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Fucking the Wife who Doesn’t Like Sex

Chapter 6

As Jessie entered his home the phone started to ring. Looking at the called ID he could see that it was Carl.

“Probably back from his trip by now,” he thought.


“Jessie. This is Carl. I’m on my way home from the airport now and I have the dog with me.

Would you please meet me at the barn? I should be there in about 20 minutes.”

“Sure thing, Mr. Carl. I’ll be waiting for you there.”

“Thank you, Jessie. See you shortly.”

The connection was broken and he hung up the phone.

“Well,” he thought, “looks like things are gonna start to heat up around here pretty soon.”

* * *

When the car reached the barn Carl could see Jessie waiting by the door, which was already open and waiting for him to pull the car inside.

After parking he got out of the car and went to open the back door, where the great dane eagerly waited to be released. After being cramped into the back seat the freedom of being outside would feel great.

Jessie was surprised at the size of the animal. He knew great danes were big dogs, but never having actually seen one this close before, the size almost intimidated him. He could only wonder how Catherine would react to the animal when she finally saw him.

“Big, isn’t he, Jessie?”

“Yessir, he sure is. Where did you get him?”

“One of the men I know on my sales route is being transferred to California and has to get an apartment. The managers won’t allow pets so he asked me if I’d mind taking care of him. I’m not sure how long he’ll be out there, but I promised I’d take good care of him.”

“And Miss Catherine doesn’t know about this yet, does she?”

“Nope. It’s going to be a surprise.”

“You got that right!”

“You know something, Jessie? I’m not even sure if Catherine like animals or not. Wonder what I’ll do if she doesn’t like him?”

“Only one way to find out, Mr. Carl!”

The two men shared a laugh at that statement.

After putting the dane into one of the unused stalls the two men retreated to on of the other stalls and they both began to remove their clothing, soon standing naked in front of each other, both sporting hard cocks, which they slowly stroked.

“I never would have believed that I’d enjoy something like this with another man,” Carl said as they both laid on the already prepared blanket which covered the newly laid straw. Jessie knew that when Carl had mentioned he’d meet him at the barn what was going to happen once they got there. After all, they’d met at this same stall on numerous times in the past, each enjoying the oral ministrations of the other.

Once they were close to each other Jessie reached for Carl’s hard, skin-covered cock and began to jerk it to a harder erection. Already pre cum was bubbling from the slit in the cock head and he smeared it around the tip, then licking the remaining liquid from his fingertip. Sitting up and leaning in closer, Jessie took Carl’s cock into his mouth, once again enjoying the feel of the man’s hard tool in his mouth. It never ceased to amaze him just how much he enjoyed sucking another man’s cock. Sure, he’d had plenty of experience with Miss Catherine’s parents, but now he was actually sucking her husband off. While not as large as Mr. James was, Carl’s cock was still quite large, for a white man. During his youth he’d sucked plenty of cocks, both black and white and Mr. James had had the biggest cock for a white man he’d ever seen. Carl was close, but still not as big.

While Jessie sucked on his cock, Carl wrapped his fingers around the huge uncut cock of Jessie.

The feel of the man’s cock always amazed him. The feel was quite different from his own, too.

Almost had a velvety feeling to it. It constantly amazed him that something this hard could feel so soft in his hands, as well as in his mouth.

Pretty soon the two men were lost in each others cocks and the afternoon passed quietly in the barn. When they finished both were surprised to realize that they’d been sucking each other for over two hours.

As they stood in the stall, getting dressed again, plans were already underway for how Carl would introduce the dane to Catherine. He told Jessie he’d tell her this evening over dinner and would later call him as have him bring the dog to the main house

“He got a name, Mr. Carl?”

“Yes. He does.”

“What is it?”

“His owner named him Neptune.” He noticed the smile that etched itself on Jessie’s face.

“I have no idea why he chose that name, but I like it. Definitely different from any name I’ve heard a dog called by.”

“Can’t say I’ve ever heard of a dog named Neptune, either.”

“Do me a favor, please, Jessie.”

“Yessir, what is it?”

“I’ve got some feed and other things for Neptune in the trunk of the car. Would you please get them out and store them down here. I think I’m going to turn that stall he’s in now into his living quarters. Can’t have him roaming around all over the place.”

“Well, it is a big place, Mr. Carl. Where would he go?”

“I’m not sure that he’d go anywhere, Jessie. But, I want to be sure that he stays around here until he gets used to the place and the new people.”

Nodding in agreement, Jessie could see the wisdom in the decision.

“I’ll put him in another stall and get that one cleaned up a bit and put down some new straw for him to lay in.”

“Good. Thank you, Jessie. What would we do without you to help us here?”

“Don’t know, sir, but I’m glad to still be here.”

“You’ve been on this property longer than I have, Jessie. Catherine and I would really hate to lose you.”

“I’ve practically grown up on this land, Mr. Carl. Would feel strange if I was any place else.”

“Just how old are you now, Jessie?”

“Pushing 70 now, sir.”

“Well, for a man your age, it doesn’t show. You’ve kept yourself in great shape. Wish I could say the same for me.”

Once again the two men shared a laugh.

“Guess sitting behind a desk all day doesn’t do much for the exercise, does it?” he stated, as he gently patted his growing mid-section.”

“And here I thought it was all that cock sucking that was keeping you lean and trim, sir!”

As Carl headed towards the house his laughter echoed back into the barn.

* * *

Carl decided that the time to tell his wife about Neptune was right after they’d finished their dinner.

Once they were settled in the living room, watching their favorite show on the television, Carl asked Catherine how she’s feel about having a dog around the place, especially during the times he was gone.

“I’d been thinking of getting one for those times,” Catherine surprised him.


“Yes, really!”

“Why? You’ve got Jessie here all the time, don’t you?”

“Well, yes, I do. But it’s not the same, is it?”

“I guess not. What kind of dog did you have in mind?”

“I was thinking of a big breed. Something that might scare off strangers if they were to show up when Jessie wasn’t actually around. You know, dear, he does have a life outside of living on the property and helping us.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed.” A smile crossed Carl’s face, his thoughts going back to the time the two of them had recently spent in the barn. His cock stirred a bit at the thoughts. He adjusted his seat and listened to his wife talk about getting a dog.

“I really would like something like a St. Bernard or a Doberman. Perhaps a Great Dane! I’m not really sure which one I’d like. What brought up the subject, Carl?”

“Well, one of the men on my sales route was recently transferred out west and he wasn’t able to take his dog with him, so he asked me if I’d like to take care of him for a while.”


“I told him I would.”

“But you never mentioned this to me, Carl.”

“Frankly, dear, I wasn’t sure how you’d take it. After all, I wasn’t even sure if you liked animals, especially a large dog. I told him I’d take care of him and tell you after I got him home.”

“You mean he’s here! NOW!”

“Yes, he is.

“I got Jessie to fix him a stall out in the barn for now.”

Catherine jumped up from her chair and headed towards the door.

“I’ve got to see him. What breed is he? What’s his name? Do you think he’ll like me?”

She was full of questions and Carl had no choice but to join her and the two of them walked the short distance to the old barn, to visit the newest addition to their family.

* * *

From his living room window, Jessie watched as the Carl and Catherine neared the barn.

Thoughts already raced through his head and he’d just about settled on what he was going to do for both Neptune and Catherine once Carl left on his next business trip.

He realized that Mr. Carl wasn’t thinking of the same thing as he was, but he’d done enough visiting on the World Wide Web to know about women and dogs having sex and he intended to introduce Catherine and Neptune to the pleasures a dog can give a woman.

When he’d visited Mexico last year on his vacation he’d finally realized one of his deepest wishes to see a woman fuck and suck a dog. It had left a lasting impression in his mind and he realized now, for the first time, that his dream of actually taking part in something like this was finally going to happen. Of course, he’d have to work with Neptune first, and he knew he was going to enjoy that part of his plan as well.

* * *

Catherine stood at the stall and looked into it. She wasn’t sure what to expect once she got there, but soon realized that the animal in front of her was the prettiest dog she’d ever seen.

Carl had told her the dog’s name on the way to the barn. Like her husband and Jessie, she’d never heard of such a name for a dog, but once she saw him she fell in love with him and wanted to go into the stall and pet him.

“Let’s wait till he gets use to us first, dear. After all, he’s not use to us yet and to him we’re strangers who have to earn his trust.”

Catherine was disappointed that she could pet him right then but what Carl had told her did make sense. He would have to get use to his new owners before he could trust them.

Carl could see the disappointment on her face and he hugged her close to him. It was one of the few moments of closeness they’d had in a long time. While it was true that he was fucking her every chance he had, it was only due to fact that he was using his hypnosis on her. If not for that the only sex he’d have would be when he and Jessie got together for their regularly scheduled blow jobs on each other.

Catherine reached to put her hand through the gate to pet Neptune, but Carl stopped.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” he told her.

“But surely it wouldn’t hurt to just pet him, would it?”

“Like I said earlier, he has to get to know us first.”

“And how does he do that if he’s shut up in here all the time?”

“I guess it would be ok for us to come down here during the day to visit him, talk to him, let him get to know us. After a while we’ll let him loose inside the barn with us around and that way he’ll see that we’re no threat to him. Do you think that would work?”

He could see his wife thinking on his suggestion.

“I guess that would be the best way to handle it. But, once he gets to know us, we’ll be able to let him out of the barn, right?”

“I see no problem with that at all.”

“How long do you think it’ll take for him to get use to us?”

“I talked to a vet on the way home today, while he was in the back of the car, and she told it that since Donnie had had him for so long that it might take 4 to 6 months for his to realize we’re his new owners.”

Catherine pouted.

“That long?” she asked.

“I’m afraid so.”

Turning to the stall she spoke directly to Neptune for the first time, “Don’t worry, boy. I’ll be down here every day so that you can get to know me and find that I won’t hurt you. I just want to be your friend and to have you for some company when Carl’s gone on his trips.”

Neptune looked at her, almost as if he could understand what she was telling him. The whole time the two people had been here he’d paced back and forth in his new surroundings, getting the feel of the place. Once the woman started to talk to him he stopped his pacing, sat on his haunches, and seemed to be listening to what she was telling him.

“He seems like a smart dog,” Carl said.

As they left the barn Catherine told him she was sure he’d be fine here with the two of them and Jessie.

“In face, I’ll make sure Jessie’s with me the first week or so that I come down here. After all, he’ll have to get to know him as well, won’t he?”

“I hadn’t thought of that,” admitted Carl, “but you’re right. Getting to know Jessie is just as important as getting to know, and trust, us. I’ll let Jessie know that when I see him tomorrow morning. Right now it’s getting late and we really should be in the house, especially since it looks like we’re in for a storm tonight.”

As soon as he’d said that they both heard thunder in the background and, by the time they reached the house, the rain had already started to fall.

* * *

Later that night, after seeing that Catherine was sleeping, Carl got out of bed, put on his robe and slippers, and went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to drink and to make sure the back door was open. He and Jessie had something planned tonight and he wanted to make sure that Jessie had no problems getting into the house. Sure, Jessie had his passkey but he just wanted to be sure all went well.

After a wait of about 10 minutes, Jessie entered through the back door and sat at the table with Carl, taking the offered steaming cup of coffee that was offered to him. He took a sip and waited for it to cool a bit.

“Is she ready,” Jessie asked him.

“I believe she is. I used the code word on her before we finished for the night, so by the time we get up there she should already be naked and ready for the two of us.”

“You sure you really want to do this now?”

“Why? You having second thoughts? That’s not like you, Jessie. I know you’ve been fucking her since I left town. I implanted that thought into her mind before I left, as you wanted me to. I would think that you’re used to fucking my wife right now.”

“Oh, believe me, I am. Your wife has one of the best cunts I’ve ever fucked before. And her mouth! You already know what a great cock sucker she is, don’t you?”

“You better believe I do!”

“Then the real question is this, are YOU sure YOU want to do this to her?”

“Believe me, Jessie. I’ve thought of nothing else. I would love to finally see that black cock of yours inside her pussy. I know you’ve already stretched her with that cock. Don’t you think I can feel the difference once you’ve fucked her? She’s not as tight as she once was, even though she uses that cucumber on a regular basis.”

“And I thought Betty was the only one to use a cucumber in her twat! How in the world did you ever manage to get that thought implanted?”

“I didn’t!”

“You mean it was something she did all on her own?”

“Jessie, she’s been using those damned cucumbers in her pussy for a long time, even before I implanted anything in her mind.”



“I didn’t know that. I just assumed it was something you put there.”

“Hey, whether she admits it or not, she loves sex, even if its just an artificial cock, or whatever she wants to call that thing.”

“Guess she’s hotter then either one of us thought she’d be, huh?”

“Guess so.

“You about ready to get started up there?”

“Been ready!”

Both finished their coffee, placed their cups in the drain in the sink, after washing them out, then headed upstairs to the master bedroom, and their encounter with Catherine.

Once Carl entered the room he knew that his wife was ready. She was lying on the bed, on top of the covers, wearing nothing but a smile. She freshly shaved pussy was already stuffed with her fingers as she played with her clitoris, apparently in the middle of her first climax of the night. Her hips were gyrating around on the covers as she strummed her sensitive clit with her fingers, her eyes closed as if concentrating on what was already happening to her. A short moan escaped her lips as her climax took hold of her body and she visibly sank lower on the bed once she’d reached that summit.

Opening her eyes she noticed the two naked men standing at the side of the bed, their hard cocks in their hands, as if presenting them to her. She sat up on the side of the bed and grabbed both organs, leaning slightly forward to she could administer a lick to the heads of both of them. Then she sat back and admired the two cocks in front of her.

Jessie’s appeared to have the longest foreskin, with Carl’s not too far behind. And, while Jessie’s was the largest of the two, again Carl wasn’t too far behind. She began to pump both of them, watching the skin slide up and down over the cock heads. Already Carl’s cock was leaking pre cum and it wouldn’t be longer before Jessie’s cock was also doing the same thing. Again she leaned forward and took Carl’s cock fully into her mouth, stretching her tongue between his cock head and that lovely foreskin. She loved the taste that was residing between them. She sucked on his skin and felt it slither partly down the back of her throat. While it didn’t go as far as Jessie’s did, she still enjoyed the feel of it on the back of her tongue. She momentarily shivered with a mini-climax as the loose skin slithered into her throat.

After spending a short time on Carl’s cock Catherine switched to Jessie. His dark cock always amazed her. It looked so good against the white background of her hands as,she held onto it. She also liked the way it looked thrusting into her pussy when he fucked her with it. Right now though she was only interested in sucking on it for a while and pulling his loose skin down her throat. She clearly ‘remembered’ the first time she’d sucked his skin into her mouth. When it had hit the back of her tongue her gag reflex had kicked in and she’d almost spit it out. She overcame that feeling though and continued to pull it down the back of her tongue, until she was almost certain it was dangling into her stomach!

While she sucked on Jessie Carl gently pushed her back onto the bed, and she refused to release the cock she was sucking on, so Jessie climbed onto the bed with her, settling on his knees while he watched his cock disappear into her mouth. Once she was in position Carl spread her legs, pushing them back until her knees were rubbing against her nipples and only then did he descend to her pussy with his mouth, plastering it over her slit and stabbing his tongue deeply into her, burying his nose deep into her twat as well. For a while he concentrated on lapping up her juices, which ran freely out of her hole. Then he decided it was time to work on her clit for a while, so he gently sucked it into his mouth, using his tongue to caress it and flick it all along it’s exposed head. He also gently nibbled it with his teeth, eliciting a groan of acceptance from Catherine.

He started working harder on the bud, each lick eliciting more of her juices from deep within.

Meanwhile, Jessie was now steadily pumping his cock back and forth into and out of Catherine’s hot mouth. He could feel it every time she pulled his loose skin into the back of her mouth and he had to admit, it felt good each and every time. If he wasn’t careful he’d end up shooting a load into her throat before he was ready to.

Catherine was now concentrating on lavishing his cock head with her tongue, sliding it between his skin and his cock head. He knew he was already leaking huge amounts of pre cum, because he felt her swallowing it all. He’d always had plenty of pre cum in his youthful days and apparently that hadn’t changed as he’d gotten older.

“Good thing I got a great ticker,” he thought. “This would give anyone else my age a heart attack for sure. Damn! She sure knows how to suck a cock!!”

It constantly amazed him that someone with the limited experience Catherine had could be so good at what she was doing! Yet, every time she sucked his cock the feeling was incredible! It took all his concentration not to shoot the moment it entered her mouth, and that was a considerable amount of concentration. He’d had a lot of other women, both black and white, suck his cock before, including her mother, and yet this woman was the best of the bunch. Made him wonder what she’d think is she actually knew what was going on here.

He looked at Carl as he continued his lapping of his wife’s pussy. Pretty soon it would be time to switch positions with him and he’d then get his first chance of the night to eat that wonderful tasting twat for himself. As much as he loved to have his cock sucked, by either a man or a woman, eating pussy was something else he totally enjoyed and was looking forward to stabbing his tongue into that hot box once again. He especially loved the fact that Catherine kept herself shaved down there. That made eating it out that much more exciting.

Catherine had gotten where she could now tell when either Jessie or Carl were about to shoot their loads into her mouth, and she could tell now it wouldn’t be long before she got a nice hot load in her mouth from this wonder tasting black cock she was sucking on. It was then she concentrated on sucking even harder, moving her head up and down on the tool, using all the attention she had to cause more and more friction from her mouth and tongue until she was greeted with the sweet taste of Jessie’s cum for her hard work.

As each jet of cum shot into her mouth she swallowed greedily, not wanting to lose one drop of the stuff.

Jessie knew this load was going to be a small one, after all he and Carl had sucked each other dry earlier in the day. He would still be able to shoot a few more loads before this session was done, but it would be less then he’d given her earlier in the week. He also knew she’d notice, but he was prepared to answer her in a way that might just shock her. After all, she still didn’t know that he and Carl took care of each other with their mouths. The thought of fucking Carl never entered his mind though. He didn’t get off by fucking other guys. All he wanted to do was suck a cock and have his sucked as well. He didn’t want to fuck a man and didn’t want a man to fuck him, either.

Once his load was completely gone he noticed Carl had finished munching on his wife’s,pussy and was sitting on his knees, watching as he’d shot his smaller load into Catherine’s,mouth.

“Well, you look like you had a good time down there,” he told Carl.

“Always, my friend. Always!”

“Ready to change places?”

“If you are.”

Without another word the two changed places, Carl now getting his uncut cock sucked and Jessie planting his mouth on the already sucked out pussy. Once he got his tongue to work on it though, it would be like a fountain that had sprung a leak. He knew how to get her to,cream on his mouth and, while he wasn’t sure if Carl knew of it or not, he wasn’t about to,share that secret with anyone else. It would be his to use alone.

Once he planted his mouth over Catherine’s gash he immediately went to her clitoris, lashing,it with his tongue and immediately bringing her to yet another roaring climax. Then he began to dig his tongue deeper into her hole, swishing around inside her with his talented,tongue, as he pulled her outer lips wider, giving him a greater access to her inner being.

Already her juices were beginning to flow once more.

Then he pushed his first two fingers into her ass!

Immediately another rushing climax engulfed her, and her hips bucked against his head,as she jumped around on the mattress. She loved to feel his fingers in her ass, but that was,all. Like Jessie, she didn’t want anything bigger then fingers in her butt. She knew she’d,probably be able to take a giant cock up there, but just the thought of it was enough to,dry her pussy for a month.

It was only a short time after starting to suck on Carl that she felt him delivering his hot load,to her. Greedily she sucked his cock like she was sucking on a straw and it wasn’t long before his load was also completely sucked out and he was once again dry.

Carl hoped he’d be able to shoot at least one more load before the night was over. He was wanting to make sure he deposited at least one into his wife’s pussy when it was his time to finally fuck her.

Tonight Jessie was to get the first shot of fucking her and while he was doing that it was when they had decided to show Catherine that they were into sucking off each other. Carl had already gotten Jessie to just suck him a while, due to the fact he wanted to leave his load in Catherine’s pussy. Jessie had agreed. After all, he was used to sucking Carl until he got his reward of hot cum.

After getting Catherine to cum on his tongue at least 4 times Jessie settled back on his legs and was just in time to see Carl blow his load. He could tell by the way Carl tensed up that he was giving his hot release to his wife’s mouth. He looked down at the pussy he’d just finished dining on, seeing his saliva still on her outer lips, along with what remained of her own juices. He had to smile. He never dreamed life could be so good to him. Not only had he managed to be able to fuck Betty and suck Edward, Catherine’s parents, but now he was enjoying the fruits of their daughter as well. Along with her husband! What more could he ask for?

He already knew that answer and tomorrow he’d start working on seeing his other dream become reality. Tomorrow was the day he’d start working with Neptune to get him to fuck

Catherine. He was also hoping he’d get Carl to suck the dog’s cock, too. Now that would really be something.

To be continued..........