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Fucking the Wife who Doesn’t Like Sex

Chapter 3

When Carl got home on Friday night Jessie was there at the front of the garage, waiting for him.

Getting out of his car he saw Jessie in the headlights, as he stood to the side of the door. He could tell that the man wanted to talk to him, so he indicated for Jessie to join him at the back of the car. As he opened the trunk and removed his suitcases he asked Jessie what he wanted.

“I want you to tell me how you hypnotized Miss Catherine, sir.”

No preamble.

Just a straight forward question.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Jessie.”

“Sure you do, Mr. Carl.”

Now Carl started to sweat. How could Jessie know about the hypnosis, unless..............

“I see you, sir. I’ve watched you doing things to Miss Catherine that she ain’t aware of.”

“And how do you know she’s not aware of them,” he conceded. Apparently Jessie had witnessed him and his wife, without him knowing it.

“I heard you, sir. You told Miss Catherine that she wouldn’t remember anything the two of you did each night. I listened real good, sir. I know what you do each night, but I’m not sure how you did it. I want you to show me. Please.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Then I’ll just have to do the same thing to her, sir. But I’ll tell her that she’ll remember it all and then we’ll see what happens.”

Carl knew he was in a tight spot on this one. He loved having Catherine do things every night, and then wake up in the morning and be totally unaware of it the next day. He’d had a hard enough time keeping this all to himself to begin with, but now, with Jessie knowing all about it, he had to do something.

But what?

“Can we talk about this, Jessie?”

“Sure, Mr. Carl. We can talk about it. How about right now, down at my place?”

“Sure, Jessie. That’ll be fine with me. Let me take my things to the house and let Catherine know where

I’ll be. I’ll just tell her that you and I have some talking to do. I’m sure she’ll understand.”

“Fine, sir. I’ll be waiting for you.” With that said Jessie turned back towards the garage and moved on to the building where he stayed. He’d wait there for Carl to show up and then the two of them would do things other then just talking. He’d already come up with a plan and now all he had to do was implement it. He wouldn’t mind waiting at all.

* * *

Catherine met him at the door, wearing nothing but a smile. It was one of the programs he’d used on her for the times he had to go out of town on business.

This way he knew she’d be waiting for him, ready for a hot session in their bedroom. Tonight though, he’d have to wait until he got done at Jessie’s place.

“Catherine, I want you to go to the bedroom and wait on the bed for me. I have some things to take care with Jessie and I want you to be ready when I get


“Yes, dear,” Catherine answered. “Can I play while I wait?”

What she meant was, could she use her toys while he was busy.

“Sure you can, dear. I want that pussy nice and wet and ready for me when I get there.” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and then left and headed towards Jessie’s place.

Fifteen minutes later he knocked on the front door and waited for Jessie to answer.

“Come in, Mr. Carl,” he heard Jessie call.

He found Jessie waiting in the living room, apparently already for bed, since he was dressed in his night robe and slippers.

“You mind if I sit down, Jessie?”

“No, sir. Make yourself comfortable.”

“How did you find out I’d hypnotized Catherine,” he asked.

“It was accidental, sir. I was putting some things up in the shed out back of the house and I saw you come home one night. You looked mighty nervous to just be going into the house, like you had something on your mind, or that you’d done something wrong and didn’t want to be caught. Several times I noticed the same thing, so I decided to see what was going on. At first I thought you might be seeing someone while you were away, but I thought about it and realized that you and Miss Catherine had a good marriage.

That’s when I decided to follow you up to the house and sneak inside to see what was happening.

“I used my passkey Miss Catherine gave me and opened the door and followed the sounds that led me to the kitchen and I listened as you told her to get undressed. Then I heard you tell her to sit on the sofa and to undo your pants, followed by the thud as your pants hit the floor. I worked my way up the hallway and to the living room. I wanted to see what was happening.”

Carl sat there, listening as Jessie told him of a night years in the past. He could still remember it himself, like it had just happened yesterday.

“I had a good view of the two of you, her sitting there and you standing in front of her with yourself exposed right in front of her face. I’ll tell you, sir, I got a hard on just watching what happened next.” Jessie shifted in his seat as his cock got hard relating the story to Carl. The front of his robe began to tent as he talked.

He noticed that Carl had seen it as well.

“Good!” he thought.

“I watched as you let your wife suck your cock, your uncut cock, Carl,” he continued. “I knew I’d probably get in trouble for watching if I was to get caught, but at that particular time I couldn’t have cared less. I pulled out my uncut cock and jerked off while I watched. Not that I came, cause I didn’t. I knew that if I did there would be evidence I’d been there and it would’ve been hard to clean up without your or Miss Catherine hearing the noises. I watched as you leaned over and used your hand between her legs and I still watched as you shot your load into her mouth and saw strings of your cum dripping out of her mouth. I have to tell you, Mr. Carl, that was a pretty sight to behold. Yessir, it really was.”

Jessie had already decided not to tell Carl that he’d already tasted and fucked his wife. He’d save that bit of news for a time when he’d really need it. Right now he was the only one to know it and he intended to keep it to himself for as long as possible. For what he had in mind it would be enough to make Carl think that he’d be able to fuck his wife anytime he wanted to. He wouldn’t even let Carl know that he knew the code word to get Catherine started. Again, that would be his secret.

“Now you know what I wanted to tell you, Mr. Carl.”

“And what am I supposed to do?”

“Well, sir, I want you to get undressed and do to me what you have her do to you. That’s what I’d like for right now.”

To say Carl was shocked would be an understatement. He’d never thought that Jessie would try to use this to his advantage, or to blackmail him. Then again, he should have figured it out while Jessie was telling him all this.

“You want me to what?” he asked.

“I want you to come over here, get down on your knees in front of me, take out my uncut, black cock, and suck it, just like you had Miss Catherine do for your.”

“And why would I want to do that?”

“Because if you don’t I’ll show Miss Catherine the pictures of you sucking her pussy, her sucking your cock, and you fucking her. That’s why.” Now Jessie didn’t have any pictures, but just by telling the story, and seeing that Carl knew he was telling the truth, but Carl didn’t have to know that. Did he? Nope, sure didn’t.

“WHAT PICTURES? You didn’t say anything about taking pictures.”

“Oh, didn’t I? My mistake. I couldn’t let you know that I had you by the balls, now could I? I had to have some sort of leverage against you, and those pictures are just that. What do you think Miss Catherine would do if she knew you took advantage of her? I know her feelings towards sex, Mr Car. We all do.

Don’t we? She’s made it clear enough over all these years, hasn’t she? And you used that against her by hypnotizing her and making her do things she wouldn’t do if she was aware of it.”

Carl knew he was in a bind now. How in the hell had this gotten so far? So out of hand? Out of control was more like it.

“Why would I want to suck your cock, Jessie?’

“Well, you see, it’s like this. I’ve always been a cock sucker myself and I’ve been needin’ some relief, just like you. But there’s no one around that I can go to. And unlike you I wouldn’t take advantage of someone who wasn’t aware of what was going on. As I see it, you’re the only candidate around these

parts, and you’ll know what’s happening, won’t you? I won’t have to do things to you, or you to me, that you’re not completely aware of. Makes it so much better for both of us.”

Carl had no idea that Jessie was lying to him though and his mind raced to come up with something to get out of all this. The only thing he had to offer was the services of his wife, but he couldn’t do that to her.

Sure, he used his advantage to get what he wanted, but he just couldn’t bring himself to offer Catherine to another man, even is she wouldn’t know it was happening. He couldn’t.

“Are you sure that’s all you want me to do?”

“Yes, Mr. Carl. That’s all. Just some cock sucking.”

“You’re not going to want to fuck my ass, are you? Because if you are then I’ll tell you to go to hell right now and to get off my property.”

“You mean Miss Catherine’s property, don’t you? After all it was her daddy who left it to her, not to you.”

Once again Jessie had him by the balls. It was true that the land and everything else belonged to his wife and not him. “DAMN,” he thought. How did he know that?”

As if reading Carl’s mind, Jessie said, “You forget, Mr. Carl, I used to work for her daddy before he passed.

I know a lot of things you don’t.”

“And just how DO you know that, Jessie?”

“Who do you think satisfied me for a long time before he passed?” he smiled.

“You don’t mean....................”

“Yessir, I DO mean. Mr. James and I would suck each others cocks for a long time and for many years.

Why, I even got to fuck Mrs. James on occasion, but she knew what she was doing and gladly let me fuck her while her husband watched. She’d even sit on the bed while we sucked each other off and take both of us into her mouth when it was time for us to shoot our loads. Yessir, there’s a lot of things that

you don’t know, Mr. Carl. A lot of things.”

That revelation almost caused Carl to fall out of his seat. He’d had no idea that Jessie and played around with both of Catherine’s parents. It was something that never would’ve entered his thoughts.

He got up from his seat and began to remove his clothes, first his shirt, then his shoes and finally his pants, leaving him standing there with nothing on but his socks and boxers, with his steadily hardening cock starting to poke through the opening of his shorts. Once he looked up at Jessie he found that the

man had opened his robe, revealing his naked, black body with his uncut cock already standing at attention, waiting for him to get to the business at hand.

“You waiting for an invitation, Mr. Carl? If you are, here it is,” he pointed to his hard cock, waiting for him to lower his hot mouth and make contact for the first time.

“Do I have to do this?”

“Yes, you do. I hold all the cards to this one, sir, and you will do what I ask you to do. I’m not going to tell you. I want you to do this because you want to. I’m not like some of those country niggers who demand you do something. I’m a nice guy and I will only ask you to do this. I want you to do it because you

want to and because you know what will happen if you don’t. Do I make myself understood, Mr. Carl?”

“Yes, you do, Jessie.”

With that said, Carl dropped to his knees and took hold of Jessie’s cock. It was the first cock he’d felt that wasn’t his own. He knew how his hard cock felt, but this was new to him and, like his wife earlier, he noticed the velvety feeling of the hard cock he now held. He also noticed the ample abundance of foreskin, like his own. Only Jessie’s skin was much longer and his cock about an inch or two bigger then he was, and he’d measured himself at almost 10 inches. He lowered his head and stuck out his tongue, probing the loose folds of skin and sticking it into the skin until he felt the sponge-like head of Jessie’s cock.

Even the texture of his cock head felt different. But then again, he’d never had a cock in his mouth before, so the texture was something he’d never experienced before. He sucked the loose skin into his mouth and felt it slide down the back of his throat, but he was surprised that his gag reflex didn’t kick in. Later, when he tried to get the cock that far back into his mouth that reflex would kick in and he’d have to pull

off and start over again.

While he licked between the skin and cock head he used his other hand to gently stroke Jessie to an even harder state. It just amazed him that something that felt so soft could be so hard, but then again, he’d always wondered that about himself when he jacked off. Twice he had to release Jessie’s cock and

start again, pulling all that skin back onto the stalk of the cock until it was all behind his cock head. Then he’d start bobbing his head up and down on the shaft, taking as much into his mouth as he could. Once he’d learned how far he could swallow the cock he was careful not to gag again. After a couple of minutes he got a rhythm going and was beginning to like sucking a cock. He started to move his head around as he sucked, and pretty soon his own saliva was running down the shaft and collecting on his fist and the loose skin. Pretty soon it was even dribbling down on Jessie’s balls.

He pulled off the cock and looked down at the plumb-sized balls hanging below his fist. It was then that he noticed Jessie didn’t have any hair around the base of his cock or on his balls. It reminded him of Catherine’s shaved pussy, and he found that he liked it very much.

Jessie had taken the idea from Catherine, in fact. Once he’d gotten a taste of her bald pussy he was determined to shave himself and to keep it that way. He found that he liked the ‘freshness’ of it and it didn’t bother him at all to keep shaven.

“Stand up, Mr. Carl. Let me see your hard cock and feel it in my mouth. You shouldn’t be the only one to enjoy himself. After all, I love to suck a cock and it’s been a while since I’ve had one to play with.”

Carl reluctantly removed the cock from his mouth, licking up the clear pearls of pre cum as he did. He’d been looking forward to tasting his first load of another man’s cum. He knew already what he tasted like.

After all, he’d jerked off for years and had eaten his own loads for some time. He had wanted to see if Jessie’s cum was as good as his.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Carl, you’ll get your share of my cum before you go back to the house. I promise you that.” Again, it was like Jessie was reading his mind.

As he stood up Jessie got his first close-up view of Carl’s uncut cock. Like his, it was rock hard and he could feel that stiffness when he wrapped his fingers around it for the first time. The contrast of his black fingers against this white cock still amazed him. Mr. James’ cock was much like Mr. Carl’s, only Mr.

James’ cock was smaller. Longer, but smaller in girth and he was circumcised, too. He could easily take all of Mr. James’ cock down his throat with no problems but he knew he’d have to get use to this one before he tried to take it all. He had plenty of time though to work on it.

In one swoop he took half of Mr. Carl’s cock into his mouth, forcing his tongue into the opening of his foreskin, feeling around the cock head below the skin.

Besides sucking pussy, sucking cock was the thing he liked most. Yes, he was going to enjoy all the time he and Mr. Carl would be spending with

each other.

He bobbed his head up and down, taking more and more of Carl’s cock into his mouth and the beginning of his throat. He was now confident that before the night was over he’d be getting his nose down to the pubic hair. Using both hands he jacked the cock, feeling the foreskin slide down and over the cock head

then up and over it again. He loved the feel of the skin as it moved against the cock head and he was soon tasting the beginnings of Carl’s pre cum as well. With some reluctance he pulled off the cock and looked up at Carl.

“I want you to join me in my bedroom, please. I think it’s time we both enjoyed each other at the same time. It’ll be more comfortable on the bed though, instead of in here on the floor.”

Carl followed him to the bedroom, where he removed the rest of his clothing and Jessie came out of his robe and slippers for the first time. He watched Jessie get on the bed and settle in the middle of his king-sized mattress and motioned for him to join him there. With no hesitation he did just that and

then they turned around so that they each had a hard cock in their faces, knowing what was expected to be done. Without the hesitation he’s shown earlier, Carl took the black uncut cock into his mouth and started off where he’d left off. This time there was more pre cum to enjoy and it was quickly lapped up and sucked down his throat. He felt Jessie do the same thing to him and shut his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of another man’s mouth on him. He had to admit to himself that he’d always been curious to try this, but had never had the gumption, or the balls, to actually ask someone to let him do it. He guessed that it was really every man’s dream and desire to witness what it actually felt like to have another man suck his cock and to also suck one as well. He knew that Jessie wouldn’t have to ask him again, too. He’d gladly meet with the man and suck his cock all he wanted to. Just as long as Jessie was willing to return the favor.

Jessie sucked Carl until he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop him from shooting his load into his mouth.

In fact, that’s just what he wanted. He wanted Carl to shoot a huge load of his cum into his mouth and down his throat. He wanted it more then he’d wanted to fuck Catherine. So he continued to keep up the pressure with is mouth, taking the cock as deeply as he could, knowing that the friction the back of his throat caused would only increase the need to shoot. Before long he got his reward.

“I’m CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!” Carl hollered as he pulled his mouth off Jessie’s cock. “Man, suck that cock, Jessie! SUCK IT!!!!!”

It’s a good thing Jessie’s house is far from the main one. Because surely Catherine would’ve been able to hear that one!

Carl stuffed his mouth full of black cock and sucked like Jessie had sucked him. He didn’t even realize it, but he’d also gotten all of Jessie’s cock down his throat and he was unknowingly using the same technique Jessie had use on him. In only a matter of minutes Jessie was shooting his load down his throat, too.

Unlike Carl, Jessie didn’t holler out. He merely lay there and enjoyed the feeling of draining his cock into another man’s mouth once more. Yes, this was going to be a very mutual thing for the two of them for some time.

He pulled out of Carl’s mouth, leaving a string of cum the finally broke and settled on the man’s chin and neck. Using his fingers he scooped it up and licked them off, enjoying the taste of his own juices, too.

Looking at the clock on the nightstand he was surprised to see that what he’d thought had been hours of cock sucking had indeed been only 45 minutes.

“Time does fly when you’re having fun,” he thought, and he knew more fun was in the future.

Hopefully the future would hold sessions with not only Catherine and Carl, but with each of them at the same time. It would take some convincing to get Carl to agree to it, especially after what he’d told him earlier, but he was sure he could convince the man to let him fuck his wife and make it sound like it was his idea in the first place.

Time would tell though. Time would tell.

To be continued..........