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A God’s Cock

Part 2

It had been hours since Mr. Hall had left the office, and yet still, there sits Mark, naked, in the coaches chair, jerking off furiously. Every part of his body ached for release. His arm was starting to stiffen after moving for so long, his toes curled in anticipation, his whole body was tired, but he couldn’t stop.

He couldn’t stop because the part of his body that was craving release the most, was his cock. Mark spent what felt like an eternity in bliss, riding the wave of lust right along the edge, almost overflowing with pleasure. The worries of his old life faded to the back of his mind, only focusing on his desperate need to cum. But he never did.

The last bell of the day rang throughout the halls of the school, echoing through the locker room. Mark didn’t even notice, over the sounds of his own heavy breathing. 15 minutes later, Mr Hall unlocked the door and pushed it open, letting the deep, manly scent of Mark’s sweat escape the room. Mr Hall stood tall, looming over Mark’s unmoved naked body, which was still sitting in his chair, and stroking his dick. The man examined the boy’s body through the darkened lens of his mirrored sunglasses. He looked down at the boy’s hair, which was wild and dampened from the sweat of his forehead. His face was flushed a deep red and his eyes, that sat under a furrowed brow, stared straight down his body and focused on his throbbing member. He used both his hands on his dick, twisting, stroking and rubbing, doing anything they could to relieve him from his lust. He looked like a machine. Mr Hall took one last look at Mark, then picked up his duffle bag. He pulled out a suit and placed it gently over the desk, then began to take off his clothes. He lifted his tank top over his chest and threw it into the duffle, followed by slipping his shorts down over his underwear, revealing his magnificent bulge. This seemed to finally catch Mark’s attention, who had not yet noticed Mr Hall’s entrance, and he hesitantly ripped his eyes away from his own dick to see the man standing above him, almost naked. This triggered something in him, he began to remember what had been happening all day, he started to remember something about a test during first period, he thought about the bus for the first time since this morning, he started to realize he didn’t know what time it was. His hands broke contact from his dick for the first time in hours, he stood up slowly, his legs shaking, his penis still fully erect.

“Wh..what time is it..?” Mark said, trying to regain balance.

Mr Hall said nothing, instead he quickly moved himself behind Mark, wrapping one of his big arms around his chest, pulling him right against his perfect body. Mark stumbled back, falling into the man’s hold. His butt pushed in against the outline of the man’s huge, limp cock, through the fabric of his underwear. Once he had the boy in his grasp, Mr Hall used his other hand to reach around his body and slowly tease Mark’s aching dick. Mark let out a deep moan. The man’s hot breath on the back of Mark’s neck sent shivers down his spine, only pulling his body closer to the man. Mr Hall used his tongue to wrap around the boy’s ear, followed by his lips sucking on his earlobe while stroking the boy’s dick a little faster. Mark was in heaven, he moaned in pleasure and pushed in deeper to the man’s clutches. And yet he still couldn’t cum.

Mr Hall spoke gently in his ear, just above a whisper, “Who owns you?”

Mark’s mind wasn’t focused on his voice, all he could think about was the euphoric bliss that the man was providing him. All he could think about was release. He felt his mouth move, “My master,” he said, unsure of why, yet it felt like it was all he could say.

“Who’s your master, boy?” Mr Hall’s hand moved faster now.

“You are,sir,”

“Do you want to cum, slave?” His hand moving faster now, his free hand starts to tease the boy’s nipples, while his tongue is still licking his ear seductively, and his breath is still hot on Mark’s neck.

“More than anything sir,” Mark whimpers, his dick throbbing in the man’s strong grasp.

“Cum now slave! Cum!,” His master whispered sensually.

Mark gasped and moaned in absolute pleasure and bliss. His lust escaped him in an animal-like fashion, his dick throbbed and then shot out streams of thick white cum, shooting far out onto the floor. His head was in the clouds, his body felt as though it was being lifted up, suspended in air, all he could think or feel was his own pleasure. His dick shot out another load after the first one had seemingly come to an end. His whole reality was bliss. Mr Hall pulled his hand off the boys penis and began to hold him tightly, whispering in his ear,

“Only I can make you feel like this, boy.” The man spoke. “You will become addicted to my cock, my being, my presence. You won’t be able to live without it. Only I will be able to make you feel pleasure ever again. One day you will love it. I am your God.” He finished speaking and gave the boy’s dick one last stroke before stepping back and letting his body fall out of his arms and sink back into the chair. Mark could barely focus on the man’s words, yet his mind absorbed them like gospel. Between the high of orgasm and the seductive power of the man’s words, Mark knew, for a fact, this man was a god.

Mr. Hall picked up the suit that was on the desk and began getting dressed. The dark navy slacks slid over his tan legs and concealed his bulge as he slipped his belt through his pants. Mark’s breath started to slow and become shallow as he took in his surroundings. His high settled and his dick was finally beginning to soften for the first time since he woke up that morning. He looked at the man who stood tall over him, adorned in his expensive suit, and began to realize the true extent of power that Mr Hall had over him. Thoughts were flying through his head at light speed, part of him wanted to sprint away as fast as he could, the other part of him was intrigued that his own lust and willpower had been taken control of like it was nothing. However the main thing he thought was,

“That was the best orgasm of my life.”

The man finished dressing and replaced his sneakers with a pair of leather dress shoes. “Get dressed.” He picked up the boy’s underwear from the floor and handed it to him. Mark slowly took it from his hands, his fingers brushing gently against his own. For a moment he stopped, taken back by the man’s touch, but he recognized his freedom of will in this moment, so he knew he couldn’t show weakness. He stood up and started to dress on his own, yet Mr Hall watched him like a hawk, from behind the glass of his shades. He watched the muscles on the boys chiseled back flex, as he pulled up his jeans, then relaxed as he stood straight.

After Mark was fully clothed, he picked up his flannel off the floor and started to quickly walk away from the man, and the office that had been his prison of lust. Mr Hall started to follow as Mark passed through the office door.

“I wouldn’t leave if I were you Mark.” The boy didn’t pay attention to him, and kept walking through the locker room corridor. “You won’t notice the changes at first,” Mr Hall continued, “But after a while, you’ll be unable to resist your lust for my cock. You’ll be unable to feel the release of orgasm without my word.” Mark started to slow his pace after hearing those words. “Unless….” The man paused as he watched the boy’s eyebrow raise in interest, and his feet slow to a crawl. “I’ll offer you a deal —“

“What do you want?” Mark interrupted him abruptly, turning around to finally face the man.

“Bring me someone to take your place.”

Mark paused for a moment to think about what the man just said. He almost didn’t believe Mr Hall’s threats, but he had seen what he was capable of. Mark felt a chill run down his spine. This was crazy, he couldn’t enslave anyone, who could do something that evil? But he also didn’t want to get enslaved himself. Thoughts raced through his mind as he stood in front of the man. As he was about to speak, Mr Hall opened his suit jacket and pulled out a card from the pocket within.

The man pulled down his sunglasses so his eyes could be seen over the rim. Mark felt sucked into that gaze and found himself unable to think anymore. “Come to this address tomorrow morning, 8 am sharp. Bring a friend and leave your own man, or come for yourself and submit to me forever.” The man grabbed Mark’s hand and slid the card into it, then pushed his sunglasses up and left the room.

Mark shook his head, the words of the man ringing through his head like a gunshot. He didn’t know how to make sense of the things that had just happened to him. He almost felt like crying. He sat down on the locker room bench in defeat, he had no idea what to do. He lost track of time, thinking about the events of the day, the stress, the fear, the bliss. He remembered all of it. Now all he could feel was hopelessness. Without taking that test, there was no way he could ever pass highschool, and with the bad grades he’d get kicked off the team. And if he’s not on the team, he realized, his girlfriend will definitely break up with him.

“Fuck.” He said out loud, to the empty room. This man had ruined his life within a matter of hours, and yet still the deepest parts of Mark’s mind still pictured the way the man’s cock hung between his legs, beneath his powerful body.

Mark heard the locker room door swing open and the wheels of a mop bucket scrape against the dirty tile. The janitor walked in listening to music playing off a small handheld radio, which he paused once he saw the student still sitting on the bench.

“School ended 45 minutes ago, kid.” He said, his speech slurred. “Gotta get gone!”

So Mark picked up his bag, slipped on his flannel and left the locker room for the first time in hours. Stepping outside into the fresh air of the hallway seemed to calm him. The light streaming in through the window, felt like a reminder of life before he’d met Mr Hall. Then he saw a man in a suit turn the corner, walking towards him. For a moment Mark felt his breath stop, his body tense up and his mind go on full alert, but then as the man walked closer he saw that it was only one of his teachers from sophomore year. He let out a sigh and began to quickly make his way out of the school, just wanting to return home and go to bed. He realized he felt exhausted, all the adrenaline of the day now subsiding, all he really wanted was a nap.

* * *

Christopher made his way off the steps of the schoolbus, pulling his backpack along on one shoulder. He thanked the driver and walked down the street, cutting through his neighbors yard to get home quicker. He wondered where his brother had been, missing both busses was something that rarely happened, but he figured his brother must have been staying late for practice, which wasn’t out of the ordinary. He figured it was no big deal, but as time went on he got slightly worried. His dad spent most nights at work, and most mornings at his girlfriend’s house, leaving him home alone with his brother most days after school. He made dinner and sat down to watch some TV. Usually his brother would tell him to do homework, but he wasn’t here right now. When the clock hit 5 he started to get pretty worried, usually he was home from practice by this time. Chrisopher texted his brother’s girlfriend, Lacy, asking her if she had heard from him.

“He was at my place last night, but I haven’t heard from him since, he was super stressed about some test or smthn, idk. maybe he’s studying.” Lacy texted back. Suddenly, he heard the front door slam shut, and in walked his brother, seemingly upset.

“Hey where have you been, Mark?” Christopher asked his brother in a hostile tone.

“Listen dude, I’ve had a long day. Can you just leave me alone?” Mark retorted, pushing past his inquisitive brother and throwing his bag onto the floor of the living room.

“You skipped school today didn’t you?” He pressed on.

“What the fuck do you not understand, I dont want to talk to you right now bro.” Mark started getting angry, but his brother didn’t stop pressing him.

“I’m gonna tell dad!” Christopher reached for the phone, but his hand was intercepted by his older brother. Mark grabbed his wrist and twisted it around the boy’s back, pinning his brother against his body, the way Mr. Hall had done to him just hours before. He tackled his brother onto the couch, his stomach pressed to the boy’s back, his mouth just above his neck.

“Dont tell dad anything or I’ll beat the shit out of you,” Mark threatened, speaking into Chrisophers ear. He heard a whimper come from his brother’s mouth. The sound reminded him of the events of the afternoon, causing his dick to stir in his jeans. He realised his dick was pressing against his brother’s ass. He quickly got up, and let Christopher squirm free.

“Fine, but you better be on the bus tomorrow morning.” he said, visibly annoyed. Mark ignored him and made his way to the bedroom. Christopher watched his brother walk away, his flannel fallen onto the floor, his arms were tense, clearly on display for him to see. He noticed the way his walk had changed as if he was hiding the front of his body. Christopher had so many questions, his brother was acting so weird. He heard Mark’s bedroom door slam. He didn’t hear much from Mark all night, aside from the occasional thud, or his bed squeaking, but Christopher didn’t seem to notice much. As the night dragged on, soon the house was quiet and dark, and the brothers had fallen asleep.

* * *

Christopher woke up early that next morning, yet when he woke, his brother had seemingly been up for a while. He heard the shower running in the bathroom, which was unusual this early in the morning. He reluctantly got out of bed as his hunger was getting to him, and decided to ask Mark if he wanted some breakfast as well. He threw on a pair of pajama bottoms, but didn’t bother putting on a shirt. Christopher was smaller than his brother, both in height and in weight, yet his body was still toned, and practically hairless. He was self-conscious about that last part, especially around girls, although his dad says it’s normal for 16 year olds to look like that.

He made his way down the hallway, going to knock on the bathroom door, but when he reached the end of the corridor, he noticed the door was slightly ajar. Christopher knocked on the door, to no response. He figured his brother must have turned it on, then fell asleep again. He opened the door to turn off the tap, but once he stepped in he realized he’d been wrong. Mark stood in the shower, leaning against the wall as the water poured down his naked body. His short hair was pushed back, and his face was red. But what first caught Christopher’s attention was his cock. Mark was rock hard and beating his huge dick as fast as he could, Christopher couldn’t do anything but look at the shocking sight before him. He had seen Mark naked before, as kids, but never like this. The craziest part was the fact that Mark didn’t even react to his little brother entering the bathroom, or the fact that he was watching him masturbate. Christopher didn’t know what to say.

“S..s.sorry man, I.. I knocked, you—” He tried to find the words, but no words could defeat the tension in the steam-filled bathroom. He just turned around and left the room as fast as he could, averting his eyes from his brother’s dick. He went back to his room and closed the door, trying to wrap his head around what was going on with his brother. He decided that today he would find out. He knows that one of Mark’s friends was just suspended for selling drugs at school, Christopher wasn’t sure what kind, but he knew their dad would kill them both if they were doing drugs in his house. He hoped it wasn’t true, if his brother was using it could cost him scholarships, and who knows what else. He heard the shower still running, so he decided to look around his brother’s room.

Christopher tip-toed down the hallway again, so that Mark wouldn’t hear. He slowly opened the door, it made a quiet creaking noise, which caused him to freeze, but he didn’t hear any movement from the bathroom, so he pressed on. As he stepped into his brother’s room, the first thing he noticed was the smell. The odor of the room filled his nostrils, a deep manly scent. The second thing he noticed was a porn magazine on his bed, a blonde girl with huge tits adorned the cover. As he picked it up he pushed away a lotion bottle, seemingly empty. Christopher felt his own dick jump in his underwear as he turned the pages of the magazine, but he soon put it down and continued to look for anything suspicious. A small black piece of paper lying on Mark’s side table caught his eye. He flipped it over, realizing it was what looked like a business card. On the front in silver lettering it read, “Master Hall” with an address written out below. Christopher didn’t know what this meant, or if it even meant anything, he set it down and looked around some more. Suddenly he heard the water in the shower turn off. He froze for a moment, but quickly made his way out of the room and started going down the hallway back to his own, as he heard the bathroom door open behind him. Christopher looked over his shoulder and saw his brother walk out of the room, towel around his waist, barely concealing his huge boner. Christopher saw that his eyes looked puffy, as if he had been crying, but maybe it was just the steam from the hot water.

Mark disappeared into his room, then came out just moments later fully dressed. Although his bulge was still wildly apparent, he didn’t seem to care. He walked quickly through the kitchen where Christopher was preparing a bowl of cereal. Mark ignored his brother and just made his way to the front door. Christopher looked at the clock, 7:35. They never went to the bus stop earlier than 8, he wondered where his brother was headed off to so early.

“Where are you going dude?” Christopher shouted after him, but Mark seemed to blow him off as the door swung shut behind him. Christopher ran up to the window and watched Mark start walking down the road, away from the bus stop. He decided he had to intervene, he was going to go after him. He changed as fast as he could, he put on a pair of grey sweatpants and a white T-shirt that was too small for him. He ran out the front door, following his brother’s silhouette from up the street. Mark was walking fast, as if he was late to meet someone, and Christopher found it hard to keep up, even from a distance. Christopher was sure he was about to witness his brother buying drugs, he knew when Mark was up to no good and now was one of those times. But he started having doubts about that after about 20 minutes of walking, they neared a large brick house.

It wasn’t a regular house, instead it was one of those Victorian homes from the 1920’s that had been renovated into an office. He saw movement in the top floor window of the beautiful building, signaling to him that the top was probably an apartment or a loft. He watched his brother climb the steps of the building and knock on the big wooden door that sat on a tall porch, high over ground. Christopher crouched behind the porch stairs, peeking his head over the rail to see what was going on. After just a moment of no response, he saw Mark knock again, impatiently, still to no response. As he saw his brother reach up to knock on the door one more time, it swung open, revealing the biggest man Christopher had ever seen. The man’s tan skin and muscles were on full display, as he was only wearing a towel, wrapped around his waist loosely. He could hear them talking, but couldn’t make out exactly what they were saying. He watched the man adjust his stance, causing his cock to jut out against the towel, his outline visible even from where Christopher sat, peering below the stairs. He started to feel dizzy, he tried taking a step back to regain his balance, but his foot caught on one of the stones lining the path, and he fell onto the rock pathway leading up to the stairs with a loud THUD. Mark turned around suddenly, looking down the staircase and seeing his little brother laying before him. However Christopher watched the man step back quickly, causing his towel to slip out of its knot and fall around his feet. This happened in slow motion for Christopher, watching the towel slowly slide down his stomach, revealing the biggest, most….perfect, cock he’d ever seen. Christoper sat up slowly, his eyes wide, and his mouth hung open, drool piling up on his tongue. The world around him faded away and all his brain could do was sit by as he stared at the man’s huge cock.

* * *

Mark turned around and looked on in horror as he saw his little brother sprawled out on the pavement, his dick poking out under his sweatpants. As he turned, he saw out of the corner of his eye, the towel fell to the floor. He knew what was happening to Christopher- and it terrified him.

To be Continued…