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Fucking the Wife who Doesn’t Like Sex

Chapter 7

When Catherine got up the next day all she could think about was the box of things she’d gone through the previous day. She still couldn’t believe some of the things she’d found inside that box. It still brought thoughts to her head of the tape she’d watched, in which her parents were fucking, and enjoying it! She still found it hard to believe that she hadn’t known this about her parents, but then again, she had been a bit younger when they’d been killed in that accident all those many, many years ago.

Going to the bathroom she took a quick shower, changed into clean underwear and put on the little bit of makeup she allowed herself to wear. After all, where was she going to go that she needed to fix herself up to impress someone? She’d spent almost all of her life on this farm, without going out too often, so why should she change now? She went downstairs and into the kitchen, where she fixed herself a small breakfast of eggs, grits and some milk and orange juice, then sat at the table and ate it all, her thoughts still on the video tape from yesterday. Once she was finished with her meal she got up and washed the dishes, dried them and put them in their proper place. She believed in keeping the house clean and would fuss for hours to make sure it was up to her standards. With it being only her and Carl in the house though, there wasn’t a whole lot to do and keeping it clean and neat was an easy job. Thank goodness they’d never had any children to chase around the place. She didn’t know if she’d have been able to keep up with them and to make sure they didn’t make huge messes that had to constantly be cleaned up by her, or someone else.

Moving into the living room she found the box right where she’d left it, sitting behind the couch where no one else could see it. She’d have been embarrassed if Carl had found it while he’d been at home. Thank goodness he’d left on his business trip earlier in the day, long before she’d gotten up. She stood there and stared at the box as it sat there on the floor. Apparently she’d not closed it properly, since one of the flaps was slightly raised above the others. Bending down to fully close it she got a look at the materials inside and reached into it and pulled out the tape marked #2. She’d already gotten a look at the first tape and now her curiosity was beginning to get to her and she wanted to see what was on the second tape.

She went to the television and tape player (Carl refused to get a DVD player, insisting they had enough video tapes of things to watch and also refused to buy DVD’s of any kind), and gently pushed the tape into it. Picking up the remote from the top of the TV she went to her rocker and sat down, pushing the play button once she’d turned on the TV.

The black screen was replaced with a picture of both of her parents. Her father’s mouth was moving but she couldn’t hear his voice and it was then she remembered to turn up the volume. Once she’d done that she rewound the tape so she could listen to it from the beginning.

“Catherine, we wanted to share some of our experiences with you once you got older. If you’re now watching this, without us being with you, then it means something has happened to us and Jessie has given the box of albums and these two tapes to you. We had every intention of telling this to you personally, before you and Carl got married, but the time never seemed to be right and your mother,” who was standing next to him, “thought if we weren’t able to tell you in person then this was the next best thing.”

“We knew you’d never believe anything Jessie would tell you, without us being there to confirm all he said,” her mother continued. “We regret that we were unable to tell you in person, as your father has already told you, but we wanted you to know that we both love you very much and want you to be as normal as we are.”

“You call what you did on that first tape ‘NORMAL’?” she thought to herself.

Her father continued, “Your mother and I have a fairly active sex life, dear. There were never any doubts that we would, either. I know that your mother tried to instill in you that sex was bad, but that was only while you were younger. We didn’t want to have to be told that you’d gotten yourself pregnant while you were either dating or in school. That would’ve killed us both right then and there. We didn’t want a teenage mother to have the responsibilities of trying to raise someone not much younger then you were. All we had were good intentions for you, dear. Please forgive us if we were wrong.”

By now tears were streaming down her face as she finally realized what it was her now-dead parents were telling her. Sex wasn’t nasty and it was something she could’ve learned to enjoy. Perhaps Carl had been right when he’d tried to get her interested in intercourse after they first got married. Oh, the things she’d missed all those many years ago.

This time her mother again spoke to her, “Catherine, please realize that what you’ve already seen on the first tape and what you’re about to see on this one are acts done by both of us. We were willing participants here and we enjoyed everything you’re about to see. Some of what you’ll see on this tape were considered taboo when we first got married and it wasn’t till after you’d grown up that they were looked at differently. In some cases they were still not talked about openly and what we did, we did behind closed doors and they were known to only the very ones taking part in all of this. We trusted everyone to keep quiet about it and for the most part they did. I have no idea if anyone spoke about this or not, but I do hope if they did that it wasn’t too bad for them after we were gone. I pray that you’ll understand what you’re about to see and I, or rather your father and I, love you very much and wanted only the best for you, dear. Please forgive us if something happened to us and we weren’t there for you at this time.”

With that all said the tape returned to the black screen for a few moments and when the light returned Catherine found that the camera was once again in their bedroom and was trained on the bed itself.

Lying on the bed was her mother, without any clothing on. She was spread out on top of the sheets with her legs spread wide open, giving her daughter a clear view of the slit between her legs. From the glistening effects she saw, Catherine could only guess that her mother was leaking her juices onto the sheets and she wasn’t too far from the truth.

She heard voices in the background but didn’t recognize them. She was sure there were more then one, but she couldn’t tell if it was her father or someone else in the room. Then one of the voices got louder and was telling her mother to reach down and spread her lips apart (she could only assume that the person meant for her mother to pull apart her vaginal lips) so that he could get a clearer view of what was inside. It was only then that Catherine realized what had been glistening inside her mother. Apparently she wasn’t leaking her own juices, but rather the wetness inside her was the sperm that someone (presumably her father) had just shot inside her......

She found it hard to say the word.


Without realizing it, Catherine’s own pussy was starting to get wetter, as she watched what was happening in front of her.

She still found it impossible to believe that her own parents would actually tape the events!

“Justine,” her heard her father say to someone outside the range of the camera. “It’s time for you to get in there and clean up your brother’s mess, don’t you think?”

“Momma! You wouldn’t let a woman........” her thoughts trailed off as a very nice looking black woman entered the picture and she instantly recognized her as Jessie’s sister!

She watched as Justine got on her knees in front of her mother and then moved herself forward, until her face was directly in front of her mother’s pussy and then leaned in closer and used her tongue to lick across her mother’s pouting pussy lips!

The camera moved in closer and got a clearer shot of what was happening.

Catherine watched as Justine used her tongue to delve into her mother’s gaping hole, licking her inner lips and pushing deeper into the wetness in front of her. She watched as the black woman plastered her mouth over her mother’s hole and she could tell that the woman was using her tongue to gather and swallow the juices she sucked out of the wet pussy.

The camera moved to a shot of her mother’s face and from the look on it Catherine could tell she was enjoying what Justine was doing to her. She watched as her mother put her hands on Justine’s head and pulled her closer, almost as if she were trying to pull the woman’s head into her hole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” came the content moans from her mother’s mouth.

“Don’t stooooooooooooooopppppppppppppppp, Justine. Eat that cum out of me. Let your brother know how much you enjoy eating his spunk out of me after shooting his load into this white pussy!”

Catherine couldn’t believe it was actually her mother mouthing those words.

“We, have something else for you to do, sweetheart,” she heard her father say.

The cameras position again changed and this time it focused on Jessie, who stood on the side of the bed, naked with his huge cock hanging between his legs, waiting to take part in the vision before her. Jessie crawled on the bed and presented his semi-rigid cock for her mother and, as she watched, her mother took hold of the black cock in front of her. She pumped her hand up and down on that rigid tool, causing the excess foreskin to pull back from his pink cock head, and she could see the pre cum was already leaking profusely. She watched as her mother licked her lips seductively and then pulled Jessie closer so she could pull his cock closer to her face and closer to her watering mouth. It wasn’t long before that black cock was moving into her mouth and sliding down her throat.

Catherine’s pussy was so wet it now left a wet spot, not only on her panties but also was beginning to soak into the rockers material. Also, as she sat there watching the events unfold in front of her, her right hand had moved to her chest, pulled down her blouse and pulled her left tit out of the bra she was wearing and began to twist and pinch her nipple. Without realizing what she was doing, Catherine was moaning softly as her hard nipple began to ache with desire for what was happening on the screen. She was wishing it was her on the screen and not her mother.

* * *

Catherine didn’t hear the back door open and Jessie enter the house. She was too busy with watching the TV to notice.

Jessie called her name several times before he heard Catherine moan in the living room.

Once he got to the door separating the two rooms he saw Catherine sitting in her rocking chair, with her hand on her breast tweaking her nipple. He also noticed that she was watching one of the two videos her parents had left her. He’d already seen the material on them though. In fact, he’s participated in most of the taping and now he was glad he had. It also saddened him though. Justine had only been in her mid 30’s when all this happened and just 3 months before Edward and Betty had been killed in the accident, his sister had succumbed to breast cancer. She’d never even known she had it until it was diagnosed and when it was, it was too late for treatments. Her internal organs had been overtaken by the stuff and the cancer had just worked on her until there was nothing left to take. It had been painful for both of them. They’d always been close.

Jessie stood in the doorway and continued to watch. Now he saw Catherine was moving her hand down the front of her body, moving slowly until it reached her belly and continued further down until he could only guess that her fingers had finally found their target and were stroking her clitoris. Her moans got louder and once he saw her shiver, knowing she’d reached a climax with her manipulation.

On the tape he saw Justine busy licking and sucking on Betty’s pussy, knowing how much she’d enjoyed doing it to her friend. Justine had as much fun sucking on a pussy as he did sucking on a cock! Both of them had been bisexual and, while never satisfying each other since they didn’t believe in incest, they didn’t have any reservations using their mouths and tongues on friends, like the James’.

While he was tempted to interrupt Catherine’s actions he knew he had other things to take care of first. Carl had specifically asked him to tend to the training of Neptune and that was going as planned. He’d come to the house to see if Catherine had need of him for the rest of the day, since he planned to work with the dog to see what he could get him to do. Now that he saw she was busy with the tapes he decided it was best to leave her alone with her tapes and whatever else she wanted to do. Regretfully he turned around and left the house, headed towards the barn and Neptune’s continued training.

* * *

If she’d heard the door open or close, Catherine gave it no notice. At this time she was too busy stroking her clitoris and twisting her nipple, causing moans to escape her mouth with each stroke. She’d already cum four times, each one better then the last one.

Opening her eyes, she noticed that something else was happening on the screen. Now it showed Jessie shoving his black cock into her mother, while sucking on her father’s cock. Behind her father, Justine was licking his ass, and inserting her fingers into his rectum, causing him to moan with his own pleasures, much like she’d been doing lately. Only she didn’t realize she’d been doing it out loud.

She continued to watch the tape, watching as Jessie fucked and sucked her mother and sucked her father and while her father sucked and fucked his wife and sucked and fucked Justine and also sucked Jessie’s fat cock. She didn’t realize her father liked men as much as she did women. There were a lot of things about her parents she’d never been aware of.

Where in the hell had she been when all of this had been going on? There weren’t any dates or times on the tape, so she had no idea when each one was made. Not that it mattered, but she was curious. She didn’t remember ever going anywhere so she thought the tapes were probably made while she was sleeping. How could she have ever slept through things like that going on in her own house?

When the tape ended she ejected it and returned it to the box, this time making sure it was completely closed. She then took it to her bedroom and put it in her closet, on the top shelf and stacked things in front of it so that it wouldn’t be found by anyone else. Later she’d dispose of it herself. First though, she wanted to have enough time to go through all the photo albums and see what was there. Perhaps she’d learn more about her parents once she went through them all. She didn’t know for sure, but she hoped she would anyway.

* * *

Out in the barn, Jessie was working with Neptune, as he’d promised Mr. Carl he would.

He stood in front of the huge animal, stark naked, with is semi-erect cock hanging in front of him. He’d already gotten the animal to lick on him and to take his cock into his canine mouth and swirl his tongue around it. It had taken several times to get the dog to not bite him, but in the long run it had worked and he was now ready to move to the next segment of this training.

He got Neptune to lay on the hay, on his back, with his sheath pointing upward, his hardening cock slowly exposing itself.

Jessie was quite impressed with what he saw, too.

Reaching down to the sheath he pumped on it, until more of the canine cock appeared and, after several minutes of harder stroking, the cock was exposed for all to see. He quickly guessed it to measure about 10 inches and to be about 4 inches around, with a nice sharp point on the end of it. He sat on the straw beside the dane and continued to stroke the cock, until finally the know was also exposed which meant that the organ now measured almost 14 inches from the pointed tip to the base of his know. Not bad at all!

The next step is the one he had looked forward to.

He leaned over and took the tip of Neptune’s cock into his mouth and began to suck on it.

To him it was just another cock. It didn’t matter that it was attached to a dog. As long as it was a cock he’d be willing to suck on it and to continue to do so until he was rewarded with the gushing cum shooting out of it. He loved to suck and swallow cum and he could never get enough.

He’d had a midnight session with Carl before he went home and got some sleep. Jessie knew he’d be leaving that morning for another two weeks and he’d promised his boss that he would take care of not only Neptune, but also of Catherine. After all, he’d been fucking Catherine for a long time now and he’d gotten use to having his black cock buried in her hot, wet pussy. Just the thought of fucking her always got his pre cum leaking in great amounts and, on several occasions, he’d had to change his underwear because he’d leaked so much that it would threaten to work through his shorts and his jeans, leaving an embarrassing wet spot for all to see.

He worked his mouth up and down on Neptune, taking his cock all the way to the back of his throat and deeper. He only stopped once the knot was slapping his face. He never stopped though. He worked that cock with his mouth, tongue and throat until he felt the animal begin to shoot his load. He knew better then to keep his mouth on the cock though. With a man it was different. A man shot a predictable amount of cum and could easily be swallowed by just leaving the cock in his mouth. With a dog though, it was a different matter. A dog shot loads of cum in a quantity that a man can only dream of. First the dog would shoot a pre cum that would lubricate the hole he was fucking, making it much easier for him to get his knot into the bitch he was fucking. Next, after his know expanded to plug the hole he was in, he’d start to shoot his cum. He would continue to shoot until his cock would start to shrink to its normal size and then, only then, would his cock be able to be pulled out. Once it came out any excess cum would spill out of the hole, but enough would remain inside the bitch to ensure she got pregnant with his puppies. But, that’s only with dogs. With a woman his sperm can’t get her pregnant and, unlike a dog’s cunt, a woman’s would be left gaping open, allowing the excess cum to spill out of her and onto the floor or the ground, where ever they happened to be at that time.

Only when Neptune was shooting a lesser amount of his jizz did he again take the cock into his mouth and savor and also swallow what was left to shoot. He’d thought of allowing Neptune to fuck him, but just the thought of something that big in his ass was enough to reconsider the idea. After all, if he wouldn’t allow a man to fuck him why should he let a dog? He would be happy to just suck and swallow.

Once he was done Neptune got up and went to one of the corners of the stall and started to clean himself off. Jessie watched as the animal used his tongue on his own cock and wished he could do the same to himself. Over the years he’d tried many times to suck his own cock but it was always just out of reach of his tongue. Once or twice he did manage to get the tip of his tongue on the end of his foreskin, but only barely.

He got up from the straw and left the stall, locking the door once he was outside and then went to where he’d laid his clothing and began to redress himself. This was training he could get used to. As much as he liked to suck cock it was a pleasure to have a different one to work on. He hated it when Carl was gone, because then he knew it would be a while before he’d get to suck that white cock again. He’d gotten where he looked forward to the nights with Carl’s cock in his mouth and when they 69’ed it was even better. There was nothing like the feel of having your cock in a mans mouth while that man also had his sucked on at the same time. Carl had learned to deep throat him with only a little difficulty, but now he sucked it like a pro and was always wanting to continue, even after his cock was so sensitive that he couldn’t take any more oral action. With their skins still intact it make both of their cocks that much more sensitive to the rubbing on it, whether it was a hand or a mouth. Men with no skin attached were so much luckier, since their organs could take a little more action even after they’d shot their loads.

Returning to his house, Jessie got something to drink and then fixed a light meal, just hot dogs and baked beans tonight. He wasn’t very hungry, at least not for food! What he really wanted right now was a nice piece of Catherine’s pussy and, before the night was done, he’d get some.

“Knock, knock!”

The unexpected interruption startled him. He wasn’t expecting anyone, so who could it be at this hour.

Opening the door he was surprised to see Miss Catherine standing there, wearing nothing but a blouse that was open and exposing her breasts and her shaved twat between her legs.

“Miss........Miss.......Miss Catherine,” he stuttered. “What are you doing here? And, why aren’t you wearing anything?”

“I just had to see you Jessie,” she answered. “I’ve seen things tonight that I can’t explain, but for some reason I know you have the answers I need.”

He ushered her into his home. The both went to the living room and sat next to each other on the over-stuffed sofa.

With no hesitation whatsoever Catherine reached to his crotch and grabbed his already hardening cock.

“Miss Catherine!” He was completely surprised by the move.

“Tell me Jessie, did you like fucking my mother and sucking my father’s cock?”


“I said, did you like fucking my mother and sucking my father?”

“I know what you said, Miss Catherine!”

“Well? Did you?”

He decided to act as if he didn’t know what she was talking about.

“What do you mean, Miss Catherine?”

“Oh, I think you know exactly what I mean, Jessie. I’ve seen the two tapes you brought to the house and I’ve seen you sucking my father’s cock and fucking my mother’s pussy.” Right now she was so hot she reached to her pussy and began to stroke her already hard clitoris between her fingers, allowing Jessie to watch as she did.

“Don’t you want to do the same thing to me, Jessie? Wouldn’t you like to fuck me?”

Reaching with her other hand, she worked on his pants, undoing his belt and unfastening his button then pulling down his zipper. Once she was done there she worked his pants off his legs and then worked on his shorts, where his hard cock was beginning to poke out of the slit in front. When she saw her reward she leaned in closer and licked the tip of that amazing cock, drawing his skin down the back of her throat. Something felt familiar to her, but she couldn’t quite place what that feeling was. Flashes were already going through her mind, telling her unbelieving self that she’d already had this cock in her mouth and her pussy before. She simply refused to believe it. After all, she would allow her husband to do things to her that she wanted to do to this man in front of her. She’d never felt like this before and if Carl had been home tonight he’d be the one getting all the attention instead of Jessie. Jessie was the only man available though and she remembered watching him on the tape as he fucked her mother and she just had to find out what it would be like to have that nice, fat, uncut, black cock fucking into her body. She couldn’t remember that she’d already had that cock in her on numerous occasions. That didn’t matter though. Right now all she wanted was to be fucked!

“Jessie. I want you to fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours,” she said matter-of-factly. “I want to feel that huge black tube inside of me and I want to feel your body against mine as you fuck me silly.”

“Are you sure, Miss Catherine?”

“You already know I am. Why else would I be here, dressed like this? Or rather undressed like this. Of course I want this. Ever since I finished watching that tape today (she didn’t know Jessie had spied on her earlier in the day and knew exactly what she was referring to) I’ve wanted to be fucked. Carl isn’t here so it looks like you’re elected to be the first man to fuck me, Jessie. I want to lay on your bed like my mama did on hers, with my legs spread as far as I can get them and then have you push that fat cock into my wet pussy. Do you want to fuck me, Jessie?” With that she leaned back on the floor and spread her legs apart and inserted two of her fingers into her own twat, twisting them and causing noises to erupt from there, showing Jessie just how wet she is and how eager she is to get fucked by him. It took all he had to not push her back and force his cock into her right there.

“Well, Miss Catherine, if you really want to do this, I suppose we should go to the bedroom first, so we can do this right.”

Not needing another invitation, Catherine led the way to the bedroom and positioned herself in the middle of the mattress, spread her legs and practically begged him to fuck her right there.

Jessie didn’t need another invite at that point. Without any hesitation he got on the bed, grabbed her legs and forced them back until her knees were rubbing against her already rock-hard nipples and drove his rigid black tool into her with one swift movement. It bottomed out on the first penetration and in no time he was fucking in and out of her sloppy pussy. The wetness and warmth felt good wrapped around his cock and he could feel his pre cum already spreading around inside her. With each stroke it got easier and easier to get into her. Her juices, combined with his, make the fucking that much easier and the warmth of her tunnel was enough to make him shoot on his first thrust. He did his best to hold himself so that he wouldn’t fill her up too fast. While he’d fucked her many times in the past, this was the first time he’d done it with her knowing what was happening. That seemed to excite him even more. In the past he had wished she’d know what was happening and he’d wanted to take her out of the trance and tell her. But, he decided that was something Carl would need to do and he never said anything to her about it. He’d make sure to bring this up to Carl though when he finally got back home and see what his reaction would be. No doubt he’d be as surprised as he was. After all, it wasn’t like her to do something like this on her own, without anyone already planting the idea in her mind.



As she shouted to Jessie she wiggled around on the bed, causing his cock to hit places inside of her that he normally wouldn’t even touch. The friction on his cock was almost too much and, before he could stop it, his cum was splattering her insides. And what a load it was, too! He didn’t think he’d ever shot a load like this before, not even with Betty and Edward. His load pumped and pumped out of his balls until he was so drained he couldn’t stay up any more and he collapsed on top of Catherine, trying his best to catch his breath. Never before had he been so drained by fucking someone. Not even Betty! Looking down at Catherine he was surprised to see that she looked like she was disappointed that he’d stopped.

“Is that all you’ve got in there?” she asked him.

“From the tape I figured you were good for a couple hours good fucking. Guess I’ll have to see what I can do to change that, won’t I?”

With that she got up on her knees, pushed him down on his back on the mattress, and proceeded to engulf his cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around his cock head and stabbing it into his plentyful skin, snaking back and forth, also stabbing the tip into his piss hole. She sucked his excess skin down her throat and savored its taste. Using her teeth she gently nibbled the skin as she slowly pulled it out of her throat, until she got to the end of it and she once again swallowed it, pulling to down her throat again until his cock head entered the back of her throat and she sucked on it until she had all of his cock in her throat and only his balls remained outside her mouth. She nuzzled against is pubic hair, feeling it scrape against her lips.

Jessie was in heaven now. The many times he’d fucked her and she’d sucked his cock, never has it felt this good.

“Damn, woman. Where you learn to do that?” he asked.

“I had a good teacher,” she answered.

It took a while for that reply to register and when it did he sat up on the bed, looking at her as if he’d just seen her for the first time!

“You had a good teacher?” he repeated.

“Yes, I did.”

“And who would that be?” he asked.

“You.” was all she said.


“Yes. YOU!.

She sat on her haunches and stared at him.

“I was sitting in the living room today, watching one of the tapes my parents left me. While I was watching them something kept coming into my mind and I started having flashes of events happening, but didn’t remember. Then it dawned on me! Those flashes I was having were actually things that had happened to me in the past. The recent past, I might add. Suddenly I remembered having you in bed with me one night. I remembered you eating my pussy for the first time. I remembered sucking our beautiful, uncut, black cock and, most importantly of all, I remember you fucking that beautiful cock into my over wet pussy! I sat there for the longest time, thinking of what had happened. I began to remember more things.”

“What things?” he asked.

“I remember you coming to me once when Carl had gone out of town and how you fucked and sucked me that night. I remembered sucking your cock and having you shoot your load in my mouth. I remembered doing it several times that night. I remembered you fucking me again and again and I just couldn’t get enough of that cock. It stretched me to no end and it felt soooooo good to have you inside me like that.

“I remember Carl also fucking me. I remember him acting like it was a big deal to fuck me. I still don’t remember when it happened, but he did fuck me, didn’t he?”

“Yes, he did.”

“And when did all this happen?”

“Are you sure you want to hear all this?”

“Yes, Jessie. I want to know it all. So please, tell me.”

“Ok, but can we do it in the living room, please?”

“Sure, but first can I clean up a little bit? I don’t want to spread you all over the house,” she said, referring to the leaking semen now streaming out of her.

“You know where the bathroom is, right?”


“Ok, go ahead and clean up and I’ll fix something to drink while I wait for you.”

They got off the bed with Catherine going to the bathroom and Jessie pulling on an extra pair of pants then heading to the kitchen to fix them both a glass of cold iced tea. After about 10 minutes Catherine joined him in the living room, planting herself in the huge lounge chair, while Jessie settled onto the sofa across the room.

Nervously he looked at the woman he’d just fucked. A smile crossed his face at the thought of what had just happened and he began to tell her what she wanted to know.

“It happened just after you parents were killed in that accident. It was about after the funeral when Carl got the idea of using hypnosis on you to get you to release some of the prissiness, his words, not mine, of yours and to release your inhibitions. He wanted to fuck you so bad that he could taste it. He was frustrated that you wouldn’t do anything with him and he wanted you so bad he didn’t know what else to do. I guess he thought that if he could get you to let yourself go that eventually you’d come to your senses and allow him to have his ‘privileges’ that were due to him.”

“Due to him!”

“Again, his words, not mine.

“Why did he think my having sex with him was his due?”

“That I don’t know. I only know he was frustrated at not getting any and he didn’t want to go out of the house to get it, either.”

“So, he’s never cheated on me then.”

“Not that I know of.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”


“We’ve gone this far, Jessie. Please tell me.”

“Ok. I assume you’ve seen both tapes I left with you.”

“Yes, I have.”

“Then you know about me and your dad then, don’t you?”

“You mean sucking each other’s cocks? Yes, I know.”

“Well, me and Mr. Carl have been doing the same thing for almost a year now.”

“And who started this?”

“I did. I confronted him when I learned of what he’d done to you and told him if he didn’t do what I wanted I show pictures to you so that you’d know what he’d done to you.”


“There are no pictures, Miss Catherine.”

“But he believes there are, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, he does. I’ve never told him any different, either.”

“And don’t!”

“I wasn’t planning to.”

“What else has he got planned for me?”

Jessie looked at her. He was torn between his respect for Mr Carl and his need to tell her what was being planned out in the barn.

“Tell me, Jessie!” she demanded. It was the very first time she’d ever raised her voice to him and it startled him for the moment. He didn’t know what to do and it was only then that he decided it wasn’t only time to tell her, but to also show her as well. It was time to get Neptune to fuck her for the first time!

“Are you sure you want to know, Miss Catherine.”


“Well, I don’t think you’ll believe.”

“Is it something I’ll like?”

“If we go about this the right way, I think you will.”

“Have I ever done it before?”

“Not that I know of.”

“Well then, tell me! We’re not going anywhere until you tell me first!” Again her tone of voice let him know that she wasn’t kidding. She meant it!

“Mr Carl wants you to fuck a dog!” There, he’d told her. He watched her face, anticipating her reaction. Distaste! Loathing!

Instead, he saw nothing like that. What he did see startled him more then it appeared to startle here.

She smiled.

“Really?:” she asked.


“And I suppose that’s why he got Neptune, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Where is he now?”

“We keep him in the barn. He has his own pen and I’ve been working with him for almost a month now.”

“A Great Dane, right, Jessie?”

“Yes, mam. And he’s a big dog, too.”

“Take me to the barn, Jessie.”

“Let me get dressed and get you a pair of shoes to wear out there. No telling what you might step on out there.”

She waited while Jessie went to his room to get a shirt and an old pair of flip-flops for her to wear. When he returned to the living room she had her blouse buttoned and was waiting for him. She slipped her feet into the flip-flops and they went to the door, Jessie opening it to allow her to leave first.

On the way to the barn they talked some more.

“Jessie, I want you to know that I don’t hold anything against you for this. It was Carl that got this all started and I just want to let you know that I appreciate you being honest with me tonight. Right now I’m upset that Carl would do all this, but I’m also thankful for what’s happened, too.”

That surprised Jessie. “What do you mean?”

“Until I looked at those tapes I never realized what I’d been missing. That was one of the reasons I came to you place tonight, dressed like I was. I wanted to see for myself if I could actually do something like this. I wanted to see if I really was a prude! I wanted to prove to myself that I had sexual needs, too. I wanted to be aware of the things being done to be. I wanted to be a willing participant in all this and I wanted to see if I’d really enjoy it as much as I thought I might. Is that strange to you?”

“No, it’s not. I’ve always had the feeling that deep inside you were aware of what was taking place here. There were a few times I could look into your eyes and see that something wasn’t right, but I wasn’t sure what that something was. I was torn to tell you and torn to keep the secret that only Mr Carl and I shared. I guess I was being selfish, but I wanted to believe that it was for the best. I wanted to be a part of your family like I was a part of your parent’s family. I thoroughly enjoyed being with Edward and Betty, in a sexual way. The same went for my sister as well. Justine was comfortable with both of them, especially your mother. They had a lot in common and got along like two sisters.”

“What about you and daddy?”

“Mr Edward and I got along like father and the son he never had. He told me things he wouldn’t tell Miss Betty. We shared a bond that only two men can share, our taste for cocks and for pleasuring each other like a woman just couldn’t do. In some ways it opened doors for your parents. Your mother didn’t like to suck on your father, but after seeing me doing it to him she changed her mind and decided to try it. After that your father couldn’t keep his cock out of her mouth once he got undressed. It was the first thing she’d do for him and the last after they finished fucking each other.”

“What about Justine and my mother?”

“Justine was a lesbian from the beginning. Back then there weren’t too many around these parts and once she learned that your mother wanted to try something different, Justine thought about getting with her to see how she’d like being with a woman for a change of pace. From the first time Justine used her mouth on Miss Betty your mother was hooked and it wasn’t long before she wanted to try it and Justine was just the woman to let her try. They got along real well and it hurt Justine a great deal when she lost both of them. She passed away about a month before your parents had the accident and you mama grieved for her for a long time. Your father did, as well. While Justine was a confirmed lesbian it was your daddy that got her to like sucking on a man’s cock. At first she wouldn’t even try it, but your mother talked her into trying it and she became an accomplished cock sucker that you daddy swore rivaled what I did for him.” Tears ran down his face as he talked about his sister and Catherine stopped him and gave him a huge hug before they got to the barn.

“Thank you for telling me all this, Jessie. I do appreciate your honesty on all this. I wonder what my husband would say right now if he knew I now know what he did and how I’m taking it all.”

“I have no idea, Miss Catherine. I just don’t know.”

“Well, I know one thing for sure, Jessie.”

“And what would that be, Miss Catherine?”

“Tonight I’m going to learn how to fuck Neptune. And you’re going to help me and we’re not going to say a word to Carl about any of it. Right?”

“Right, Miss Catherine. I won’t say a word.”

With that they both entered the barn and went to the stall where Neptune was kept.

To be continued..........