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Fucking the Wife who Doesn’t Like Sex

Chapter 4

When Carl got back to the house he found Catherine lying in the bed, busy fucking herself with her newest cucumber. He stood in the doorway and enjoy the view.

“She’s becoming a real slut,” he thought. “It’s a shame she’ll never know it though.”

On the bed Catherine continued with her cucumber, not realizing she now had an audience. She’d decided to play with herself while her husband was gone.

After all, Carl had told her to enjoy herself while he attended to some business with Jessie, so that’s just what she did.

As he watched his wife Carl decided it was time to once again get out of his clothes, so he began to strip while he stood there. By the time his pants and shorts were gone his cock was again rock hard and wanting some attention. He never realized he could get hard again so quickly after shooting a load, but it was going to be something he’d take advantage of in the future. He’d really enjoyed his session with Jessie and has surprised himself by liking the idea, and the actual deed, of sucking off another man. He had to admit to himself that he’d always wondered what it would be like to have a man suck his cock for him. He’d fantasized about it at times when he’d jack off, unable to get to Catherine in time to have her do it for him.

Catherine looked lovely, lying there on the bed with nothing on and her pussy shaved clean. He was glad he’d thought of that one. Now, if only he had the courage to shave himself. Perhaps one of these days. Heck, he might even get his wife to shave him. That would be something to behold. Watching as his lovely wife trimmed his pubic hair and then shaved his cock and balls. Definitely something to consider in the future. If Catherine’s pussy felt so good without any hair, he could imagine what his cock and balls would feel like without any hair down there.

He finally entered the room and called to his wife.

“Catherine?” he called.

Immediately she opened her eyes and beheld Carl’s naked body standing at the side of the bed, his cock at attention, begging to be sucked. She forgot the cucumber in her pussy, leaving it there, and moved towards Carl, taking his hard cock into her mouth without even asking if that’s what he wanted. It was what she wanted, so she was going to do it.

She swirled her tongue around his uncut cock head, tasting it for the first time in over a week. Then she stuck her tongue down into the foreskin and licked around the head, savoring all the tastes beneath his excess skin. Then she poked into his piss hole, trying to suck out his cum, causing him to shiver slightly, wanting badly to empty another load from his balls.

While she sucked his cock she looked up into her husband’s face, seeing his approval for what she was doing for him. That alone caused her to increase her sucking, wanting all the more to taste his cum.

She pushed her head down further onto the hard cock, taking all of him into her mouth. She loved to feel his cock head bang against the back of her throat and she’d finally gotten to the point where she could deep throat him without setting off her gag reflex. She’d also learned to hold her head back a little, thus allowing his cock easier access into her throat.

As she bobbed on his cock she could begin to taste his pre cum, knowing that it wouldn’t be long now before he was ready to shoot his load into her mouth, and she tried all the harder to make that happen.

Watching her suck his cock Carl found himself wondering what Catherine would look like with Jessie’s huge cock pumping into her pussy. He’d never thought of that before, but for some reason, after havingJessie suck his cock, the thought came to him and he began to ponder what it would look like. He also wondered if Jessie would be willing to fuck his wife, while he watched, of course. He had to admit to himself, he liked the idea and just the thought of watching another man fuck his wife excited him all the more. Especially if that man were black!

Catherine pulled off his cock, looked up at him, and told him, “I want you to shoot your cum into my mouth, Carl.”

Who was he to refuse?

Taking his cock into his hand be began to jerk off, as Catherine’s attention turned to his balls and she began to lick and suck on them. He knew he was close to shooting again, and he loved the idea that

Catherine wanted him to unload into her mouth, as he had so many times in the past.

It didn’t take long before she got her wish and the first shot hit her right on the tip of her tongue, and with that she swallowed his cock again and felt the next shot go deep into her belly, bypassing her tongue and going straight down her throat. The next show was received on the back of her tongue and she licked her lips, showing Carl what he’d just shot off, then she swallowed it and again took his cock into her mouth, ready again to receive the next few shots.

She wasn’t disappointed, either.

They both collapsed on the bed after that, with Carl turning so that he was on his back, right next to Catherine. With one hand he tweaked her hard nipples and with the other flicked her clitoris, causing her to shiver with her first orgasm of the night.

Once he’d regained his composure he got off the bed, knelt at the mattress, and began to lick and suck on the bald pussy before him.

“Shame there’s no cum in there,” he thought as he began to eat his wife out.

Since sucking off Jessie he found that he liked the taste of cum, including his own, and could hardly wait to taste more, whether it be his or Jessie’s. Didn’t matter to him. In fact, once again the thought of Jessie fucking Catherine, and leaving his cum in her for him to suck out, entered his mind.

“Damn! I’m really going to have to touch base with Jessie on this one. I would imagine he’s love to fuck a white woman for a change.” He never would know that Jessie had already sampled Catherine with both his mouth and his uncut cock.

Carl continued to suck Catherine’s pussy until he got her to climax 3 times, then he crawled up on the bed and fell asleep. He’d plant a suggestion in his wife’s mind the next morning, before he had to leave town on another business meeting.

* * *

Carl sat at the table the next morning, waiting for Catherine to get out of the shower and come down stairs. While he waited he fixed his usual breakfast fare, toast with peanut butter, a glass of orange juice and a small glass of CranGrape juice.

Ten minutes later he heard the water shut off and knew it would probably be another ten minutes or so before his wife joined him. After all, it took her almost three times the time it took him to get ready every morning, what with all her makeup and such.

Twelve minutes later Catherine joined him at the table, a smile on her face. She was still under the control he’d exercised on her last night before going to Jessie’s place.


“Yes,” she answered slowly.

“Did you enjoy yourself last night?”

“Very much, Carl. You know I love it when you let me suck your cock and then you suck my pussy.”

“I’m glad you like it, too, dear. Listen, would you like to do something for me while I’m gone?”

“Gone? Don’t tell me you’ve got another business meeting to go to! You just got home yesterday!”

“I know, dear, but the boss wants me to close this deal before the end of next week. It’ll mean a huge bonus for me at the end of the year, too.”

Catherine sat there and actually pouted. “But I’ll miss you so much!”

“And I’ll miss you just as much, dear, but it’s got to be done. Think you can handle things here again while I’m gone? I know it’s a lot to ask, but I know you’re up to it.”

“Sure, Carl. Not much to handle though. Jessie practically runs the place. I don’t know what we’d do without him. I’m so glad you let me hire him, too. He worked so hard for Daddy and Mama, so I knew we’d be able to trust him.”

“If you only knew,” he thought to himself.

“Buttermilk,” he said.

He watched as Catherine’s chin rested on her chest, just above her already pointed nipples, which were poking out from her blouse.

“I want you to do me a favor while I’m gone, Catherine.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“I want you to be very nice to Jessie. I mean a special nice. Do you understand what I’m asking you to do, dear?”

“You want me to treat Jessie special. Like I treat you special?”

“Yes. Like you treat me special,” he answered.

“What would you like me to do?”

“Just do to Jessie what you let me do to you while I’m gone. I want him to think that you came up with the idea and that I had no influence on your decision at all. Do you understand?”

“Do you want me to suck his cock? Do you want me to fuck him? Do you want me to let him suck my pussy and my hard nipples?” While she asked these questions her hands went to her chest and she began to tweak her own nipples, getting them harder then they already were.

“Yes! That’s exactly what I want you to do, Catherine. You’ll not remember it, of course, but when I get home you’ll be able to tell me what happened and how much you enjoyed it. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand. I’m to let Jessie fuck me, suck me and I’m to suck him and fuck him and then tell you all about it when you get home. How many times do you want me to do this?”

“As many times as you like. But you will not, I repeat, YOU WILL NOT let Jessie fuck you in the ass.

Is that understood?”

“Jessie is not to fuck me in the ass. Yes. I understand.”

“Good. Now, when I count to three you’ll wake up all refreshed. One........Two..........Three!”

“I feel so good today, Carl. I must have slept like a baby last night.”

“You were already sleeping when I got back from Jessie’s last night, so I let you sleep and didn’t disturb you.”

“Thank you, Carl. That was nice of you. I’ve been unusually tired the last week or so. I guess I have a hard time sleeping when you’re not here. Sure was nice to have you in bed with me again last night.”

“I like it when we sleep together, but I do wish you’d let me do something.........”

“Stop it right there, mister.” Her tone of voice was something he’d come to recognize when the subject of sex came up.

“You know that isn’t going to happen. I love you dearly, Carl, but I will not do something that is against the way I feel. Why do you think we don’t have any children, Carl? I don’t like sex! I don’t want sex!

I will not even discuss sex! I thought I’d made myself quite clear on that subject, yet you keep on insisting on bringing it up. When will you stop?”

“Well, I guess I never will stop. Unlike you, I like sex. I want to have sex with my wife! If only you’d understand that!”

“Are you having an affair on me, Carl?”

He was even shocked to realize she’d thought of that.

“Hell, no! I don’t need to have an affair! I love you, Catherine, even though you won’t have sex with me.

That doesn’t mean that I’m going to find it elsewhere though. When I get horny enough I can jack off all by myself, without having to get someone else to do it for me.”

“Such language, Carl!”

“Well that’s the way it is, Catherine.”

“But why would you talk to me that way?”

“Because you asked!” he almost hollered at her. He regained his composure though and calmed down before he spoke to her again.

“Listen, Catherine. Sex is something married couples do all the time. It’s only natural for them to want to have sex with their mates. I honestly don’t know what your parents did to you to make you hate even the thought of having sex, but damn it! I’m your husband and it’s my right to expect my wife to satisfy me on occasion!”

He almost got up and stomped out of the room, but by the expression on her face he could tell that her feelings had been hurt by the language he used, as well as the tone of his voice.

“Listen, Catherine. I love you. Only you. I don’t even want to think of having sex with anyone other then you. It wouldn’t be right! I can live with this though. If that’s what you really want.”

“It’s what I want, Carl.

“I’m sorry if it hurts your feelings, dear, but sex is something I can live without. I hope you’ll one day understand that. If I were in your place, and you didn’t like sex, I’d do my best to understand your feelings and I’d try not to pressure you into something you don’t feel good doing.”

Just the there was a knock on the back door and a couple of minutes later Jessie entered through the kitchen. He could tell something important was being discussed though, and he made his apologies.

“Am I interrupting something?” he asked.

“No,” Catherine answered. “Our conversation is over.” She looked at her husband, and smiled. “I really do hope you can understand the way I feel, Carl.” She kissed him on the cheek and left the room, heading upstairs to the bedroom.

All Carl could do was sit there and shake his head.

“Some understanding would be nice,” he said, almost to himself. Unfortunately, Jessie heard him and questioned him about it.

“You and Miss Catherine having some problems, Mr. Carl?” he asked.

“Nothing I can’t handle, Jessie,” he replied.

Jessie pulled up a chair and poured himself a cup of coffee, as he’d done every morning for the past 30 years. He’d been so much a part of the family that he still took advantage of the situation, and no one complained at all. He fit in here and he wanted to continue to fit in.

He looked at Carl, trying to read the expressions on the man’s face.

“You ok,” he asked.

Carl looked up at him, a surprised look on his face.

“You mean about last night?” he asked.

“Yes. About last night.”

“I’m fine with it, Jessie. Yes, I liked it, too.”

“I did, too, Mr. Carl. You’re not mad at me?”

“Mad? No. I’m not mad. It’s not like it’s something I hadn’t thought about doing myself. I just never had the balls to actually do it.”

“So, you’d be ok with getting with me another time, for a repeat performance?”

“Sure, Jessie. I’d like that. Right now though I gotta get my things packed and head out for another business meeting.”

“You going to be gone long this time, Mr. Carl?”

“About two weeks this time, Jessie. Got to get this all finished before the holidays and back home again. I have a surprise for the misses and I want to be here for the holiday and give it to her myself.”

“Mind sharing what that surprise is?”

“Well, if you must know, I got her a dog as a companion for when I do have to go out of town. I want her to feel protected while I’m not here.” He noticed the hurt expression on Jessie’s face after he’d said it.

“Hey, Jessie, I know you’re here, but I’d feel better. Especially at night when she’s in the house all by herself.”

“Doesn’t hurt my feelings none. In fact, I think it’s a good idea. These days you never know what might happen anymore. Seems like crime is up way too much these days and it never hurts to protect your loved ones. I think she’d like a dog. What kind you getting her?”

“I thought of a Doberman, but then I thought she might be scared by him, so I got her a great dane instead. They’re gentle with their owners and their size should deter someone of even thinking of doing something once they see him.”

“So, he’s a puppy then?”

“Actually, he’s almost a year old. The owner is having to move to California for his job and will have to get an apartment. He found out he wouldn’t be able to take King with him, so I told him I’d make sure he had a good home.”

“Mighty nice of you, sir. Yep. I think Miss Catherine is gonna like that dog.” Already the gears in Jessie’s mind were beginning to work up a plan, both for the dog and Miss Catherine. And, with Mr. Carl gone for weeks at a time, he’d have plenty of time to set it all in motion. He had no idea that Carl had already implanted the idea of Catherine fucking and sucking him off while he was gone for the next two weeks. And no idea that Catherine would be the one to ask him to let her do it, either.

* * *

Carl was gone for only two days when his suggestion to Catherine took root.

The evening of the second day she called Jessie to the main house, on the assumption that he’d be dining with her that evening.

He was totally unprepared for what he’d encounter once he got there.

* * *

Catherine as going to go all out on this. She’d already decided that when she opened the door to welcome Jessie into the house that she’d be standing there with nothing but a grin on her face, her naked body staring him right in the face. Then she’d grab him by his crotch and drag him to the next room where she’d take off his clothes so that she could finally see the package he had to offer her.

She was already wet just thinking about it.

* * *

As he stood in the doorway his thoughts were actually on the meal to come. He wondered if she’d fixed his favorites and could already taste them in him mind. He had other plans for the evening, but those could wait till after the meal was finished.

Unknown to him, the meal was simply a ruse to get him to the house.

Catherine was in her bedroom when she heard the knock on the door. She knew at a time like this that Jessie would wait for her to answer the door. After all, he was invited this time, and not to be treated as a member of the family.

It was rare for Jessie to be invited to a meal, especially with Mr. Carl out of town, but he knew what he was expected to do, so he waited for Miss Catherine to answer the door and let him in.

Just as his patience was about to run out he heard the lock being unlatched and watched as the door was drawn opened. The shock of what he saw was so total that he was completely speechless.

Right there in front of him stood Miss Catherine, without a stitch of clothing on.

Her nipples were standing at attention, begging for attention. She actually stood there tweaking those nipples with her fingers, silently inviting him into the house as she did so.

He entered without hesitation. His cock was already standing at attention, wanting attention of another kind.

“You like what you see, Jessie?” she asked him.

Again, the words wouldn’t come to his mouth.

She looked at this crotch and said the only thing that came to her mind, “Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you glad to see me?”

He laughed at that one. He’d not heard it in a long time and, while it was an old cliche, it still fit the situation. After all, once he saw that naked body in front of him all his cock could do was get still in anticipation of what was yet to come.

He grabbed her hand, pressing it to his hard member and asked,” What do you think, Miss Catherine?”

“I think it’s something I need to take care of right away, don’t you?”

“I sure do.”

On the way to the living room, dinner completely forgotten (“If there ever was to be a dinner,” he thought) by now. The only thing that mattered was his hard cock and the naked body pulling him into the house, towards the living room.

Once in the big room Catherine fell to her knees, pulled Jessie closer, tugged open his pants, dropped them to the floor, followed by his boxers, thus releasing his hard cock. With no hesitation whatsoever she covered his cock head with her mouth and began to suck as if her life depended on getting him to shoot his load into her hot mouth. In truth, that’s exactly what he wanted to do, too.

As she sucked his uncut cock her other hand rolled his balls between her fingers, causing more desires to make themselves known to him. He felt her tongue as it insinuated itself between his loose skin and his cock head, driving the tip of her tongue into his piss hole. Then she sucked as hard as she could, coaxing his pre cum from his balls where she could finally get a taste of it.

“It’s a shame she doesn’t remember our first time together,” he thought.

Then he wondered if Carl had put this idea into her head. Had to be, especially since he knew her predilection towards sex. Silently he thanked Carl for this and was determined to show him how thankful he was once he got home. He’d give him a blow job like he’d never done for another man, and it would be one for the books, too. But right now he intended to enjoy whatever it was Miss Catherine had in mind for tonight.

Right now, along with sucking his cock and playing with his huge balls, she was also moving her other hand to where she could stick a finger up his ass.

A look of surprise registered on his face at the first penetration, but he was glad she was doing it, as he liked something up his ass on occasion. He’d even been know to take a cock up there, when the time was right and he was with someone he really liked. It hadn’t happened too often, but then again, living on the grounds like this his exposure to other males was limited and of all the men he did get with only one had fit that bill. But that had been Catherine’s father at the time. It had been a relationship that had lasted for almost 25 years and had continued till the old man had died years earlier. He still missed Mr. James at times.

He watched as his cock disappeared into Miss Catherine’s mouth, still amazed at the contrast of his black skin and her white skin. The thrill of actually having a white women suck his cock and let him fuck her, too, was still strong. His memories of that night a couple of weeks ago was still fresh and he’d thought about it often during the past weeks, wishing he had another chance to fuck this woman.

Catherine’s mind wondered as she sucked Jessie. Something was nagging at the back of her mind.

It was like she’d done this before. The texture of his uncut cock felt familiar, as did the taste of his pre cum. Memories kept flashing in the back of her mind but never stayed there long enough to completely register. Perhaps she’d only dreamed of one day sucking a black cock, and then fucking one, too. Her memories were foggy and she didn’t linger on them too long, wanting to fill this sudden desire in her body to do this to Jessie. For some reason she felt compelled to suck this black cock.

Her juices were running down her inner legs as she continued to suck, drawing the cock back into her throat, as she’d done with Carl the night before. Now memories of doing this to Carl were also starting to enter her mind. And, once more, she dismissed them as only dreams.

In her current state of mind she didn’t realize that in real life she couldn’t stand the thought of sex, whether it be with a white man or a black one. All she could think of right now was getting this black cock to shoot it’s load into her mouth where she could taste it and swallow it all. All her body wanted at this time was this black cock in her mouth and later deep in her pussy.

Again, she deep throated the cock and sucked his loose skin down the back of her throat, feeling it slide down behind her tongue. Then she’d use her hands to pull the skin back down the shaft until it pulled out of her throat and she could feel the end on the flat part of her tongue and then she’d suck on it for a while, using it like a straw to pull out the pre cum that had already leaked from his balls. Then she’d pull the skin further back down the shaft, waiting till it was just about to uncover his cock head and she’d insinuate her tongue between the cock head and the loose skin, making her tongue feel confined between them. She then wiggle it and lick up the excess cum that had finally begun to make itself known at the end of his cock head. For some reason she felt like she’d already tasted Jessie’s load, but it didn’t stop her and she devoured the cum as it was released. Finally she got enough suction on his cock that it would only be minutes before she felt his load displayed on her tongue and in her mouth.

Her pussy got wetter with the thought and she soon had one hand between her legs, pinching her clit while sucking on his cock.

When she realized he was about to shoot his load, Catherine pulled his cock out of her mouth and let the first blast hit her right in her face. The warm feeling of his cum excited her and, with the friction of her fingers on her clit, she came for the first time. Her juices were really flowing now and it would make his entry into her much easier. Right now though her only thoughts were of draining his cock with her mouth first.

After the first shot she quickly popped his cock into her mouth again, this time getting met with a stream of cum that missed the back of her tongue and went straight down her throat, filling her stomach with it’s warmness and eliciting a moan of pleasure from her.

The next few shots landed on her tongue and she swallowed it greedily, wanting more and more. She got three more shots before his balls drained and is cock started to deflate. Still she continued to suck, not wanting the erection to go. Finally she gave in though, when it was apparent that no matter how hard she sucked it just wasn’t going to stay hard. But, given time and some rest, she knew he’d get it up again in time to fuck her with it.

Standing in front of him she opened her mouth, to allow him to see the traces of his juices still in her mouth.

He grabbed her and pulled her closer, planting a kiss on those luscious lips of hers.

She felt his tongue enter her mouth and swirl around inside, collecting as much of the remains of his cum as he could. Then he backed up, opened his mouth so she could see it inside his mouth, and then he swallowed.

When she saw that she smiled at him and finished swallowing what was left in her mouth.

Pulling her to the sofa he gently pushed her down until she was sitting in front of him, her head level with his crotch, but he wasn’t wanting her to give him more oral stimulation. This time it was his turn to use his mouth on her. He pushed her back on the soft and then pulled her legs until her butt was sitting on the edge of the cushions, into a reclining position. Now her pussy was right in front of him and he spread her legs, pushing them back until her knees met the tips of her rock hard nipples, then he went to work enjoying the juices already streaking down her inner thighs

He started licking at the back of her knees, where the trail of her juices stopped, and slowly and deliberately worked towards her crotch. Once he finished one leg he started at the same place on the other one. By the time he got to her crotch more juices were beginning to pool and he quickly lapped them up as well. When he finally got to her bald pussy, pulling open her outer lips, he was greeted with still more wetness.

He licked the outer lips first, never daring to actually enter her with his tongue until he was sure there was nothing remaining outside her pussy. When he was finished there he again pulled her open and concentrated on one lip at a time, licking into her and her inner lips, cleaning her up as he went.

After making sure he’d gotten it all there he placed his whole mouth on her hole and began to gently suck on both pair of lips, drawing more nectar from within.

The slickness of her bald pussy excited him like nothing else. While he enjoyed sucking on a pussy, whether or not it had hair, this was the first completely bald pussy he’d sucked for a long time, not counting his earlier encounter with her. There wasn’t even any stubble to cause irritation on his mouth and tongue and he was thankful for that much. This way his enjoyment was total and his pleasuring much more fun.

Catherine moaned and rocked her hips with each penetration of his tongue into her pussy. When he’d licked her outer and inner lips it was all she could do to stay on the sofa and let him continue with his oral ministrations. His tongue felt so good inside her that she never wanted him to stop. She could actually feel the suction as he concentrated on her inner lips, and she thought she could also feel her juices being sucked out of her as well. She wondered how it could feel so good!

After getting Catherine to cum 3 times with his mouth he decided it was time to once again fuck her pussy. While it wouldn’t be as tight as it was the first time, he was sure it would still feel snug and that she’d be so wet that his penetration this time would be like a knife cutting hot butter. He backed up on his knees and brought his once again hard cock up to her pussy lips.

From her position on the sofa, Catherine had a clear view of Jessie’s black cock as he placed his uncut head against her lips. The she watched as he pulled his foreskin back to expose this purplish head, leaving some of his skin still on his cock head. She knew that once his head entered her all his skin would be puckered behind that cock head until he pulled out of her again. Then, once he started to pull out, his skin would once again begin to slowly cover his head and that excited her even more.

Jessie slowly pushed until his head disappeared into her. He watched her eyes as they widened and her pussy slowly adjusted to his size again and accepted him. She was unbelievably wet inside and there was almost no resistance to his penetration this time. She slid smoothly into her and once he was completely inside began to stroke in and out of her warmth and wetness. For the first few strokes it was like he was fucking a balloon filled with oil. There was little, if any, friction and that continued for the first strokes until the friction started to build and he soon felt his skin against the inside of her pussy.

Once more she started to moan and gyrate her hips, trying as hard as she could to pull him deeper into her hole. Finally she felt his cock head bump against her cervix and she knew for sure that he could go no further. To do so he’d almost have to penetrate her cervix.

Building up a steady stroking motion Jessie pounded into her wet hole and continued until he gave out of breath. He rested a few minutes and let her straighten out her legs, with him still inside her, to ease the cramps he felt she’d already been feeling since he started fucking into her. After a while of rest she let him know she was ready again by thrusting her hips up to his crotch, so he once again began to push his cock into her.

Reaching down between her legs, Catherine was able to feel his erection as he fucked into her. With each movement she could feel his foreskin withdraw and slide up the length of his shaft. Again and again she felt this and her pussy creamed even more. Finally she clamped her legs around his hips and thrust up to him one final time, triggering her last climax. When she came this time he did, too.

She could feel his shots deep inside her. Each shot slowly filled her pussy with his cream and finally he stopped thrusting, pushing in one last time. Then, holding her legs up, despite the cramps in them, he backed up, knelt down in front of her, and plastered his mouth to her hole and sucked all his cum out of her well used pussy.

Another climax racked her body and she finally sagged, limp, against the back of the sofa. She was completely worn out, but also completely satisfied. Not that she’d remember any of it in the morning.

To be continued..........