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Fukushū No Tabi, Shōkan No Tabi

by J. Darksong

Added 30 June 2018

Updated 11 August 2018

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Veronica Albinn journeys back to Japan to do battle with the Hand, her former ninja clan, that seeks her daughter’s life and her death. Venus Satore decides to accompany her. Both women, with ties to a tragic past, seek to end the threat against the ones they love. Sometime in order to face the future, you must return to the past...

Chapter Length Added
Ch.1 7938 words 30 Jun 2018
Ch.2 6939 words 07 Jul 2018
Ch.3 8016 words 21 Jul 2018
Ch.4 5874 words 28 Jul 2018
Ch.5 10241 words 04 Aug 2018
Epilogue 5249 words 11 Aug 2018