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Fucking the Wife who Doesn’t Like Sex

Chapter 5

Two weeks after the unremembered encounter with Jessie, Catherine heard a knock on the front door and when she answered it she was surprised to find Jessie standing there, holding a large package in his arms.

“Good morning, Miss Catherine,” Jessie greeted her. “I have something here for you. It’s something special that your daddy and momma left for you.”

“The did?” she replied.

“Yes, mam, they did. I was told not to give it to you until now though.”

“I wonder why?”

“I have no idea,” Jessie answered. “All I know is your daddy told me not to give it to you until he’d been gone a while. He even told me when he thought the time would be right.”

“Why would he do something like that, Jessie?”

“I have no idea, Miss Catherine. I just told him I’d do whatever he wanted me to do.”

“Well, you did work for them a long time, didn’t you? I’m sure he had his reasons.”

“Almost 40 years. And now, with the time I’ve spent with you and Mr. Carl, it’s almost 60 years.”

Catherine invited him into the house and they both went into the living room and she invited him to sit and talk to her for a while.

“I wonder why father would want to wait so long before I saw whatever it is in that box?”

“I have no idea,” Jessie answered.

Looking at the package she could see that it was sealed with tape, wrapped all around it and then wrapped around the package and the cover. When she looked closer she could see her father’s signature written on the tape. She knew exactly what it was, too. It was his way of making sure the it wasn’t opened before the appointed time. She’d seen him do many a package like that. It was just the way he did things.

“I’ve also got an envelope for you,” said Jessie, holding out a sealed envelope with her name written on the front of it. Again, the signature underneath her name was that of her father.

As she took the envelope Jessie got up and let her know that he had some chores to finish and if she was to need him all she had to do was call him on his cell phone and he’d come back to the house.

Jessie already knew what was in the box and, as much as he wanted to be there to see her open it and witness the look on her face when she realized what it was, he also knew that she’d need time to consider what had just been divulged to her. He knew it would be a shock to her system, but he was determined to let her do this by herself. She needed to know what her parents had been into, and in order to do that she had to be alone to open the box and go through the contents.

Catherine saw him to the door and then returned to the living room. Once she sat down in her comfortable lounge chair she opened the letter and began to read:

“Catherine: I know that what you’re about to see is going to come as quite a shock to you, but I feel it’s time to learn some of the things that went on around the house when your momma was still with us. Please, don’t think bad of us. We went into this knowing full well what we were doing. It was something your mother and I wanted to do for a long time. Once we made up our minds there was nothing to hold us back. We enjoyed ourselves and we’re hoping that this will ignite something inside you, to bring your feelings out into the open. Your mother and I raised you up to be proper, but we also realized, perhaps too late, that your primness would somehow hold you back, retard your growth as a woman. After you read this you’ll find a similar letter from your mother. Please read it. I have no idea what she’ll tell you, but please remember this—we both love you very much and we, especially your mother, feel guilty about the way we raised you. Especially after some of the things we did.


“Just like my father,” she thought. “He always referred to himself as ‘Father’. Never ‘daddy’, but ‘Father’.

Then she saw the letter from her mother, in her distinct cursive writing. She opened it and read it, too:


First of all, I want to apologize to you for holding you back in your development. After the things your father and I went through I now realize I was wrong to teach you so many things that were wrong. I wanted you to be a woman and to do that I felt it was necessary to teach you that things such as sex for anything other then procreation was wrong. I now regret those decisions. Please, dear, don’t judge your father and I too harshly. We did what we thought was right for you, at that time. Only after we started in our new lifestyle did I realize that I’d told you things that were wrong. I never intended to hurt you, or to stunt your development as a woman. Please look at the items your father and I have saved for you and I hope you’ll come to understand what we both mean in these letters. We both love you very much, Cathy.


Catherine sat there holding the letters from both parents. She read and re-read each a couple of times, trying to guess at what they were trying to tell her. What was the deep secret they both had held from her? Would it change her life drastically? Would it change her life with Carl? What was it??? There was only one way to find out. She got up and went to the table where the box rested, looking at it like something terrible was hidden inside, even though she had absolutely no idea what was inside.

She went to the desk and got out the pair of scissors, went back to the box and cut the tape along the bottom of the lid. When the last piece of tape was severed the top puffed up a little bit, revealing to her that the box was packed to beyond full with whatever was inside. She pulled off the top and found what looked to be three photo albums inside, along with a couple of VHS tapes. She also found a couple more sealed letters, all of them addressed to her with the signatures of both her parents on them.

“It’s funny,” she thought, but in all the time I was with my parents I can never remember them calling themselves by their given names. It was always momma and father when I was around them. Betty and Edward were never used, unless they had company (which wasn’t often).”

She noticed that the albums were numbered, 1,2, and 3. There were also some dates written on them.

Most were from at least 50 years ago and she wondered what could’ve happened way back then that would affect her life today. After all at her age it wasn’t likely to mean a lot to her now. Still, why had her father wanted to wait till now for Jessie to give this all to her? She guessed that she’d find out soon enough.

Returning to her seat in the recliner, she opened the first album and the first thing she saw was a photo of her mother. But it wasn’t like any picture of her mother she’d ever seen before. In this picture her mother was standing naked in front of the camera, standing in front of her bed. The next picture was even closer, showing her that her mother kept her mound shaved, just like she did. Was this something her mother wanted her to know about herself? She could only wonder. Flipping through more pages she found that all the pictures of her mother were in the nude. Not a stitch of clothing anywhere around, not even anything on the floor at her feet. Her mother would be in different poses, bending over and showing the cameraman her ass (“Who was taking the pictures?” she wondered. Only later did it occur to her that it had been her father. “Who else could it have been?") Several others showed her lying on the bed and spreading her legs, using her hands to hold herself open, displaying the pinkness inside her vaginal lips.

Flipping more pages she soon found images of her mother stuffing things up inside her body, things from cucumbers to bananas and even a coke bottle! That surprised her to no end. The first album ended with those images.

Not realizing what was happening to her own body though, she was pinching her own nipples as she looked at her mother displaying her body and actually playing with herself. She was also getting wet between her legs, and an itchy feeling was beginning to crawl up her legs, ending at her vagina.

Getting up she got the next album and began to thumb through it, like she had the first one.

This album didn’t show her mother until almost half way through it.

This time the pictures she was looking at were those of her father, just as naked as her mother had been. Again, she noticed that her father kept his private areas shaved. The pictures showed him also bending over and showing off his naked ass to the photographer, supposedly her mother this time. There were also pictures of him poking things up his ass, much as her mother had stuffed things inside of her body.

Turning a page she found a hand holding her father’s penis. It looked like her mother’s hand, at least she hoped it was her mother’s hand. Several more showed the hand pulling on the penis she held, and when she turned the next page it showed her mother sitting next to him on the bed. She knew the younger woman was her mother, having seen pictures of her momma when she was younger. The page was turned and this time it showed her mother, with her father’s penis in her mouth!

She almost dropped the album.

Taking another look it was as she first saw it. Her mother was indeed taking her father’s penis into her mouth. And there were more pictures of her doing this. Then, with the turn of the next page, she found a picture of her father using his mouth on her mother’s vagina! There was even a close up picture of him licking her insides with his tongue!

Once again, Catherine was pinching her nipples, which were already rock hard and beginning to ache.

The wetness between her legs was getting worse, as well. She already knew that her panties were soaked, as she felt her juices running down her inner legs.

By the end of the second album her father was fucking her mother and apparently they were both enjoying it very much.

On the back, inside cover of the second album she found a note taped there. It read:


I know these pictures may have shocked you, but please, before you go any further, get out the tape labeled #1 and look at it. I think I know how you’re feeling by this time, but remember this, your father and I did this willingly. We really did enjoy all these things you see and there is more, but for right now it’s time to look at the first tape. This will show you how much we enjoyed this, better then the pictures ever could.


Catherine could only sit there and look blankly at the piece of paper attached to the inside of the album cover. All this was really hard to believe right now. If it weren’t for the pictures, the proof right in front of her, she’d have believed that her parents were up to something, and not of their own free will, either. Before she did anything further, she went to the kitchen and got herself a glass of water. Her mouth was dry and her pussy was soaking wet. She felt her thighs slide together as she walked, and her juices were trailing down her inner legs. She imagined that if she looked behind her she’d see a trail of herself on the floor, like a trail of breadcrumbs.

She was determined not to look back though, afraid of what she might see.

After finishing her drink she went back into the living room and got the first tape out of the box, then went to the VCR and pushed it inside and then turned on the TV and hit “PLAY” on the machine.

Then she returned to her seat and waited for the tape to start.

And start it did!

It was nothing but fucking, at it’s finest.

The subjects of the tape were even her own parents, too!

There were her father and mother humping like two jack rabbits.

And the noises!

Her mother never stopped groaning, and with each thrust of her father the groans got louder.

Then came the screaming!


Every time she screamed it seemed like she was getting louder. And it appeared as if she was liking it, too!

“How could she like it?” she hollered at the TV screen. “How could she like it?”

Every time she hollered at the TV her fingers pinched her nipples harder, but she wasn’t aware of it. She only knew that it made her feel better.

Yet, she couldn’t take her eyes off the spectacle in front of her. She was actually watching her parents as they fucked! She could actually see her father’s penis going in and out of her mother’s vagina. She watched as her mother wrapped her legs around her father’s waist and drew him deeper into her body and the screaming continued to grow louder.

To her the worse part was that her mother seemed to actually enjoy the pummeling that her father was giving her.

As she watched her father pulled out and pointed his penis at her mothers body, jacking his penis until she shot something out of it, watching it land on her mother’s belly. She realized that she’d just seen her father shoot his semen on her mother. Then, her mother sat up on the bed, pulled her husband closer to her, and took his penis into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down on her husband until he groaned and, from the look of it, shot another load into her mouth.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” she shouted at the screen

“How could you tell me that this is all wrong and then enjoy yourself so much, mother? How could you?”

Catherine buried her head into her hands and cried. Cried like she hadn’t done since the funerals of her parents. Her mother had instilled into her that sex was wrong! That it was nasty! That you were only to have sex if you wanted to have children!

And yet, there were her parents, on the TV right in front of her, fucking each other like there was no tomorrow. She felt so betrayed at this moment.

She couldn’t take any more. The VCR was turned off, then the TV. She ejected the tape, put it back into the box, along with the two albums and left them there, while she left the room and went to her bedroom. Once there she got undressed, took a hot shower and went to bed for a while. There had been a lot in those albums that she’d been totally unaware of. It had taken her by surprise and she didn’t know how to handle it.

Part of her wanted to just lay there until she died. Part of her wanted to get revenge on her mother by going out and picking up the first man she came across and fuck him till she did die. Part of her wanted to go to the cemetery and rant and rave at her now dead parents. Why had they done this to her? What purpose did it serve now to reveal all this to her almost 50 years after their deaths?

All this was on her mind when she finally fell asleep.

* * *

Jessie had stood outside the living room window and watched as Catherine looked at the video playing on the TV.

He smiled.

It wasn’t every day that he had the chance to witness something like this.

He’d enjoyed watching Catherine as she witnessed her parents fucking each other. The look on her face had been priceless when she’d finally learned the truth about her parents. And the best was yet to come as far as he was concerned. Once she learned of his participation in the events of her parents he wondered how she’d react to that. Only time would tell.

Right now though, he had something else in mind.

* * *

Using his passkey, Jessie let himself into the main house. He already knew Catherine was sleeping in the master bedroom, so he didn’t have a lot to worry about. And it wasn’t like he was breaking into the house. After all, he’d worked here for 60+ years and he felt as though he was a member of the family.

Slowly he made his way to the master bedroom. Once there he stood outside the doorway and watched as Catherine played with herself.

She was still sleeping, but steadily pinching her hard nipples with one hand, while probing her pussy with the other one. Her eyes were closed and there was no noise coming from her. Her body was reacting to what she was doing though. While sleeping her hips were moving in time to the way her fingers probed her clitoris, with sporadic tics occasionally causing her body to slightly jump on the bed. Obviously she was having some orgasms to the stimulation she was giving herself.

While standing there Jessie got undressed, until he was just as naked as she was. Then he crossed into the room and stood at the side of her bed. Even with her somewhat flat chest her nipples were still her best feature. They stood at attention, begging for more attention, other then what she was giving herself as she pinched them to even harder states. He wanted to reach out and caress them himself, but that would mean giving himself away, and he didn’t want to do that just yet. Instead he stood and watched, and waited.

Even in her sleep Catherine felt like she was being watched. She had no idea what she was doing to herself as she lay there, but she still felt like someone was close by.

She opened her eyes...................


Instantly she slumped back onto the bed, in a state that was open to any suggestion that could, and would, be made. It’s just that she’d never remember it. She wouldn’t even remember seeing Jessie

Standing at the side of her bed, his huge black, uncut cock almost in her face.

What she did do though, after a few minutes, was open her eyes again. She saw the black cock in her face and instantly took hold and pulled it towards her mouth, which was already open, anticipating the taste in her mouth as she sucked on it, pulling all that loose skin down the back of her throat. Jessie stood there and let Catherine use her hot mouth on his hard organ once again. He couldn’t get enough of her sucking him off. He reached down and pinched her nipples between his huge black fingers, feeling the texture of her nipples on his skin. With his other hand he reached down and patted her bare pussy, feeling the leaking moisture that had already accumulated there.

“Damn!” he thought, “when this lady cums, she really gets wet. Makes it that much easier to get this huge piece of meat into her with ease.”

Jessie loved fucking Catherine, almost as much as he’d enjoyed fucking her mother. The only difference right now was that Carl wasn’t there. When he’d been with Edward and Betty it was always with an audience. Edward loved to watch his wife take Jessie’s cock into her body. He’d love to suck on Jessie as he ate Betty, too. And then Betty would fuck her husband and suck Jessie’s cock until he shot his load, either into her mouth or all over her face. To Betty it didn’t matter where she got it. She was addicted to cum and would take it anywhere she could get it. The only thing she wouldn’t let either her husband or Jessie do was fuck her in the ass. She wasn’t about to let that happen. She felt that her pussy was their’s to do with as they pleased, but her ass was hers alone and no one messed with her back there. They knew she wouldn’t allow it, so they never even tried.

He looked down and watched as she continued to suck him off.

The look on her face as she sucked him was priceless.

“It’s a shame she’ll never remember any of this,” he thought.

Then he got an idea, and it made him smile.

In the meantime, Catherine sucked his shaft, pulled her mouth off him and gave her attention to his balls, sucking and licking on them one at a time. When she finished there she sat up on the bed and pulled him down onto it. She got up and knelt down at the edge of the mattress and pulled his legs up and pushed them forward until his knees were touching his chest, then she pressed her mouth to his ass hole and began to lick and suck on is rosebud.

She’d never done that before and Jessie marveled at how good it felt to once again have someone lick him down there. The last one to do that had been Edward, and he’d gotten to the point where he could make

Jessie shoot his load but jamming his tongue up his hole. She moved her focus to his balls again, and the area just below them and continued to lick him there. Then, as she sucked his balls once again, stuck two fingers up his ass, causing his to shoot his load right there. Once she realized what had happened she got up and licked up his cream from his belly and then moved up his body until she could suck on his nipples, biting them with her teeth until he could no longer take the pain and had to force her to concentrate on other areas, like his cock once again. She sucked him until his erection shrank and she looked into his eyes..................

......................and smiled!

Then she opened her mouth, showing him the load she’d just licked up and then, as he watched, she swallowed it all, opening her mouth once again to show him it was all gone.

Now it was time to make his move.


“Yes,” she answered dreamily.

“I have something I want you to do for me.”

“Yes, Jessie.”

“When Carl gets home from his next trip I want you to make sure he’s comfortable and relaxed, then I want you to call me to come to the house. Once I’m there, and in the same room with you and your husband, I want you to get on your knees, pull my pants down and suck my cock in front of Carl. Do you understand,


“Yes. I understand, Jessie. You want me to pull your pants down and suck your cock in front of Carl.”

“That’s right, but I want you to wait till after his next trip, not when he gets home this time. I think he has a surprise for you this time.”

“Yes, Jessie,” she said again and then returned her attention to his already hardening again cock. She lowered her head and again took his cock into her mouth, lavishing it with her tongue and sucking his excess skin down the back of her throat again. The feel of all that skin slithering down her throat caused her to climax again.

When she climaxed the third time sucking on his cock he got her on her back, with her legs pressed against her chest, rubbing against those beautiful nipples, he slowly slid into her and fucked her for a while. He wasn’t in a hurry, just wanting to enjoy the moment and the feeling of her warmth engulfing his cock. It never ceased to amaze him just how good it felt to be so deep inside her, with her pussy gripping him and trying it’s best to get him to release his load. Once he did that then he’d again lay her back and eat his deposit from her as it slowly seeped out of her depths.

He knew that Carl was due for another trip in a month and already he could hardly wait to see the look on his face when his darling wife got him on his knees and she sucked his black cock right in front of him.

There was something else he was looking forward to as well.

He wanted to see what Catherine would do with a Great Dane and he hoped Carl would initiate it, but if he didn’t then he’d take the situation in his own black hands.

To be continued……….