jumped on the bench, causing it to move on the straw, even though he thought she’d never be able to move it while Neptune was on her. He’d been wrong.

Catherine jumped all over the place with each shot of cum into her. The force from each shot felt to her that if she opened her mouth it would shoot all the way through and end up on the stall wall in front of her. After the first couple of shots though, the force settled down and she could feel her pussy fill up with the hot liquid. It felt so good inside of her and she wished she were a little bit bigger down there so she’d be able to hold it all inside of her. After about 10 minutes though, she began to feel his load leak from her and run down the back of her legs and pool on the straw below. After another 10 or 15 minutes she felt Neptune pull back and his cock popped out of her well used and well lubricated pussy. It was more a relief then anything else. Next she felt the weight move from her back and she was able to breath a little easier for the first time since the fucking had started. With each drawn in breath she felt better and better. When she felt she was able to, she backed off the bench and sat down on the straw, ignoring the stabbing in her thighs as she did. That didn’t matter right then. What did matter was that she was able to sit down and to breath again.

She sat in the straw and first looked at Neptune and then at Jessie.

“Thank you, Jessie,” was all she could say.

“You’re welcome, Miss Catherine. I’m glad I got to witness this first, before Mr Carl did.”

“I’m glad, too, Jessie. Carl owes me a lot for what he did to me. For what the two of you did to me, but I’m able to forget and forgive. I’ll do this for Carl, too. But not because he wants me to. I’m going to do it because it’s what I want to do. I loved fucking Neptune. I loved sucking his cock. I loved having you here to let me suck your cock while Neptune fucked me. I loved the whole experience, as if you didn’t know.” She laughed at the final remark and Jessie joined in with her as well.

“When’s Carl due back, Jessie? Do you know? He didn’t tell me.”

“I think it’s gonna be another week or two, Miss Catherine, but I’m not sure. I know he was going to be away for a while and I was to make sure Neptune was trained enough so he’d be ready to fuck you when he got home though.”

“Well, Jessie, I’d say you succeeded with your training, wouldn’t you?”

“Why, yes. I would say that it was successful.”

They sat in the stall and laughed for a while.

Once things settled down they left the barn and moved towards the main house. While there wasn’t a chance something would happen to her, Jessie still wanted to make sure she got home safely. Since it was early the next morning, and there was a chill in the air, Jessie loaned her the overalls he kept in the barn. Catherine thanked him for being so good to her and went into the house to get cleaned up, to get a lite snack and then was off to bed. Jessie, on the other hand. returned to his house and saw the blinking light on the answering machine. He almost waited till later to listen to it, but something told him it might be Mr Carl, so he hit the play button and listened:

“Hey Jessie! Where you at, old buddy? I just called to see how the training is going with Neptune. I’m not gonna be home for another two weeks this time. A client’s asked for another set of meetings and I’ve got to meet with him and his company to get all the arrangements worked out on this contract. After that I should be home for about a month to six weeks before I have to leave again. Here’s my number, 555-786-0009. That’s my cell so give me call in the morning, before 9, please. If you can’t call then wait till about 6 tomorrow night and we’ll talk. Thanks, Jessie. I appreciate this.”

The call ended. Looking at his watch, Jessie could see it was 1:39 am and he was dead tired. There was nothing important he had to do later this morning, so he decided to sleep in and he’d call Mr Carl at the later time and tell him all about the training he’d given Neptune so far.

To be continued................