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Game Night (pt 1)

Note: This story is very obviously inspired in part by Himiringyo, thanks Baralai for a fun story!

The wine was opened and flowing freely. The girls generally didn’t need an excuse to share a bottle, but tonight they had one anyway, as Trish and Amanda were hosting a low-key apartment warming party with a couple close friends.

They had moved into the new place a few weeks ago, and Kathryn and Cindy came over to see their friends’ new digs and catch up. Kathryn brought a very nice bottle of Bordeaux, as she fancied herself a bit of wine connoisseur. Trish wasn’t usually impressed with Kathryn showing off, but she appreciated the gesture none-the-less.

Amanda put out a modest spread of cheeses and snacks, about the best she could afford on her teacher’s salary. She didn’t have Kathryn’s disposable ‘high powered lawyer’ kind of cash. And with Trish in grad school, the two of them were just happy to be able to work it out as roommates to afford the new place.

Trish was being a nice host and refilling Cindy’s glass when Kathryn called out, in her usual bossy tone said, “Hey, ‘T’, bring some of that over here and top me off!”

Trish was cute enough that she should have more self confidence, but she always cowered a bit when Kathryn got pushy. Without hesitation she went to top off her friend’s glass, Kathryn was impatient and moved her glass too soon, causing Trish to spill a little on her friend’s blouse.

“Shit! Sorry Kathryn! So Sorry!” Trish quickly apologized.

“Shit! Still a clutz, huh?!” Kathryn chided, “Well, don’t just stare at it, get me something to change into! I can’t wear this the rest of the night. Get me one of your shirts, I don’t want to wear any of Amanda’s nerdy XL shirts.” She said, then to Amanda “No offense.”

“None taken.” Amanda said, offended, “Besides, you’d need a bigger chest to fill out my shirts anyway.” She said with some snark and a smile. Kathryn’s smile faded at the jab.

Trish returned with a nice top in one hand and an old looking box in the other. She handed the shirt to Kathryn, who without any reservation and spurred a bit by Amanada’s dig, stripped off her stained blouse without any consideration for where she was. She liked being on the edge of abrasive, pushing people’s boundaries. She also liked showing off her body, toned and tight from years of regimented pilates and soul cycle classes. Her tight body more than made up for her small chest.

There was a bit of awkward silence, and to break the tension Trish held up the box she’d brought out. “Hey, while we were moving in I found this game in the back of the closet. The last tenants must have left it.” She held up the dusty board game box. “I haven’t really looked at it, but it seems funky.”

She placed the game on the table and everyone leaned in to have a look. The box showed a picture of 4 girls playing a board game that looked a little reminiscent of ‘Sorry!’ Except it was far from a kids’ game with racy box art showing sexy women in 60’s pin-up style huddled around a game.

“Sapphiggio!” Trish read “‘A game for girls looking to have fun with each other.’” She paused and looked around to see what everyone thought.

“That sounds ridiculous, it looks like a game you’d find in the back of an old penthouse magazine.” Cindy said.

“I don’t know…” Amanda said with some hesitation.

Kathryn, always looking to push everyones’ boundaries, and being contrary to Cindy, was showing interest, “I dunno, it looks interesting! As long as you’re not all prudes! Go ahead and open it up.” She said, the last part directed at Trish.

“Well, it looks pretty simple,” Trish suggested, opening the box and laying out the game, “roll the dice and move your token. Get a card every turn that’s worth certain points, and whoever gets to the end with the most points wins.

“Then is says, ‘The winner will get their deepest desires fulfilled!’” Trish said.

“Our ‘deepest desires fulfilled’?” Amanda said sarcastically “Well… I’m in! Really though, I just want to beat Kathryn.” She said with a wink. “Are you game?”

“Yeah, I’ll play,” Kathryn replied, never one to turn down a challenge.

“Cool!” Trish said, and laid out the game. There was the board, a well worn 6 sided die, 2 stacks of cards and colored tokens. They set up the board.

Cindy still looked skeptical, but went along with the group.

“Ok, everyone pick a token and put it in a starting area. The rules say the last person to have had sex goes first! Heh. Who is that?!”

There was an awkward silence as everyone looked around the room at who would answer. After a moment, Trish said “I hooked up with a guy from Tinder two weeks ago, c’mon, one of you can beat that!?” But after a moment of muttering under their breath, nobody could. “Wow, collectively as a group, we need to get laid more!” she exclaimed, and then rolled the die to take the first turn. When she rolled, she felt a mild pleasant tingle go through her body.

“3!” she said, moving her piece 3 spaces and taking a card.

Love a Show—You are a voyeur and watching is fun! (15 points)

“I don’t’ get it,” Amanda said, “is that like a fortune cookie?”

“Uh, I don’t know either.” Trish shrugged and handed the die to Cindy. “I think we go clockwise. Cindy, it’s your turn, roll and see what your card says.”

Cindy rolled a 4, and shivered imperceptibly, then moved her token and took a card.

Busted!—Appreciate your bigger assets, your breasts increase by two cup sizes. (20 points)

“What does that mean?” Cindy said, and then gasped and grabbed her chest. She felt a tingling and warmth under her sweater, and could feel her breasts expanding. “You’ve got to be shitting me!” Cindy exclaimed.

“Oh, shut up.” Kathryn said jokingly “Nobody is falling for that!” But then Cindy moved her hands and it was clear that Cindy’s perky B cups had expanded to modest but noticeably larger D cups.

“What the actual fuck!” Kathryn said “What the fuck?!” She repeated.

“They just grew!” Cindy said. “What is this game!?”

“I don’t know! I just found it in the closet!” Trish replied. “Should we stop!?”

“What’s the harm in getting a free boob job?” Kathryn said. “Of course we keep going, you all aren’t scared, are you?” She was maybe secretly hoping she’d get a little boost herself. And she rolled a 2, feeling the same tingle, she shifted in her seat a little. “Fuck, just a 2? Maybe I’ll get a high point card though, and she drew her card.

Smooth—Cancel that brazilian wax, you won’t need it anymore! (Lose all hair below the neck) (20 Points)

“Well, at least I’m tied for points.” Kathryn said.

“Who gives a fuck about points!” Trish said, “We want to know if the card did anything?”

“What, you want me to pull down my pants and show you? I don’t know, I’ll check later.”

“Fine, my turn.” Amanda said with an eye roll, and tossed the dice. “6! Ha, now I’m in front!” She too felt a tiny jolt of electricity through her body.

Tanned & Toned—You have a rich glow that accentuates your beach bod. (25 points)

Everyone watched as Amanda’s chubby body morphed and changed in front of them, losing some of her fat as her skin darkened and tanned.

“Holy shit!” Amada said “this... this is awesome! Fuck Jenny Craig, this game rocks! And I’m in the lead!” She said the last part looking at Kathryn.

“You’re not the least bit worried that a magical board game is changing your bodies?” Trish said? Although her opposition was a bit exaggerated, since she was secretly enjoying watching her friends change and become sexier.

“Ok, maybe we should stop before things get any weirder?” Cindy said, but before anyone else could raise any more opposition, Trish rolled again, another 3. This time the tingle was more pronounced and she let out a little gasp.

“What the hell Trish? You just said you were worried!” Cindy complained.

“Well… you got great tits and Amanda got a hot bod, I wanted to see what I can get too!” She said as she drew her card.

Blondes Have more Fun—Your golden hair goes well with your happy outlook! (15 points)

Trish’s unkempt brown hair seemed to start moving on it’s own, as if in a shampoo commercial, it shimmered as it got longer and fuller, and slowly the color changed. It didn’t get lighter as it became blonde so much as it became more radiant.

Trish ran her fingers through her new luxurious hair and had a huge smile on her face. “See, this is fabulous! You go!” She beamed, and put the die in Cindy’s hand.

“I am not going to go! We need to stop and figure this out. This is weird!” She had a stern look on her face as her hand rolled the die. Her body tingled.

“If you’re so opposed, then why did you roll your turn?” Kathryn asked.

“I didn’t mean to! It just happened!” Reluctantly she took her second card. “I don’t want my boobs to get any bigger.” She muttered, placing her arm across her chest as if to protect herself. With her other hand she moved her token 3 spaces. “I’m on Community Chest, what’s that?”

“They’re different cards than the regular game cards, I think. Sounds fun!” Trish said, with new enthusiasm in her voice. Cindy drew a card.

Pay it forward—Gift the effects (and points!) of any one of your cards to someone else. (Your generosity doesn’t go unnoticed, you still get to keep the points for that card too!)

“Well, the only card I have is Bigger Tits…” Cindy said.

“Oh!” Kathryn perked up, and then suddenly settled down so she didn’t seem too excited. “Can you give that to me?”

“Say ‘please?’” Cindy teased.

“Oh shut up.” Kathryn shot back. “I’ll give you a $100. You can make a hundred bucks from playing a stupid game.” And to make her point she took a hundred dollar bill out of her purse and held it up for Cindy.”

“I’m not taking your stupid money. But fine, I’ll gift you the magic giant tits card.” And as soon as she said it, Kathryn felt the effects while the front of her borrowed t-shirt noticeably filled out from an A cup to a shapely C.

“Holy fuck!” Kathryn said as she massaged her chest. “Holy shit, this is amazing!”

“A thank you would be nice too.” Amanda chimed in. Kathryn gave her a dirty look while continuing to explore her new chest, hefting one tit and then the other in her hands, as she had a huge grin on her face.

Trish just stared at her friend playing with her chest, as she opened and closed her legs unconsciously.

“Thanks Cindy.” Kathryn said distractedly. “Oh, and it’s my turn now!” She said and scooped up the die. She rolled another 4. Her new tits tingled more. “Woo!!” she said and moved the four spaces, but then realized that put her on Community Chest with Cindy “Crap!” she said, and drew her card.

Sharing is caring—Whenever players share a space they should share the love. (0 Points)

“Zero points?! That’s a gyp! Why don’t I get any points for my card?” She said, but then a calm look came over her face, the same look came over Cindy’s face, and then the two girls leaned in and began kissing. Cindy put her hand on the back of Kathryn’s neck, and Kathryn put her arm around Cindy and pulled her in closer. They shared this deep and intimate kiss, while the other two women just stared in stunned silence.

“Cindy! What the hell?” Amanda blurted, but the two girls were oblivious to anything else. Trish had a goofy grin on her face as she openly stared.

“That looks fun!” Trish said in her new bubbly way. “Oh, Amanda, it’s your turn!”

“I don’t want to take my turn! Look what this is making them do!” Amanda countered. But she felt a pull to pick up the die and reluctantly rolled it, feeling the same jolt as the rest, but giving a side-eye to Kathryn and Cindy who continued to make out.

“4. Well at least I’m still in the lead.” Amanda said and looked at Kathryn hoping to get a reaction from the competitive girl, who didn’t acknowledge the commnet at all. Amanda moved her piece.

I see paris—I see france, I see no point in underpants. (25 points)

“Uh…” Amanda undid the top button of her jeans to confirm. “Geez… Shit! My bra too?! Nope, no way.” She ran into her room and rummaged through her dresser. “Fuck!” she yelled, “My underwear drawer is empty, they’ve all disappeared!

Amanda came back in, her face red and upset. “This game is fucking with us, are you sure you want to keep playing?” She looked around. “How about we take what we’ve got so far and stop before this gets any more out of hand?” She asked. Looking around for confirmation. Her two friends were still lost in their liplock, and Trish didn’t look like she agreed.

“What, no!” Trish said, “this is fun!” It was her turn, she grabbed the die out of Amanda’s hand and rolled another 3. The tingle increased and Trish let out an audible sigh.

Bare necessities—Being naked feels great, show off your goods! (20 points)

Trish stood up and started taking off her clothes.

At that point, Cindy and Kathryn finally finished making out and both looked a little stunned. Cindy, still coming out of her stupor, looked at Trish stripping and asked “What are you doing!?”

“What? We’re all friends, right? You two just made out. Who cares?” She said as she slipped off her panties. Nobody else noticed how damp they were. “See, no big deal! And I feel a lot better.”

“This game is really doing things to us.” Cindy protested. “I don’t like it!”

“You only got the one card so far, the more you play the more fun it’ll be!” Trish replied.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about.” Cindy said. But Trish put the die in her hand and Cindy reflexively rolled it, a 5. Feeling the tingle herself, now becoming more focused on her sex, she squeezed her legs together. She moved her piece and took a card.

Come on now—Let your fingers do the walking! (20 Points)

“No.. no, no, no, no!” Cindy exclaimed, but her hand snaked down into her jeans anyway, and as soon as her fingers reached her pussy she was already wet and let out an audible moan. “Fuuuuck…” she said, and quickly got over her hesitation. Trish was openly staring at her friend masturbating as her own pussy was starting to drip. Cindy’s eyes unfocused as she became lost in the sensation, working her hand in her pussy while her other hand massaging her big new tits through her shirt.

Kathryn picked up the die and looked worried. She was visibly struggling internally against the urge to roll, but the game won out and she tossed a 1 again. She too felt the strong tingle. “Dammit, another 1!” She complained, and drew her card.

Pierced—Girls love getting new jewelry. (25 Points)

“OWW!” Kathryn yelled, and jumped up with a start. “Oww, that hurt!” Then she paused. “Huh, just for a second though and now it’s gone. She put her hands on her newly endowed chest and could feel new nipple piercings. She stuck out her tongue and could feel the barbell there too. “Shit! I can’t go to work with a tongue piercing!” Then she got an even more worried look on her face and slid her hand into her pants “Fuck!”

“What? You got a piercing down there too?” Amanda asked. Kathryn nodded. “Does it hurt?”

“Not really, it actually feels pretty good” she said, her hand lingering in her panties a little longer than she intended, feeling her slit becoming wet, then noticed that she still had her hand down her pants and quickly pulled it out. Looking over at Cindy, who was openly masturbating.

“But this tongue thing will have to come out later. I just hope it heals.” She said as she casually stuck out her tongue and moved the bar back and forth over her lips. It looked very seductive.

Kathryn’s hands then mindlessly drifted back up to her chest and massaged her newly pierced nipples on her bigger tits. Trish couldn’t hold back any longer while watching two friends rubbing their bodies, and she joined in, rubbing her pussy. Amanda rolled her turn, a 4, and felt the strong tingle.

Cherry pie—You love eating pussy and can’t get enough. (35 Points)

“What? No fucking way!” Amanda said, but her eyes drifted to Trish rubbing her naked pussy, watching her friend’s juices slick all over her hand, and she licked her lips. There was a struggle going on behind her eyes, two opposing thoughts fighting for dominance. Finally one of them won out, and Amanda slowly got up out of her seat and in a daze made her way over to Trish, never taking her eyes off her friends sopping slit. Trish was more or less oblivious to what else was going on, caught up in her own masturbation and raptly staring at Cindy getting herself off.

It wasn’t until Amanda pushed Trish’s hand out of the way and dove into her pussy like a person in the desert seeking water, that Trish realized what was going on. For a split second she almost protested, but as soon as her roommate’s tongue touched her clit she moaned and pushed her hips forward.

It went on like this for a bit, Cindy getting herself off while Amanda eagerly licked Trish. Kathryn finally came out of her own daze and realized it was Trish’s turn. She put the die in Trish’s hand.

“Your turn to roll! Maybe the sooner we finish, the sooner this will stop.”

“Uhhhh” Trish moaned at Cindy’s licking, “I’m almost there…!” Trish said, as she grinded her pussy into her roommate’s magical tongue “She’s fucking amazing, like she was born to eat pussy!” Trish rolled the die and the tingle pushed her over the edge. “Ah ah aah aaahhh!!!! FUUUUUCK!” She came hard, bucking wildly.

With that, Amanda seemed to come out of her own daze. She looked up sheepishly at Trish, wiped her face with the back of her hand and went back to the sofa, mumbling, “Thanks, I don’t know what came over me.” Trish resisted the urge to say “I did!” and instead moved her piece 2 spaces.

Toy box—You have an amazing collection of toys that you love to play with all the time! (30 Points)

Trish got a bit of a blank look on her face, she stood up and went to her bedroom. Legs feeling a little wobbly from her amazing orgasm and pussy dripping down her thigh. She came back a moment later with a clear plastic box filled with sex toys. A hitachi wand, dildos, double ended dong, nipple clamps, and more.

“Did you just have that in your room?” Kathryn asked? “You’re more kinky than I thought!”

“No!... I mean, yes, it was in my room. I don’t know.” Trish said, and pulled a rabbit vibrator out of the box, it looked small and sad next to the rest of the collection, “This was the only toy I had, but somehow I just knew when I went to my nightstand this box would be there. Although these do look kinda fun.” She picked a thick cock out of the collection and without any hesitation slid it into her already dripping pussy. “Oh... oh fuck yeah.”

Kathryn and Amanda watched in a mix of awe and disapproval as Trish lost herself in her masterbation. Kathryn looked up at Cindy, eager to keep the game moving and potentially ending it soon.

“Cindy,” Kathryn said, but Cindy was still caught up in rubbing her pussy, “Earth to Cindy, it’s your turn!” As soon as she said ‘it’s your turn’, Cindy’s body exploded in orgasm! She came hard and pressed her hand against her convulsing pussy. Her orgasm seemed to go on and on, and a damp spot appeared in the crotch of her jeans.

Then slowly she came to her senses and looked around. “Uh, what?”

“It’s your turn.”

“It is? What about everyone else’s turn?”

“They’ve all already gone. You were, uh, preoccupied.”

Everyone was staring at Cindy. She realized what she’d done and then that her hand was still absently stroking her slit. She quickly pulled her sticky hand out of her pants and looked at it guiltily. Then she looked quizzically at Trish vigorously pounding her pussy with a large dildo, and took a breath as if she was going to ask a question, but realized there was no way to gather the million things in her head into a coherent sentence, so she let it go and just rolled, a 3. The tingle gave her another small aftershock orgasm and her eyes rolled up briefly. Then she moved her piece and drew a card.

Baby got back—Your backside is your best asset, show it off. (30 points)

Cindy jumped up suddenly as if something in her chair pinched her. Then her rear slowly inflated while her pants shimmered and morphed into booty shorts. She wiggled her butt a little to admire it, and then smacked her ass a couple times. She grabbed a handful of ass and a handful of tit and said “Look at that, T and A, the full package!” She stood there for a bit shaking her ass at the girls, who were admiring the perfect roundness and firmness. Trish in particular was enjoying the show while she worked her new dildo in and out.

Kathryn shook her head from staring at Cindy’s mesmerizing ass and realized it was her turn. As much as she was reluctant to admit it, this was fun, and she was scared and excited to see what would happen and eager to feel the tingle again. She took the die and rolled a 5.

“Fuck! Not Community Chest again! I need points if I’m going to win!” She drew her card.

Extra Helping—Draw 2 cards from the regular draw pile!

“Ha! Now we’re talking!” She drew her first card.

Plugged up—Wearing your plug all the time makes you so wet. (15 points)

“Oh, I was hoping for like some awesome assets like what you all got, like great hair or bigger tits! Or at least more points!” She complained. Then her expression changed and she looked like she just remembered something. She got up and wandered into Trish’s room, and came back with a red velvet bag. She slowly pulled the strings apart, reached in, and drew out a stainless steel jewel plug. “Hey, the jewel here matches my piercings.” She casually observed.

With a sort of blank look on her face, Kathryn unbuttoned her pants and slid them down with her panties. Her bald mound glistened with her new piercing peeking out. Then she lubed up the plug and slowly slid it in. “Oh, oh OH!” Gasps of pain shifted to gasps of pleasure as her hole expanded and then quickly swallowed the plug. She gave a soft moan when it was fully in and wiggled her butt to feel the weight and fullness inside her. Her pussy was visibly damp.

Then when the pleasure subsided a bit she suddenly realized “Hey! I get another card!” and plucked one from the pile, with her pants and panties still around her ankles, and a drop of wetness running down her leg.

Come when you’re called—You will orgasm when you are summoned. (25 Points. +15 with ‘Good Girl’)

“Cool, that’s my highest point card yet!”

“What’s it mean?” Trish asked.

“I’m not sure.”

“Hey, Kathryn!” Cindy said.

She looked over “What?”

“Oh, I thought it was literal, like you’d orgasm when I called your name.”

“That’s not how it—” Kathryn began to reply, but Trish called out “Hey Kathryn, come here!” and the orgasm hit instantly. Kathryn’s legs trembled, her body shook and she moaned loudly. With her pants still around her legs she stumbled and fell back into her chair. Still cumming.

“Holy shit, did you just cum without even touching yourself? Just from what Trish said?”

Panting a bit, Kathryn replied “Yes! It was fucking amazing! Holy crap, I’ve never cum like that in my life! I think the plug made it even better! But don’t you bitches go getting any ideas to keep doing that to—”

“Hey Kathryn, come for me!” Cindy called out, and Kathryn was consumed with another massive orgasm. Trish, in turn, spurred on by watching Kathryn cum and playing with her new dildo yelled out from her own orgasm.

“Fuck…” Kathryn panted, “fucking stop, I can’t take any more.”

“Ha! Wait…” Cindy said, “Amanda, you’re the only one who hasn’t gotten to trigger her yet, want a try?” But Amanda wasn’t paying attention, instead she was staring at Kathryn’s dripping pussy.“Hey, what’s gotten into you?”

“I think it’s the Cherry Pie card.” Trish answered. “Hey, Amanda, do you want to eat out Kathryn’s pussy?!”

“Uh huh.” Amanda said, staring.

“Wait, I’m not gay! Don’t I get a say in this?” Kathryn called out.

“No!” Cindy said sharply. Kathryn looked as if she was going to protest, but then Cindy said to Amanda “It’s your turn, here, roll this die, then you can trigger Kathryn and eat her out while she cums!”

Amanda’s face lit up at the idea. She grabbed the die and rolled it, her body shivered, both from the tingle of rolling and the anticipation of licking Kathryn’s dripping pussy. She called out “Hey Kathryn, cum for me!” and eagerly dove into her friend’s convulsing snatch.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!” Kathryn kept screaming over and over.

The die landed on 4. Trish moved Amanda’s token for her and drew her card.

Kathryn kept cumming, bucking her hips into Amanda’s face while she licked with abandon. This went on for a solid few minutes. In that time Trish was casually rifling through her toy box, pulled out another dildo and slid it into her pussy.

Finally Kathryn came down from her convulsive orgasm. “Holy shit, I think I saw god.”

“You might have, you were yelling her name pretty loudly.” Cindy joked.

“Wow, between the plug, the piercing and Amanda’s amazing tongue, that was just.. I don’t even have the words.”

Amanda sat up slowly with a big grin. She casually licked the pussy juice off her lips and asked “What’s my card?” Cindy read it:

BFFs—Best friends are inseparable, especially in a 69. (Choose another player, 69 points each to both players!)

“Crap, that’s a lot of points!” Kathryn exclaimed. “Amanda, you’re the only one who hasn’t cum yet, want me to eat you out?” The offer might have been for the points, but she also seemed to genuinely want to make her friend cum.

“I’ve never been eaten out by a girl before, but I’m so horny…” Amanda said, and quickly stripped off her clothes. Moments later her face was once again buried in Kathryn’s pussy, while her friend began licking in earnest, Kathryn finally getting to put her new tongue piercing to work. The two girls were quickly lost in their escapades.

“My turn!” Trish exclaimed, finally putting aside her new toy and picking up the die with sticky fingers, rolling a 4, to land on the same space as Cindy. Her body convulsed, becoming addicted to the sensation from rolling.

Lipstick lesbian—You enjoy looking pretty for your girlfriend. (40 points)

Trish’s blonde hair began to grow longer and miraculously even more luxurious, until it was down to the middle of her back. Her face became a little thinner and her lips plumped up and turned a deeper shade of red, like lipstick. Trish reached over and grabbed a bag of makeup that hadn’t been there a moment ago and began applying eyeshadow and blush.

Trish then realized something and looked up at Cindy, saying “Hey! ‘Sharing is caring!’, we’re on the same space!”

Cindy looked reluctant, “Does anyone think this is maybe getting a little out of hand?” she asked, gesturing at her two friends fucking and then at Trish. “This game is changing us, this isn’t good.”

“What do you mean? Aren’t you having fun Cindy? Don’t you like your new tits and fucking fantasting ass?” Trish replied.

“Well, yeah, it is kinda fantastic.” She said, and wiggled in her seat.

“See, it’s just a little harmless fun. We can stop when the game is over, but right now everyone is having fun and you don’t want to be a party pooper, do you?”

“I… I guess not… This is kinda fun. And you are really beautiful now. I kinda do want to kiss you.” Cindy said, seeming to become more interested in the idea.

“Yay!” Trish said, and leaned in for a deep kiss. The girls started exploring each other’s bodies. She slid her hand into Cindy’s tight new booty shorts and started playing with her pussy. Then she pulled the shorts down and took a double-ended dildo out of her toy box. She rubbed it over Cindy’s wet slit to slick it up, then slid it in. Cindy moaned and spread her legs to accommodate. Then Trish mounted the other side and the girls started grinding together. Trish began kissing and sucking on Cindy’s new tits, while Cindy ran her hands through Trish’s beautiful new hair and tugged on it playfully.

Meanwhile Kathryn and Amanda were still caught up in their 69, both of them had cum several more times, with no sign of stopping.

All the girls were caught up in their fucking and licking, and the game seemed to be on hold for the moment.