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A God’s Cock

Part 1

Mark saw his girlfriend before him, laying in a king sized bed. She wore lilac lace lingerie that didn’t leave much to the imagination. She looked up at him sensually and bit her lip, her hand trailing down her stomach and under her painties. Mark took this as an invitation and slowly walked towards her, pulling down his white Calvin Klein briefs, and kicking them off, revealing his 9 inch cock. As he moved closer she took his throbbing member in her hands at the base, and licked the tip while staring deeply in his eyes, as if asking him for permission. Mark looked back and slightly nodded and pushed her head down his dick forcefully.


Mark awoke suddenly, with a serious case of morning wood. He sat up and hit the blaring alarm clock, realising that he was nearly 30 minutes late for one of the most important finals of his senior year. “Mr X is gonna kill me!” He thought, as he ripped the blanket off his near naked body, and sprung up to get dressed. He slipped into a pair of gym shorts and tank top before realising his bulge had not gone down and was definitely going to get some looks from the girls on the bus. “Maybe I’d like that,” he thought, “god knows Lacy isnt putting out…. If only my dream had been real, she’d never wear something that fucking sexy though,” He pictured her breasts in his mind, her nipples poking up under the purple lace of her bra.

And it’s true, Lacy was beautiful, one of the most beautiful girls he’d ever seen. But the other girls thought the same about him. Mark was 6′2 and had almost no flaws, his face was striking with deep brown eyes, and a jawline so sharp it could cut through glass. His body was no different, he looked like a chiseled greek statue come to life, muscles perfectly sculpted in every part of his body, and his dick was no exception. He knows he could have any girl he wants, and yet chose Lacy, the head cheerleader and the leader of the bible club. He swapped his revealing shorts and traded them for a pair of blue jeans that helped conceal his raging boner, then threw a green flannel over the tanktop and quickly ran out to the bus stop on a nearby corner.

As he got there he saw the bus speeding down the street without him. Mark knew he was fucked. Without this test he would fail senior year, it was the most important thing to him in the world, so he was not going to let this stop him. He sprinted down the road to the closest city bus stop, and luckily got there just as it had arrived. He sat in the back row, wiping the sweat off his forehead, finally being able to relax for the first time since he woke up. He pulled out his phone to study his notes one last time before he got to school, but to no surprise it had been dead the whole time. In front of him was a woman no older than 28. She wore a shirt with no straps, and bright auburn hair that she pulled to one side revealing to Mark a perfect view of her breasts from over her shoulder. He felt his dick getting hard again after not being able to jerk off in the morning like he usually would. He was so distracted by this woman and his throbbing penis, that he didn’t even see the man get on. The man was nearly 6′7 with tanned skin and curly black hair that was neatly kept, he had to be at least 30. The man sat down next to Mark who finally tore his eyes away from the woman’s breasts and looked at the stranger sitting next to him. The first thing he noticed about the man was his height and his build, the man looked as though he worked out at the gym every chance he could, with his body even more statuesque than Mark’s. The second thing Mark noticed was his eyes, they were a piercing green, flecked with brown and gold, with a kind of stare that would be hard to meet. This man, even more perfect than him, made Mark feel insecure and threatened, which quickly led to anger. The man looked at the woman sitting in front of them and then looked at Mark, then, looked down to Mark’s crotch to see a not so hidden bulge. Mark noticed immediately and shifted in his seat to signal that he was uncomfortable, however this did not seem to stop the man from staring. Now Mark was getting pissed off, he never had a problem with gay people, but he didn’t want them staring at his junk.

“Hey, stop looking at me dude,” Mark said in an argumentative tone.

The man took his eyes off the boy’s crotch and looked him in the eyes. He remained silent but kept staring. Mark felt weirdly uncomfortable but couldn’t seem to find the ability to look away, or to say anything at all. The man’s eyes seemed to peer past his own and look right into his mind and the thoughts that were passing through him. The man finally began to speak,

“I have something for you.” He said simply, his voice deep and quiet, barely above a whisper.

The man broke eye contact and looked down at his own body, he began to fidget with his belt buckle. However Mark didn’t seem to notice, he shook his head, finally being able to look away. Before he could speak he looked out the window and realized he was at his stop, he stood and pushed past the man, then quickly ran off the bus.

As he entered the school building he tried to forget the man and the strange bus ride, and tried to focus on the test he so desperately needed to pass. “I’m never missing my bus again,” he thought to himself. Thankfully he had a few minutes before class and had enough time to retrieve his textbook from his gym locker. He was on the football team and religiously used his gym locker instead of his normal one, so he always had an excuse to chill out in the locker room. He got there as gym class was starting and it was filled with boys changing and taking showers. He hated seeing all his peers naked, it made him feel disgusting, but deep down he loved to see them looking at him. Not in a gay way, he told himself, but he liked having the best body and biggest dick in the room, and he loved knowing that word got around about it. The gym coach entered the locker room and told the class to hit the showers and that he was leaving and a sub was taking over class. Mark was only half listening as he fumbled with the lock, trying to get it open. As he put in the last number and heard the lock click, the locker room door slammed shut, and in walked the man from the bus. He walked in and removed his jacket to reveal a white wife beater, and a whistle hanging around his neck, his muscles bulging out of the fabric. He blew the whistle and the half naked students went quiet. He took off his sunglasses and revealed those eyes, like green vortexes, sucking in all who dared to look. Mark fought to keep his eyes to the ground.

“My name is Mr. Hall,” the man spoke, with his voice low and deep, yet authoritative and stern. “I am the gym coach for today, but do not call me coach. Only call me Mister or Sir,” Mark noticed that all the other boys were not moving as they stared into his eyes. He was confused and didn’t understand why this was happening, or who the man- Mr Hall, was. The boy next to Mark was smaller than him but still quite toned, showing off his physique with just a towel wrapped around his waist. Mark knew him from chemistry in junior year, he was good looking enough but not anything like himself. As this boy stared into Mr Hall’s eyes, his towel fell to his feet, completely revealing his body to the entire room of students, and yet the boy was completely unphased, and just kept staring. The sudden movement caught Mr Hall’s eye and he moved through the crowd and stopped in front of the boy. “Pick it up, now boy.” He said, staring directly into the boy’s eyes. He did as he was told and bent over, displaying his round ass to Mark, who couldn’t help but look. Mr Hall examined the boy’s body, his face at eye level with the man’s crotch. His gaze followed down to the towel on the floor and then traveled to Mark. This caught Mr Hall’s interest and moved in front of Mark. Mark kept staring at the floor and saw the man’s shoes inches away from his own.

“It’s rude to keep your head down like that boy,” Mr Hall said, sounding slightly angered. Mark looked up at the man’s chest, making a very conscious effort not to make eye contact. He didn’t know what was going on, he just knew he needed to get out of there.

“Sorry sir,” He said quietly as he grabbed his textbook and shut his locker. He began to quickly move away from the man and return to the class, which had already started by now. The man put a hand on his shoulder and Mark stopped dead in his tracks.

“Now where are you off to? It’s class time.” Mr Hall said coolly. Mark felt unable to move. He tried to keep walking but was physically unable. The man used his hand to turn Mark around to face him. Mark finally faced him without looking into his sharp eyes. Mr Hall used his other hand to slowly pull down his waistband and reveal his 11 inch cock, completely soft. Mark instantly started feeling dizzy. His vision faded as more and more of the cock was revealed as he pulled down his pants. His worries about the test, and class, and the textbook instantly dissolved, all he could think about was that cock. It was dark in color and thick as a dollar coin, with long thick veins running up and down the shaft. Mark’s mouth dropped when he saw the man’s balls hanging low and swaying slightly. Mark could barely stand anymore. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing; he was totally and utterly mesmerized. He had never seen such a perfect specimen of man before, in every way. His own body and dick felt meek in comparison to this perfection. He fell to his knees, the outside world fading away to nothingness, because that’s what it was to him, nothing existed outside of that cock, and his own body. Now eye level with the man’s perfect member, he saw a bead of sweat trailing down his pelvis and onto the base of his cock, slowly slipping down his shaft and onto the tip where the drop hung before falling onto the ground. Mark wanted nothing more than to catch that drop of sweat in his mouth just to experience the man’s ethereal body, but he couldn’t move. Suddenly he felt a hand move onto his chin and push his head upwards, for as long as he could he kept his eyes on that cock, but when he couldn’t see it anymore he felt heartbroken, then he felt angry. But that all subsided when he looked in the man’s eyes.

Mr Hall used his thumb to pull the boy’s head up to look him in the eyes. “Stand up boy, go to the office and take your clothes off when you get there, then stay completely still and wait for me to arrive.” He pushed Mark’s head down back to his cock, and he went slack jaw again. He felt a longing to feel it, to touch it, to taste it. Sensing this, the man picked up his limp member and touched the tip to the boy’s open mouth, then swiftly dropped it and pulled back his pants. That second of contact between his body and Mr Hall’s cock was euphoria to Mark. He needed that cock now more than ever. He quickly rose and followed his orders instantly, leaving his textbook on the floor where it fell. Every step he took away from the perfect cock, felt like its own eternity until he could see it again.

In the gym office the regular coach was nowhere to be seen, but it wouldn’t have mattered, there could have been a hundred men in that room and Mark still would have stripped and waited for that god’s cock. And he did, he took off his clothes as fast as possible and then stayed in place for what felt like hours. His own dick was hard and sticking straight out, throbbing and begging for attention.

After a while, standing alone in the room, he began to remember the events that led up to this moment, he remembered his dream about his girlfriend, and the test and missing the bus, and then he remembered that he needed to be at class right now. He looked down and realised for the first time how strange it was that he was naked, what if somebody saw him in here. He started to get red and finally broke his stance to start putting on his clothes.

He heard the doorknob shake, he tried harder to put his clothes on before anyone saw but within a moment, Mr Hall walked in and locked the door behind him. He had his sunglasses on again and saw that Mark had moved, and was putting on his underwear.

“What do you think you’re doing boy?” Mr Hall said calmly. “I thought I told you to stay still.” Mark felt worried, he didn’t understand why he was doing these things and he didn’t understand why he was fighting the urge to think about a man’s penis. He wasn’t gay.

“I have to go to class coach—” Mark started to speak.

“I told you to call me Sir or Mister,” the man said, moving closer to Mark. “But you boy, can call me Master.” He pulled down his pants, and kicked them off. His underwear was black and tight, through the fabric, Mark could make out the man’s cock, still limp, hanging down the side of his leg. He peeled off his tank top and stood before Mark, leaning slightly on the desk.

“I..I...I’m not gay sir, i have a g..girlfriend.” Mark almost cowered in fear, his body was already starting to reject his mind. He’s never felt this way around other men in his life, always being the alpha in a room, until he met Mr Hall.

Mr Hall tried holding back a laugh, “You’re not gay? You can’t tell me you don’t want this though, can you?” He stroked his dick through the fabric of his underwear. Mark felt weak again, his head started spinning and his dick started to throb. “Tell me you don’t want to see my powerful cock again, just say you don’t want to feel my cock, and I’ll let you go to class. But if you go, you’ll never see it again.” Mr Hall smiled with his lips closed, curling up at the corners, with one eyebrow raised.

Mark hung onto every word he spoke like it was gospel. A part of his brain was screaming “NO”, and telling his body to run. But he couldn’t take his eyes off the man’s crotch. Seeing him stroke the huge, powerful member through his underwear made him overwhelmingly horny and docile. As he continued to stare every thought in his mind was telling him to get a better look at that majestic dick. “Please,” he finally said, “please let me see it again.”

Mr Hall pushed down his black underwear and pulled out his horsecock. Mark’s eyes went wide and his mouth fell open once more. Drool slipped down his lips and onto the tile he stood on.

“Get on your knees, slave,” Mr Hall said strictly.

Mark instantly fell to his knees again, now closer to that amazing dick than ever before. He can’t believe he even considered saying no. He thought this must be heaven, and the man must be god. His cock was holy and powerful like he imagines a god should be. Mark tried to lift his hand to touch it, but he couldn’t move.

“I can still put it away boy, you can go back to your life as normal,” Mr Hall kindly offered. “.... or.. you could taste it, don’t you want to taste it boy?”

Mark wanted nothing more in the world, “Can I taste it?” He quietly asked.

Mr Hall picked up his dick and began stroking it softly, swaying it back and forth, as Mark followed it with his eyes. He let go and it started to grow and rise. In a few moments it was sticking out, inches away from Mark’s mouth. Mr Hall nodded and Mark took that as a yes and lunged forward to finally be able to feel this magnificent cock. But as he got close, Mr Hall pulled it away and shook his head, Mark felt ashamed.

“That’s not how you ask for the privilege to feel my all powerful cock in your mouth, slave. Try again.”

Mark looked confused, desperate to be able to feel his lips meet the tip of this man’s cock. “Please, may I taste your cock, master?”

Master Hall smiled and released his dick from his grasp, letting it fall and smack Mark in the face. His member was so heavy that it hurt, but the pain was a fraction of the pleasure that Mark felt the moment his tongue touched that cock. He tried to lick the entire area of this huge dick, but it was nearly impossible, and his hunger for his masters cock was growing. He wrapped his lips around the tip and slowly fit the entire cock in his mouth. It was bliss to him. His own penis was so hard it practically cut through his underwear, he would have started to touch himself but both his hands were massaging his master’s balls. Master Hall grabbed him by the head and started sliding his dick in and out of Mark’s mouth. He needed release so terribly bad but couldn’t take his hands off his master’s magic cock. He couldn’t think about anything other than this god, who so graciously let him see the most beautiful thing in the world. He truly felt blessed.

After what felt like mere moments of heaven, Mark felt his master’s balls start to tense up. He knew this feeling well after years of jerking himself off. It hadn’t occurred to him that he was going to get the chance to taste his masters cum. He was so excited, he started using his hands on the base and twisting them around the shaft, while swirling his tongue on the tip of his master’s cock. Then it happened. Master Hall started to cum, he unleashed the biggest load Mark has ever seen. He caught almost every last drop in his mouth but a few fell onto the man’s bare feet. Master Hall pulled his glorious hard cock out of his slave’s mouth with a loud ‘pop’ followed by a gulp as Mark swallowed his Master’s load. It tasted better than anything he ever tasted before in his life. However, his own penis was still throbbing and straining against the fabric of his underwear. Master Hall helped him off the floor, and when he stood he saw Mark’s dick begging for release.

“You can jerk off slave,” he began to say, “but never cum until I let you.”

Mark practically ripped his underwear off and started furiously beating his dick. He looked at his master’s perfect cock and was so ready to cum, but when he got close, his hand slowed and ruined his orgasm. He tried to make it go faster but he couldn’t. He was frustrated but still happy that Master Hall even let him touch his dick, it was nothing compared to his perfect cock. “Keep jerking off slave, I’ll be back later.”

“And don’t cum.”

To be Continued...